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The dead souls' evil lair drifted slowly as it got close to the Spirit Potion Valley and Precious Tool Valley. Green light rippled from the evil lair as it was flowing towards the two valleys.

All the warriors present in the valleys were alarmed. As long as they were in the Nirvana Realm, their Sea of Consciousness became chaotic, and they couldn't control it. Their thought was pressed by some strange force.

Eventually, the evil lair arrived at the Spirit Potion Valley.

Members of the Dark Spirit Clan slowly walked out from the green light. They were like a cloud of gra.s.shoppers overflowing towards the two valleys.

The strange, evil energy attacked first!

The souls of the warriors who had their Sea of Consciousness affected flickered like a dying candle. The power of their entire body was restrained.

Nearly one thousand members of the Dark Spirit Clan swarmed over the two valleys, attempting to slaughter.

Warriors at the Third Sky of Spirit Realm like Xue Mu, Ya Lie, Feng Biao, Li Zheng Rong, and Ke Da had built dozens of defending barriers. People then saw numerous rainbows appear in the sky of the two valleys. They were interlaced together, layers upon layers as rings of energy rippled.

Patterned green light shot out from the dead souls’ evil lairs, shining on the defensive layers.

Even the True G.o.d Realm warriors couldn't tear these layers of barriers. However, under the patterned green light, they were like an iceberg under the dazzling sunlight, slowly melting.

All warriors in the valley were panic-stricken, their faces paled.

Xue Mu and the others were still strengthening the barriers as countless rare treasures shot to the sky, contributing their powers.

The green light was increasing the strange, evil energy. Their barriers were like thin papers, about to be ripped off.

"Ready to fight!" Ya Lie shouted, "We have to defend. Or else, everybody has to die! We need to resist for half a day and the rescue team will come! True G.o.d Realm warriors will help us! Everybody, we have to hold on until the end!"

Xue Mu, Feng Biao, Li Zheng Rong, and Ke Da a.s.signed their people to put forth everything to withstand.

The evil green energy continued to attack them.

Eventually, the defensive barriers Xue Mu, Ya Lie and the others had built were smashed down.

Clansmen of the Dark Spirit Clan started their invasion, officially entering the two valleys! The b.l.o.o.d.y war has begun! 

The weakest members of the Dark Spirit Clan had Sky Realm cultivation base. Their soul power consisted of many kinds of strange, evil energies. Right when they got in, they started to use the erosive soul power that they understood the best to attack the warriors in the valleys.

Warriors with Sea of Consciousness would be affected immediately as their powers would be oppressed wholly.

On the contrary, warriors whose realms were lower than the Nirvana Realm were unaffected by the green energy. They could still use their powers. However, warriors in such realms had limited powers. The clansmen of the Dark Spirit Clan didn't need to use the erosive soul energy to kill them.

The situation gradually favored one side.

Members of the Dark Spirit Clan had gained the upper hand right when they arrived at the valleys. They all looked cold and sinister, with intimidating power. They souls seemed not to have a split. Shortly after they had entered the valleys, dozens of warriors were killed.

Whenever a warrior died, his soul didn’t scatter, but was dragged into the dead souls’ evil lair.

The dead souls' evil lair was like a soul-devouring beast that opened its giant b.l.o.o.d.y mouth to swallow the souls. After it had taken in one soul, the evil energy emitted from it seemed to be increased a bit.

Strong warriors of the Dark Spirit Clan jumped in and entangled Xue Mu, Ya Lie, and the others. 

Although Xue Mu and Ya Lie had the Third Sky of Spirit Realm cultivation base and countless secret techniques, under the attack of the Dark Spirit Clan, they still struggled hard, revealing many shortcomings.

Members of the Dark Spirit Clan didn’t have any treasures or weapons. Their bodies were their weapons. Engaging in the battle, their arms became as sharp and rigid as a blade.

Their whole bodies were covered in armor, with intimidating defending power. Normal secret treasures couldn’t pierce through that armor. Basically, they couldn’t hurt the clansmen.

Human warriors who came near them would be pierced through and ripped apart into small pieces.

Within fifteen minutes, the Spirit Potion Valley and Precious Tool Valley had lost one-third of their warriors.

The ones who remained were all the strong warriors of the Radiant G.o.d Cult, the Devil Valley, and the Pure Land. Because of the treasures, profound techniques, and their will of steel, they were able to endure in the battle with the Dark Spirit Clan.


Fifteen minutes ago, Ya Lie and Xue Mu told everybody to be persistent in defending. But now, they ordered to retreat almost at the same time.

Warriors who were still alive all ran away, using their max speed to leave the two valleys.

The dead souls’ evil lair approached deliberately, hovering above the two valleys. Rings of evil green energy rippled densely like shower covering the two valleys.

Human warriors retreated disorderly, didn’t dare to engage in battle with the Dark Spirit Clan anymore. They used their technique to flee away despite hurting their limbs. They just wanted to get away from this troublesome land as fast as possible. 

The streak of blood light flashed as human warriors used the treasures to run away from the two valleys.

Members of the Dark Spirit Clan spread out from the two valleys, chasing after those who ran away.

A great rout!

Warriors in the valleys couldn’t stand even half an hour, fleeing away, leaving almost one thousand bodies in the valleys. There were no living people in the two valleys now.

A part of the Dark Spirit Clan pursued the run-away, and the others stayed to search through the stores to collect something.

The Dead Soul Mountain range became a hunting ground where mankind was the prey.

Shi Yan didn't know what was happening out there.

Inside a remote mountain flank, he was concentrating to comprehend the mysteries of Teleportation Formation, trying his best to learn how to use the s.p.a.ce power. While his Soul Consciousness drained fast, his understanding of the Teleportation Formation become deeper.

Inside the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success, countless nodes were blinking inside the arrangement of the Teleport Formation. He gradually learned each part of it.

All of a sudden, his hollow soul jumped into the central formation of the Teleport Formation like a beam of light.

Countless symbols crossed his head. Some kind of understanding started to grow, multiply, and flood his brain as he was devotedly learning them all.

All of a sudden, light dots moved in the array of the Teleportation formation like living things, clear and smooth.

Flows of Soul Consciousness scattered in that stream of light. Shi Yan used the Soul Consciousness as the rout to cross the array like a shuttle to find deeper meanings. 

Inside the mountain, s.p.a.ce around Shi Yan suddenly twisted.

s.p.a.ce slits as thin as gossamer appeared around him, constantly swaying and twisting like snakes swimming. Multi-colored light emerged from the s.p.a.ce slits.

Flows of bizarre s.p.a.ce energy released from the s.p.a.ce slits, entering his Sea of Consciousness, fusing with each strand of his Soul Consciousness.

Shi Yan hadn’t recognized it yet. He stayed still at his spot, as he continued to study the mysteries of the Teleportation Formation. He didn’t know about the change in his Sea of Consciousness. 

The s.p.a.ce slits around him widened, as big as a willow leaf. The power that twisted the s.p.a.ce expanded from Shi Yan as the center.

The dead souls’ evil lair suddenly twisted in the sky above the Spirit Potion Valley.

Members of the Dark Spirit Clan packing the place inside all felt fear when they looked at that change happening to the dead souls’ evil lair.

s.p.a.ce cracks similar to that around Shi Yan appeared near the dead souls’ evil lair.

Shi Yan perceived the s.p.a.ce power in his cave and unconsciously created a strange connection with the dead souls' evil lair. It seemed there was an invisible link between him and the evil lair via the s.p.a.ce power that tied them together.

s.p.a.ce cracks opened around the evil lair as the dead souls’ evil lair was getting narrow.

Members of the Dark Spirit Clan gathered at the entrance of the cave were dismembered by the s.p.a.ce blades, but they didn’t bleed.

More than ten pagans of the Dark Spirit Clan seemed to be cut off by numerous s.p.a.ces. People then saw many limbs, heads, or even half a body in the entrance.

Their other halves or limbs seemed to stay in another s.p.a.ce, which they could never find back.

All members of the Dark Spirit Clan panicked. They worriedly flew outside the entrance, trying to get the pagans in the entrance out.

The dead souls’ evil lairs were the s.p.a.ce cracks that led to the foreign land. It was formed by numerous stable s.p.a.ce cracks, built by experts of the previous generations of the Dark Spirit Clan. At this moment, the dead souls’ evil lairs were pushed by the new generations of the Dark Spirit Clan. They had used some secret techniques to break the s.p.a.ce, combining five cracks into a big one.

They didn’t know that their deeds had made the evil lair extremely unstable.

However, at the same time, Shi Yan was studying the mysteries of the Teleportation Formation and had accidentally urged the s.p.a.ce power to form a connection with the evil lair, which was also made from the s.p.a.ce cracks not far from him. This caused another change.

Clansmen of the Dark Spirit Clan were fl.u.s.tered. Pagans who were collecting something in the two valleys also got back while screaming. They stood and observed the evil lair from afar. No pagan dared to come near the entrance. The others who were at the entrance were struggling hard to escape.

All members of the Dark Spirit Clan, with or without a body, tried to get out.

The dead souls’ evil lair stopped releasing the strange green energy.

The entrance of the evil lair shrank. Five-colored beams shot out, weaving in the entrance. Members of the Dark Spirit Clan who hadn’t escaped yet had their souls and bodies dragged into different s.p.a.ce cracks under the twisting attack of the s.p.a.ce blades.

Inside the mountain flank, Shi Yan didn’t realize anything as he was still sinking in his experience in the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success.

In his Sea of Consciousness, flows of Sea Consciousness and the s.p.a.ce power were fused. Each strand of Soul Consciousness seemed to have the aura of s.p.a.ce power.

Gradually, his Soul Consciousness in the Sea of Consciousness seemed to turn into s.p.a.ce slits too, appearing with a strange gloss.

His host soul swayed, moving back and forth like a shuttle inside each strand of Soul Consciousness. It was then warmed and nurtured with the new nature and nutrients of Soul Consciousness. Slowly, his host soul was changed…

Shi Yan was shaken violently.

The s.p.a.ce nodes of the Teleportation Formation in the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success were shining brilliantly like stars. All of a sudden, the light they emitted became dazzling.

The vague form of the Teleportation Formation in the Blacksmith’s Secret of Success became real. His hollow soul staying there, perceiving the wonderful characteristics of the formation, suddenly got covered by the Teleportation Formation. It then turned into a bunch of lights, flashed, and then disappeared.

At the same time, the dead souls’ evil lair above the Spirit Potion Valley had light flash in the entrance before it closed completely.

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