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Late at night, Shi Yan woke up again from the Blacksmith's Secrets of Success. His Soul Consciousness was damaged badly. He was exhausted, but his eyes shone brightly.

He had used up all his Original Soul Pellets. The recovery of his Soul Consciousness thus had slowed down. However, he had perceived the crucial Teleportation Formation in the Blacksmith's Secrets of Success.
He had a feeling that he just needed three or four times of accessing the book to comprehend the technique to build an actual Teleportation Formation. 

However, without Original Soul Pellets, restoring the Soul Consciousness required lots of time and efforts. 

It wasn’t the way! 

He considered, frowning while searching for the way to improve or restore his Soul Consciousness quickly. The items in his Storage Ring and Blood Vein Ring were raked through as he was trying to find a solution for this matter. 

He noticed the bead which was shiny black, shimmering with a dark halo. It seemed to have a feeling soul fluctuations moving in the center. His eyes lit up as he felt roused.

Soul Gathering Pearl! 

This pearl was the beast soul devouring bead. It could absorb the souls and purify them into crystal clear soul energy. 

Soul energy was the power of Soul Consciousness. He remembered clearly that he had borrowed the soul energy of the Soul Gathering Pearl to create the Sea of Consciousness at Earth Realm. At that time, he had been able to sense the creatures around him. 

The Soul Gathering Pearl had been damaged before, and couldn’t be restored. However, according to the Ice Cold Flame, his Immortal Martial Spirit generated the Immortal Blood, which had a strange effect of repairing things. 

The Immortal Blood had been created in his body. At the same time, he had comprehended the Immortal Rebirth Secret in the Immortal Canon, which taught him how to restore damaged things. As long as he could fix the Soul Gathering Pearl and kill some people, he could use the Soul Gathering Pearl to gather the power from the souls, then purify them to supplement his Sea of Consciousness. 

‘Haha!’ Shi Yan couldn't help but smile cheerily. If he had thought about the Soul Gathering Pearl earlier, he wouldn't need Soul Restoring Pellets and Original Soul Pellets. With the soul energy generated from the Soul Gathering Pearl, when his Soul Consciousness got damaged, he could recover quickly. At the same time, his Sea of Consciousness would be enlarged.

The Soul Gathering Pearl flew out from the Storage Ring, falling into his palm. His Soul Consciousness flickered, and a cut appeared on the fingertip of his left index finger. A drop of dark ruby blood, glistering with a golden halo, dripped from the cut, falling onto the pearl precisely. 

The Immortal Rebirth Secret was activated, as Shi Yan’s blood in his entire body boiled up. Following his blood, his Essence Qi gushed out torrentially like rising tide. Essence Qi seeped into the Soul Gathering Pearl. The bead then flashed up as its dark halo constantly flickering. Then, he saw the Immortal Blood drop become more viscous, moving fast at the damaged area on the bead. 

Shi Yan activated his Soul Consciousness. Flows of Soul Consciousness entered the Soul Gathering pearl, continually manipulating the trajectory of the Essence Qi to gather them at the damaged area. 

A miracle happens silently…

Under the repairing effect of the Immortal Blood, the damaged area on the pearl was constantly refined. At this moment, the Immortal Blood became a repairing energy that made the Soul Gathering Pearl change miraculously. 
The feeling of vessels connecting was sent to Shi Yan from the Soul Gathering Pearl. Shi Yan was shaken. 

It worked, indeed. 

Shi Yan was stunned and joyful. He focused whole-heartedly, using the Immortal Rebirth Secret to guide his blood and Essence Qi pouring into the bead to repair the damaged area. 


A clear sound echoed from the pearl as a strange suction force rippled inside the pearl. Shi Yan’s host soul trembled as if it were attracted by some sort of force, wanting to jump off his Sea of Consciousness and into the Soul Gathering Pearl. 

He succeeded!

Shi Yan laughed insanely as he shot up from his seat with an overjoyed expression. He held the Soul Gathering Pearl, feeling the wonderful energy fluctuations in it. The difficult matter that had bothered him a lot was solved easily like that. 

Since this Soul Gathering Pearl had been refined and fixed by the Immortal Blood, it seemed to have become one with Shi Yan. Soon, the soul suction force from the bead lost its effect on Shi Yan. 

Afterward, light retrieved into the bead while waves of soul suction force rippled from its center. Shi Yan was overjoyed. He didn’t care that his Soul Consciousness hadn’t been recovered yet, pushed open the stone door, and started to observe here and there. 

It was a night without moon or stars. The darkness enveloped the place like a big black fabric sheet, covering the whole sky. Starlight crossed through thick layers of dark cloud, patiently pouring into his body. His heart was full of bright starlight as he was enjoying absorbing the energy from the stars.

He wanted to search for preys… 

Shi Yan contemplated. Although he had the Soul Gathering Pearl, he couldn't solve his problem right away. Now, he needed to find the creatures with strong souls to draw their souls into the Soul Gathering Pearl.
Only when the soul was kept inside the pearl would it then be able to refine its energy. The more soul energy input, the stronger the refining energy would be. 
Shi Yan released his Soul Consciousness, trying to sense for any preys he could put into the Soul Gathering Pearl. Three flows of living fluctuations rippled from an isolated mountain around three hundred miles from him. This kind of living fluctuation was chilling and evil, full of dead atmosphere, which gave people a feeling that it wasn't from humans.

Shi Yan’s face changed. They were dead souls! 

Only soul fluctuation from the dead souls could be that cold and evil. The dead souls wandered in the mountains, choosing their victims to take the souls. It could help increase their power or making the warrior's soul become a newly dead soul.

Dead souls were soul creature, and didn't have a tangible body. They were good at soul attacks and soul invading. Although their soul energy wasn’t similar to human’s, they were really powerful. 

‘Well, dead souls it will be…’ Shi Yan smiled. He put the War Devil back into the Blood Vein Ring and then moved out of the cave quietly, flying towards the general direction where the dead soul’s fluctuation arose. 

Fifteen minutes later, Shi Yan arrived at a remote, mountainous area. Following the sensing of his Soul Consciousness, he found a hidden tree cave. Three gloomy, dark green, short-limbed creatures with skin like a toad that was filled with wrinkles and disgusting pimples stayed there. Intimidating light shot out from their icy-cold green pupils.

Shi Yan was terrified. They weren’t hollow! 

The three dead souls he had sensed had real bodies! Although their bodies were grossly ugly, they give people a feeling of being sinister and very dangerous. 

The three dead souls found him. Three mournful cries of grievance that could tear his eardrum sounded. The three dead souls with their real bodies shot out towards him like three sharp knives. 

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh! 

Amidst their suffering screams that tore the air, the wrinkles on their bodies suddenly got tense as their ugly green bodies became as rigid as steel. 
Their short arms extended with sharp claws, which looked like the gloomy green blades. 

Shi Yan’s face stiffened. He immediately used the Dark Light Shield. Next, he urged his Essence Qi while the negative energy was oozing out from his meridians and acupuncture points. 

Even though these three dead souls didn't have strong soul energy, their bodies were strong just like a spear that could pierce through s.p.a.ce, extremely terrifying. He could confirm that the soul energy in these three dead souls was similar to the ones he and Cherry had met. They were some sorts of the weaker ones.

However, after these three dead souls had obtained real bodies, their power had skyrocketed. Only the strange energy in their ugly green bodies was equal to a Sky Realm warrior. 

Dead souls knew best how to erode the soul. This meant these three dead souls with the real body could defeat typical Sky Realm warriors. The three flows of eccentric soul fluctuations were rippling robustly, hiding the thoughts of the extreme evil and cruel deeds, intruding Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness directly. 

Shi Yan reacted timely. His host soul instantly released the fiery flame of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, cleaning up the strange energy that had just entered his Sea of Consciousness. 

Bang Bang Bang! 

Shi Yan got hit in his chest as if he were sh.e.l.led by three giant hammers, and was blown away.
The muscles in his chest ached and felt numb for a while. Three flows of devil energy seemed like countless bacteria diffusing quickly in his body, starting to attack all of his body functions!

Shortly, his bones, blood, and flesh were all occupied by this strange energy. This aching, numbing, and chilling power flooded his entire body. 
He couldn't gather his Qi! As his tendons and meridians were blocked, his vitality seemed to be drained rapidly. His power was restrained. 

Shi Yan was panicked. His face changed as he hurried to urge the Immortal Rebirth Secret. 

The Immortal Rebirth Secret moved. The Essence Qi of his entire body didn’t flow through the vessels, but poured directly into his blood, using the blood to transport through his body. At the same time, the strange energy in his muscles burst out. His body was shivering, enlarging, and then shrinking.

Electric currents crossed inside his body at light speed. The eccentric energy from the dead souls in his body was washed away quickly. Gloomy green smoke was pushed out from his pores. He felt relaxed as his meridians were cleared again. 

But Shi Yan was still tense. He didn’t hesitate, taking out the Soul Gathering Pearl and strongly urging the energy of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame in his host soul. Flames shot out from his pupils towards the three dead souls. 

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle! 

The bodies of the dead souls weren’t affected but their gloomy green eyes suddenly inflamed. Their will was struggling as Shi Yan’s mental power had pierced through them, covering them with the dead magnetic field, destroying them gradually. 

When the will of the dead souls was erased, three beams of green light shot out from their pupils. The Soul Gathering Pearl took them in. Three fine green fibers like spider web were refined while the Soul Gathering Pearl kept blinking. 

Shi Yan’s face was still cold. He exhaled deeply, his eyes dangerously solemn. The Soul Gathering Pearl received the souls from the three dead souls, but Shi Yan didn’t feel happy. When the dead souls got a real body, their power was far beyond his imagination. If he hadn’t reacted timely, and without his strange abilities, these three dead souls would have occupied him instantly. And, they weren’t strong dead souls! 

If they were the high-level dead souls, how terrifying they could be? There were so many dead souls in this Dead Soul Mountain range. When they were still in the hollow state, they were the dangerous existence that even the Spirit Realm warriors couldn’t counter. When this kind of an existence got a real body, how formidable could it be?

While he was contemplating anxiously, in the dark shade of a mountain in the south, a dead souls' evil lair was moving towards him with their speed increasing over time.

The dead souls clung at the entrance of the evil lair just like countless ghosts and demons while showing their fangs and claws. Their soul occupying power started to move crazily.

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