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The North-West of the Dead Soul Mountain range, in an isolated peak...

Shi Yan sat cross-legged on the summit. The blood-red hue in his pupils faded as his original countenance restored.

The War Devil, the Ghost Hunter, the Ice Cold Flame, the King of Demonic Insects, and the Holy Spirit G.o.d were hovering around, guarding him in silence in case some danger came suddenly.

The moonlight was like silvery water, shining all over him. Tiny stars twinkled, decorating the night sky. Starlight condensed and then poured on him silently.

Shi Yan stood upright. After four hours, he opened his eyes, taking in a deep breath.

His energy had been restored. After the recovery period, his cruel mood had been calmed down. His Sea of Consciousness was like a shiny mirror lighting everywhere.

It was now a peaceful and harmonious zone.

The Ice Cold Flame sent him its thought, "Are you alright?"

Shi Yan smiled and nodded, "Yeah. I didn't expect that I had to urge the Third Sky of Rampage in that battle. Lie Feng isn’t a typical person, indeed. He’s worth the new generation of experts of the Devil Valley. Really a genius."

Lie Feng was a devil kind who would inherited the great path of the Devil Valley in the future. He had spent many years to cultivate in thirty-six Terminating Caves, so his understanding of the secret techniques of the Devil Valley made him the most prominent young expert of the Divine Great Land. Although he didn't use the secret treasures of the Devil Valley, his power was still formidable. 

Shi Yan could take the upper hand over him thanked to the arduous training he had given himself these recent years.

The negative energy, the explosive power of his flesh body, the refined Essence Qi, and his complicated, mysterious martial techniques had pushed his overall strength to an even greater extreme point than that of the others.

"It’s good that you’re alright. When you left, many people wanted to hurt you." The Ice Cold Flame simply described the appearance of the onlookers at that time in the Precious Tool Valley.

Shi Yan’s face was cold. He snorted as he got it.

‘Peasants are innocent. Wearing jade, you're guilty.’ Not only he had the Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame, but also the devil breeds like the King of Demonic Insects. To the warriors in the Spirit Potion Valley and the Precious Tool Valley, he was mysterious. It was typical that people would desire the treasures someone had.

Shi Yan understood that after that fight, his name would be spread out fast in the entire Dead Soul Mountain range. And, of course, he couldn't hide the fact that he had many treasures on his body.

If it weren't the intimidating aura from the strange creatures like the War Devil or the Ghost Hunter, those people in the valley would have killed him right on the spot.

It was human nature. The world of the warriors was filled with greed and s.n.a.t.c.hing. Many of them couldn't avoid the desires deep in their hearts.

To be honest, if he knew someone with so many great treasures like that, he would have some dark thoughts and secretly plan his wild scheme to get them himself.

There were many experts from the Pure Land, the Radiant G.o.d Cult, and the Devil Valley. Also, there were the alchemists and blacksmiths like Li Zheng Rong and Ke Da. Hotshots there were as many as cl.u.s.ters of cloud in the sky. If they wanted to capture him, returning there meant turning himself in.

Moreover, the hotshots staying in the two valleys weren’t only these people.

According to Lin Ya Qi, not long afterward, True G.o.d Realm warriors of the Radiant G.o.d Cult, the Pure Land, and the Devil Valley would arrive. Then, a b.l.o.o.d.y war with the dead souls would begin. At that time, the Dead Soul Mountain range would become a ma.s.sive battlefield that no one could ignore.

If he still stayed in the valley, even the War Devil and the Ghost Hunter couldn't give him the secure feeling. So, it would be better to leave earlier.

Even though the dead souls were dangerous, as long as he did his best to avoid them, it was possible to hide away. This mountain range was so vast with so many mountains. He just needed to find an isolated mountain and stay there for one year or so to cultivate. It shouldn’t be a tough job.

He needed time.

Meditating on the summit, Shi Yan a.s.sessed the situation quietly. Long after that, he made up his mind.

"I want to find a safe, remote area to cultivate ascetically for a while in this mountain range." Shi Yan sent the message to the Ice Cold Flame. "Which place is good for me?"

"It isn’t bad to stay here. I’ve sensed around. There’s no dead soul in this area."

"Good, then we’ll stay here."

Shi Yan stood up, releasing his Soul Consciousness to hundreds of miles around. Indeed, there was no sign of dead souls. He relaxed his tense nerves.

Next, he dug a cave, got in there and then used the thick, heavy rock to seal his cave.

While he was fighting with Lie Feng, he had lost his mind and killed some warriors, whose Essence Qi had been absorbed into his body. After refining, their Essence Qi was now fused with him completely.

At this moment, Shi Yan had reached the peak again, and the strange energy in his muscles was supplemented.

"There’re some beasts in the mountains around here. Further than that, there’re some cultivating materials we can use. We can go out and stretch the body for a while." Apparently, the Ice Cold Flame had become the spokesman of the strange creatures living with him. "Staying with you all the time isn’t always good for our continual growth."

Shi Yan was amazed. He pondered then nodded. "You guys should be careful."

He opened the stone door.

The Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame, and the Holy Spirit G.o.d flew out. The Holy Spirit G.o.d had used the white skeleton clone of Bo Xun to be its real ent.i.ty. The clone had shining jade-like bones. Its speed was relatively slow, and they could hear the cracking from the joints when it was moving.

It had spent a lot of effort to train this ancient body in the Blood Vein Ring. However, in its current situation, it needed more time to completely adapt to this skeleton.

The Ghost Hunter, the King of Demonic Insects, and the Devouring Gold Silkworm were hesitant for a while, then also flew away.

Shi Yan was bewildered looking at the three strange creatures flying away. He didn’t get a clue. Perhaps, these three tangible beings liked the Dead Soul Mountain range?

Only the War Devil stayed to guard him.

Shi Yan frowned, then contemplated for a while. When he was about to use the Original Soul Pellet to restore his Soul Consciousness, all of a sudden, he found that the Five Devils in his Sea Consciousness were agitated too.

"You guys..."

After one time of transformation, their intelligence had started to develop. Although they couldn’t talk directly to him, they could send him some vague thoughts.

The Five Devils also wanted to go out for a while.

Shi Yan could sense the thoughts from the Five Devils pretty clearly. He was astounded for a while, then he nodded with a forced smile. "Be careful. Those dead souls are the best nutrition, but they aren't idiotic. If you meet the high-level ones, you can't swallow them."

The Five Devils turned into five gloomy beams of gray light, silently disappearing without leaving a trace.

The connection between him and the Five Devils wasn't cut off. Within hundreds of miles, he could always know the exact location and thoughts of the Five Devils.

However, if the Five Devils moved farther, the connection between them would weaken.

The situation of the Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame, the King of Demonic Insects, the Ghost Hunter, and the Holy Spirit G.o.d was the same as the Five Devils. These living beings had their souls linked with his or his Immortal Blood, which created a miraculous connection with him. However, this connection wasn’t invariable.

When the distance between them reached a certain limit, the connection would be weakened until it disappeared completely.

Long after that, Shi Yan had lost the whereabouts of all of these creatures. His host soul couldn't sense anything, and his Soul Consciousness couldn’t form a connection.

Shi Yan suddenly felt empty and lost.

The lonely emotion swelled up in his heart that he couldn’t control or wash it away.

Along his journey, these living beings rarely left him. Gradually, he had considered them part of his life, and he had treated them as family members and comrades.

Being with them, Shi Yan had never felt lonely, never had the feeling that he was fighting alone.

All of a sudden, when these strange creatures left him one by one, he immediately had some strange thoughts as he felt empty. It was like something very important to his life was about to leave him.

Although he knew that they wouldn’t go for a long time, he was still worried. It was like a father seeing his children leaving home. He would miss them and worry about them, always afraid that they would meet unexpected situations.

The existence of this mood irritated his mind, which troubled him from changing his Sea of Conscious. Long time after that, he couldn’t meditate.

Until the early dawn of the next day, when a wisp of dawn shone in the cave and lit up an area in front of him, he woke up and found that the dejected feeling he was feeling had been washed away at this moment. In just a fraction of time, his mind and heart became crystal clear.

It was a sort of mental maturity that had jumped into his heart all of a sudden. He seemed to understand the true meaning of life, and his heart was more open.

The Blacksmith's Secrets of Success flew out, floating in front of him. His Soul Consciousness connected with the hollow soul. His mind and heart fused together as he entered the location of the Teleportation Formation once again. He started to comprehend the miraculous techniques, the complicated, abstruse line arrangements. He completely concentrated on understanding the meanings in them.

The Teleportation Formation was the direct utilization of the mysterious s.p.a.ce. It used the technique to lead the s.p.a.ce power, using the nodes to urge the energy of the Crystal Stone, which would move things from one coordinate directly to another. 

The Teleportation Formation in this Blacksmith's Secrets of Success could be considered the essence. All mysteries of Teleportation Formations were stacked in there.

Strange beams of light weaved with each other like a shuttle, creating the blinking nodes. The distance between a pair of nodes was different, but it carried the mission of connecting s.p.a.ces. At each node, s.p.a.ce energy was constantly rippling out like rings of light, which was the transmission of the supplement power from outside.

Shi Yan’s mind sank into it as he forgot everything, wallowing in the formation that looked like the bedevilment state.

His comprehension of the truth of the Teleportation Formation became more profound by any minute. He eventually reached the threshold of the understanding of s.p.a.ce power. Now, he could vaguely touch a beam of the mysterious s.p.a.ce power through the formation of the Teleport Formation.

Precious Tool Valley..

The group of Li Zheng Rong and Ke Da gathered in the Tool Hall. Xue Mu and Ya Lie looked at Feng Biao, who had blood all over his body. They exchanged looks but didn't know what to say.

The juniors stayed outside the Tool Hall. Yu Le, Luo Yue, and Lie Feng all wore stunned face as they were discussing with a low tone.

Shi Yan had made his debut outstandingly, which made the ones who came from the seven ancient factions feel the pressure like a mountain for the first time!

Shi Yan had only the Sky Realm cultivation base, but Lie Feng couldn’t do anything to harm him. He even fell into the disadvantaged situation. Such event had terrified people.

"Are you sure that guy comes from the Endless Sea?" Ke Da rubbed his chin, his eyes disbelieving. "Has he been taught by any old monster here? We all know that in the Divine Great Land, it’s not just the seven ancient factions that could teach such a formidable apprentice."

"He comes from the Endless Sea," snorted Li Zheng Rong. "Ye Chang Feng sent me messages. He said that that young man is from the Yang Family in the Endless Sea. Perhaps you have never heard about the Yang family. This family is the strongest force in the Endless Sea. They are not ordinary at all."

"Really from the Endless Sea huh…" Ke Da talked under his breath as his mental obstacles had been cleared. "Then it's easy. As long as none of those old b*stards have taught him, and if we show him our goodwill, we can move him perhaps, eh? I need one drop of the Life Original Fluid. I've been thinking about the True G.o.d Realm for years."

Xue Mu and Ya Lie had their eyes heated up.

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