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Who was Lie Feng? 

He was the demon kind that the Devil Valley had put forth all cultivating resources in to nurture him as he would become the master of the Devil Valley in the future. He had the Spirit Realm cultivation base, but still, he couldn't defeat Shi Yan instantly. 

What was going on? 

Shi Yan was in the Sky Realm. If he had the power as strong as a Spirit Realm warrior from the small families, he would be considered a special talent already. However, his opponent was Lie Feng! 

Lie Feng exclaimed in his head that he had underestimated the opponent, and that he didn’t see the real dangerous features of Shi Yan. 

"Old Li, you know that kid?" Ke Da walked to him, his face surprised. "Is he your disciple?" 

Li Zheng Rong snorted. "I’m an alchemist. I’m not good at fighting. Do you think I can train this type of disciple?" Ke Da nodded, sighed, then beamed a wry smile. "Oh, I say, if you have that sort of an apprentice, I would be totally convinced. Hey, who’s he?"
"A kid from the Endless Sea. His natural endowment’s really good. He used to go to the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist alone," Li Zheng Rong explained simply. 

"Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist…" Ke Da was moved. Suddenly, he was swiftly excited. "Hey, the drop of Life Original Fluid that you got is from him?" 
Besides the Tool Hall’s blacksmiths standing next to Ke Da, there were alchemists of Spirit Hall on Li Zheng Rong’s side. They all had their eyes brightened. Some experts hiding there also knew the miraculous effect of the Life Original Fluid. They were all thrilled like rabbits seeing carrots. They hungrily looked at Shi Yan in the court. 

Li Zheng Rong blamed himself for being talkative. He hurriedly shouted. "Shi Yan’s my friend. Don't plan your dark schemes on him. Otherwise, I won’t stay idle." 
Ke Da and his men laughed. Their eyes showed something, but they didn’t regard him. 

Li Zheng Rong’s brow slammed together. He had so many worries. Ke De and Li Zheng Rong were all here, so no one dared to talk about the curfew. All were astounded on seeing Shi Yan’s competence. They wanted to see Shi Yan’s real abilities, to which level he could reach. 

The battle continued.

Inside the hurricane and the Death Intent domain, Lie Feng was urging so many types of devil techniques. But still, he couldn’t defeat Shi Yan just yet. 
A pair of blood pupils appeared dazzlingly inside the hurricane. People couldn’t help but gaze at him. 

After Shi Yan had entered the Third Sky of Rampage, he had only the thought of destroying all the creatures in front of him. He didn’t have any other thoughts. 

He knew many secret techniques, and after entering the Third Sky of Rampage, he didn't get weaker. On the contrary, his power skyrocketed!
This realm seemed to be able to promote all of his fighting potential abilities. The power of many martial techniques that he couldn’t maximize under normal circ.u.mstances now revealed fully. 

Lie Feng's muscles cracked. Just like Shi Yan, he was bleeding. However, he didn’t have the recovery ability that went against the natural order like Shi Yan. Along with the battle, his power gradually drained. He had lost a lot of blood, so he often felt that he was about to faint at any minute. 

Lie Feng knew that he couldn’t stand for long. 

Without twelve years of training ascetically in thirty-six Terminating Caves with the will of steel, he would have amitted his defeat soon. He was struggling to get out of the Death Intent Domain.

Xue Mu and Ya Lie were also anxious. They all felt that the fight in the Precious Tool Valley was too furious. This battle was more interesting than what they had imagined. Eventually, Xue Mu and Ya Lie flew out, getting to the position of the battle. 

It seemed all warriors in the Precious Tool Valley and the Spirit Tool Valley had come. When they gathered here, they temporarily forgot the threat of the dead souls. 

Boom Boom Boom! 

Thick and dense explosions reverberated from the hurricane and the Death Intent Domain. In the middle of the loud explosion, Shi Yan and Lie Feng separated from each other.

The light in Lie Feng’s eyes dimmed. Blood gushed out from him ma.s.sively. He was exhausted, and not much power left in him. On the other side, the blood on Shi Yan clotted, as he stopped bleeding quickly. Under the scrutinizing eyes of hundreds of people, flesh and blood in his wounds moved and restored quickly. 

His blood pupils raked over the place. He didn't gaze at Lie Feng, but conveniently killed a Nirvana Realm warrior who stood nearest behind his back.

This shocked a lot of people. They were cursing loudly while retreating. 
Afterward, Shi Yan didn’t stop there. He continued to kill the warriors standing next to him. Another three Sky Realm warriors were killed instantly. 

Essence Qi started to move, entering his body through his pores. The ruthless, insane aura on Shi Yan's body was condensed more.
"He’s crazy!" 
"F*ck! You got mental problem? We are just onlookers. Why do you attack us?"
"You fool. Don’t you see that he’s in the Bedevilment state?" 

Many warriors got terrified. They started to move as fast from Shi Yan as possible. They were cursing under their breath, but none of them dared to attack Shi Yan, as they were afraid that they would be his next targets. 
On the other side, Lie Feng was panting far from Shi Yan. His breath was short and heavy. He was exhausted, and didn’t want to continue. 
Lie Feng’s state was way too bad. He knew that if he wanted, he could use the most sinister secret technique of the Devil Valley to stimulate his power to another realm for the second time. 
However, if he did that, he would become much weaker than now. Or, it could leave him some bad sequelae, which he wasn’t sure he could recover fully from. 

He didn’t dare. 

He and Shi Yan didn't have any big grudge. He had spent too much in this battle. If he wanted to risk his life with Shi Yan, even if he won, he already knew the big price he had to pay for this victory.

The most important thing was that even if he had to urge the evil mystique, he didn’t have the absolute confidence. 

Thus, seeing Shi Yan was like a wolf storming into the sheep herd, slaughtering the crowd, he didn't continue to attack him, just stood and stared indifferently.

Whose disciple was this kid? Why was he so dangerous?

Lie Feng was dizzy. He was secretly scared because of the power Shi Yan had brought out. 

"Stop him!" Someone shouted among the crowd. "He’s completely insane. If we don't kill him, he’ll kill us! He’s a madman. We can’t let him ma.s.sacre us like that!" 

Ke Da hesitated for a while. He couldn’t help but shout, "Don’t kill him. Get him!" At this moment, Xue Mu and Ya Lie arrived. They then saw Shi Yan with his wild expression, chasing and killing the other warriors. Their faces changed. They inquired around for brief information, and couldn’t help but be ere terrified. They didn't expect that things would escalate to this point. They could never imagine that Shi Yan could be so intimidating that he would make Lie Feng pay a big price.

"If we don’t eliminate him, the two valleys will never be peaceful again," Feng Biao said with a cruel face. He didn’t wait for Ke Da and Li Zheng Rong, immediately heading towards Shi Yan. 
Everybody was stunned, as they were cursing Feng Biao in their heads. 
Feng Biao was a Third Sky of Spirit Realm expert! 
An expert at the threshold of the True G.o.d Realm wanted to fight with a Sky Realm warrior in his bedevilment state. Although they didn't like Shi Yan, still, they thought Feng Biao was going too far. 

Instantly, people understood that Feng Biao wanted to take revenge for his disciple Hao Hai. Since his apprentice was hurt badly, being a high-cla.s.s expert in the Devil Valley who always focused on his face, he should be enraged and take revenge for his disciple. It was fairly reasonable. 
However, he was availing himself of this situation, wasn’t he? 

"Feng Biao! He’s my friend!" Li Zheng Rong roared as he wanted to come forward and stop the other. "If you want to touch him, you’ll be my enemy!" 

"He’s insane! He’s killing innocent people! He’s crazier than the Devil Valley’s disciples! If you want to protect him, you’re going against the whole valley." Feng Biao raised a big accusation. He didn’t talk more, aiming at Shi Yan. 

However, at this moment, Shi Yan’s blood pupils seemed to recognize the danger. The trace of being conscious appeared deep inside his wild eyes.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

Light shot out from the Blood Vein Ring. After they had sensed their master’s summons, War Devil, Ghost Hunter, King of Demonic Insects, Ice Cold Flame, Earth Flame, and the Devouring Gold Silkworm got out, besieging Feng Biao instantly. 

A pitiful scream sounded. 

Feng Biao faced the sky, spurting out blood. He was blown away from in front of Shi Yan. A stream of blood arched in the sky eccentrically, which made everyone shiver in fear. 

The training yard was completely silent. Everybody dropped their jaw. 

The majestic Ghost Hunter hovered in the air, taking Shi Yan on its back and soaring up to the sky while tearing the wind. Immediately, they were flying far away from the Precious Tool Valley. 

The King of Demonic Insects, the Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame, and the Devouring Gold Silkworm followed behind them right away. 
The War Devil came last. An earth-destroying aura flooded the whole valley from him, filling each tiny corner. 

Xue Mu, Ya Lie, Li Zheng Rong, and Ke Da were frightened. They couldn’t do anything but watch the Ghost Hunter take Shi Yan away. They didn’t dare to do anything at all. 

Feng Biao hadn’t fallen to the ground even as blood gushed out from the corner of his mouth. He had gotten hurt severely. 

Feng Biao was a Third Sky of Spirit Realm expert! Among the warriors in the valleys, Feng Biao was one of the strongest. But he was wounded in just a blink of an eye. What kind of force could do that to him? 

Everyone felt terrified, looking at Shi Yan flying away. No one dared to say anything about killing him again. 

"Ice Cold Flame, Ten-thousand-year Earth Flame, the level 8 demonic beast the corpse-eating insect…" Ke Da muttered as he was absentminded. "Heaven Flame, the Earth Flame… They are the G.o.dly treasures to refine weapons. Why does this man have such luck?" 

All blacksmiths and alchemists in the valley had their eyes reddened, their breath short and heavy. No matter it was the Ice Cold Flame or the Earth Flame, they were the fiery flames that the blacksmiths and the alchemists had been dreaming of for their whole life! 
Any alchemist and blacksmith who had these two flames, their attainments in refining medicine and forging weapons would bounce to another new realm. 

To the alchemists and blacksmiths, the flame was the most precious treasure. When they had an excellent flame, the future of their career would be lit up.

"Old Li, who’s he after all? He has the Life Original Fluid, the Ice Cold Flame and the ten-thousand-year Earth Flame, and even the King of Demonic Insect! I don’t know which G.o.d King’s inheritance he has gotten." Ke Da beamed a bitter smile, looking at Li Zheng Rong while gulping continually.
"How can I know that?" Li Zheng Rong also goggled. Everything that happened today had gone beyond his estimation. 
Shi Yan’s performance had scared him. 
"Where is that b*stard Ye Chang Feng?" Li Zheng Rong asked through his gritted teeth. He knew that Ye Chang Feng would know Shi Yan’s profile. 
"I don't know," Lin Ya Qi shook her head.
"Whatever method you use, find that brat for me. Tell him to use the Sound Stone and call me!" shouted Li Zheng Rong. 
Lin Ya Qi nodded with a frightened countenance. She seemed to not have yet recovered from Shi Yan’s intimidation.

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