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Chapter 55 - The Weirdo
In the garden in front of the living room.
Some Shi family boys were fawning over Zuo Shi pa.s.sionately with modest smiles. Every time Zuo Shi asked about something, they would answer quickly in order to create a good impression of themselves.
Some of them were from the branches of the Shi family and some, such as Shi Tianxiao and Shi Tianluo, were from the direct line.
Walking slowly among the fresh flowers, Zuo Shi looked a little absent-minded, though her steps didn’t falter. She shook the watering can in her hand, bored and detached, like a spirit among the flowers.
Shi Yan walked out of the living room, thought for a while, and directly went into the flower garden towards Zuo Shi. He then stretched out his hand and said, “Please show me the turtle sh.e.l.l.”
“You stupid guy. Now you come to make up to Little Shi! Where have you been just now?” Shi Tianxiao grunted in discontent.
“Big Grandpa wanted to have a word with me.” Shi Yan explained casually, “I promised Grandpa Zuo to help Zuo Shi read the sh.e.l.l. We have different intentions.”
“Intentions? What’s the difference?” Shi Tianxiao was a little embarra.s.sed. Suddenly he covered his nose with his hand and cried, “Shi Yan, what is that smell coming from you?!”
A sour smell was wafting out from him.
The crowd didn’t notice it in the beginning as they were busy fawning over Zuo Shi. As they heard Shi Tianxiao’s cry, they finally noticed and quickly covered their noses, complaining that Shi Yan was too shameful.
Unexpectedly, the only girl there didn’t even take a step back, but stood there carrying the watering can, seemingly not caring about the smell at all.
Zuo Shi stared at Shi Yan in surprise, while confusion overtook her mind.
Every man, including Shi Tianxiao and Shi Tianluo, would suit up and put some perfume on before they saw Zuo Shi, using flower essence to ensure they didn’t leave a bad impression on her.
But this boy was too different! His warrior gown was wrinkled and dusty; apparently he had been wearing it for a very long time. There was the strong smell coming from him indicating that he had just finished training his martial arts.
This guy obviously doesn’t take me seriously!
Zuo Shi was stunned and soon drew this conclusion, which triggered her interest in Shi Yan.
Seeing the crowd turned off but Zuo Shi still standing there, Shi Yan was a little happy, as he asked softly, “Where is the turtle sh.e.l.l?”
“It’s at the living room, I will get it right away.” Zuo Shi replied in a very melodious voice. She then moved her beautiful legs and thin body and disappeared in an instant.
The girl moved as fast as lightning. Even Shi Yan could only see her shadow pa.s.s by, unable to follow her movement.
The crowd, including Shi Tianxiao, were astounded.
They realized that not only was Zuo Shi pretty, but also a warrior one realm higher than them.
By the time Zuo Shi had returned, the crowd were still drowning in amazement as only six seconds had pa.s.sed.
Zuo Shi appeared in front of Shi Yan with a basin-sized turtle sh.e.l.l in her hand and handed it to him, “Here you are.”
Shi Yan nodded and took the sh.e.l.l, only to find his body dragged down by a ma.s.sive weight and he almost fell to the ground by the heavy turtle sh.e.l.l.
He operated his Profound Qi and was barely able to stabilize his body. He exclaimed, “So heavy!”
He looked to Zuo Shi in discontent and a.s.sumed she was deliberately trying to make a fool out of him!
However, he found that Zuo Shi’s eyes were crystal clear and devoid of any malicious intentions.
“Yes, I don’t know what this sh.e.l.l is made out of. It’s about four hundred kilograms.” Zuo Shi didn’t notice that Shi Yan had secretly cursed her, instead she fingered the short hair beside her ears and added, “I was surprised when I first got it.”
“Four hundred kilograms!” Shi Tianxiao rubbed his temples and felt his head go numb.
Zuo Shi held the turtle sh.e.l.l with one hand and could still move that fast! This made him realize the distance between him and Zuo Shi and he was a little disappointed.
Shi Yan was holding the turtle sh.e.l.l firmly after he recovered, which also improved his understanding of Shi Yan, and he now believed what Zuo Shi had previously said.
“Shi Yan, you, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d...”
Though Shi Tianxiao was not a gifted boy, he was clever enough. He realized that Shi Jian had kept this a secret, so he stopped himself before he announced Shi Yan’s latest shocking news.
Shi Yan remained indifferent. Without replying to Shi Tianxiao, he examined the turtle sh.e.l.l carefully and nodded to Zuo Shi, “This is one of the oldest languages, so I need to read it with the help of some books. Follow me to my room.”
At once, Shi Yan headed to his own house with the turtle sh.e.l.l in his hand.
“Okay.” Zuo Shi nodded and stepped up leisurely.
“Big brother, um, are we following them?” Shi Tianluo showed a strange face, and asked quietly after the two had moved far away.
“Hmm, good idea.” Shi Tianxiao couldn’t suppress his curiosity. Seeing no one was walking out of the living room, he also followed to Shi Yan’s house.
Shi Yan lived in a three storey stone house.
The first floor held various trivial stuff, the second floor was for resting, and the third floor was filled with huge book shelves where Shi Yan kept all sorts of ancient books.
After leading Zuo Shi to the house, Shi Yan saw that the crowd had also followed them. He shouted at them from the door, “I need quiet. Don’t come into my house.”
Then he closed the door and said to Zuo Shi, “Let’s go upstairs.”
Zuo Shi nodded obediently and followed him to the second floor.
“Well, you go up and rest on the third floor for a while. I need to take a shower and change my clothes. I will catch up with you shortly.” He handed the turtle sh.e.l.l back to Zuo Shi and pointed at the stairs leading to the third floor, “This way.”
“Why shower now?” Zuo Shi rolled her eyes at him, and grunted with her delicate nose.
“I want to feel comfortable, it’s not out of consideration for you. Don’t think too much of yourself little girl.”
“You think too much!”
“Don’t waste my time. Go to the third floor! I’m taking off my clothes.”
Not bothering to care, Shi Yan took off his warriors gown and threw it onto the hanger. He was only in his underwear and almost naked. He glanced at Zuo Shi indifferently, “Why are you still here?”
After a long period of intense training, Shi Yan had become much stronger. Every muscle looked shiny and hard, as if moulded by iron, emitting a strong sense of masculinity.
As Zuo Shi saw him take off his clothes without any shame, she panicked. She cursed, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” and quickly took the turtle sh.e.l.l up to the third floor with her face blushing.
This guy… had some figure. Zuo Shi thought to herself as she was walking upstairs.
The third floor covered two hundred square metres.
Apart from the book shelves, there were many bizarre jars, bottles, pots and wine gla.s.ses on the expanded third floor.
Zuo Shi took out an ancient book randomly, flipped it open and realized she couldn’t read it.
Zuo Shi shook her head and thought to herself, “What a weirdo!”
Zuo Shi had various hobbies as well.
She studied plants, tea ceremony, astrology, medicine and weapons, each for a short time. But she was too lazy so she couldn’t focus on one thing for too long. She would switch to a new thing shortly after.
These ancient books on the third floor were mostly about ancient history and ancient.
Zuo Shi was not interested in them at all, so she found them all boring and difficult to understand. Now she was sure Shi Yan was officially a weirdo.
Why are you interested in ancient life? What does it have to do with you? What can you do with it?
Zuo Shi curled her lips, and thought that Shi Yan was more ignorant and incompetent than her.

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