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Gravitational chamber…

Lin Ya Qi was worried, talking with a soft tone. "Leave the Precious Tool Valley. You can’t stay here. Hao Hai failed, and then Cheng Ge failed. Lie Feng will take action for sure."

Shi Yan indifferently sat down cross-legged. He slightly opened his eyes and then frowned, "Lie Feng? Who’s he?"

"The strongest of this generation in the Devil Valley. He's at the First Sky of Spirit Realm. People call him devil kind. This man's so evil and insane that if he feels irritated, he will slaughter ma.s.sively," Lin Ya Qi said with a solemn face.

"Ah," nodded Shi Yan, "Let him come."

After he had reached the Third Sky of Sky Realm, Shi Yan’s confidence was abundant. Although he wasn’t too arrogant, it helped him not to be afraid of the Spirit Realm warriors, especially those who were just one realm higher than him.

The Spirit Realm and the Sky Realm were one whole realm away from each other. The gap between the two realms was like a deep and vast ca.n.a.l to ordinary warriors.

But that didn’t include him.

Being a man who had three different types of martial spirits, a strong physique, and the ability to urge the negative energy, he had many tricks. Even if he had to battle with Spirit Realm warriors, he wasn’t too afraid.

As the strange creatures like the War Devil, the King of Demonic Insects, the Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame and the Holy Spirit G.o.d were with him, he didn’t need to worry about his life. Thus, he got just a little bit anxious. 

The opponent just had the Spirit Realm cultivation base. Would he have the power that goes against the natural order?

Lin Ya Qi was quite discontented with his manners. She kept muttering and begging him to leave, her face worried.

"Where to go?" Shi Yan couldn’t help but smile. "At this moment, the Dead Soul Mountain range’s a dangerous place. Once I leave the Spirit Potion Valley and the Precious Tool Valley, and enter the mountain range which is full of dead souls, I will die sooner. Although Lie Feng’s excellent, will he dare to kill me?"

"He does dare!" Lin Ya Qi was hurried. "I told you, he’s a madman. The curfew of the Precious Tool Valley and the Spirit Potion Valley can prevent the others, but not him."

Shi Yan was stunned. He hesitated for a while and then spoke up with an icy cold visage, "If he dares, I can always show him how dangerous I am."

Shi Yan wasn’t afraid of the Devil Valley.

The seven ancient factions were strong but they didn’t have any ties with him. He was alone in this vast Divine Great Land. He just needed to find a secret place and hide there. Even if the power of the seven factions spread out in every corner, they couldn’t track him down.

He had no worries, no burdens or anything that could tie him down. At most, he could just leave.

Lin Ya Qi had advised him for a long time without a positive result. Of course, she got indignant and shouted. She jumped over, attempting to drag him out of the place, forcing him to leave.

However, at this moment, Shi Yan’s eyes brightened. He dodged Lin Ya Qi and pushed her away.

Lin Ya Qi was enraged, her face anxious.

"The one you’re talking about comes."

Outside the gravitational chamber, many warriors staying in the Precious Tool Valley and the Spirit Potion Valley had gathered here, hundreds of them. Most of them were the disciples of the Pure Land in the Sky Realm. Some of them had Spirit Realm cultivation base.

However, those experts at the Spirit Realm were all old. They were hiding in the crowd, watching the event.

There were three exceptions.

Lie Feng, Yu Le, and Luo Yue.

They were the new expert generation of the Devil Valley, the Radiant G.o.d Cult, and the Pure Land. Under the intensive care and numerous cultivating materials, plus their innate talents, they had reached the Spirit Realm at ease.

G.o.d-given rare talents!

These three were famous around the Divine Great Land. No matter the previous generations or the young and good-looking new generation, they all knew these three.

Yu Le and Luo Yue brought their sisters and brothers standing in front of the gravitation chamber with great interest on their faces.

Lie Feng had arrived earlier. He didn’t hurry, and just sat down cross-legged outside the room, closing his eyes and waiting for something.

Ming Mei stood behind him, her eyes sharp but radiant as she was scanning the room.

She didn’t know what Lie Feng was waiting for.

A long time afterward, Lie Feng slowly got up, his leisured good-looking appearance swaying as he rose his voice. "My friend in there, have you relaxed sufficiently? I’m Lie Feng of the Devil Valley. I think you know I’m here already. I don’t want to talk much. I come here this time to see your defeat. As long as you admit your defeat, saying that you surrender after seeing me, Lie Feng, I won’t make this bigger."

Turns out he was waiting for that brat to recover.

Everybody was amazed.

Yu Le and Luo Yue seemed to disdain him, shaking their heads strangely as if they thought that Lie Feng was just hypocritical.

He was a Spirit Realm warrior and now he wanted to trouble a Sky Realm warrior. Even if he waited until he recovered, what was that for? Could the gap between the two realms be made up in just a breath adjustment?

"Lie Feng comes, indeed!" Lin Ya Qi was frightened.

Shi Yan stood up and calmly kicked the door open. Then, he came into the sight of hundreds of people.

"Surrender after seeing you?" Shi Yan felt amused as he shook his head. "You are not qualified."

Lie Feng’s eyes became colder while a cold sneer appeared on his mouth. "Interesting. Well, seems I was too much concerned, right? Friend, you do have guts. So, that’s how you could hurt Hao Hai and Cheng Ge."

"Aren't you here to take back the face of the Devil Valley?" Shi Yan arched his brows. "Why you are babbling that much? If you want to fight, come. Why you're so lengthy?"

Everyone was stunned.

Extremely arrogant!

An anonymous kid in the Sky Realm could be that arrogant in front of Lie Feng? He didn’t know Lie Feng’s reputation, perhaps?

"No!" Lin Ya Qi screamed ear-splittingly. She flew to the front of Lie Feng and explained. "He's a friend of mine. He has a good connection with my teacher. He has beaten Hao Hai and Cheng Ge because they had provoked us initially. You're a Spirit Realm warrior. Even if you can defeat him, it isn't a proud triumph!"

"I don’t care what the others think about me." Lie Feng’s face was sinister. He was smiling, but his eyes were as cold as an ice chamber. "What I mind, is this man’s att.i.tude to me!"


A strong gust rolled Lin Ya Qi up like a big rope, tying and dragging her out of the battle range.

"You’re that frank, so I shouldn’t be wordy." Lie Feng laughed loudly, pulling Lin Ya Qi away as he strode to Shi Yan.

The hurricane ripped through, causing havoc. The sharp yellow wind blade was as big as a willow leaf multiplied by the number of thousands, rolling torrentially towards Shi Yan.

Inside the wind blade hurricane, beams of devilish purple-red light was extending inaudibly, as soft as cotton yet rigid.

Crack Crack Crack!

The greenstone, which was as firm as steel, exploded under Lie Feng’s feet while rock chips scattered everywhere.

Howl Howl Howl!

The wind howled and reverberated. The hurricane was like a column dragging everything up to the sky. The rocks exploded as the hurricane pressed down, heavy as the force of ten thousand soldiers.

Shi Yan slammed his brows together. Under the whips of the strong wind, he was gathering his power.

Pale-hued flows of negative energy oozed out from the acupuncture points in his entire body, moving fast in his meridians and blending with his Essence Qi.

Bang bang!

The muscles of his whole body bulged. The power hidden deep inside his muscle fibers was activated instantly, surging vehemently.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

Wind blades shot out from the hurricane, darting to him from every direction. They were all brutal and fierce.

The gravitational room was two hundred meters squared, but it was smashed in just a blink of an eye. Pieces of rock were dragged into the hurricane, intensifying its power.

In the fl.u.s.ter of flying rock chips, the gravitational room was leveled. However, Shi Yan stood still like a ten-thousand-year-old rock.

The wind blades rumblingly stormed over and smashed down his Dark Light Shield, attacking his body.

A brutal, bloodthirsty, insane, and hateful thought spurted out from his body, which diffused in the whole scene with an aura of a real substance. Then, it exploded furiously.

Each wind blade impacted with that malicious aura around him felt as if it had ignited dynamite. Everything burst out blazingly.


He stomped on the ground, causing a tremor to transmit to Shi Yan's feet. His legs didn't settle down, but his power was pouring deep into the soil.

The hurricane stormed over, but it couldn't lift him off the ground. It could only spin around him, sending more wind blades to attack him.

The warriors watching the fight got stunned, exclaiming in fear.

Shi Yan had only the Sky Realm cultivation base, but he wasn’t shaken under Lie Feng’s Swarming Wind. This was inexplicable to them.

Since Lie Feng was a Spirit Realm warrior, even if he didn’t use all of his power, the understanding he had of the powers of heaven and earth wasn’t something a Sky Realm warrior could compare with.

Lie Feng was the pride of the Devil Valley, the bizarre evil seed that had escaped the thirty-six Terminating Caves. Everyone present here could sense the intimidating nature of his Swarming Wind. 

Such powerful force couldn’t lift Shi Yan to the sky, of course, it was beyond people’s prediction.

"This man has a strong foundation. Dangerous though!" Yu Le’s eyes brightened. "With only his build and the power of the Essence Qi, and without any treasure used, he can stay firmly on the ground like that. It’s not something a normal person can do. Not bad. Not bad at all!"

Young men and women of the Radiant G.o.d Cult standing next to Yu Le were all startled. They started to discuss boisterously, their faces excited.

"Earth Origin. This is the resonance between the body and the Earth. Only the warriors who are specialized in using the Earth power can reach this realm." Luo Yue also muttered, "Although, it's not hard to control the Earth Origin, the young man here can stand firmly like that under the furious hurricane, which is rare. The power of his legs is overwhelming already."

The same comments arose from the crowd. People now looked at Shi Yan with more surprise.

"Interesting," Lie Feng cracked a smile. He wasn’t surprised but happy.

He was a fighting maniac. As he could see that Shi Yan could play a big game with him, he became excited, and started to acc.u.mulate his power. The hands he had always hidden in the sleeves were finally exposed.

Spirit Hall…

Li Zheng Rong and the four Grand Elders were discussing discreetly as they suddenly found a surging energy spread over from the Precious Tool Valley. All of them couldn't help but sense quietly.

"Some Spirit Realm warriors are fighting!" Li Zheng Rong shouted. He got indignant immediately. "We set the curfew of banning fighting already, but someone still violates it. Don't they know what situation we are in!

Then, Li Zheng Rong left the Spirit Hall, flying fast towards the Precious Tool Valley.

In the Tool Hall, Grand Elder Ke Da was also enraged. He furiously walked out of the hall, checking the hurricane in the sky. He suddenly screamed in awe. "It’s Lie Feng!"

"Lie Feng didn’t give us face"

"Who is he fighting with? Yu Le? Lie Feng and Yu Le don’t get along well."

"Lie Feng doesn't abide by the rules, but Yu Le won’t do that. It shouldn’t be Yu Le."

"Let’s go there and see."

"Let’s go!"

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