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Ming Mei arrived again. Under a tree shade next to the gravitation chamber, she stood there with a contented, smiling face. She was so excited. 

Cheng Ge didn’t fail her, indeed. 

He was worth the name of the warrior who understood ambushing the best in this generation. With only one strike, he had wounded Shi Yan severely. This would surely save the face of the Devil Valley.

Warriors who were staying in the training courts near there showed up in silence. They were watching the fight there with great interest. Cheng Ge was the young expert of the new generation in the Devil Valley. Many people here knew him. They were boisterously discussing with each other and guessing when Shi Yan would lose his resistance.

Lin Ya Qi was confused. She shouted, "Cheng Ge is good at sneaking. Don’t fall into his trap."

Shi Yan curled his lips. His muscular body gradually floated until he was around thirty meters from the ground. He c.o.c.ked his head to look down.

Cheng Ge could hide himself underground! This variable was beyond his estimation, which made him pay a big price.

If he didn’t have a strong body, he would have lost within one strike. The Devil Valley was always the Devil Valley. The ones who came from the seven old factions weren’t soft persimmons.

The easy defeat of Hao Hai made him underestimate the others. However, through Cheng He’s counterattack, he understood that he should never underrate the seven ancient factions, which had been standing firmly in the Divine Great Land for ten thousand years. 

Cheng Ge didn’t hurry to attack him again as he was hiding underground.

Releasing his Soul Consciousness, Shi Yan started to search underground, but he couldn’t locate Cheng Ge’s position. This man was truly a stealth a.s.sa.s.sin who was more dangerous than Hao Hai. Even under Shi Yan’s sensing, he still could hide.

Although his Soul Consciousness wasn't completely pure, the way he used to utilize his Soul Consciousness was much profound than ordinary warriors. This was thanks to the soul Upanishads of the Demonic Sound Clan. At that abandoned area, he had learned many special techniques using Soul Consciousness from the soul Upanishads of the Demonic Sound Clan.

The Soul Searching Technique was the secret soul technique of the Demonic Sound Clan. Using the Soul Consciousness as a net, it was extended to every direction, then slowly retreated to see any creatures in the coverage range of the Soul Consciousness. However, his Soul Searching Technique couldn’t locate Cheng Ge. This meant this man had something special to hide his Soul Consciousness. 

Since he couldn’t find Cheng Ge, he didn’t hurry to take action, just waiting for Cheng Ge to show himself. 
Hotshots who were good at hiding his aura would not linger at one spot; they would always move. He understood that Cheng Ge wouldn’t stop, but keep changing his location constantly while gathering energy to prepare for a deadlier strike.

‘He’s waiting.’


Gloomy, dark shadows emerged one by one from the ground, as if they were sprouting, while a cold, bloodthirsty aura flooded the area instantly.

Cloudy Ghost and Blood Ghost!

Among the devil breeds that were nurtured in the thirty-six Terminating Caves of the Devil Valley, the Yin Soul Thorn belonged to the Cloudy Ghost, and the Blood-sucking Remembrance was a skill of the Blood Ghost. They were both soul attack skills.

Creatures without a tangible body were always good at using soul. The Cloudy Ghost and the Blood Ghost weren’t an exception. 
At that moment, a Cloudy Ghost and a Blood Ghost floated up, drifting in the void towards Shi Yan.

Yin Soul Thorn and Blood-sucking Remembrance from the Cloudy Ghosts and Blood Ghosts shot out towards his Sea of Consciousness all of a sudden in an attempt to disorder it instantly. 

What Cheng Ge needed was only an opportunity!

Once Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness became chaotic because of the Yin Soul Thorn and the Blood-sucking Remembrance, Cheng Ge would attack Shi Yan with irresistible forces!

Each Cloudy Ghost and Blood Ghost was like the ghost shadow. They were vague, floating everywhere. Smell of blood and yin aura filled the whole s.p.a.ce. 

Shi Yan shivered, while his eyes showed that he was struggling.

‘It’s time!’ 

An electric current cracked the ground, thrusting towards Shi Yan. It was as fast and robust as a sharp knife.

The Cloudy Ghosts and the Blood Ghosts swarmed over like a rising tide covering Shi Yan, tying his soul down. Cheng Ge’s attack didn’t stop, jabbing into Shi Yan’s chest in just a blink. Lin Ya Qi felt like her heart was hung by a thread. She knew the situation was bad.

At that instance, Shi Yan’s dull pupils suddenly radiated with a glorious light, his face bright and shining. Flames like lotuses bloomed in the air dazzlingly and beautifully. However, they were scorching hot!

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle! 

Each Cloudy Ghost and Blood Ghost turned into smoke. After a wind blew by, they vanished into thin air. Shi Yan cracked a smile which was as sharp as a blade, cold and dangerous.


The Death and Life Seals were released, piling up. Death intent domain expanded, as the trees and gra.s.s in the manor started to shrivel and die.
Cold light dots exploded like fireworks, flying everywhere like shattered stars in the sky.

The Death and Life Seals had many cold light dots. Under the death intent domain, the destructive power slaughtered and erased everything that was covered under that cold light. 

Cheng Ge was exposed. 

He was holding the Blue Demon Sword, his face frightened as he was trying to retreat. 

Three Gravitational Fields combined into one, and activated at once, covering Cheng Ge entirely. 

Chaotic Essence Qi! 

Cheng Ge seemed to see ghosts in daylight. His silhouette flickered in midair like a dying candle.


A ray entered the Gravitational Field, intruding Cheng Ge’s body. 

Rumble Rumble Rumble! Crack Crack Crack! 

Cripsy explosions echoed continuously inside Cheng Ge's body, just like the fireworks getting ignited.

Inside the Gravitational Field, Cheng Ge was rolling like a ball, his body covered in blood.


Cheng Ge fell. His eyes were disordered, as he didn’t have even a bit of energy. Half of the bones in his body were broken, and he was dying.

Ming Mei was filled with fear.

"The second one." Light flashed as Shi Yan reappeared. He frowned at Lin Ya Qi and got back to the gravitational chamber.

Lin Ya Qi dropped her jaw as she was struck, unable to understand anything. 
Cheng Ge was defeated like that? It was simply a bewildering defeat!

No one knew what had happened. They only thought that Cheng Ge had made a big mistake during the battle and had lost the control of his body. 
Only Cheng Ge knew that he didn't make any mistake, but was dragged into a gravitation field that s.n.a.t.c.hed the control of his body.

However, he couldn’t talk as he had fainted. 

Ming Mei fell into a deep fear. Seeing Shi Yan disappear into the room, she cried in panic, rolled her eyes at Lin Ya Qi and then carried Cheng Ge on her back, flying away. Cheng Ge was hurt badly, even worse than Hao Hai! 

Hao Hai had wounds on his skin and flesh, while Cheng Ge had his tendons and bones broken, which was really hard to treat. 

Spirit Potion Valley…

When Ming Mei dragged the dying Cheng Ge towards Feng Biao, Feng Biao was complete enraged. Cheng Ge’s wounds were so severe that even if he could recover his bones, it would leave sequelae. Later on, it would be strenuous for him to reach the higher realms. He didn’t have the Immortal Martial Spirit after all. 

Feng Biao’s face became more ferocious after sensing the young man for a while. Listening to Ming Mei narrating, he suddenly shouted, "Lie Feng!" 
Lie Feng walked in with a darkened face. He was about to burst out but when he glared at Cheng Ge, then exclaimed in fear. 

"Do you need me to explain furthermore?" Feng Biao grunted. Lie Feng nodded, answered him quietly, "I got it." 

The relationship between him and Cheng Ge was really good. When they were in the thirty-six Terminating Caves, Cheng Ge was his most persistent little brother. He was also a rare good friend.

Even if he didn’t care about the prestige of the Devil Valley, since they were friends, he couldn’t just stand and stare.

"I want him to die!" Feng Biao clenched his jaw like a ferocious beast. "You don't need to bother with the curfew by the Spirit Hall and Tool Hall. This time, I want to see his body! If any bad consequences happen, I will bear them all!"

Lie Feng's red tongue moistened his lips. His narrow eyes were like those of a poisonous snake. "Relax. I'll drag his body here." After saying that, Lie Feng disappeared like a gust of wind. 

Ming Mei was struck, chasing after him with astonishment.
‘Let’s see how you die this time!’ Ming Mei thought hostilely.

In front of the gravitational room, more than ten warriors of the Precious Tool Valley were discussing quietly while looking at the room with an admiring and respectful face. 

The battle between Shi Yan and Cheng Ge had spread out all over the Precious Tool Valley as fast as a thunderbolt. Many warriors who had nothing to do got stirred up hearing this news. They gathered here with great interest. 

Everyone knew that the Devil Valley was tough. 

First, Shi Yan had beaten up Hao Hai, then he smashed Cheng Ge’s bones. Such malicious deeds were crueler than even the Devil Valley’s. The ones who had the guts to provoke the Devil Valley’s authority were all from the seven ancient factions. However, even if he were from the seven ancient factions, he shouldn’t do such horrendous deeds. 
Who was he? Why did he dare to do so?

Those people couldn’t help but think about that vision. All wore an excited face, waiting for the next event to happen.

Everyone knew that the Devil Valley wouldn't let things slip away like that. They also knew that there was a devil kind called Lie Feng among the young hotshots of the Devil Valley who came here this time.

Lie Feng’s strength and brutal characteristics were famous in the entire Divine Great Land!

In the north of the Precious Tool Valley, at the exclusive area of the Radiant G.o.d Cult, a line of good-looking talents was listening to Elder Xue Mu lecturing about the features of the dead souls. All of a sudden, a surprised scream came from outside.

Xue Mu frowned, threw a glance there while his Soul Consciousness was moving, listening attentively.

"A young man hurt Cheng Ge and Hao Hai badly. His deed was brutal. We’ll have a good show it seems." Xue Mu talked to Yu Le in front of him, his face terrified. "You take your brothers and sisters to check it out. Li Feng will show up, I a.s.sume. You fought with Lie Feng that year without a final result. I think you should take this opportunity and check out his current competence." 

Yu Le was surprised. He nodded, then took some young hotshots of the Radiant G.o.d Cult out of the place. 

The manor in the south of the Spirit Potion Valley…

Elder Ya Lie of the Pure Land acted the same with Xue Mu as he was a.s.signing the pride of the Pure Land – Luo Yue. 

"What’s his name?" Luo Yue was wearing a dark purple robe, his face moved. "I know all the experts of the ancient factions. He could hurt Cheng Ge and Hao Hai, so he shouldn’t be just an anonymous." 

"I have never heard of him before. Maybe he's new," Ya Lie shook his head, indicating that he didn't know the man, either. Luo Yue was surprised, then nodded and said, "I will go there and take a look." 

Some hotshots of the Pure Land’s new generation followed him. 

News spread quickly. Not long after that, all warriors in the Precious Tool Valley and the Spirit Potion Valley received this buzzing news. They started to pack the s.p.a.ce in front of Shi Yan’s gravitational chamber. 
Hundreds of warriors were like a cloud of gra.s.shoppers, packing the s.p.a.ce in front of the gravitational room.

The big war was ready to set off.

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