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His hollow soul was floating erratically in the Blacksmith's Secrets of Success.

The Teleportation Formation appeared with many large circles linked together. The outermost was made of Crystal Stone. In the s.p.a.ces between the circles appeared the light condensed from some admixture, which could transmit the energy from the Crystal Stone.

A circle of Crystal Stone paired up with a circle of supporting light. There were sixty-six circles, including thirty-three circles of Crystal Stones and thirty-three circles of auxiliary light that guided the energy of the Crystal Stones.

In the center of the circles was a triangular sacrificial altar made of Ethereal Crystals, which had a mysterious, complicated formation.

That formation was the essential key to the Teleportation Formation!

This formation had many nodes and rays connected with each other to gather the power of the Ethereal Crystal at one spot. Rings of energy from the Crystal Stone around would urge and lead the energy from the Ethereal Crystal to create the instant s.p.a.ce change, which was the teleportation effect.

There weren't many different arrangements between the sixty-six circles of Crystal Stones and auxiliary light. He only needed to pay attention to their locations, the size of the Crystal Stone to be inlaid, and the condensing characteristics of the rings of auxiliary light.

The most difficult arrangement was the sacrificial altar, which was made of the Ethereal Crystal. To be exact, the complicated thing was the formation carved on the altar!

Countless nodes of the formation looked like the starry night. Each node held the energy of the Ethereal Crystal, and there needed to be a precise distance between two nodes. However, the distances between the nodes weren't similar. Even if he wanted to learn by heart, it would cost much of his effort.

The nodes were connected to each other using rays, which were the power of the Soul Consciousness. So, he had to urge his Soul Consciousness to join the nodes together.

The hollow soul sank into the middle of the node to probe the ancient technique of the Teleportation Formation. Shi Yan was concentrating quietly to perceive the mysterious s.p.a.ce of this formation.

His Soul Consciousness drained rapidly.

"Phew!" Shi Yan exhaled. When half of his Soul Consciousness had been consumed, Shi Yan opened his eyes.

The Teleportation Formation was wide-ranging and profound. While comprehending the formation, he vaguely felt that his host soul would sometimes have a resonance with the heaven and earth. His realm had a sign of breaking through again.

He was at the peak of Sky Realm, and his pure Essence Qi in his body had been acc.u.mulated sufficiently a long time ago. Now, all he needed was a flash of recognition, and then he could make a big step further, entering the Spirit Realm.

He got stuck at this pa.s.s.

This time, while he was comprehending the Teleportation Formation, his realm was increased a little bit. Although this growth was slow, he could feel it earnestly.

He had a feeling that when he could finally perceive the mysteries of the Teleportation formation, it would be the moment he entered the Spirit Realm!

Shi Yan took out five Original Soul Pellets, closing his eyes to adjust his breathing.

While his Soul Consciousness was being recovered, his mind was still tense, lingering at the previous location to learn and feel the mysterious features of the formation, quietly digging to its deepest layer.

He had his own experience regarding the subtle, mysterious characteristics of the Teleport Formation. After each time he had accessed the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success, while his Soul Consciousness was consumed rapidly, his realm was also increasing fast.

The Teleportation Formation was some sort of an Upanishad that used the true meaning of the most mysterious power of the s.p.a.ce!

In the Sky Realm, breaking through a new realm would require the complete understanding of the powers of the earth and firmament. It didn't matter what type, but what mattered was the level of the comprehension.

In the Divine Great Land, warriors at the Sky Realm could use different kinds of Upanishad to break through their Sky Realm.

However, using the comprehension of the s.p.a.ce power from the Teleportation Formation to break to the Spirit Realm was a precedent that no one had ever heard about.

From Sky Realm to Spirit Realm, using the comprehension of the power, he could break through instantly with a wide ranged growth. At that time, in the Spirit Realm, he could use the essence of the power’s deep meaning at a profound level.

In other words, if he used the mysteries of the Teleportation Formation to break through to Spirit Realm, shortly, his understanding of s.p.a.ce power would rocket to a high level.

In Spirit Realm, s.p.a.ce power could become a source of his powers. Perhaps it could be the main force, which had more room to grow further.

s.p.a.ce power and time power, these two kinds of powers were always the rarest and the most difficult to master. Even in the Divine Great Land, no one had ever heard that anyone could control these two powers. 
Blacksmiths had studied Teleportation Formation, but they didn't focus on increasing powers. When a blacksmith entered the Spirit Realm from Sky Realm, the power comprehension they would pay attention to was the deep meaning of fire.

No matter they were blacksmiths or alchemists, fire was the most important partner in the future. Understanding the power of fire could determine the grade of the fiery flame in their bodies.

The deeper understanding of fire powers they had, the stronger the flame in their body could become, which would help them refine higher graded weapons and medicine.

Fire was the foundation of blacksmiths and alchemists. Even if the s.p.a.ce power was miraculous, it wasn’t much valuable to these refiners.

Someone who knew the miraculous features of the s.p.a.ce power but didn't master the Teleportation Formation must need a very particular situation to perceive this sort of power. This made many warriors who wanted to use the s.p.a.ce power to improve furthermore from the Sky Realm find it impossible to enter that door. Thus, the possibilities that some peculiars could use the s.p.a.ce power to enter the Spirit Realm were really rare.

Anyway, Shi Yan was absolutely of a strange kind.

The Original Soul Pellet was worth the name of the sacred medicine that could restore the Soul Consciousness. Not long after that, his consumed Soul Consciousness had been almost fully recovered.

Lin Ya Qi held a smile on her face. She stood opposite to him, feeling so bored she had to watch things from here and there while toying with a refining formation in her hands. She often checked him. 

Having restored his sound mind, light sparked in his eyes strangely. Shi Yan woke up, throwing a glance at her leisurely. "Your trouble comes again."

Lin Ya Qi wasn’t scared but quite happy at the same time. She shot up from her seat while giggling. "So good! I was so bored here. I was just hating it that they didn’t come earlier."

Shi Yan was surprised. He adjusted his clothes and then got up, pushing the stone door open.

Cheng Ge was holding a narrow blue sword, which had the Cloudy Ghost and Blood Ghost coiled around the handle. These two strange creatures melted into the sword, revealing a deep blue of the ocean. Neat and eccentric, Yin aura and murderous aura piled up, exuding an evil, bloodthirsty breath.

Cheng Ge and Hao Hai were similar. They were both at the Peak of Sky Realm. However, Chang Ge had better powers and treasures.

"Cheng Ge!" Lin Ya Qi rolled her eyes while snarling, "I don't think I have any grudge against you, right?"

Chang Ge had a thin and long face. His eyes weren’t big, and he was wearing white clothes. He wasn’t considered good-looking, but his bearing was tender, which was much different from the others who came from the Devil Valley.

"Sorry. Elder Feng got angry, so he sent me here." Chang Ge held his fist, beaming a forced smile as if he had no other choice. "I don't dare to not follow my teacher's order. Miss Lin, please forgive me. Hey brother, I'm here to discuss only. I don't want to risk my life with you. Don't treat me like you treated Hao Hai… Don't beat me to near death."

"That Feng Biao old fogy, he does like to hide his shortcomings." Lin Ya Qi snorted, then turned to Shi Yan. "Cousin, Hao Hai’s Feng Biao’s disciple. He has a deep relationship with him. Now that Hao Hai got hurt badly, of course, Feng Biao won’t let it slip away. However, Cheng Ge isn’t Feng Biao’s disciple. He’s just a Joe. You have to control. Don’t let him not be able to go back."

Shi Yan’s brows convulsed while he kept silent.

He had used only one strike to beat Hao Hai, which was a lucky defeat. He was good at using wild energy impact. When his own power added up to the negative power, it was like finding the way to die if a warrior at the same level wanted to compete with him on using power.

The strike Hao Hai used was to pile up energy, using the strongest power to kill him instantly as fast as thunder and lightning. b.u.mping into him, Hao Hai’s method was the worst choice.

Using power to resist power, under the circ.u.mstances that Shi Yan had used the formidable Thousand Hand Change, his power from his body, and the negative power, along with his Essence Qi bursting out at the same time, Hao Hai had no way to counter it. He got hurt severely in that instant. It could only say that his fortune was really bad. 

Obviously, Chang Ge wasn’t the same type of warrior as Hao Hai.

Chang Ge’s Blue Ghost Sword had the Cloudy Ghost and the Blood Ghost. He could control the bloodthirsty and vicious aura, but he appeared as an elegant gentleman. People who didn't know him could think that this guy came from the Pure Land. His entire bearing gave people a vague feeling that they couldn’t probe this man’s ident.i.ty.

This man knew how to hide his breath. Possibly, he could drift and move swiftly.

Facing this type of an opponent, the Gravitational Field was the best option.

While Shi Yan kept silent, he had inaudibly built three gravitational fields that normal people couldn't see, arranging them on his sides and behind his back, leaving his front unshielded.

If Chang Ge dashed towards him from the front, he wouldn’t meet the Gravitation Field. In face-to-face fighting, Shi Yan wasn’t afraid of anyone.

If he used some kinds of swift-moving techniques and attacked him from two sides or from the back, it would suit Shi Yan the most. Once he got into the Gravitation Field, if he hesitated for just a fraction of time, Shi Yan would give Chang Ge a defeat that was even worse than Hao Hai’s.

"Please be merciful," Chang Ge held his fist. When his words faded, he disappeared.

Shi Yan’s face changed.

Clenching his fists, his punches were like a mountain as they violently and arrogantly hit the ground.


Rock chips and dust scattered. The ground now got a deep fist concave, which was eye-catching.

A low shout arose from underground.


A sword shimmered with gloomy blue light by the Cloudy Ghost, Blood Ghost, and a murderous aura slashed the ground, crossing the void. A cold blue light stabbed towards Shi Yan's chest.


A b.l.o.o.d.y flower bloomed on Shi Yan’s chest as big as a thumb while blood gushed out like a stream.

Lin Ya Qi was frightened, covering her mouth in fear.

Too fast!

As soon as Chang Ge disappeared, no one knew how he got underground that fast, which made all the Gravitation Fields Shi Yan had created fail.

The sword light carried together with the Yin Qi and the blood aura that could pierce through any strong defense invincibly. People just saw the light flash and Shi Yan got hit.

The wound had numerous beams of Yin Qi on its cut. The blood aura was like a spider fiber, eroding his vessels and tendons quickly. An aching and numb feeling spread out in his entire body.

Poisonous aura!

Shi Yan’s face became darker.

Chang Ge looked tender, but he turned out to be so vicious! This guy was good at ambushing with his hiding talent. He could kill people instantly within one strike, and even his weapons had poison on them. Chang Ge appeared friendly just to hide his instant kill strike.

Shi Yan took a deep breath. He had gotten angry now. If he didn’t have the Petrification Martial Spirit, his chest would be bored under this attack. At that time, even if he didn’t die, he would be hurt badly.

Basically, Chang Ge didn’t come here to discuss anything. This was using all deeds to ambush and kill him! 

"Friend, you’re evil enough. I got my lesson indeed." Shi Yan quickly gathered himself. His eyes flashed with cold light as he arched his brows. "Come here, mate!"

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