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Shi Yan’s face was thin and pale. There was no light in his eyes when he woke up in the gravitational chamber.

He had only one bottle of Soul Restoring Pellet left from the three bottles he had received. However, his understanding of the Teleportation Formation had just crossed the threshold. At this speed, it wouldn’t take long for him to comprehend the subtle features of the Teleportation Formation thoroughly.

The rapid draining of Soul Consciousness every time he was in that strange world scared him. Although he had the Soul Restoring Pellet, every time he got in that world, it took him three days to recover his Soul Consciousness.

Seeing that he was about to use up the Soul Restoring Pellet, he started to think about the supply one more time.

At that moment, the stony door of the gravitational chamber was banged loudly. Lin Ya Qi’s anxious voice still arose.

He pulled himself together, got up, and then opened the door to let her in. He frowned, "What do you come here for?"

"You’re here, indeed." Lin Ya Qi exhaled, then observed the gravitation room. Then, she said, "The Dead Soul Mountain range’s really dangerous at this moment. I’m worried that you didn’t know the situation clearly and have left the valley. I am here to notify you."

Then, Lin Ya Qi told him in detail the situation of the Dead Soul Mountain range.

When he heard that more and more warriors went missing every day, Shi Yan was scared. While he was unconscious, the situation of the Dead Soul Mountain range had turned bad.

"I will not leave for the time being. Don't worry. Oh yeah, do you have the pellets to restore Soul Consciousness? If you have, give me some. We can deal the price." Shi Yan poured out some Soul Restoring Pellet from the Storage Ring and took them in all. While he was sensing his Soul Consciousness being restored a bit, his face looked a bit satisfied.

"If you don't leave the valley, why do you need the pellets?" Lin Ya Qi's eyes were suspicious. She scrutinized him from left to right, then asked all of a sudden. "Are you practicing some techniques that depend on the Soul Consciousness?"


"I know it. Only the seven ancient factions know how to cultivate the techniques using Soul Consciousness. Even my teacher doesn't know these techniques. These techniques are too scarce. The ones who know them are as rare as phoenix feather or unicorn horn. If you know how to cultivate your Soul Consciousness, you don't need many pellets to restore it."

Shi Yan’s eyes lit up.

The technique to cultivate the Soul Consciousness?

The Soul Consciousness was the most basic treasure trove. A strong Soul Consciousness gave way to a strong host soul. The stronger the Soul consciousness was, the more sensitive the sensing was.

To the alchemists and the blacksmiths, the Soul Consciousness was an important matter.

On their way practicing refining medicine and forging weapons, if their Soul Consciousness was strong and keen enough, when they refined things, they could control the aura of heaven and earth better, and the formation or the spell they carved on their products would be more exquisite. Their speed was also strengthened overall.

Cultivating the Soul Consciousness could give the host soul a big s.p.a.ce. The Soul Consciousness was really magical. The more it was refined, the better it would be when the warrior urged his power.

When Shi Yan was in the Quiet Cloud Land and Endless Sea, he had never heard about a technique specialized in cultivating the Soul Consciousness. Their Soul Consciousness could only grow after they had broken through a new realm.

Hearing this from Lin Ya Qi, he was overjoyed.

To understand the mysteries of the Teleportation Formation in the Blacksmith's Secrets of Success thoroughly, he had to consume his Soul Consciousness continually. If he had the technique to cultivate the Soul Consciousness, it wouldn't take much of his effort when comprehending the Teleportation Formation.

At the same time, refining and condensing the essence of the Soul Consciousness also had a big impact on his martial arts.
"In the Divine Great Land, do only the seven ancient factions have the techniques to cultivate the Soul Consciousness?" Shi Yan was moved. He didn’t conceal, asking directly. "Does anyone sell this kind of techniques?"

"No," Lin Ya Qi shook her head, "Besides the seven ancient factions, there're some mysterious experts who know how to cultivate the Soul Consciousness. However, finding them is harder than finding the seven ancient factions. You shouldn't think about it much."

Shi Yan didn’t speak, but was contacting the Ice Cold Flame.

The Ice Cold Flame had had several masters, and each one of them was a genius. They were the peak realm experts, or the blacksmith at a far-reaching level. These kinds of characters could know how to train their Soul Consciousness hopefully.

When the Ice Cold Flame was integrated fully with its master, although it would be limited, once the master died, it could gain all the hidden and mysterious memories of its master.

Shi Yan thought that perhaps the Ice Cold Flame knew something.

"No. If I knew it, I would have told you already the first time you tried to access the Blacksmith's Secrets of Success. My previous masters had only focused on their powers. They didn't put much effort into training Soul Consciousness and the host soul. So, I can't help you," the Ice Cold Flame replied shortly.

Shi Yan cut the connection with the flame, his face disappointed. He closed his eyes to contemplate for a while, then spoke to Lin Ya Qi, "Okay. So… do you have the pellets or medicines that can recover the Soul Consciousness?" 

"I have the Original Soul Pellet. It’s much more precious than your Soul Restoring Pellet. I can give you two bottles. Each bottle has fifty pills. One Original Soul Pellet is more effective than twenty Soul Restoring Pellets."

Lin Ya Qi chuckled, explaining the differences between the two pellets. "The Soul Restoring Pellet can only restore the consumed Soul Consciousness. However, not only can my Original Soul Pellet recover the Soul Consciousness fast, but also help it increase. My teacher’s an alchemist. Even though he doesn’t know how to train the Soul Consciousness, he has used the pellets to improve his Soul Consciousness. Of course, pellets are just medicines; they aren’t specialized techniques. The improvement made by the pellets is limited. Normally, a warrior can use only three bottles of the Original Soul Pellet to strengthen his Soul Consciousness. After that, even if he uses more pellets, he can’t make it progress further. At that time, it can only be used as a pellet to restore the consumed Soul Consciousness. Of course, its recovering speed is much faster than the Soul Restoring Pellet’s." 

Shi Yan’s eyes brightened. "How many Essence Qi crystals do you want?"

"I don't need the Essence Qi crystals," Lin Ya Qi smiled like a little fox, squinting her eyes. "You help me with this stuff, and I'll give you two bottles for free."

"What stuff?" Shi Yan was quite alert. "I have to say that although I need the Original Soul Pellet, I won’t waste a lot of my strength for you."

"Help me teach someone a lesson. As long as you can satisfy me, besides these two bottles, I can find two more for you. How does it sound?"


"Some jerks of the Pure Land, the Radiant G.o.d Cult, and the Devil Valley!" Lin Ya Qi gritted her teeth, her eyes sparkling with resentment. "These years, those a.s.sholes have often bullied me. Although I'm a warrior, my master has grounded me and asked me to study the spiritual formations for refining medicine. I don't have enough strength, so I'm not their opponent."

Pure Land, Radiant G.o.d Cult, and Devil Valley were the three forces with their names spreading throughout the entire Divine Great Land. Normal, people felt scared whenever they heard these names.

In the whole Divine Great Land, the powers of the seven ancient factions had been stood firm for tens of thousands of years. With their profound history, people found it hard to estimate their internal resources. 
A generation of successors nurtured by the seven ancient factions, no matter it was in terms of the techniques, martial arts, experience or treasures, they were always on top.

These young people of the ancient faction were more powerful than the leaders of some small sects. And, they were all arrogant, swaggering around the Divine Great Land with no fear in their hearts.

"You want me to offend these three forces at the same time?" Shi Yan beamed a forced smile as he suddenly had a headache. 

"If you don’t dare, I’ll keep my Original Soul Pellets," snorted Lin Ya Qi. "Recently, it’s like finding the needle in a haystack when you want to find the restoring soul medicine in the Spirit Potion Valley. Unless you s.n.a.t.c.h from someone, don’t think about using a higher price to buy the medicines. Of course, I know that you have the guts to mess up with other people. Perhaps you will use force to take them. But if you do so, you’ll be the common enemy of the whole Spirit Potion Valley and the Precious Tool Valley."

Currently, people in the Dead Soul Mountain range were fl.u.s.tered. Under the arrangement of the Spirit Hall and the Tool Hall, many warriors had gathered. If someone started to slaughter the warriors, of course, it would enrage the hotshots here.

At the moment, besides the Sacred Level alchemists and blacksmiths in the two valleys, there were Spirit Realm Elders from the Pure Land, the Radiant G.o.d Cult, and the Devil Valley staying in the Spirit Potion Valley and the Precious Tool Valley. Even if Shi Yan were more confident, provoking the patience of all warriors in the two valleys was an unwise move.

"You think about it," Lin Ya Qi smiled, looking at him without any hurry.

Cold light flashed across Shi Yan’s eyes. He kept silent for a long while, then lifted his head to talk to her. "What cultivation base do they have?"

"Around the peak of Sky Realm, I a.s.sume… Not much different from yours," Lin Ya Qi smiled at him tenderly. "Little Yan, I know you’re at the Peak of Sky Realm, too. But your real competence is more tremendous than theirs. I believe that those jerks from the Pure Land, the Radiant G.o.d Cult, and the Devil Valley aren’t your match. Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to provoke the freaks at Spirit Realm. Hehe..."

"Deal!" Shi Yan suddenly shot up from this seat, extending one hand to the girl. "First, give me two bottles of the Original Soul Pellet. Wait until I restore my Soul Consciousness. I’m going there to help you."

"Deal." Lin Ya Qi was frank enough, and immediately gave him two green bottles. "Use warm water to take the pellet. Once it gets in your stomach, you should urge the medicinal efficacy to enter your Soul Consciousness. Then, you'll know what to do next. I'm waiting for you in the gravitational room. Ten pellets are enough to supplement all of your consumed Soul Consciousness."

Shi Yan received the bottle, taking out ten pills. Then, he took out a jade china bowl from the Storage Ring. A fire sparked from his fingertip and shortly, the water in the jade bowl became boiling hot.

Shi Yan swallowed the Original Soul Pellets with hot water. He then sat down in front of Lin Ya Qi and started his recovery.

"Where’s that little girl?" Outside a manor, Hao Hai of the Devil Valley asked while caressing a dragon-shaped jade pendant, his eyes cold, raking around the place.

"She got in." Emerald jade silky fibers shot out from Ming Mei’s slender fingers. They flew one round around the manor, which helped her confirm the information.

"The medicine she sold me last time had poison in it. After I took it, I almost fell into bedevilment!" Hao Hai gritted his teeth. "That girl’s eviler than warriors cultivating demonic methods like us. If I didn't react fast, not to mention breaking through the new realm, my cultivation base would have decreased! That d.a.m.n little girl, even if Li Zheng Rong protects her, I still have to give her a lesson!"

"You deserve that!" Ming Mei laughed cheerily. Her graceful body swayed on the spot, with green waves lingering on her body. "Well, I had quietly sent my signals to you, but you didn’t care. You only wanted to tease her. If you didn’t want her, why would she always sells medicine blended with poison to you?" 

"Harrumph... I’m willing to be poisoned rather than messing up with you." Hao Hai’s face became colder. "I don’t want to die without a known reason."

Then, Hao Hai took a deep breath, entering the manor Lin Ya Qi had gotten in.

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