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"What? No? Not even a single pellet?"

Shi Yan clenched his jaw in a shop, his face angry. "You guys don’t even have the pellet to restore the Soul Consciousness, what the heck are you selling? Doesn’t this store sell pellets?"

"I’m sorry, Sir. Besides that type of pellet and medicines, we have everything else. For example, we have the pellets to restore Essence Qi, strengthen your physique, stable your realm to prevent bedevilment, etc. We have plenty of them here. You can choose anything you want. We can always deal the price." The shopkeeper smiled humbly, bowing his body.

Shi Yan wore a cold face, then left while snorting.

Fifteen minutes later…

Standing in the middle of a crowded street in the Spirit Potion Valley, Shi Yan felt dispirited.

He had visited ten stores, and none of them was an exception. They didn't have even a single pellet that could do something with Soul Consciousness.

The threat from the dead souls had been spread out all over the Dead Soul Mountain range. The first thing the warriors did when they came here was to buy the pellets and medicine that could help restore and strengthen their Soul Consciousness.

The dead souls could erode the soul, which depended on the Sea of Consciousness. If a warrior's Sea of Consciousness weren't stable, his soul would be weakened, and thus, the dead soul could easily attack him.

All warriors understood the nature of the dead souls as they knew how important it was to strengthen their Soul Consciousness. Within five or six days, all pellets that could help strengthen the Soul Consciousness in the Spirit Potion Valley, even if they had their price rocketed, were all sold out.

These sorts of pellet became scarce now. Alchemists who could refine them had stopped supplying to the shop. They wanted to keep the medicine for themselves.

All of a sudden, in this big Spirit Potion Valley, no store could supply this kind of a pellet or medicine. Even if they were willing to buy with a good price, the alchemists didn’t want to sell.

The news regarding the dead souls had been spread out fast in the two valleys. The more they talked about it, the more dangerous it became. The powers of the dead souls were amplified continually by the news they were telling each other.

People felt insecure, and the alchemists and the blacksmiths didn't dare to leave the valleys. They were concentrating on refining pellets and forging weapons for themselves. They had to improve their willpower at any cost. At this moment, the pellets that could supplement the Soul Consciousness became the treasure to protect their lives. None of them agreed to sell even a single pellet.

The warriors came here for the dead souls had used a lot of money to collect the goods. Shortly, there was no stock in the entire Spirit Potion Valley.

Shi Yan had so many Essence Qi crystals to spend, but he couldn’t find a supplier. He had a big regret now.

He was the first one who got to know the anomaly of the dead souls. If he had been smarter, he could have collected more medicines of this kind right when the news was still concealed.

Too late to regret. The feeling of having a lot of money but not being able to buy the goods he wanted agitated him.

Along the streets in the center of the valley, warriors were walking back and forth with gloomy faces. Their eyes were ferocious when looking at the others, just like a starving wolf, as if they considered all strangers their enemies.

The valley where people used to live in harmony and peace now was at daggers. The atmosphere was tense too.

Although Shi Yan had stomped his feet in regret, it was of no use. He gradually gathered himself together, and squinted his eyes with a cold look on his face. He was about to find one or two guys who didn't have a good vision to rob them.

He wasn't a good guy; his hands had been soaked in blood. Once he was determined, killing a man and destroying his body wasn't a thing to him.

As the goods were scarce and he could buy them from nowhere, if he wanted to have the pellets, the only way to do was to s.n.a.t.c.h the things he wanted.

He didn't have a mental barrier when stealing or s.n.a.t.c.hing things from other people. Once he spotted the target, he wasn't afraid of killing in ma.s.s scale.

Most the warriors in the valley now weren’t good guys. While killing these sorts of men, he wouldn’t feel guilty.

When he was observing pedestrians with an evil look, a familiar figure appeared in his vision – Tie Mu.

Five people of Tie Mu's group hadn't left the Dead Soul Mountain range. They knew of the oncoming deadly event, but because of the three dead souls, they were still waiting for Cherry to compensate them.

Tie Mu saw Shi Yan standing at the corner and was terrified, keeping his mouth shut. He instinctively wanted to get rid of that young man.

At this moment, Shi Yan’s face was thin and pallid. His look was cold and dark, while the corner of his mouth curled a little bit, just like a cold knife. He looked as savage as a beast waiting for its prey. 

Other people didn't know Shi Yan, but Tie Mu had experienced it. As he saw Shi Yan's look, he wanted to run away as fast as possible.

"Come here!" Shi Yan snorted, then made a gesture with his finger. He sneered, "Where do you want to hide seeing me? Are you afraid that I’ll eat you alive?"

Tie Mu was timid, his face long as if the other had asked him to kill a child. "Shi Yan-ge, we aren’t going to ask you for the dead souls. What do you want?"

"Help me buy some pellet to restore the Soul Consciousness. I don't care about the price." Shi Yan searched his Storage Ring. Translucent top grade Essence Qi crystals emerged one by one in his palm. They were sparkling beautifully under the sun like precious gems.

"I don’t have them," Tie Mu shook his head bitterly. "Really, I don’t have them. When I arrived at the Spirit Potion Valley, they had stopped selling them. Anyway, Cherry told us that three days later, she would give us some pellets of this kind. We’re waiting for her. That’s why we haven’t left yet."


Shi Yan was startled. He curled his lips into a smile. His figure faded, then disappeared in just a blink.

"That slaughtering star, sigh. I really thought that he wanted to eat humans. Those who are having bad luck getting this guy watching over them would never be able to leave the Dead Soul Mountain range. I don't know why I feel scared just by looking at him."

Tie Mu swept away the beads on his forehead and muttered, "He said that he forgave us because we’re the members of the G.o.ds Sect. Do you think he’s a disciple of the G.o.ds Sect, too?" a.s.sumed the young girl. 
"If he were one of the G.o.ds Sect’s disciples, why would he stay anonymous?" Tie Mu objected. "I think he knows someone from our sect and his impression of our sect isn’t bad. But it’s certain that he isn’t a member of the G.o.ds Sect. With his realm at his age, as long as he’s one of us, he’ll be famous. It’s impossible that no one knows him."

His friends thought, then nodded in agreement. 

Spirit Hall.

"Is Cherry here?" Shi Yan stopped a guard and asked him without manners. 
"You are?" the guard was dizzy. He was bewildered for a while then replied to Shi Yan with respect. "I’ll call her for you."

This guard had seen Shi Yan before. As he saw that Zha Lin was servile to him, he understood that Shi Yan wasn't a small character. He didn't linger, and hurled himself out of the hall.

Not long after that, Cherry arrived. She invited Shi Yan to get inside with a smiling face.

"Old Li’s here, too…" Cherry took him to the corner, then lowered her tone. "The other four Elders are here too. Why haven’t you left yet?"

"I heard that you have the pellets to recover the Soul Consciousness. Give me some. I'll pay you a good price." Shi Yan wasn't interested in Li Zheng Rong and his men, asking for the pellets directly.

Cherry was surprised. "Do you want to find the dead souls’ evil lairs to test your fortune, too?"

"No. I need them for another purpose." Shi Yan shook his head. While he was talking, pieces of top-grade Essence Qi crystals had been put into a gold threaded gunnysack. Shortly, the gunnysack was filled with top grade Essence Qi crystals. There were hundreds of them at least. He directly threw the sack to Cherry and told her, "No matter what price you offer, I'll take them all."

Cherry was full of regret since she didn't know why he was so hurried. "Here, take these three bottles of the Soul Restoration Pellet. Each bottle has seventy pills."

"Thanks," Shi Yan smiled at her, didn’t turn his head back and left immediately.

"Hey!" Cherry called out. But by the time her voice arose, she didn’t see his shadow anywhere. "This b*stard, what’s he doing? Why he’s so hurried?"

Cherry stomped her feet. Looking at the sack of top-grade Essence Qi, she was surprised and happy at the same time.

Being a Hall guard, her salary for one year was just fifty top grade Essence Qi crystals. This gunnysack of Essence Qi was a huge fortune to her, as much as her wages of three or four years working at the Spirit Hall.

However, this wasn’t what she wanted. She was suspicious, and she wanted to meet Shi Yan to make it clear. But Shi Yan disappeared instantly, and didn’t even gave her his address.

"Cherry, who’s that kid? Why did he give you so many Essence Qi crystals? Are you two…" A thin alchemist with a gloomy face had witnessed all the things. He approached her quietly and asked.

"None of your business!" Shi Yan snorted with his cold appearance. She didn’t pay attention to that alchemist, taking her crystals and walking to the hall.

"What? He came?" In a quiet chamber behind the Spirit Hall, Lin Ya Qi jolted up. "Where’s he?" 

"Left. When I wanted to chase after him, I couldn’t see him anywhere," explained Cherry.

Lin Ya Qi didn’t look happy as she asked the other girl arrogantly. "What did that a*shole come for?"

"He wanted to buy the Soul Consciousness restoring pellets. I gave him…" Cherry narrated.

"Soul Consciousness restoring pellets?" Lin Ya Qi chuckled. She squinted her eyes and then said smilingly. "Seems he’s interested in the dead souls’ evil lairs too. Well, excellent! In several days, a young generation of experts from the Pure Land, the Radiant G.o.d Cult, and the Devil Valley will gather. I don’t like some of them, but I’m not their match. That a*shole’s here too, so I will ask him to teach them a lesson!"

Lin Ya Qi was thrilled.

Cherry kept her mouth shut, not daring to talk much.

The news of the young experts from the Pure Land, the Radiant G.o.d Cult, and the Devil Valley were about to arrive had been spread out all over the Dead Soul Mountain range.

Those people would come together with their full power. On the one hand, they wanted to kill the dead souls, and on the other, this was a good chance for them to practice their skills. Also, they had a secret hope of collecting strange treasures from the dead souls' evil lairs.

Young hotshots of these three ancient factions in the Divine Great Land always had keen eyesight. Their men were domineering, and the women were arrogant. Each of them had brutal deeds that made people fear them. 
Although Cherry was an alchemist, her rank wasn’t high enough. When she saw those people, she had to behave and not dare to quarrel with them.

Lin Ya Qi, as Li Zheng Rong's disciple, of course wasn't afraid. Anyway, her realm was relatively low, so she wasn't their opponent. In the past, whenever they had a dispute, she always bore a bit of a loss, which she still kept in her heart. However, she had no way to counter them.

But now she knew Shi Yan was here, she immediately wanted to use the relationship with Shi Yan to ask him to take revenge for her.

"The Precious Tool Valley and the Spirit Potion Valley are just that big. As long as he still stays in the valleys, I can always drag him out. Harrumph!"
Lin Ya Qi contemplated for a while. She squinted and smiled. Later on, she didn’t tell Cherry but left the Spirit Hall alone, walking around the valley where evil wolves were playing. 

Cherry waited for her to leave further, then hurried to find Zha Lin to report him that the girl had left. 

After Shi Yan got the Soul Restoring Pellet, he stormed into the chamber he had rented and started to restore his consumed Soul Consciousness as fast as he could. He was preparing to probe the mystically subtle features of the Teleportation Formation once again.

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