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The hollow soul appeared as a thin gray smoke, floating and flying towards the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success. It then disappeared silently, like a drop of water falling into the sea.


He felt a rumbling tremor in his brain, after which, a wonderful feeling flooded his Sea of Consciousness.

His Sea of Consciousness was as if it had a big crack, from where flows of Soul Consciousness streamed through, getting into the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success and pouring directly into the hollow soul.

A link was formed between the host soul and the hollow soul. The host soul was still submerged in the Sea of Consciousness, but it got all the things the hollow soul was watching. 

The hollow soul was floating in an immense area. There was a light road like an ecliptic soaring to a distant place.

With the vision of the hollow soul, he found himself in a strange new world. That marvelous ecliptic was like the heaven staircase, leading to a faraway, mysterious place.

Bright lights sparkled along the road. In the white void, big seals were tumbling like cl.u.s.ters of clouds. Strange, miraculous lights crossed each other, carving the ancient magical formations on those seals.

Refining medicine and weapons were similar. The experts should understand the strange and mysterious formations. As long as they had a deep understanding of drawing those formations, they could improve their attainment in refining. 

Ancient formations along the ecliptic were shining dazzlingly. They were the explanation of the most important secrets of tool refining. Each of them was moving lively, as they were transferring the truth of heaven and earth. The meanings they were conveying were surrept.i.tious, including types of power.

Cl.u.s.ters of refining formations were spinning along the ecliptic road. All of them were explicit and radiant like the meteors. They kept changing, and didn’t have a determined nature.

The hollow soul stood at the beginning of the ecliptic. It didn't have any strange moves, and was absorbing the Soul Consciousness in his Sea of Consciousness really quickly.

Within the short period of three breaths, flows of Soul Consciousness in his Sea of Consciousness were sucked out by one-tenth, and the consumption speed was still increasing!

Shi Yan was scared.

He gathered all of his soul, spirit, and Qi, quieting down his mind and letting aside the impure thoughts. He concentrated on the magical, mysterious formations on the sides of the light road. Each formation was a method to refine weapons. They were in many complicated shapes. They varied strangely, which was hard to learn in just a short time.

Burn to separate water formation, the Grand Soul Gathering Formation, Original Universe Life formation, Three-soul Defense Formation…

Names of the formations crossed his head fast, and gave him a shallow understanding. Each formation was mysteriously unpredictable. At first glance, he thought they were so marvelous that he couldn't comprehend them in short time. 

Once those ancient formations were carved on the treasures, it would rocket the power of the weapons, giving them the special abilities or subtle powers. As long as he could gain the truth of those formations and use them fluently, a blacksmith only needed one of those formations to earn a great living.

Each formation was vastly obscure, and he couldn’t obtain in a short time. Many of those had been lost for thousands of years.

Some names of the formations had been listed in the ancient books of the Blacksmiths. They had only a name, without any particular details.

However, in this wonderful s.p.a.ce, these formations were changed, following the subtle changes of the heaven and earth. To comprehend the true meanings of the formation, the blacksmith needed to reach a certain realm. If he were careful and detailed to study them, he could have a good grasp of the real magical features of the formation.

Refining weapons wasn’t Shi Yan’s life goal.

Shi Yan delayed at the beginning of the ecliptic for a while. Then, his hollow soul turned into an incomplete silhouette, moving swiftly.

Teleportation Formation! Teleportation Formation!

He repeated the name in his head. The hollow soul didn’t stop, continually moving on the light road. If it found that the formations around weren’t the Teleportation Formation, it would retreat immediately and continue walking forward.

At the same time, his Soul Consciousness was flooding over like a broken dike with amazing speed.

While his soul was muddy, his hollow soul had a glimpse of a formation that looked like a cl.u.s.ter along the ecliptic. The drawings of that formation were clear, expanding like a spider web in the void. Beams of silver light interweaved. At each intersection, words written in ancient calligraphy flashed from time to time.

Ethereal Crystal, Fine Earth Stone, Golden Gong Bead…

Rare ores float under the light intersections of the formation. They flashed, and then disappeared. On the cloud, rows of characters were arranged neatly, sparkling in a dark golden hue, and twinkling like stars. They decided the way to portray the mysteries of this formation.

Teleportation Formation! 

He wanted to check it out carefully, but he suddenly felt dizzy. His Sea of Consciousness trembled.


The Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success dropped on the floor.

Shi Yan woke up from his neat sitting position on the ground, sweat beading his face. He looked ashen and exhausted.

His Soul Consciousness was consumed too much!

The room was dark, but Shi Yan's pupils were shining with a divine light. He panted, but he was smiling brightly.

Time wouldn’t fail people who had high aspirations. The Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success did have the Teleportation Formation! Not just a description, but a whole direct observation of the method!

As long as he could understand the revolution maze of the formation and collect enough the tools and materials, even if building the Teleportation Formation was complicated, it wouldn’t be too troublesome.

However, the over-consumed Soul Consciousness was beyond his estimation.

He had never thought that reading an ancient book, which had the weapon refining methods, could use up his Soul Consciousness that fast.

At this moment, his Sea of Consciousness was empty. The area was reduced, no bigger than one-fourth of his previous area. The Sea of Consciousness seemed to have dried up. The host soul and the dormant Five Devils also looked dispirited.

Both the host soul and the Five Devils depended on the Sea of Consciousness to live and cultivate.

If the Sea of Consciousness were large, the host soul and the Five Devils would grow fast. If the Sea of consciousness was narrow, the s.p.a.ce the host soul and the Five Devils had for their cultivation would reduce, which would limit their growth.

If his Sea of Consciousness went arid one day, the host soul and the Five Devils would bear the brunt, immediately being suffocated. To the host soul and the Five Devils, the Sea of Consciousness was the fountain of their beings. Without this origin of life, they couldn't survive for a long time.

He felt dizzy while he was about to check out the miraculous features of the Teleport Formation. It was the sign of a dried Sea of Consciousness. As his host soul could feel the situation was wrong, it immediately cut the connection with the hollow soul, firmly dragging him out of that wonderful scene.

Shi Yan sat still on the ground. His was mentally and physically exhausted, but his eyes were bright.

As he had found the Teleportation Formation, when his Sea of Consciousness restored, he could save strength and time to find it next time. Although he had taken risks this time, his harvest wasn’t bad.

But, he needed to recover his Soul Consciousness first. With that thought, he sat still, adjusted his breath and fell asleep. 

The typical way to supplement the consumed Profound Qi was to condense the Qi of the heaven and earth. However, to recover the Soul Consciousness, besides the precious pellets that people drooled for, the simplest method was to sleep and relax.

One day and one night pa.s.sed as fast as a blink of an eye.

Shi Yan woke up worried. He sensed his Sea of Consciousness, then shook his head miserably.

Sleeping was a simple way to supplement the Soul Consciousness. However, since it was too simple, its effect was the smallest. After sleeping for one day and one night, his Soul Consciousness had restored so little that he wanted to cry.

The process of sensing the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success had consumed 70% of his Sea of Consciousness!

This sleep helped his Soul Consciousness recover, but not even 5%.

Anyway, he couldn’t sleep all the time. After one day and one night, he was sober, and to put himself to sleep again was impossible. Shi Yan calculated that if he used sleep to restore his Soul Consciousness, with this speed, he would need one month to fully recover.

One month!

Shi Yan got a headache.

It was just the first time he had read the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success as the information was flowing swiftly in his head. After his Soul Consciousness restored, he didn’t know how many times he had to drain his Sea of Consciousness to perceive the subtle features of the Teleportation Formation.

In this wonderful world, the consumption speed of Soul Consciousness could be considered terrifying!

To comprehend the Upanishad of the Teleportation Formation, he needed to visit that world more often to digest the details slowly.

With this speed of consumption, his full Soul Consciousness was just enough to endure one hour.

What he could do in one hour?

If it needed one month after one time of observing the formation, how much time did he have to spend to gain the subtle features of the Teleportation formation?

No, he had to find another method!

Shi Yan stood up and went out of the room. Looking at the Spirit Potion Valley afar from him, he saw many alchemists hurrying back and forth with worried faces.


His mind was moved, and his eyes brightened. He couldn’t help but smile. 
Where was he? The Dead Soul Mountain range!

Things that were abundant here were alchemists and their pellets. It would be hard to find the pellet to restore his Soul Consciousness somewhere else. But in the Spirit Potion Valley, he should be able to find some, right?

He was moved, so he immediately gave up the idea of sleeping to recover his Soul Consciousness. Then, he strolled towards the Spirit Potion Valley.

A strand of his Soul Consciousness caressed the Storage Ring, swiftly touching each of the sparkling crystals and tools. He was considering what he should use to exchange for the pellets to recover his Soul Consciousness.

The Yang family was filthy rich. After that battle in the Endless Sea, the cultivating materials and crystals he collected from other forces were too many. When he left, his Storage Ring was packed.

There were three thousand top grade Essence Qi crystals, fifteen thousand high-grade Essence Qi crystals, and the other materials piled up like small mountains. Even if he was in the Divine Great Land, he was still a young rich man. Only the most outstanding disciples of the seven factions could be able to compare to him in terms of wealth.

He didn’t need to worry about the Essence Qi crystals.

After Shi Yan left the Precious Tool Valley, he was surprised, and his face changed a little bit.

He could sense that there were at least seven Spirit Realm experts in the Spirit Potion Valley. Also, there were strong aura that were hiding, just like the firm, grand mountains. Their energy fluctuations were heavy, but they were concealed. However, Shi Yan still could still sense them.

So many strong warriors!

It had been half a month. What had happened to the Precious Tool Valley and the Spirit Potion Valley? Why were there so many strong warriors gathering here?

Dead souls!

Recalling the grimaced face of the elder before, Shi Yan seemed to get the problem.

The danger of the dead soul should have been spreading out, which gathered the warriors living around the Dead Soul Mountain range in the Spirit Potion Valley and the Precious Tool Valley.

In the two valleys, besides the aura of the Spirit Realm experts, many cold-faced warriors were walking on the streets.

It wasn’t an exception. Those warriors had followed the path of cultivating their powers. They were masters in b.l.o.o.d.y fighting, but they weren’t alchemists or blacksmiths. 

Whenever the dead souls had some great changes, precious treasures would fly out from the dead souls’ evil lairs. Many of them were the top grade ones in the Divine Great Land. The oncoming catastrophe from the dead souls made some chicken warriors leave, but it attracted some with big guts too.

People died for money, and the birds died in pursuit of food. As long as they could earn some benefits, to the warriors, there was no dangerous place they couldn’t enter.

They all knew that the Dead Soul Mountain range would be a dreadful place. Thus, many of them still came for the greed of treasures. Of course, the ones who dared to come here weren’t nice. They looked vicious and had a murderous aura. Shi Yan couldn’t help but stare at them.

I should go to find the pellets to restore my Soul Consciousness first.

Shi Yan thought and sped up, walking straight to the Spirit Potion Valley.

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