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The five gloomy silhouettes didn’t have any real bodies, floating next to Shi Yan like five gray ribbons.

Cherry had a surprised face. She blankly looked at the five gloomy shadows. At this moment, she knew that she hadn’t been dazzled. Now she knew the things that had devoured the dying dead souls came from Shi Yan.

The five of them had done many things, but got nothing in the end. As they were about to shout and scold, they realized that those five gloomy thieves seemed to have a master.

The five of them were astounded for a while. First, they tried to sense Shi Yan’s cultivation base from afar. After they got to know that Shi Yan had only the Third Sky of Sky Realm cultivation base, their guts got bigger. They then came close to Shi Yan with rage.

"Kid, those five energy ribbons came from you, right?" Tie Mu, the leader, snorted with an indignant face. "Don’t you know the rules? We’ve kept an eye on those three dead souls for half of a year. Do you know how much effort and crystals it costs to catch them?"

The other four including three men and a young girl all looked at him wickedly. It seemed they could take action at any minute.

Tie Mu, a Third Sky of Sky Realm warrior, was leading a group of the other four Second Sky of Sky Realm warriors. The five of them had joined forces and wasted a lot of their powers to gain the upper hand, which gave Shi Yan an impression that the dead souls were tough to deal with.

According to Cherry, those three dead souls were at a low level. If the high-level dead souls appeared, would even the Spirit Realm warrior able to catch them?

"Kid, are you mute? I’m talking to you!" Tie Mu shouted, his face impatient. "Give the dead souls back to us. I won’t trouble you. Otherwise, don’t blame me for having no mercy!" 

"I’m sorry. I can’t give them back." Shi Yan responded, beaming a faint smile. "Things that were eaten can’t be spat out. I can’t return the dead souls intact." 

After he finished, the five people of Tie Mu’s group were enraged. They clenched their jaws and gritted their teeth, as they seemed to attempt to risk their lives with his. 

Cherry’s blue eyes sparkled. She frowned and then said, "He’s our Spirit Hall’s distinguished guest. We will be responsible for this. When we come back to the Spirit Hall, we’ll compensate for your loss. Is it okay?"

"Spirit Hall?" Tie Mu discolored. He scrutinized her and then said, "Are you Master Zha Lin’s disciple?"

Cherry smiled naturally and gave him a slight nod.

"Even Master Zha Lin can’t bully people like that!" Tie Mu’s visage darkened. "Say it. How will you compensate us? Your Spirit Hall doesn’t need the dead souls. Will you be able to give me three dead souls?"

"Our Spirit Hall doesn’t have the dead souls, but we have something to exchange for them." Cherry snorted arrogantly. "Although the dead souls are rare, those three were at the lowest level, so their values aren’t high. Don't you think that our Spirit Hall doesn’t have anything equal to make it up for you? Harrumph, if you’ve been strolling around the Dead Soul Mountain range, you should know about the capacity of the Spirit Hall."

Tie Mu’s face became better when he heard that. "I know your Spirit Hall has big capacities. However, we only need the dead souls!"

"There’re many blacksmiths in the Precious Tool Valley. Many of them should have dead souls. When I return to the Spirit Potion Valley, I will ask my teacher to collect three dead souls for you guys. How does that sound?" Cherry frowned impatiently.

In the Dead Soul Mountain range, the alchemists and the blacksmiths had high status. When they treated the other warriors, they always felt that they were one cla.s.s higher than the others. No matter how tremendous the experts were, they always needed them to refine medicines and weapons. It’d happened that way for so long they eventually developed an arrogant att.i.tude that they could control the other warriors.

The alchemists of the Spirit Hall had a higher status than other alchemists. In the Spirit Potion Valley, Cherry had a good reputation too. Many people had to be obsequious to her, and not many of them dared to provoke her. This also contributed to her arrogant face when dealing with ordinary warriors.

"If you ensure that you can collect three dead souls for us, we will let it go. If not, I want to take this kid’s life as our compensation!" Tie Mu snorted.

Cherry harrumphed. She was about to agree with him. In her eyes, it wasn’t a big deal.

Shi Yan smiled while listening to their conversation, but he didn’t give any opinions. However, as he heard Tie Mu threaten him, his face got colder, speaking up faintly. "Using my life to make it up? Do you think your three dead souls have that high value?"

"Well, to me, your life isn’t much value as compared to those dead souls." Tie Mu smiled, his face sparkling with wicked light as if he was making a joke. "Kid, you are living off a woman. Don't tell anyone that. Otherwise, they will look down on you. Understand?" 

After that s.n.a.t.c.hing event happened, Cherry was always the one who talked to him. In Tie Mu’s eyes, Shi Yan was an incompetent boy who depended on Cherry. They instinctively a.s.sumed that Shi Yan had done something to seduce Cherry and make her clean up his mess.

After Tie Mu said that, the other four burst out laughing with disdain on their faces. They all looked at him with the look they gave to gigolos.

"Is that so?" Shi Yan felt funny. He shook his head, talking to Cherry. "You don’t need to be bothered with my stuff. You don’t need to find the dead souls for them. Well, I want to see what they can do to me."

He knew he was wrong when the Five Devils swallowing the weakened dead souls. He didn’t want to take in for granted so he was thinking what he should use to compensate Tie Mu’s group.

However, Tie Mu had spit out just bad words. His dark mind and bullsh*t talks irritated Shi Yan. Thus, he decided to be a b*stard.

"Ah," Cherry smiled. Interest appeared on her face as she giggled, looking at him and stepping aside. "Up to you. I don’t want to help you either. You should solve it yourself. Anyway, be careful. Although they haven’t restored their powers fully, it should be difficult if you fight alone against them."

Since Zha Lin a.s.signed her to bring Shi Yan to the Flying Cloud Summit, she was curious about him. The Flying Cloud Summit was the cultivating place of Li Zheng Rong. Among the Elders of the Spirit Hall, Li Zheng Rong was the most mysterious person. He hadn’t come to the Spirit Hall for almost ten years. It seemed he rarely went out.

As he was a high-level alchemist, Li Zheng Rong had connections with the strongest warriors of the Pure Land, the Radiant G.o.d Cult, and the Devil Valley. He was always haughty, and disdained the others a lot, not even wanting to throw them a look.

Since Zha Li had asked her to take Shi Yan there, he seemed to confirm that Li Zheng Rong would definitely meet Shi Yan. This made her suspicious. She made some a.s.sumption about Shi Yan’s ident.i.ty, and always thought that this young man was mysterious enough to make her think he wasn’t as simple as he looked.

Thus, when she heard Shi Yan say that he would take care this mess himself, she didn’t worry much. Actually, she was antic.i.p.ating seeing how dangerous Shi Yan was through this.

"Kid, do you really want to court death?" Tie Mu’s face twisted, his eyes dark and gloomy. The flame of anger was burning in his heart, urging him to kill people.

"Court death?" Shi Yan curled his lips. "Are you talking ‘bout yourself?"

Anger flooded Tie Mu. He didn't hesitate anymore. The flaming sword in his hand shot out a column of light, lighting the area. 

After a while, hundreds of flaming swords torrentially dashed towards Shi Yan, just like fire burning half the sky.


Shi Yan kept a cold face. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and spurted out a cold air current, which looked like a silky white ribbon.

The cold air splashed on the hundreds oncoming flaming swords. All flames were put out, revealing a real sword without the scorching flame. Its spiritual aura was frozen as well.

Floating in the air, Shi Yan extended his left arm. A cold current swiftly shot out. Beams of crystal clear icicles darted like lightning towards that flaming sword, instantly covering it.

Shi Yan leisurely grabbed the sword and pinched it. He shook his head, smiling. "No intellect. The flame power in it is too feeble. This sword can be reluctantly said to be a grade-two Profound level treasure. How could it hurt me?" 

"Tie Mu, we’ve borrowed this Fire Cloud Sword. Don’t break it. We don’t want to compensate that big an amount." One of them yelled.

Tie Mu’s face changed. He scrutinized Shi Yan again.

Shi Yan smiled, urging a bit of his negative power. The energy around him suddenly increased, as a wild, sinister aura rippled from his body.

Tie Mu was terrified. He discolored as he recognized that there was a furiously dangerous energy covering Shi Yan.

"Still want to hit me?" Shi Yan was calm and steady. He threw a faint glance to the other four, then said neither hurriedly nor slowly. "You can join hands. If you think you can kill me, you can try."

The other four had only the Second Sky of Sky Realm. Although they all heard what Shi Yan said, they didn’t dare to act rashly.

"Hey you, what do you want? You are the one who did wrong things," said the young maid who was about seventeen or eighteen of that group indignantly. She was wearing a short green dress, which exposed her arms and slim waist.

"Well, it’s true that I did wrong things." Shi Yan didn’t deny it. He squinted while smiling, looking at Tie Mu. "If he could keep his mouth clean, I would be a nice guy to talk with. Of course, I would make up for your loss. But it’s different now…"

"I’m sorry, I was a sn.o.bbish son of a b*tch to have disdained you." Tie Mu a.s.sessed himself pitifully and tried to force an ugly smile. "Friend, please give back the Fire Cloud Sword. About the dead soul…"

He couldn’t continue.

Even though the dead souls were important and he wanted them, he understood that he couldn’t trouble the power that Shi Yan had shown them. So, he didn't know if he should finish his saying or not. 

"Take back this Fire Cloud Sword." Shi Yan snorted. "If you weren’t the disciples of the Radiant G.o.d Cult, I wouldn’t be letting you go that easy!"

Although these five Sky Realm warriors were borrowing the power of the treasures to use the flame, the energy flowing in their body was the Flaming Sun Execution of the Radiant G.o.d Cult. Shi Yan got it crystal clear.

He still had good feelings towards the Radiant G.o.d Cult. However, because of his mutated martial spirit, he didn’t dare to visit the Radiant G.o.d Cult. Anyway, Zhao Feng and the other members of the Radiant G.o.d Cult had helped him in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, so he appreciated them.


A beam of Earth Flame poured into the sword. The flame, which had disappeared burned again on the sword, and it looked even more blazing.

Tie Mu’s eyes brightened, his face surprised and joyful.

"Take back your Fire Cloud Sword. Take me to the place of the dead souls. I’ll help you catch three more," Shi Yan a.s.signed them coldly.

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