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"Solve it yourself?" Bing Qing Tong looked worried. "Would any problems arise?" 

"No problem." Shi Yan gritted his teeth, shifting his look to Bai Ge Sen. "Please give the Immaculate Panacea to Ba Fei, please." 

Bai Ge Sen was surprised, turning around, "Who’s Ba Fei?"

"She’s my younger sister," Ba Si Teng was happy, hurriedly answered him. 

Bai Ge Sen nodded and took out the Immaculate Panacea pellet, giving it to Ba Si Teng, "Use it with cold water." 

"Thank you." Ba Si Teng was anxious about his sister. After he received the Immaculate Panacea pellet, he didn't hesitate and started to help her treat her poison. 

"Qing Tong, I can’t move now. Please bring me to the wing room where I stayed last night," said Shi Yan. 

Bing Qing Tong’s face reddened. She responded to him with the voice like a mosquito, then hurriedly walked to him. 

Leng Dan Qing and Shuang Yu Zhu were bewildered, but soon gathered themselves and walked to him. 

As they had received his order, the War Devil, the Ghost Hunter, and the King of Demonic Insects didn’t stop the women. The three of them approached him, using their small hands to support his shoulder and waist, then led him to the absurd room he'd stayed in last night. The War Devil, Ghost Hunter and the King of Demonic Insects followed them. 

Strange light moved in Han Cui's eyes. She hesitated a little bit and then walked into that room with a blushed face. 

Bai Ge Sen, Bei Di, Bei Si, and the others were stunned, their eyes gradually strange. 

They all heard what Shi Yan used to address the woman. ‘Qing Tong,’ this close call came out from his mouth with a little bit intimacy. If he weren’t close to her, he wouldn’t use it. 

However, the City Master of the Ice Emperor City didn’t snap back but blushed and accepted it. What kind of situation was this?

Up till now, Bing Qing Tong always kept herself pure. Her manners were always icy-cold to others. She seemed to have no interest in men. It’d been years and they had never heard any rumors about her. This showed that Bing Qing Tong was very self-respecting. 

Shi Yan had addressed her in much close manner, and she didn't thunder at him. Quite the contrary, she seemed to be happy with it. Well, everybody could guess their relationship for now...

Soon, Bing Qing Tong, Shuang Yu Zhu, and Leng Dan Qing supported Shi Yan to get out of the scene. 

Bai Ge Sen, Bei Di, and Bei Si exchanged their confusing looks. They were bewildered for a long time, their minds filled with thoughts. 

"Shi Yan bro's really dangerous. I bow to show my admiration for him." Lao Li suddenly gave a compliment, his face showing his commendation. "He arrived at the Ice Emperor City not long ago, but he's already subdued the City Master. Such deed indeed surprises people a lot."

"I really admire Shi Yan bro. It’s much deeper than his real competence." Lao Lun nodded continually as if the words touched his heart. 

Cai Yi snorted then said coldly, "Men simple are no good!" 

"Little brother, well, Shi Yan and the City Master, what’s their relationship?" Bai Ge Sen was hesitant, but still, he asked Ba Si Teng for information.

Ba Si Teng held his Immaculate Panacea pellet while grinning, "Haha, it’s what you are thinking. Elder Shuang and Elder Leng are very close to Shi Yan. Get it?" 

Bai Ge Sen, Bei Di, and Bei Si were completely stunned. They couldn’t help but ask, "Even Elder Shuang and Elder Leng, too?" 

"Yeah," nodded Ba Si Teng. 

"This man is dangerous," Bai Ge Sen sighed, shook his head and gave a compliment. 

"This b*stard!" Cai Yi clenched her jaw as she couldn’t press down her anger. Rage rose in her pretty eyes.

In the room… 

Shi Yan sat cross-legged, not moving a bit. He said through his gritted teeth. "You guys stay away from me. Don’t come close, and don’t let anyone come in this room. In the next minutes, perhaps I won’t be able to control myself. So, you guys should be prepared..." 

"Can’t control yourself? What does that mean?" Bing Qing Tong inquired.

"Like last night." 


The four women blushed. They inaudibly moved their soft bodies away from him. They were both fearful and yearning. Their beautiful eyes shone, gazing at him without blinking.

Under their scrutinizing looks, Shi Yan closed his eyes while his muscular body shook violently. 

The seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points in his whole body seemed to become a vast s.p.a.ce. Using the Soul Consciousness to sense, he could see a big vortex in each acupuncture point. They were moving furiously, gradually condensing the negative energy. Layers piled up, while the vortices spun faster. 

While they were spinning, strands of negative feelings struck out, overflowing from each acupuncture and moving towards his heart. 

Yu Li Ming's essence Qi filled the vortices abundantly. During their rotation, three different flows were detached separately. One of them was the negative energy that expanded the vortices in his acupuncture points. 

Another flow comprised of the negative feelings. It was the mood fluctuations of human life with seven feelings and six desires, which was amplified before his death, added to his Essence Qi and dragged to Shi Yan's acupuncture points. It was separated from the Essence Qi now. 

The last one was the best thing to him. It was the mysterious energy, the result of the high-speed spinning vortex filters. Strands of mysterious energy gathered at the center like beams of pure lightning. The vortices drew them to the center and refined them. The mysterious energy increased, but then sank into the center.

The essence Qi was divided into three parts, of which, the negative feelings couldn't turn into energy as they were just the negative parts of the consciousness about to be wasted. Meanwhile, the negative energy could speed up the vortices to enhance the filtering speed of the mysterious power. 

Each of the seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points in his body had the same filtering activity. During this process, the negative energy increasing unceasingly was expanding in the vortices just like a wild tornado. Soon, it exceeded the endurance of the acupuncture point. 

The vortices enlarged in each of his acupuncture points. Countless light dots exploded. At the moment they exploded, Shi Yan’s acupuncture points were hurt badly, just like someone had stabbed him with needles. This kind of pain ran through his nerves to his entire body. It was hard to restrain. 

His acupuncture points were like a big s.p.a.ce of chaos without the sun, with only a white mist covering everywhere. 

In the enlarging vortex, s.p.a.ce was filled up, and then the vortex expanded more. This made the acupuncture point swollen, causing a pain that couldn't be described with words. 

The acupuncture point was stretched to its limit, but still forced to enlarge. It was swollen in just a blink, and would probably explode at any minute. 

This energy and the Profound Qi of the Warriors were different, but the results were magically similar. Both of them needed to be cultivated and increased bit by bit. They couldn't be rushed. Otherwise, the Profound Qi would explode, and the warrior's cultivation base would be erased. 

What he could do now was just to control the enlargement of the vortices. He clenched his jaws, and endured reluctantly to prevent the negative energy from overflowing, that could burst his acupuncture points. 

His Soul Consciousness transformed, flying out from the Sea of Consciousness and entering each of his acupuncture points. His spirit, will, and thought had been concentrating like never before to oppress the negative feelings. He didn’t care about the pain in his entire body, as his strands of Soul Consciousness divided into seven hundred and twenty strands, trying to control the situation in each acupuncture point. 

Under his efforts, the expansion speed of the vortices slowed down a little bit. The speed of mysterious power being refined was also controlled, and became slower. 

As the Soul Consciousness sank into his acupuncture points, he felt like he had entered so many tiny worlds. In these worlds, there were no stars, sun, or moon, no creatures or flora. The whole world was just a desolate, white area, giving people no fluctuations of living things. Even the Soul Consciousness would be affected by the negative feelings. 

His seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points were like seven hundred and twenty strange s.p.a.ces. Each s.p.a.ce had strange but magnificent changes with exploding light dots, the negative feelings, and the refined mysterious power. This was a large-scale construction that he had never noticed before. As he sent his Soul Consciousness ma.s.sively into the acupuncture points, he got to know how mysterious his mysterious martial spirit was. 

The acupuncture points of his entire body opened and enlarged to a new sky and earth, refining the negative power, absorbing the Essence Qi, the mysterious power, and the negative energy separately. Such heaven and earth creation had never been heard by him from any warriors mentioned before. 

In his memories, he knew that the martial spirits could never reach this level. This was simply a miracle!

What was that Blood Pond after all? How magical was the power in the Blood Pond to transform people’s bodies that way?

He suddenly recalled the cave he appeared in when he had arrived in this world. Vaguely, he remembered the wonderful feeling when he had come to this world. He thought that everything was related to that Blood Pond. Would that Blood Pond and the Blood Vein Ring have some special powers that they could connect worlds and bring him into this world?

Thoughts crossed his minds constantly. All of a sudden, he recognized that the vortices were expanding faster once again. 

He was scared. He then focused again, continuing his incomplete construction. 

Time flied by. He didn’t know how long he had spent there, as he suddenly found the speed of the vortices in his seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points slow down. Half of the Essence Qi of Yu Li Ming had been refined over the period of time. 

He relaxed his nerves. 

However, as he had just relaxed, the negative desires at the bottom of his heart burned again. The blazing flame was like a sea of fire swarming over, covering him entirely in just a blink. 

His closed eyes opened, hot and full of naked desire. 

Bing Qing Tong’s soft body shivered, glowing under the fabric of her clothes. She was shy, letting out a low scream. "He... He’s about to burst out!"

"Second Sister, why are you here?" Leng Dan Qing blushed, but she frowned at Han Cui. 

"I’m afraid that you guys can’t withstand. Being your sister, I’m willing to help." Han Cui's beautiful eyes sparkled. She bit her lower lip, talking with great shyness. 

"No need," Leng Dan Qing snorted. 

Han Cui rolled her eyes, but she didn’t leave, speaking up with her red face. "You have to share the good things together. I... My Ice Jade Technique just needs a bit more to break through."

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