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The Seven-colored Poisonous Technique had generated the poison that covered the whole City Master Palace, affecting all people present there… and Shi Yan was no exception. 

However, after the mutation of his Petrification Marital Spirit, his body was full of strange abilities. Also, his Immortal Martial Spirit was marvelous, as it could clean all the intruding poison in just a blink of an eye. 

Thus, although the poison had absorbed into his body, it didn’t affect him. He didn’t need to worry that his body would be decomposed in minutes. 

There was another man who wasn’t affected by the poison, Ba Si Teng. 

As he had the G.o.d Blood flowing in his body, after the poison got into his veins, the power of the G.o.d Blood evaporated it all. Ba Si Teng’s case was even better than Shi Yan’s. He didn’t even feel the effects of the poison in his body. 

On the contrary, although Bing Qing Tong and the other three women had higher realms, without the strange powers like what Shi Yan and Ba Si Teng had, they were all poisoned. As they were using the Icebound Earth and Firmament, they also had to resist the poison in their bodies, which prevented them from performing the maximum Icebound Earth and Firmament.

"You shouldn’t urge your powers now. Just protect yourself well. Leave the other things to me." Shi Yan held the giant sword in his hand, grinned and asked the four women to retrieve their Ice Jade Technique and focus on resisting the poison. 

Ghost Hunter, the King of Demonic Insects, and the Devouring Gold Silkworm were dashing towards Yu Li Ming. The giant body of the Ghost Hunter had transformed to the spiky humanoid form in midair. His sharp claw held the Demonic Bell, striking towards Yu Li Ming from afar.

Ripples expanded from the Demonic Bell as heavy as a mountain, and suddenly fell on Yu Li Ming. 

From ahead of them, Yu Li Ming felt the mountain-like heavy pressure put on him, making him sluggish. 


The giant sword slashed the air, tearing apart the Palace. A ma.s.sive column of red arc light around dozens of meters long reached towards Yu Li Ming.

Crack Crack Crack! 

Wherever the arc light reached, ice rocks by the Icebound Earth and Firmament cracked, scattering everywhere. 

It was maliciously sharp, and pierced through everything, breaking all the obstacles on its way. In just a flash, it reached Yu Li Ming. 

Several days ago, Yu Li Ming had been wounded, and now, he had to fend strenuously against the red arc light from the sword, which made his face grimace. 

"Hey old dog, you only know how to dodge it, eh?" Shi Yan faced the sky, laughing out loud. The giant mysterious sword in his hand made him look like a Demogorgon. The ma.s.sive sword slashed, shooting out long blood beams. A bunch of blood dragons stormed out, gazing at Yu Li Ming. 

Ghost Hunter roared. A demonic Qi soared up in the sky, pouring into the Demonic Bell and making it rumble in the wind. Demonic light rippled, rushing towards him layer by layer.

The King of Demonic Insects cried as well. A strange energy struck Yu Li Ming's soul, making it shake violently. This paused his urging energy for a while, keeping him from releasing his entire earth-shaking powers as a Third Sky of Spirit Realm warrior. 

Grey, black, and deep green colored poison clouds exuded from Yu Li Ming, aiming for Shi Yan. 

Not only did those clouds bring the bane, but also the power he had condensed. Ordinary warriors had no choice but to avoid it. 

"Hmm, it’s your bad luck, old fellow. Your poisonous technique is ineffective against me. I’m your nemesis!" Shi Yan grinned fiendishly. A cl.u.s.ter of scorching flame emerged in his palm, shooting towards those clouds of poison, burning them into ashes. 

"Heaven Flame!" 

Yu Li Ming’s countenance changed dramatically. He cried in fear while dodging the blood light that was like a strong, flexible ribbon. 

"Come here. Just try all the poison you have. I’ll help you burn it all down." Shi Yan curled his lips. The giant sword in his hand slashed through the void again, and a blood lightning struck out, shooting towards Yu Li Ming. 

Yu Li Ming continued avoiding it. His face became more grimaced, as he couldn’t even curse. 

Bing Qing Tong and the other women had their beautiful eyes blink with splendor, looking at him with shocked complexion on their faces. 

At this moment, they felt at ease. They stopped urging their Ice Jade Technique, and focused on trying to withstand the bane of the Seven-colored Poisonous Technique. 

As they all had the Spirit Realm cultivation base and were putting forth everything to resist the poison, they could oppress it immediately. 

This Seven-colored Poison Technique had been covering a large area; thus, the amount that got into their bodies wasn't much, so the effect was limited. 

Under their restraint, the poison was confined in the corners of their bodies, waiting for the good time to be cleaned. 

Ning Du Quan had mastered the poisonous techniques, which meant the Seven-colored Poison Technique was just one of them. If he released more poison, Bing Qing Tong and the others wouldn’t be able to endure soon.

However, Ning Du Quan was fiercely attacking Ba Si Teng with the interference of the War Devil. As these two had joined hands and attacked him, Ning Du Quan found it a bit strenuous. 

In fact, he and Yu Li Ming were the same. They used poisons and understood them well. In typical situations, the warriors who got poisoned would struggle hard, and not long after that, they would be harmed badly when the poison seeped into the entire bodies, leading to a fatal consequence. 

However, Ba Si Teng and the War Devil were immune to poisons. His poisons couldn’t work on them and he could only use his real strength to counter them.

When cultivating poisonous techniques, they had to spend their Profound Qi to condense the poisons. This meant their powers weren’t as strong as the other warriors. Thus, his actual competence was less than a real Third Sky of Spirit Realm warrior. Using only the power to encounter the enemies wasn’t his forte. 

Fighting with Ba Si Teng and the War Devil in his disadvantaged state, he was reluctant but had no way to change it. So, just like Yu Li Ming, he fell into the same embarra.s.sing situation. 

Before they came here, he had planned that he would battle the War Devil and the Beasts, so that Yu Li Ming could kill Shi Yan instantly. 

He had thought that Shi Yan was just a Sky Realm warrior. Even if he had many external forces to support him, when they were restrained, Yu Li Ming could kill him quickly. 

As long as Shi Yan died, the puppet and the beasts would lose their master, and thus, they wouldn’t crazily chase after him anymore. At that time, he could claim his triumph at ease. Moreover, perhaps he could tame these beasts and the fighting puppet, which would boost his competence to a new height. 

He had his calculation and dark deeds planned, but he had underestimated Shi Yan. Furthermore, this Ba Si Teng appeared from nowhere. All in all, this changed situation dragged him to into a difficult position. 

"Well, the Third Sky of Spirit Realm warriors are just mediocre." Shi Yan’s words were cold and full of disdain. "Honestly, you should have cultivated your powers more, and you would be good one day. What a pity that it’s too late!"

The powers of Ning Du Quan and Yu Li Ming in his eyes were indeed weaker than Nu Lang’s, Chi Yan’s, and Bo Xun’s. 

They were all the Third Sky of Spirit Realm warriors, but these two were much weaker than the other three. At least, when Chi Yan and Bo Xun fought with the War Devil, they didn’t fall into adverse circ.u.mstances. 

Under his taunting ridicule, Ning Du Quan and Yu Li Ming couldn’t hold their rage. But, they didn’t have any extra power to vent it out, and their faces just turned fiercer. 

"You are dying. Don’t you regret it? Are you desperate now?" Shi Yan provoked them unceasingly with his words to taunt their spirit and minds. 

At the same time, the giant mysterious sword in his hand didn’t stop swinging. Blood arc light that could destroy all creatures shot out, besieging Yu Li Ming, making him more strained. 


The Ghost Hunter screamed, then released the Demonic Bell. The demonic Qi in the bell burst out torrentially, covering the whole sky while expanding furiously towards Yu Li Ming. 

Under layers of demonic light pressing down, Yu Li Ming’s body flexed while he wanted to gather the power once again. However, the King of Demonic Insects’ soul attack had reached him, so he was left bewildered in midair. 

The blood ribbon light came over, halving Yu Li Ming right from his waist, while blood splashed everywhere. 

Right at that moment, Shi Yan sat down cross-legged, sneered, and then released his host soul. 

After Yu Li Ming’s body was destroyed, his soul soon got rid of the body, attempting to flee away as fast as possible. 

Shi Yan’s host soul was waiting for him. At the instant the soul appeared, Shi Yan’s host soul opened its third eye… A bizarre cl.u.s.ter of fiery flame flew out from the eyes, besieging Yu Li Ming’s soul.

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle! 

The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame soon burned down Yu Li Ming's soul. It happened as fast as a flash, and his remnant in this world had been completely erased. 

A surging essence Qi from his body gushed out like water, entering Shi Yan’s acupuncture points. 

Shi Yan was dazed, hurriedly bringing his host soul back to the body… Moreover, facing the torrential energy from Yu Li Ming’s dead body, Shi Yan’s face changed for the first time. 

The essence Qi of a Third Sky of Spirit Realm warrior, he didn't dare to underestimate how tremendous it was. 

He was only at the Sky Realm. Once he absorbed this amount of energy, he didn’t know what would happen. Perhaps, his meridians and acupuncture points would explode directly. 

The releasing speed of the dead man's essence Qi was beyond his imagination. When his host soul got back, he sent orders to the Ghost Hunter, the King of Demonic Insects, at the Devouring Gold Silkworm to guard over him. At that moment, his meridians had been swelling immensely. The pain was beyond his control and endurance, causing his face to be twisted. He wanted to leave, but he knew it was too late. 

Strands of essence Qi overflew, entering his body through his acupuncture points and shaking him entirely. 

He could barely join the battle again. 

He sat blankly on the ground. His face twisted, hyperventilating like he was in the bewilderment state. He was unaware of the current situation in the surroundings. 


Ning Du Quan suddenly shouted ear-splittingly. Blood sprayed out from his mouth. He punched the ice rock covering the sky, then turned into a bunch of light, fleeing away from the Ice Emperor City towards the general direction of the Ning family.

He fled.

When Yu Li Ming died, he knew this business failed. Without any hesitation, he decided to escape the Ice Emperor City as quick as possible, not daring to linger at all. 

He didn’t even have time to glare at Shi Yan’s bad situation, so he didn’t know that Shi Yan was in an extreme danger at the moment.

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