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Before the G.o.d Blood fusion, Ba Si Teng had had only the Nirvana Realm cultivation base. Using the G.o.d Blood Key, he had entered the Third Sky of Sky Realm directly from the Nirvana Realm. This amazing change had Shi Yan drop his jaw in awe. 

"Peak Sky Realm?" Shi Yan asked disbelievingly. 

Ba Fei was way too joyful. She was so excited that she didn’t know how to behave, just screaming constantly. "Wow! You are at the Peak Sky Realm now? It... Is it that miraculous?" 

Ba Si Teng laughed contentedly, "Yes, it’s true. This G.o.d Blood is so marvelous! Not only does it have the ma.s.sive power, but also the power inheritance of our Ba family. But, at the moment, I can’t comprehend it all. This means I can easily grow more to reach the Spirit Realm directly!" 

Hearing him, even the four women of the Ice Emperor City put on a shocked countenance.

"Good! Very good!" Shi Yan smiled. "Ba-ge does have good fortune rocketing to the sky! It's been hard for you for many years. Now, you got it all back to you. From now on, your cultivating path will be pretty smooth. Seems you'll reach the Spirit Realm even earlier than me. Haha, Ba-ge, you're excellent!" 

Ba Si Teng looked at him with appreciation, "All thanks to you. If you didn’t help me get the G.o.d Blood Key, my efforts would have been in vain. Meeting you in Ice Emperor City is the biggest fortunate event of my whole life. I will never forget your favor!"

Ba Si Teng vowed solemnly. If he were a woman, perhaps he would have paid Shi Yan with his body. 

"We share the same origin. Your words are too polite. We should help each other in the future too. It’s our ancestors’ wishes. We should unite and support each other." 

Ba Si Teng and Ba Fei nodded continually. 

"Shi Yan, this is your Cold Chalcedony drop. You can use it..."

Leng Dan Qing hesitated for a while, then took out an ice crystal bottle from her Storage Ring, which contained a drop of an amber liquid with dense cold air moving around. After the bottle appeared, the temperature of the Ice Hall dropped down. A strange cold spiritual Qi gushed out from that tiny bottle. 

"Third Sister, what are you..." Bing Qing Tong was bewildered. "The Cold Chalcedony's really precious. Can you just give it out like that?" 

Leng Dan Qing nodded as frankly as she had never been. She walked to Shi Yan, throwing the bottle to him, "For you."

Shi Yan looked at her with surprise. 

Han Cui thought, then took out her Cold Chalcedony, walking towards Shi Yan, "For you. You should have it."

"Ah, like I’ve said before, I need only two drops of the Cold Chalcedony." Shi Yan shook his head, his face odd. "I used to think that the City Master and precursor Shuang would give me. Well, turns out you guys did it. Haha, it’s out of my imagination." 

"Shuang... Precursor Shuang?" Shuang Yu Zhu’s face chilled as she rolled her eyes. "Why did you call me precursor? Do I look much older than them?" 

"Ah!" Shi Yan shook his head embarra.s.sedly. "No, no… I respect you, so I called you precursor." 

"I don’t want your respect!" Shuang Yu Zhu’s face was getting colder. 

Shi Yan beamed a forced smile, "Alright, I have no comments then. Two drops of the Cold Chalcedony are enough. I’ll keep my promise. I’m going to make you an ice chamber. Later, I’ll be leaving the Ice Emperor City, and I will never come back."

Shuang Yu Zhu snorted.

Bing Qing Tong, Leng Dan Qing, and Han Cui changed their faces. Especially Leng Dan Qing, she went ashen, while crying, "You b*stard! You don’t even consider that we’ve treated you well, do you?"

"Oh, we... I think we don’t have any complicated relationship, do we?" Shi Yan was stunned. 

Leng Dan Qing was raging, rolling her eyes at him, "I don’t allow you to go!" 

"What do you have to control me?"

"I have, I have..." Leng Dan Qing screamed, then snorted, "I have nothing. But you are not going anywhere. If you want to go, I'll go with you. Unless you kill me, I'll follow you everywhere." 

She was playing hard. 

Shi Yan felt a headache coming. The situation he was afraid of the most had happened. After Leng Dan Qing had joined soul with him, she had a better understanding of his characteristics. She knew he wasn't a heartless man, so she used this whining method to entangle him, not wanting to let him go. 

This rascal situation couldn’t be solved with reasoning. Shi Yan had no way. This woman could be shameless, which troubled him much. 

"You want to go with me? Don’t be that unreasonable, please… We didn’t have anything together. Just consider nothing has happened. Just let it go. Okay?" Shi Yan smiled miserably. 


Obviously, Leng Dan Qing didn’t want to talk reason with him. She shook her head. "I’m going with you. If you leave, I’ll leave with you. If you are heartless, just kill me right now."

She walked to Shi Yan, lifted her head up just like a goat waiting to be slaughtered, waiting for Shi Yan to take her life. 

"Do you think that I don’t dare to do that?" Shi Yan’s face filled with impatience, sneering. 

"Kill me. You saved me, so if you kill me now, I won’t blame you!" Leng Dan Qing lifted her head, arching her b.r.e.a.s.t.s which made them almost touch his chest. She harrumphed. "Do it! Do it! Dying in your hand, I have no regret. Come take my life. I won’t blame you!" She cried sweetly. Her orchid-fragranced breath and sweet aroma stormed into his nostrils. Her ample bosom was pressing on his body, caressing it gently as if she was doing it unconsciously. 

Shi Yan couldn’t control himself remembering the wonderful things on her body when her generous bosom was touching him. It was hard to take action. 

"I don’t care!" Shi Yan harrumphed, proactively stepping back to avoid the woman. Indignance filled him, but he couldn’t do anything to vent it out. He then said with a cold face, "Don’t waste my time. Find an ice chamber, and I’ll enhance the cold air inside for you guys. It should help accelerate your speed in cultivating the Ice Jade Technique." 

 Leng Dan Qing eyed him while giggling. She knew she had defeated him, and her face looked contented. 

Shi Yan was distraught. He hadn't left yet, and just urged Bing Qing Tong to be hurried. 

Bing Qing Tong’s beautiful eyes sparkled with interest while she was eyeing Shi Yan and Leng Dan Qing, seeming to get what he was thinking, "We aren’t hurried. It’s late today, so we should take a rest and start it tomorrow. Haha, Shi Yan, ask your friends to stay too. We are always bored here, as not many people come to visit us. No need to be so cautious."

"Why don’t we do it now?" Shi Yan was impatient. 

"We’re too tired today," Bing Qing Tong were flirty, revealing her graceful curves. Her often cold and clear eyes were like they were washed with spring water, as she threw Shi Yan some look. Shi Yan was touched, and couldn’t press down his arousal. 

Ba Si Teng and his sister were bewildered, seeing Shi Yan and the other four snowflakes of the Ice Emperor City exchanging flirty looks. They all praised him secretly. 

Ba Si Teng’s eyes brightened, admiring Shi Yan. He thought that Shi Yan was way too strong. Although he didn’t know what the young man had done to make the four beauties of the Ice Emperor City, who were always elegant and cold, follow him. 

Only the G.o.d of Love could do such deeds!

"Alright, tomorrow then." Shi Yan felt begrudging. He knew he shouldn’t quarrel with women. "Ba-ge, make yourself home. This place is s.p.a.cious anyways. 

"Haha, it’s alright, alright. You don’t need to worry about us." Ba Si Teng winked at him. "Bro, you have to take care of your body. Somethings are really awesome, but if you do them too much, it will harm your body."

Shi Yan felt awkward. He thought that this hefty man was a simple-hearted fella, but why did he start talking about such stuff?

"Hey big man, what did you just say?" Shuang Yu Zhu shouted. She understood the meaning, and her face turned cold. 

"Nothing, nothing... Muahahaha." Ba Si Teng smiled embarra.s.sedly. He constantly cried while retreating, "Hey, we won’t bother you. Little sister, let’s go." Then, he chuckled, walking out of the place with a strange face. 

"I’ll go with you," Shi Yan darkened his face, attempting to walk out. 

"Wait a minute. I have something to talk to you," Leng Dan Qing smiled, her eyes sparkling. Her gait was the acme of beauty as she walked towards him. She didn’t feel shy, clutching his arm. "Go. I’ll take you to the quiet and comfortable room." 

She was pulling and dragging him out of the Ice Hall, not caring whether he was willing or not. 

Han Cui’s face was as cold as ice. Her eyes gazed at Shi Yan without blinking, then she snorted, "Didn’t she strongly oppose our connection with Shi Yan previously? Well, how about now? Isn’t it enticing? Harrumph. Acting! I did think that she was pure. Well, when the call is out, she’s much faster than anyone else!" 

"Sister, your words seem to be a little sour, huh?" Shuang Yu Zhu ridiculed. 

"I..." Han Cui opened her mouth, speaking indignantly, "Well, I think not long from now, our Third Sister will surpa.s.s us." 

"You mean... She wants to use that method again?" Shuang Yu Zhu’s face reddened. 

"Of course, she will. What do you think?" Han Cui spoke like she knew everything. "She knows she can use that boy to increase her Ice Jade Technique. She’s experienced once, so she should know. Hmm, I think Shi Yan can’t rest tonight. If Third Sister really wants to do that, that little pervert can never resist her." 

Having heard her words, Bing Qing Tong and Shuang Yu Zhu became more embarra.s.sed, their eyes getting more awkward. 

"I'm not talking about you guys. If you can be like her, I think that boy can't resist us. To a man, what's stronger than beauty?" Han Cui hesitated for a while and then continued with a lower voice, "Well, I did peek in his heart. This guy is a real pervert! I think he faked his resistance. You guys should be more active, and he will surrender for sure. Perhaps, he would stay in the Ice Emperor City forever." 

"I, I can’t be like Third Sister..." Bing Qing Tong’s face as red, as if she was about to bleed. She shook her head continually, as she was a little bit shocked. 

"Well, it’s not necessary. You guys can appear at the critical moments and reveal your will. When he’s high, how can he resist it? Men are always like that. I know what he thinks!" Han Cui tried to manipulate her sisters. 

Bing Qing Tong and Shuang Yu Zhu blushed. They were hesitant, but later, they seemed to be moved. 

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