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Chapter 52 The Mysterious Area
Shi Yan couldn’t hold himself up anymore and he fell to the ground while breathing heavily.
Wisps of invisible but odd negative energy secretly poured out of his meridians and into his mind like silk.
The negative energy intertwined in his mind and seemed to have combined with his nerves.
A piercing pain suddenly invaded his mind .
The pain was like a electric current which struck out from his mind and flew across his whole body, activating all of his meridians.
It lasted for only three seconds!
A dense negative energy dispersed from all of his meridians.
The negative energy expelled from his meridians didn’t stop, but kept moving through his veins, flesh, blood, bones, cells, and entrails.
There seemed to be electric currents flowing through his body. While his head was still hurting severely, his limbs began to contract.
Thin white smoke poured out from every single one of his pores...
A layer of pale smoke rapidly wrapped around him. Combined with the smoke was a murderous, b.l.o.o.d.y smell which encouraged people to kill!
As all the negative energy escaped from his meridians, his body contracted by one third!
Standing there with his skinny body, Shi Yan was surrounded with the desire for blood, which also filled his body.
Suddenly, the pain in his mind disappeared all at once.
Opening his eyes, Shi Yan found his nerves had become more acute and he could even think and calculate faster.
His mind could maintain a very calm state!
The wisps of negative energy in his head seemed to combine with his nerves and had made his body extremely sensitive!
Standing there, he could even feel the changes the negative energy had made in his flesh and blood and how much power it had brought him.
Now he had become an unfeeling machine without any human emotions. The only thing left in his mind were methods to kill. How to kill quickly and efficiently.
He was a most hideous creature right now!
All other thoughts other than murder were disposed of. The only thing he could think of was how to kill his enemies.
No kindness. No concerns. Nothing but killing.
Shi Yan was breathing heavily like a murderous monster in the b.l.o.o.d.y Gravity Room. There wasn’t any mercy left in his eyes and it seemed that he could kill at any time.
A sound echoed in his mind. With the strength of will, Shi Yan withdrew the white smoke into his meridians.
Sitting down cross-legged, he closed his eyes and composed himself. He cleansed the thought of murder from his mind and let the odd negative energy slowly gush back into the meridians in his head.
After a very long time.
Shi Yan began to breath evenly, although he was still extremely fatigued. Then he slowly opened his eyes.
The clarity in his eyes had returned and there was no trace of any coldness or b.l.o.o.d.y desire.

The First Sky of ‘Rampage’!
At that moment Shi Yan realized the real state of the First Sky of ‘Rampage’.
Apart from the change to his body, the change to his mind was more horrifying!
He believed that in that mindset, he would be the coldest killing machine and would be able to trigger all of his potential.
In that state, he had no emotions, only the need to kill! All he could think about was how to kill faster and more efficiently. Too cold blooded!
Shi Yan couldn’t help but shout in his mind after he recovered and remembered that weird state.
And at that moment, he realized that maybe the direction of his training was wrong.
The training of ‘Rampage’ should start from the head and the whole process would be led by the head. Once ‘Rampage’ started in his head, his whole body would change with it.
But he had begun to train from his hands and feet and then his whole body. When he finally trained with his head, he would body would change and then the recoil would strike the meridians in his head.
Apparently he was training in an incorrect way, thus he fainted during several trainings.
Now the last step of ‘Rampage’ was finally complete...
Exhausted, Shi Yan didn’t have any energy to train his ‘Finger Gun’. He had to sit where he was and drive out the side effects of ‘Rampage’ using the Immortal Martial Spirit.
After a full circulation, his Profound Qi had as recovered by a lot and so he tried to strike the blood ring.
Recently, he was often trying to strike the blood ring and break another shield to see if there were other secrets.
But every strike ended in failure. Although he was at the Third Sky of Nascent Level, he couldn’t break another layer in the ring.
His sharp Profound Qi was always blocked when touching that shield.
The Profound Qi bounced back in waves. Shi Yan stood up and went to the corner of the Gravity Room and took out the Spirit Level Martial Skill book ‘Gravitational Field’ out of his bag.
Sitting in the corner, Shi Yan was frowning as he was turning the pages one by one.
He was very grateful to the previous master of his body now. He could read the ancient book all because of that boy’s knowledge.
And apart from that boy, no one else in the Shi Family could read the ancient language.
Luckily that boy pa.s.sed the ancient language to him. Or he would have had to find a special person who could read the ancient language and translate it for him.
This was a book was a Spirit Level Martial Skill.
He didn’t say a word about this book even to Shi Jian or Yang Hai. It would be much too troublesome if his translator spread it.
He slowly read out those ancient characters secretly in his mind.
The book was not thick at all as it only had twenty seven pages. He quickly finished reading all the content.
Closing the book, Shi Yan looked weird as he mumbled, “This book on the Spirit Level Martial Skill is too much fun. One needs to possess different types of power to train with it.”
Though this Martial Skill wasn’t strict about one’s cultivation level, it had strict requirements on one’s power.
Though it was a type of Spirit Level Martial Skill, Elementary Level and Nascent Level warriors could also train with it.
There was only one requirement for training it; one had to possess at least two types of power.
Only when the two powers clashed against each other would a Field be created. The s.p.a.ce in the Field would twist and thus, create attraction.
Once the Field was created, it would drag everyone but its creator into it.
Under its power, anyone who was dragged into the Field would automatically spin and their blood and flesh would be squeezed. Their Profound Qi would be suppressed and they wouldn’t be able to operate their Martial Skills.
According to the author of the book ‘Gravitational Field’, the more types of power the trainer possessed, the more powerful the Field would be.
If the trainer had three or four types of power, the Field he created could directly kill Disaster Level warriors!
Once there were five types of power in the Field, even an Earth Level warrior would definitely die!
Holding the book and thinking for a while, Shi Yan chuckled softly as his eyes turned bright.
Common warriors had only one type of Profound Qi in their body. Only those who possess special Martial Spirits could have another type of power, such as Di Yalan’s Blue Magic Flame.
Apparently most warriors couldn’t train with this magical Spirit Level Martial Skill, because very it was rare for people to possess two or three types of powers in their body.
Luckily Shi Yan was among the minority. The negative energy from his meridians was very different from Profound Qi.

He could train with it directly.

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