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Shi Yan’s host soul got back to its place. He then stood silently, throwing a glare at Leng Dan Qing who had just recovered, giving her a faint smile. "Are you alright?"

The corner of Leng Dan Qing's mouth convulsed, then cracked into a smile as she gently shook her head, her bright eyes scrutinizing him with great interest. "You're a bad boy. You have a lot of dark things, and you told us that you were a virgin! Let me see how you can deceive me now?"

Shi Yan was embarra.s.sed, forced a smile but didn’t say anything. 

Han Cui was struck, as she couldn't hold her joy while screaming. "Third Sister, he... he did help you dissolve the toxin?"

Bing Qing Tong and Shuang Yu Zhu were emotional, looking at him with surprise. 

"Yeah." Leng Dan Qing nodded happily. "This b*stard has some mysterious abilities, indeed. After his host soul entered my Sea of Consciousness, he cleaned all the poison there. Now, I don’t need to worry about it anymore." 


Bing Qing Tong’s beautiful eyes sparkled, her heart filled with strange feelings. Her eyes studied him with a greater interest. 

The soul type poison was really hard to clean. Only a True G.o.d Realm warrior, who had the G.o.d Soul, could borrow the formidable power of the G.o.d Soul to wash the soul poison. 

It was evident that Shi Yan had only the Sky Realm cultivation base, which was even one level lower than theirs. But he could still clean up the toxin. This changed Bing Qing Tong’s thoughts about Shi Yan, inclining to more unimaginable. 

"Hey, I also have poison," Han Cui smiled mildly, walking to Shi Yan with sincerity. She folded her slender thighs, sitting down next to Leng Dan Qing, and looking at him with longing face. 

"You want it too?" Shi Yan frowned, his face strange. 

To wash the poison in Leng Dan Qing’s soul, he had to join his soul with hers. The wonderful feeling drove him vehemently. And, if he carried out soul joint again, the secrets he had hidden from the bottom of his heart would be disclosed to Han Cui. 

He didn’t have good feelings toward this woman. From Leng Dan Qing’s memories, he knew that they went to the Ning family in Miasma Cloud Wetland to seek for help, which was all this woman’s plan. She always wanted to replace Bing Qing Tong in the Ice Emperor City. When they were in the jungle, he didn't vent out his desire for her. 

In his point of view, he didn’t cause any loss to Han Cui. Also, he didn’t want to reveal the secrets of his heart to Han Cui. 

"You..." As she sensed that Shi Yan seemed to not agree to cure her, Han Cui paled, tears lingering in her eyes. "You are so heartless. You want to see me die? If you ignore me, I have to die. Although I've made mistakes, I admitted my faults..." 

Han Cui looked at him miserably, with her pathetic appearance and watery eyes. 

Shi Yan snorted as he knew she was just pretending. He said with disdain, "Cut it off. I don't owe you anything. Don't show that face to me." 

Han Cui discolored, turning colder. "Are you that heartless?" 

"Do we have any relationship?" Shi Yan sneered. 

"Relationship...Hmm…" Han Cui was dazed. Her face then turned red. She then said with her head c.o.c.ked down. "What relationship do you want? Do you want me to serve you like my sisters did? Well, I’m not afraid of that, though. If you have true feelings for me, it’s okay to give myself to you." 

Shi Yan was surprised. 

Bing Qing Tong and Shuang Yu Zhu were also shocked, not knowing what to say. 

"Sister, you want to improve your Ice Jade Technique, right?" Leng Dan Qing snorted, "Did you see our Ice Jade Technique has been advanced and you want to use the same way to leap up your Ice Jade Technique? Is that what you want?" 

Just with a glance, she understood Han Cui’s calculation. 

Han Cui and Bing Qing Tong had always competed against each other, as the former wanted to replace the latter to be the Master of Ice Emperor City. For this goal, this woman could do anything. As long as she could press Bing Qing Tong down, let alone giving him her pure body, even if she had to become Shi Yan’s concubine, it wasn’t a big deal. 

As Leng Dan Qing had known the secrets deep in Shi Yan’s heart, she wouldn’t want to share them with anyone else. Thinking that Han Cui could use the same method to know Shi Yan’s feeling and characteristic, she felt irritated. 

In her eyes, only her knowing his secrets was enough. 

"Third Sister, do you really want me to die?" Han Cui paled, looking at her sister with shock, clenching her jaw. 

"I didn’t mean that..." Leng Dan Qing was busted. She wanted to say something, but eventually kept silent and sighed.

"Shi Yan..." Bing Qing Tong looked at him while begging, "My Second Sister isn’t bad. She just wants to compete with me, that makes her run on the wrong track. The four of us are all orphans. We have only each other to live on. Although we don’t get along well, I don't want bad things to happen to her. Don't you see it?" 

Han Cui’s eyes brightened a little bit as she felt shame, letting out a sigh. "Da-jie..." 

"We are sisters. We don't want anything bad happens to you. After this occurrence, I hope our sisterhood will restore as it was at the beginning." Bing Qing Tong said sincerely.

Han Cui mused for a long while and then nodded silently. 

"Shi Yan, please help her. I know you’re not a bad guy..." Leng Dan Qing thought, then begged him.

Shi Yan frowned, coldly glaring at Han Cui. He hesitated for a while, then said begrudgingly, "Alright. But I want to make it clear that while my host soul is contacting with yours, you are not allowed to peek at my private stories. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not being merciful."

After he had finished, Han Cui’s face changed. She thought, then laughed. "Don’t worry. I won’t do that. I only need you to cure my poison. I’m not interested in other matters."

Having heard that, Shi Yan finally agreed. He sat down cross-legged again then released his host soul. 

As he had experienced washing the toxin for Leng Dan Qing, this time, his speed was faster. At first, he used his Soul Consciousness to enter Han Cui's Sea of Consciousness, covered the poison and burnt it with the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame. After that, he would intrude Han Cui’s host soul.

When the host souls touched, the wonderful feeling filled their souls simultaneously. 

Their bodies both shook. Just like Leng Dan Qing, Han Cui’s soft body shivered as she couldn’t control her moaning. 

Leng Dan Qing glared at the woman. Her black brows slammed together. She harrumphed, not feeling comfortable in her heart. 

Shi Yan intruded the most secret area at the bottom of her heart...

He then knew that she was an orphan since she was born. The Ice Emperor City’s City Master had adopted her. Before that, she had spent a rough life, when she hadn’t had enough food to fill her stomach daily. After she entered the Ice Emperor City, she always focused on practice and training, but still, she couldn’t surpa.s.s Bing Qing Tong. The former City Master had usually urged her to practice more, so she could be as excellent as Bing Qing Tong. 

At that time she was still a child, and was curious about everything. She hadn't put all her head into her cultivation, which kept her one level lower than Bing Qing Tong every time they had a compet.i.tion.

It was also the reason why the former City Master had often reprimanded her. 

The more she got reprimanded, the more she hated Bing Qing Tong. She felt that if her sister weren’t too brilliant, she wouldn’t have been scolded that often. 

The former City Master had been very strict on them. At the time of testing, if their realms weren't high enough, not only did they get rebuked, but also grounded. Since she'd preferred playing to studying, she got grounded the most often. Every time she was grounded, she thought it was because of Bing Qing Tong. 

She had been putting forth everything to reach the same realm as Bing Qing Tong. By the time the former City Master choosing her successor, Han Cui had put all of her mind in it. She had hoped that she would be chosen, to prove that she was better than Bing Qing Tong. 

However, the former City Master didn’t give her a chance to prove herself when she directly pa.s.sed the City Master position to Bing Qing Tong. 

She then held indignant feelings, as she felt that her years of efforts became useless. She came to talk to her adoptive mother, but her mother told her, ‘…You aren’t as excellent as your sister.’ 

From that day onward, Han Cui had put Bing Qing Tong as her sole target. Because of this target, she always went against Bing Qing Tong. She wanted to prove that her mother made a mistake that year because she was truly the strongest among the sisters...

Shi Yan saw all the old stories that hid deep inside Han Cui’s soul. However, under his warning, Han Cui didn't dare to peep in his secret, and was just enjoying the tender pleasure of the soul joining. 

Minutes later, Shi Yan had cleaned all the toxin and understood around 70% or 80% of Han Cui’s feelings and memories. He then left her Sea of Consciousness. 

This woman didn’t have good fortune, but she hadn’t made many mistakes. She was just a little bit stubborn...

As he knew her secrets and her feelings now, when Shi Yan looked at Han Cui, he didn’t hate her as much as before. He had sympathy for her, as he knew that she had been through so many difficulties in her life, and she had been making endless efforts just to prove herself. However, she couldn’t fulfill her wishes, which led her to the wrong track making many mistakes. 

The host souls came back to their own places. 

Shi Yan opened his eyes, looking at Han Cui with a complicated complexion. However, he was friendlier now. "Are you alright?" 

"I’m okay..." Han Cui’s eyes were a bit dim, looking at him blankly. "You... do you know all things about me?" She was a sensitive woman. Although Shi Yan’s change was minor, she could feel what had happened. 

"No," Shi Yan shook his head. 

Han Cui didn’t say anything or felt happy after the toxin in her soul was washed off. Quite the contrary, she felt sad, as the secrets in her heart were now known by a stranger. She didn’t feel well due to this. It irritated her. Compared to losing her virginity, this caused her to feel more disgraceful.


At this moment, Ba Si Teng released a happy groan. The big gold coc.o.o.n covering him disappeared, leaving no trace, and the gold halo gradually retreated into his body. 

A vigorous, arbitrary aura that couldn't be controlled burst out of him. The man opened his eyes, his pupils now gold. This was extremely strange and mysterious. 

"Shi Yan, thank you," Ba Si Teng thanked him sincerely. He then said joyfully, "I’ve entered the Peak Sky Realm! It’s too marvelous!"

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