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Han Cui was proactive, and her manners more tender, as she was willing to let Shi Yan do what he wanted. 

Looking at her mild bearing, Leng Dan Qing couldn't hold her anger. She snorted and then stepped forward, extending her hand to Shi Yan. Leng Dan Qing frowned while talking to him, "Check it. If you can’t do anything, spit it out soon. Don’t waste my time." 

Han Cui laughed naturally. Her black eyebrows convulsed. She seemed to understand her sister's psychology, so she stepped back, not wanting to compete with the younger woman. 

Leng Dan Qing didn’t look at Shi Yan, just stretched her hand and then turned her head around, looking at Ba Si Teng. 

At this moment, the G.o.d Blood Key in Ba Si Teng’s palm disappeared. A thick coc.o.o.n covered him completely. It looked like he was confined in a gold prison. 

Ba Si Teng suddenly quieted down, no longer screaming. He stayed silent inside the coc.o.o.n, gathering his power. The fluctuations emitting from his body ceased as well. 

"No need to be tense." Shi Yan smiled, releasing his Soul Consciousness and entering her Sea of Consciousness. 

Leng Dan Qing had some contradictions in her heart. When she felt his Soul Consciousness coming close, she felt uneasy, and her face reddened as she let out a slight snort. 

Shi Yan ignored her, only focusing on bringing his Soul Consciousness into her Sea of Consciousness. He then concentrated on checking the anomalous status there. 

Minutes later, he retrieved his Soul Consciousness, his face solemn. "The poison not only affects your Sea of Consciousness, but also the host soul. A bit difficult here." 

"The poison has expanded to the host soul? That’s fast." Bing Qing Tong shouted, her eyes complicated. "Seems this toxin diffuses really fast. With this speed, it will burst out shortly. At that time..." 

She didn’t finish her saying. 

Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing understood. They all wore desperate, with gloomy countenances, sighing in distress. 

"There’s nothing we can do about it?" Bing Qing Tong was quite depressed, shaking her head continually; her beautiful eyes shimmered with pain. 

"I can try. But I need to send my host soul into her Sea of Consciousness. It’s complicated and dangerous at the same time." Shi Yan thought, then said, "When my host soul enters her Sea of Consciousness, she has to let go of her host soul and let me lead. No matter what I do, she shouldn’t resist. Otherwise, she can’t bear it, and even my host soul will be burn. This is extremely dangerous. Whether she wants to do that, I can’t control. You guys consider and tell me your decision." 

Once the host soul left the Soul of Consciousness, if it met a soul attack, under the given circ.u.mstance that there was no Sea of Consciousness to protect it, it would be eradicated. In fact, if he didn’t feel that he owed Leng Dan Qing, he would have never proposed this method. Releasing the host soul, he had to bear risks which weren’t less than Leng Dan Qing’s anyway. 

"Are you sure?" Bing Qing Tong asked with a serious complexion. 

"I’m sure, but it’s not the 100% sure." 

"Sister, what do you think?" 


Shi Yan kept silent, not saying anything. He stood while looking at her emotionlessly, waiting for her final decision. 

"Alright," After a while, Leng Dan Qing made up her mind, talking through her gritted teeth. "I’m giving everything to you. If you do something bad, I won’t spare you even if I turn into a ghost." 

Shi Yan forced a smile, shaking his head. "Well, just cut it off then. When my host soul enters your Soul of Consciousness, it's bad already. If you have put up your guard against me like that, I don't want to take risks." 

"You b*stard!" Leng Dan Qing scolded him loudly, rolling her eyes at him, her face blushed. 

"Ah, how?" Shi Yan felt wronged. 

"Don’t babble. Do it. I don’t care anymore. At most, I’ll die because of you. You’ve harmed me once anyways." Leng Dan Qing gathered her guts, then lifted up her head to reveal her creamy neck. At that moment, she had nothing in her mind. 

‘This b*stard, why can’t he talk more tenderly? He really wants me to die of indignance? Harrumph, if he does something bad, even if I die, I won’t let you live comfortably!’ Leng Dan Qing thought.

"You are willing to do this and it isn’t me forcing you. Later, you shouldn’t resist. Otherwise, I’ll play with you." Shi Yan’s visage was tense, giving her a stern advice. He was careful enough to release the War Devil.

"You guys stay away from me." He looked at Bing Qing Tong and the others. 

The three women had a grimaced face. 

Shi Yan asked them to back off, then released his War Devil. Obviously, he didn't trust them. When the host soul left the body, if the body got hurt severely, the host soul would never be able to recover. This young man was worried that they would take action to him; that's why he had to be that cautious. 

"You don’t trust us?" Bing Qing Tong’s cold face darkened as she snorted. 
 "It doesn't mean I don't trust you. I'm worried about other occurrences. Although Yu Li Ming is gone, it doesn't mean that he won't come back, right?" Shi Yan beamed a wry smile, then sat down. He contemplated for a while, then released his King of Demonic Insects and let it sleep on his shoulder.

Afterward, he started his action. 

The host soul flew out from his Sea of Consciousness, turning into a strange beam of light and entering Leng Dan Qing’s Sea of Consciousness. 
The soft body of the woman shivered, and her face immediately changed.

When the opponent’s host soul intruded her Sea of Consciousness, it wasn’t different from her body getting intruded. The Sea of Consciousness was the forbidden place of a warrior. This meant they would never let anyone enter there. Staying inside the Sea of Consciousness was the host soul, which was the root of a warrior. Also, there were the Life Seal and memories. This place was considered the most private forbidden area for the warriors.

Letting a strange man enter this private area was much more embarra.s.sing than letting somebody seeing her naked body. This meant she had allowed him to see everything deep inside her heart. 

If it weren't a special situation, Leng Dan Qing would have never allowed any man sending his host soul to her Sea of Consciousness. However, Shi Yan’s host soul now appeared there. 

As Leng Dan Qing felt her host soul trembling inside the Sea of Consciousness, her slender body shivered slightly, as if someone was stroking her body. This feeling was hard to be described with words. 

Strands of Soul Consciousness were released from Shi Yan’s host soul quietly entering Leng Dan Qing’s Sea of Consciousness. When their Soul Consciousness tangled, their bodies shook vehemently, generating a peculiar feeling. 

Shi Yan immediately felt adventurous and uncontrollable. This Soul Consciousness entanglement was more sensual than the union of the two bodies. It almost pushed him out of control, confusing his host soul. 

Warning himself constantly, he pressed down the strange emotion from the bottom of his heart, then started to filter the poison. 

Using his strands of Soul Consciousness together with the power of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, he was moving around Leng Dan Qing’s Sea of Consciousness. Whenever he found the toxin, he immediately used the Soul Consciousness strand to cover it, and then burnt it with the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame. 

The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame was a magical soul destroying flame. It worked on all kinds of soul powers. This kind of poison was one of the soul powers. When it got in contact with the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, it had no resistance and got burnt into ashes in just a flash, leaving nothing. 

Manipulating his Soul Consciousness, Shi Yan slowly moved around Leng Dan Qing's Sea of Consciousness and searched for the poison... He carefully covered it with his strands of Soul Consciousness first, then erased it with the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame. 

The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame was extremely intimidating. If it appeared in someone else’s Sea of Consciousness, the Sea of Consciousness would be burnt down immediately. 

If his Soul Consciousness hadn’t covered the fiery flame, Leng Dan Qing’s Sea of Consciousness would have vanished in a flash. 

While Shi Yan was washing the toxin, Leng Dan Qing's body was shivering slightly. A red hue covered all over her body. She even couldn't control herself, breathing sweetly as if someone was disrespecting her. 

Bing Qing Tong, Han Cui, and Shuang Yu Zhu looked at her with odd faces. A strange feeling arose from the bottom of their hearts. 

Among the three, Bing Qing Tong and Shuang Yu Zhu had been skin-to-skin with Shi Yan in the forest. As they were watching Leng Dan Qing’s appearance, the hot scene in the forest popped up and meandered in their minds without scattering...

Bing Qing Tong and Shuang Yu Zhu were all mature and dignified women, and never had contacted intimately with men before. Under the effects of the Vanish Mind Smoke, they had lost their virginity to Shi Yan, which made them have complicated feelings toward Shi Yan. They hated him, but they were also waiting for something. 

It was how the women’s hearts worked. They would tend to give their whole life to the first man they had been with. 

And Shi Yan, from all aspects, was a brilliant man. If he weren’t too cold, he would be just perfect.

If he could treat them tenderly with his heart and leave everything behind to stay in the Ice Emperor City, Bing Qing Tong and Shuang Yu Zhu would be ready to make him their man and take care of him... 

Thoughts popped up constantly in their heads. Their beautiful eyes shifted from Leng Dan Qing to Shi Yan as their thoughts moved fast. 


Leng Dan Qing suddenly slipped out some whining. Her long eyelashes shivered as she was swaying, while her soft body became hot. 

Shi Yan was sitting over there, his majestic body was shaking, his breathing short. 

Bing Qing Tong, Shuang Yu Zhu, and Han Cui had their eyes changed strangely. 

Inside Leng Dan Qing’s Sea of Consciousness, Shi Yan’s host soul was next to the woman’s host soul. The two vague small figures were walking hand in hand. As Shi Yan noticed her host soul being confused, he had the tender thought of comforting her. 

However, when the hand of his host soul touched Leng Dan Qing’s host soul, an extremely wonderful taste filled both of their souls. 

At this moment, he knew all the thoughts inside Leng Dan Qing's heart like the lines on his palm. He could even see the top-secret feelings in her heart. 

"Turns out she doesn't hate me that much. She was angry because of my manners. She cares about me, too. But she's shy. It's her feminine constraint and the normal contradiction..." 

"This b*stard's young, but he has so many women! Hm, he dared tell us that he was a virgin! Liar! He's not trustworthy at all!"

"Xia Xin Yan... Who is this woman? She’s such a lucky woman. This is the lady of his heart. The reason he came to the Divine Great Land is..." 

As the host souls were hugging each other, it let both sides see the things hiding deepest in the other's heart. Shi Yan was curious about her manners while Leng Dan Qing was inquisitive about his love experience. After this soul blending, they understood the private place in each other's heart. 

Immersing in this wonderful feeling, Shi Yan tried to press down his sensual desire, urging the power of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame to wash off the toxin in her host soul. 

Leng Dan Qing let off everything. She didn’t worry about the poison, just observing Shi Yan’s experience deep in his soul. Each of his women together with his att.i.tude towards them, Leng Dan Qing saw them all. Now she understood Shi Yan’s love life quite well. In some aspect, she got it even more thoroughly than Shi Yan. 


The two souls separated. Shi Yan glared at her host soul in the Sea of Consciousness, and then went out. 

Leng Dan Qing’s host soul smiled contentedly, as her mood was cheered up. Seeing Shi Yan’s host soul leaving, she was touched again.

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