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In an ice hall inside the palace of the Ice Emperor City’s City Master...

"Is that the thing you wanted?" Shi Yan frowned in surprise, looking at Ba Si Teng, who was overjoyed. 

It was a solid gold key that looked nothing different in the cold Ice Hall. There was nothing abnormal about the key, but Ba Si Teng was way too excited on seeing it. 

"Yeah, that’s it. It’s the G.o.d Blood Key, the most precious treasure of our Ba family!" Ba Si Teng extended his hand, caressing the key tenderly, just like he was comforting his lover’s skin with love and focus, not wanting to leave. 

The Ba family had declined for years. Up to Ba Si Teng’s generation, they had only the pair of brother and sister left. If they hadn’t found the G.o.d Blood Key in the Ice Emperor City, not long afterward, the Great Vigor Martial Spirit would have faded, and eventually, it would have become a normal bloodline. 

"Thank you," Ba Si Teng took a deep breath, sincerely expressing his grat.i.tude, his eyes filled with appreciation. 

"Not a big deal." Shi Yan urged him while smiling, "We have gotten the G.o.d Blood Key now. We should release the power completely to prevent unexpected events. Do it now. I’ll guard you."

"Here?" Ba Fei was a little bit surprised. They were at the Palace of the City Master, the holiest place of the Ice Emperor City. If they used the G.o.d Blood Key in such a place, perhaps all warriors in the Ice Emperor City would know about them. This pair of brother and sister had gotten used to hiding themselves. In recent years, they had been staying in the mountains or deep inside jungles to cultivate. They didn’t dare to make any big moves that could catch the eyes of the others. 

They planned to take the G.o.d Blood Key, leave the Ice Emperor City, and find an isolated area to use the Blood G.o.d Key. Having heard what Shi Yan said, they couldn’t help but hesitate. 

"No problem. The City Master of the Ice Emperor City won’t have evil thoughts against you guys. Even if they have, I will oppress them. Don’t worry," Shi Yan comforted them. 

"Alright," Ba Si Teng also wanted to use the G.o.d Blood Key here to gain the mysterious power his ancestors had pa.s.sed to him. With Shi Yan’s guarantee, he agreed immediately.

Shi Yan eyed the G.o.d Blood Key with an earnest look. 

He had always been interested in mysterious treasures like this key. The G.o.d Blood Key was the most precious treasure the Ba family had kept for generations, functioning as the key to unlocking the bloodline of the Ba family. Shi Yan felt excited about the situation that was about to unfold. 

Under his attentive look, Ba Si Teng held his breath, concentrating his mind. First, he slowly gathered the power in his body. A while later, Ba Si Teng urged his Profound Qi to flow through his left index finger. His finger glowed while a robust aura gushed out from it.

"Break!" Ba Si Teng let out a short shout.

 The skin on his fingertip had a small cut, as a drop of Gold Blood that looked like a pearl shot out. 

Ba Si Teng’s face was tense. His soul, spirit, and mind had been condensed into that drop of Gold Blood. He used his thought to control the drop, slowly rolling to the G.o.d Blood Key on his right palm. 

Sss Sss Sss! 

When the drop of Gold Blood touched the G.o.d Blood Key, gold mist suddenly exuded from the key. 

After fifteen minutes, the G.o.d Blood Key was like it was boiling. Gold bubbles emerged, as a wild, vigorous power shook violently, diffusing from the G.o.d Blood Key. 


Great tremor transmitted from the G.o.d Blood Key. In just a blink, countless beams of gold light shot out radiantly, lighting up the whole Ice Hall. The sparkling Ice Hall was lit up with the strange, golden light, its ice walls seeming to be painted by a golden watercolor. So magnificent! 

Ba Si Teng roared, guiding his index finger nearer to the G.o.d Blood Key. 

The boiling gold bubbles from the G.o.d Blood Key acted as if they were little gold fairies, getting into Ba Si Teng’s body through the cut on his fingertip.

Ba Si Teng’s body gradually turned into a gold hue, and a golden light radiated from him. 

Rumble Rumble Rumble!

The rumbling noise from the G.o.d Blood Key was unceasing... Flows of bursting gold energy were like strong, uneasy ancient beasts that were bouncing here and there inside the key to find a way to leave the key confinement. 


Ba Fei couldn’t hold her shout. 

Ba Si Teng didn’t dare to hesitate. He put his index finger on the G.o.d Blood Key as fast as a thought.


A heavy explosion resounded in the Ice Hall. People then saw the G.o.d Blood Key turn into a golden flesh membrane that covered Ba Si Teng. A large amount of mysterious gold energy turned into strange gold patterns and started to be absorbed into Ba Si Teng’s body. 

Shi Yan could feel clearly that those gold pattern not only had the wild, mysterious energy, but also brought along the strange, peculiar memories. 

This was the ability inheritance, including the exclusive power! 

Inside the cover of the gold flesh membrane, suddenly, Ba Si Teng shook violently, screaming in the Ice Hall. 

As he only had the Nirvana Realm cultivation base, when this generous energy poured into him, it surpa.s.sed the limit his body could bear. His vessels were bulging under his skin, which looked both fierce and vigorously beautiful.

Ba Si Teng was roaring and shaking inside the Ice Hall. His entire body was blooming with a golden halo, just like a gold sun, continually releasing a vibrating energy. 

Under Shi Yan's scrutinizing look, beams of golden light absorbed into his body one by one. In a tyrannical way, these strands of golden light forcefully fused with his bones, vessels and meridians, and even his internal organs. Tens of thousands of golden strands were moving with lightning speed inside his body towards his brain.

"What’s happening?" 

Inside the secret chamber, Bing Qing Tong, Shuang Yu Zhu, Han Cui, and Leng Dan Qing discolored. They jolted up from their seat as they were anxious and uneasy. 

They didn't know why the whole palace was vaguely shaking just like there was a giant beast walking back and forth in the Palace, which shook the other buildings of the place and made them about to collapse. 

"Is that Yu Li Meng?" Han Cui paled, then asked instinctively. 

Bing Qing Tong was calm. She closed her beautiful eyes to sense. "The noise comes from the Ice Hall Shi Yan’s borrowing from us." 

"What’s he doing this time?" Leng Dan Qing spoke through her gritted teeth. 

"Let’s go and check it out." Bing Qing Tong hesitated for a while. The thick wall of their secret chamber suddenly split open, revealing an ice tunnel.

Shuang Yu Zhu, Han Cui, and Leng Dan Qing mused for a while, but eventually, they couldn't press down the curiosity in their hearts, following their big sister. 

Although the palace of the Ice Emperor City was ma.s.sive, Shi Yan’s location and their chamber weren’t far from each other. Not long after the four women got out of the chamber, they reached the s.p.a.cious Ice Hall. 

Inside the Ice Hall, Ba Si Teng was breathing heavily. Golden vessels bulged under his skin all over his body. An incomparable verve energy was washing his body from the inside, which bloomed the golden halo in this Ice Hall, letting people observe the scene clearly. 

Bing Qing Tong and the other three stood at the entrance. At first glance, they couldn’t help but scream in fear. 

When Ba Si Teng had come here, he had only the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm cultivation base. What had happened to him that in just a short while, he had obtained that tyrannically intimidating aura?

The aura from Ba Si Teng was surging more vehemently. Let alone the Nirvana Realm warriors, even when a Peak Sky Realm warrior urged all of his power, he couldn’t reach this level. 

What was going on?

Bing Qing Tong was full of suspicion. She couldn’t help but ask Shi Yan. "What the heck have you done here?" 

As Shi Yan was concentrating on Ba Si Teng, her voice woke him up. He grinned, waving at her. "Come here. It’s rare to have a chance to see the G.o.d Blood fusing with the body. This is the first time I’ve observed it. If we don't watch it to the end, we should apologize to our eyes." 


Bing Qing Tong and the other three screamed in fear. 

G.o.d Blood fusing with the body? 

Their eyes brightened, gazing at Ba Si Teng at the center of the Ice Hall. Their hearts were filled with a strange feeling. What kind of good fortune did he have? Where did he find the G.o.d Blood? 

Under their swelling curiosity, the four women walked into the hall with caution, crossing Ba Si Teng in his wild state to reach Shi Yan’s place. 

"What’s happened?" Bing Qing Tong darkened her face and snorted, "How many dark things have you been concealing? Where did he get the G.o.d Blood? Why does he need to fuse it here? What does it matter to you?" 

"From your treasure house," explained Shi Yan. 

"Ah!" Bing Qing Tong was stunned, her face disbelieving. 

"There’s G.o.d Blood in my treasure house? Why didn’t I know it? I’ve been watching over the treasure house for so many years. Why haven’t I found the G.o.d Blood there? Is my fortune that bad?" 

Bing Qing Tong felt bitter with her depressed thinking. 

"Don't overthink. Even if you had the G.o.d Blood, you can't fuse it with your blood. Only he can do that with the stuff you have. Besides him, no one can use it." With a glance, Shi Yan got what she was thinking. He beamed a faint smile and comforted her, "Besides the ones who have the bloodline of G.o.ds, the others can never find the G.o.d Blood. So, it’s not your karma problem." 

Having heard him say that, Bing Qing Tong felt a bit better. 

"Shi Yan, how do you know so many things? And, what’s the relationship between you and him?" Han Cui’s eyes brightened. She smiled softly and said sweetly. Her brilliant pupils strangely twinkled, gazing at Shi Yan all the time without a single blink. 

"Little Beguilment!" Leng Dan Qing cursed under her breath. She didn’t know why she felt irritated on seeing her sister charming appearance. 

"Just a friend," Shi Yan smiled faintly, acted as if he didn't see Han Cui. He then turned to Leng Dan Qing and talked to her. "Did you cure the poison in your Sea of Consciousness?" 

"No one needs your care. I’ll die for your sake. I think you’ve wished I could die earlier," Leng Dan Qing darkened her face, snorted coldly. 

"Seems you don’t have the antidote." Shi Yan’s eyes flickered. He hesitated for a while then said. "Well, would you let me check it?" 

"You?" Leng Dan Qing was surprised, mocking. "Even my big sister had her hands tied. Do you think you can? It's a soul poison, which can't be treated with normal pellets. Don't be so self-righteous, okay?"

"Yeah, because it’s the soul type poison is why I want to check it. If it needs herbs or pellets, I have no method though. Let me see it." 

Leng Dan Qing was shocked. 

Bing Qing Tong was moved. She thought then said, "Do you have a solution for it?"

"I’m not sure. I need to check it first," Shi Yan answered uncertainly. 

"Then you can check me first," Han Cui smiled mildly, deliberately walking towards him with her graceful gait. She then extended her jade-like left arm.

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