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Having heard what Leng Dan Qing said, Han Cui changed her face as she was filled with worry. 

Since Bei Si was still affected by the Vanish Mind Smoke and he had recognized something wrong, he returned to the Banner family at his fastest speed, not daring to linger. It would be easier to release the Vanish Mind Smoke at home. 

Shi Yan was also poisoned, but he was still here. It seemed he was at the important threshold of the new realm.

The Vanish Mind Smoke would become stronger with time. At that moment, Shi Yan would hardly press down his desire, and he would do evil things that his mind always prevented him from doing in regular situations. 
 What made the two women frightened was also poison, but not the Vanish Mind Smoke. However, it was also a deadly one when it confined their powers. At this moment, they weren't different from normal people. Even if they ran away, they couldn't run far enough. 

The Ghost Hunter, the Devouring Gold Silkworm, and the King of Demonic Insects, the three intimidating evil creatures were guarding Shi Yan. Even if they wanted to tie him, they had no way. So now, they could only worry about themselves but have no solution. 

"Retribution. . ."

The beautiful eyes of Han Cui reflected her mournful mood. She wanted to cry. Stunned and begrudging, she sighed. Leng Dan Qing was the same. She was uneasy, but couldn’t find a solution. She could only look at Shi Yan with her stomach in knots. 

Shi Yan didn't recognize the two flurried ample-built women as he was still sinking in the Death Intent Domain to comprehend the true meaning of death. 

After Ning Qi Shan died, his Essence Qi had absorbed into Shi Yan's body. While he still perceived the power of death, the mysterious martial spirit in his body had soon been working, magically filtering the negative energies constantly arising from the bottom of his heart, which affected his mind. 

The Vanish Mind Smoke had stirred up the desire deep down in his heart. This sort of attraction that came from the soul could make anyone crazy. Moreover, when it contacted the negative feelings, it was like thunder meeting the flame of the earth. Once it started, it was hard to stop. 

Gradually, Shi Yan’s pupils became as hot as fire. He started to pant.

Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing became more frightened. They instinctively avoided the young man, retreating deeper into the forest to lengthen the distance with Shi Yan. They hoped that at the moment Shi Yan woke up from his realm comprehension, if he didn’t see them, he would spare them.

Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing all knew that when an Ice Jade Technique pract.i.tioner lost her purity, breaking through to the peak of this technique was harder than finding the way to heaven. 

As they understood the nature of the Ice Jade Technique well, although these two beautiful women weren’t young anymore, they still stayed virgin.

They had never experienced intimacy before. The provocation they had made was just to show off. When the real thing came, they felt scared. 

Bing Qing Tong and Shuang Yu Zhu hadn’t arrived yet, as they were still chasing after Yu Li Ming. They wouldn't come back shortly. This made the two attractive women more flurried. They'd used all the strength left in them to hide in the thick forest. 

Time flew in this sort of a bizarre atmosphere. 

Shi Yan was immersed in the center of the Death Intent Domain, and he had spent a long time there. Later on, he seemed to recognize something when his majestic body suddenly shivered, as a radiant divine light bloomed out from his eyes. 

A warm water current flowed, rippling in his entire body from his Sea of Consciousness... The Profound Qi Halo in his abdomen was urged to thrive. The Ancient Profound Qi in there had another growth. 

Third Sky of Sky Realm! 

When the realm was broken through, the most direct marker was the enlargement of the Ancient Profound Qi tree, which helped him store more Qi. This pushed his power progression to a larger scale! 

The Ancient Profound Qi Tree changed, which meant he had made another step into the new realm, the Third Sky of Sky Realm, the most strenuous and mysterious of the sky realm. 

At the moment his body was changed, and his Sea of Consciousness was shaken many times... Flows of Soul Consciousness were formed one after another. The essence Qi of earth and firmament was like it was dragged ma.s.sively into his body, entering his Sea of Consciousness to help it refine and condense. 

His Sea of Consciousness expanded a little more. Each strand of Soul Consciousness became pure, as a brilliance sparkled in his Sea of Consciousness, releasing some kind of divine light, entering people’s mind. 

His host soul in the Sea of Consciousness was tangled with the strands of pure Soul Consciousness, receiving the energy from them. The shortcomings of the host soul were healed, while the power of the host soul gradually increased. 

Overall growth! 

At the moment when a warrior entered a new realm, his body, Sea of Consciousness, and host soul would be all enhanced. Even his martial spirit could break through too.

A new world came with new chances for new abilities. This was what attracted countless warriors on their cultivating path. 

Shi Yan’s eyes shimmered while sensing the changes of his body. Gradually, the negative desires affected him. From deep down at the bottom of his heart, an urging voice was calling him, asking him to release his desires. The negative desires broke his rationality easily. 

Vanish Mind Smoke piled up with the negative feelings created the desires at their frightening acme that he, a man with a firm will, couldn’t oppress at all and fell into them.

His eyes were like they were sparking fire. His Soul Consciousness was released strand by strand, and soon, he found Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing. 

Without any hesitation, he turned into a bunch of lightning, gliding through the big ancient trees in the forest. Immediately, he found Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing. Naked desire twinkled in his eyes, as his gaze made the two women shiver in fear, with their minds trembling. 


Han Cui couldn’t hold her scream. She was constantly retreating with distress on her face.

The soft, plump body of Leng Dan Qing was shaking as well. 

She felt Shi Yan’s eyes were piercing through her as if she was standing there naked in front of him. This feeling made her soul restless. Under Shi Yan’s gaze, her heart was overwhelmed with fear. 

Once she lost her virginity, it would be really tough to break through her Ice Jade Technique again. The hope to enter the True G.o.d Realm would be out of reach. 

The dream she had been chasing strenuously for her whole life was related to the purity of her body. If Shi Yan took her this time, she would never have the chance to surpa.s.s Bing Qing Tong, and she could only be one of the Elders of the Ice Emperor. 

Although she kept the company with Han Cui, she had her own calculation. The City Master position, she also wanted it...


Shi Yan roared like a beast, storming forward and s.n.a.t.c.hing Leng Dan Qing’s body. 

Swash Swash 

The tearing sound of brocade clothing arose. Shi Yan had ripped Leng Dan Qing’s dress off. She was helpless. After only five seconds, she turned into a naked beauty, revealing her jade-white, porcelain-like charming body that could dazzle people. 

The ample milky bosom, the straight, slender thighs...

Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were full and large, that he couldn't hold with one hand. Deadly attraction flickered from these treasures that could drive any man crazy instantly. 

One hand of her was covering her left breast while the other hand was hiding her fragranced gra.s.sland. Her face was depressed, innocent and lovely at the same time. She backed off constantly. 

Standing in front of her was Shi Yan, who had lost his mind. 

What happened next, one didn’t need to guess. 

Shi Yan stormed over like a wild beast, backing her against an ancient tree. He didn’t respect her at all, claiming her right breast which was exposed. Shi Yan grabbed the little red dot eagerly, while his other hand caressed her arrogant rear end. 

Han Cui blushed and screamed ear-splittingly to wake Shi Yan’s up. 

Unfortunately, Shi Yan was no different from a wild beast at this moment. He ignored her frightened scream, continuing his dark deed on Leng Dan Qing’s creamy body. 
Right in front of Han Cui, Shi Yan’s clothes exploded like leaves, scattering around his uniting lofty body and Leng Dan Qing’s porcelain-like body. 

The carefree, pleasure scream and the mournful cry sounded at the same time in the forest. 


An evil power detached from the black iron puppet War Devil. Dark light columns as big as an arm were storming like crazy snakes from h.e.l.l. Yu Li Ming got hit in the air, spurting out blood. 

A bunch of icicles appeared around Yu Li Ming, stabbing him directly. 

As Yu Li Ming got hit by the War Devil, blood sprayed out from his body like a shower. Then, the icicles stabbed him. Even though his body was wounded severely, Yu Li Ming didn't dare to stop, shouting with a ferocious face, "You two b.i.t.c.hes, I will make you wish that you'd rather die than staying alive!" 

Purple and green mist exuded. Some kinds of nemesis energies bustled inside Yu Li Ming’s body and then exploded, rippling out in the mist. 

Blood splashed everywhere, as Yu Li Ming disappeared into thin air. Even his aura vanished. 

The War Devil paused for a while, then strode toward Shi Yan’s general direction. 

Bing Qing Tong and Shuang Yu Zhu were worried. They sensed in the direction Yu Li Ming disappeared, but they understood well that with their cultivation base, they couldn’t find him. 

As they had no other choice, they could only get back to the forest, flying together with the War Devil towards Shi Yan’s location. 


They hadn't even come near them yet when a series of embarra.s.sing, tender sounds reddened them. This kind of sound made them feel itchy and uncomfortable inside. 


Bing Qing Tong was shocked, looking unknowingly at that direction. She frowned, flying towards it. 

Shuang Yu Zhu followed her, flying towards the source of the noise. 

When they arrived, the two cold, arrogant, beautiful women blushed, standing stunned at their spot. In the forest, a live, vulgar play was showing vehemently with only one audience, who was constantly screaming.

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