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"Women’s hearts!" Shi Yan snorted, coldly looking at Bing Qing Tong chasing after Yu Li Ming, and exhorted sarcastically. 

Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing always went against her in the Ice Emperor. They even wanted to borrow the power of the Ning family to replace her. They were so cunning and cruel. 

If he were her, he would have found all the ways he could to eradicate these two threats. Unexpectedly, Bing Qing Tong wanted to help them. This made him disdain her. 

"Keep an eye on them, please. I want to go there, too." Shuang Yu Zhu mused, then asked Shi Yan before flying after her sister. 

Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing bent their heads in shame on seeing the other two women chasing after the old freak for their well-being. They didn’t dare to say a word.

Shi Yan shook his head, ridiculing, "Well, it’s the sister bond, huh? It touched me, but I don’t understand it. You two, as you’ve turned everything into this mess, are you satisfied now?"

Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing kept their mouths shut, their face reddened. Shi Yan didn’t talk with them more. 

Ding Dong! Ding Dong! 

Suddenly, a clear bell ring came over from the forest, carrying some sort of fluctuating power. 

At that time, when the Devouring Gold Silkworm heard the bell, it froze bewilderedly in the middle of the air. It then flew towards the source of the bell, just like the silkworm’s master was summoning it. 

"The Ning family's Insects Bell!" Bei Si frowned, couldn't help but look towards the general direction of the bell sound. "It's Ning Qi Shan, the master of taming the Devouring Gold Silkworm, a First Sky of Spirit Realm warrior."

The Ning family and the Banner family weren’t too far from each other. Bei Si was familiar with the Nings. As he heard the bell, he immediately knew who was the man behind the sound. He instantly warned the others. 

Shi Yan wore a cold face, snorted and then grinned, "Want to die!"

While his voice hadn’t ceased yet, a giant demonic beast with a ferocious appearance and sharp thorns all over its body appeared in front of Shi Yan. The beast faced up the sky roaring ear-splittingly. Leaves fell, fluttering disorderly, while the other demonic beasts heard the voice and fled away. 

Ghost Hunter!

Ghost Hunter was a level 8 beast. When it was in the Endless Sea, it had swallowed countless demonic beasts, which advanced its competence ma.s.sively. 

The Ghost Hunter was more than ten meters tall. Just like an evil dragon with a terrifying oppression power, it could be compared with the soul power of a Spirit Realm warrior.

Shi Yan soared up and landed on the Ghost Hunter while thundering, "KILL!" 

The Ghost Hunter shot out robustly, wildly striking towards the giant toad, who got the King of Demonic Insects nibbling it from the inside. When it found the Ghost Hunter, am even more dangerous creature, get near, the toad was so frightened that it wished to run away as fast as possible. 

The Ghost Hunter had an aura that terrified the toad, just like it was encountering its predator. The giant toad didn't dare to engage in a fight with the beast. 

When the Ghost Hunter was roaring, the blade-sharp Heaven Devil Qi overflowed from the big mouth… Layers of devil light were pushed towards the toad. 

Bam Bam Bam! 

The toad got hit by the devil light. Its ma.s.sive body spun in the forest, crushing many trees as if they were smashed by a big hammer, unable to stand firm.

The Ghost Hunter howled, flying towards the toad, using its sharp claws to tear off its thick, rigid body. The Ghost Hunter opened its b.l.o.o.d.y mouth and took a big bite of the toad's brain, then started to feast on the whole thing, ripping off the body of the toad. 

''He’s eating!''

The demonic beasts of the Underworld and the Demon Area had an evil, strange nature just like a flood dragon. It ripped the toad off piece by piece and quickly swallowed the brain, leaving a messy pulp of flesh behind. 

"Catch it!" shouted Shi Yan. 

Ghost Hunter extended its sharp-bladed wings, roaring crazily and dashing towards the general direction of Ning Qi Shan, following the bell ringing. Soon, Shi Yan saw his target. 

It was a middle-aged man with a typical appearance. He was wearing green brocade robes and a small crest on his head. He was crouching, hiding in a thick bush, trying hard to ring the bell in his hand. 

After the Devouring Gold Silkworm had his Immortal Blood, it had been evolving fast. Following the bell, the insect slowly came to the middle-aged man. 

In fact, Ning Qi Shan was really worried. This was the Devouring Gold Silkworm that he had nurtured himself; he understood it well. When the Insect Bell rang, the Devouring Gold Silkworm should have come back to him with the fastest speed without a bit of hesitation. This Devouring Gold Silkworm had left for a while, and he didn’t know what had happened to it that made it go against him. 

If it weren’t that the Insect Bell was the nemesis of the Devouring Gold Silkworm, perhaps he couldn’t have controlled it at all. 

The Insect Bell trembled. Ning Qi Shan was hurried, his eyes flickering nonstop as he was observing here and there.

Right at that moment, Shi Yan riding on the Ghost Hunter appeared in front of his eyes. At the same time, the King of Demonic Insects hiding in the forest attacked him from behind. 

"Kid, did you kill Ning Ze?" When Ning Qi Shan saw Shi Yan, he paled and then shouted. 

"Well, it’s true. I killed Ning Ze... And now I’ll kill you too." Shi Yan laughed out loud, ordering the Ghost Hunter to storm forward with negative energies filling the entire body. Shi Yan’s hands moved to make a hand imprint, putting together the life and death intent domain he had comprehended on it. 

The Death and Life Seal appeared, as a quiet intent domain furiously covered Ning Qi Shan. 

"Just a Sky Realm kid wanting to show off the meager skills in front of an expert with intent domain! Want to die!" Ning Qi Shan was afraid of Bei Si. But when he saw that it was Shi Yan, he couldn’t hide his sinister smile. Waving his hand, numerous demonic beasts appeared densely in the sky. Those demonic beasts were as many as a big cloud of gra.s.shoppers, roaring, and shrieking. They covered Shi Yan in just a blink of an eye.

"Ten Thousand Poisonous Demonic Beasts Secret!"

Ning Qi Shan shouted, as a five-colored miasma diffused from his body, pouring into the bodies of the demonic poisonous beasts that he had created. At first, they were just illusions, but after they got the five-colored miasma, they all seemed to be revived. Shi Yan could even see the tiny details on their bodies. 

This was a kind of intent domain. Inside this intent domain, numerous poisonous demonic beasts appeared. Each of them was created by the energy and the poison. Although they weren’t real beasts, they were even more dangerous. 


Shi Yan slowly closed his eyes, immersing into the death intent domain, his mind like dying dust. Withered plants, old and dying creatures appeared in his Sea of Consciousness, making it a mirror that reflected so many forms of death in this world.

At this moment, he felt like he was the G.o.d of Death, who could control lives of tens of thousands of creatures. 

As he was putting his mind into it to comprehend this intent domain, he seemed to forget himself, and felt that he was a hollow ghost, c.o.c.king his head from above to watch all living things beneath him. His Soul Consciousness was connected to those creatures. When he cut off the connection, numerous souls would vanish. 

In the death intent domain, he forgot himself. His whole spirit, Qi, and soul immersed in his Sea of Consciousness. 

A marvel suddenly revealed around him...

Under the Death Intent Domain, the greenery surrounding him withered. Creatures living underground lost their lives. The illusions of demonic beasts Ning Qi Shan had released in the air were shattered one after another, and their energies soon vanished into earth and heaven. 

Ning Qi Shan’s face changed dramatically. He knew he should do something. All of a sudden, he hallucinated himself dying. His face grimaced in fear. 

The King of Demonic Insects and the Ghost Hunter seized the chance and stormed over him. 

The Devouring Gold Silkworm was faster than the King of Demonic Insects and Ghost Hunter. Together with the jingling bell before it died out, the Devouring Gold Silkworm had turned into a gold beam, disappearing into Ning Qi Shan’s body. 

The Devouring Gold Silkworm, the Ghost Hunter, and the King of Demonic Insect were three evil creatures. When they joined hands, the consequence Ning Qi Shan had seen in the Death Intent Domain came true. 

Crack Crack Crack!

A sound echoed that rose gooseb.u.mps on people's skin in just a fraction of time right before Bing Qing Tong was dismembered. The three evil creatures had ripped him off, and he died tragically on the spot. 

Shi Yan stood still. He was immersing himself in the Death Intent Domain, unaware of the changes around him. 

Bei Si came over quietly. At first glance, his visage changed, exclaiming inside. 

He didn’t see what Shi Yan had done, but when he arrived, he found Ning Qi Shan as a pulp of meat. 

Rustle Rustle

Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing arrived. Their beautiful eyes stopped at Shi Yan, and they all felt chill running down their spines.

He was a killing star! 

Until this very moment, they knew how intimidating Shi Yan was. Thinking about their evil scheme they planned to ambush a character like this, the two women felt their hearts frozen inside. 

Ghost Hunter, the Devouring Gold Silkworm, the King of Demonic Insects suddenly flew to Shi Yan. The three ferocious, evil creatures fixed their cruel eyes at Bei Si and the other two. 

"We don’t have wicked intention. Don’t worry. Don’t be tense!" 

Bei Si was frightened. He waved his hands and constantly stepped backward, keeping a safe distance from Shi Yan. He wanted to state clearly that he didn’t have any wicked intention, as he was afraid that these three demonic, evil creatures would attack him. 

Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing paled. They retreated even further than Bei Si until they could only see Shi Yan from pretty far. 

These two women were poisoned. At this moment, they weren’t different from ordinary people. If the Ghost Hunter, the Devouring Gold Silkworm, and the King of Demonic Insects wanted to kill them now, it was as easy as flipping one’s hand. 

"That young man seems to stay in his intent domain, and he seems to comprehend something there." Bei Si was surprised. He frowned, looking at Shi Yan, his face strange. 

"Perhaps he's about to breakthrough again in his Sky Realm. It's the sign of a breakthrough. Once he understands it, he will enter the minor new realm immediately." Han Cui showed her distress. "This young man’s a real talent. Sigh, we’re done this time. We’ve caused deep grudges with him. I don’t know how he would treat us when he wakes up."

Leng Dan Qing’s face was filled with shame. She didn’t know what to say now. 

Bei Si wanted to say something, but he suddenly found something strange in his body. He sensed, and then his face changed. "The Vanish Mind Smoke's effect is still here??? Why do I still have..." 

Han Cui couldn't finish her words, her face panic-stricken. Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing paled. They nodded, "That old monster said that the ones who got the Vanish Mind Smoke would have their minds eroded gradually. Then, one of the seven emotions and six desires will burst out. You guys, I remembered he had aroused the...

Bei Si was frightened as he asked hurriedly. "Is there any solution?" 

"It... Only let it out..." Han Cui blushed, then she spoke faster, "You should hurry. This place isn’t far from the Banners’. You still have time to get back home."

As Bei Si heard her words, he didn’t dare to linger further, running away without leaving any messages. 

"Sister. He... He got the Vanish Mind Smoke too... " Leng Dan Qing suddenly understood something. Her face was ashen, looking in Shi Yan’s general direction in fear. She stammered, "We... our powers are restrained now. What... What should we do?"

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