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 Shi Yan strode into the forest, while Bei Si and the others were frightened. They stood dumbstruck, not knowing what the young man was thinking. 

The opponent hidden in the forest should have his preparation done. At first glance at the gray cloud above the place, the Third Sky of Spirit Realm Cultivation base, and the advantageous position their opponent had readied into, they knew the result of this battle even before it happened. 

What was he thinking? Sacrificing himself for the others?

Bei Si, Bing Qing Tong, and Shuang Yu Zhu couldn’t figure out the reason why Shi Yan didn’t wait until that guy came out to fight with him outside. He shouldn't have entered the enemy’s territory. Wasn’t it suicide?

"You should stay away. Get out of here as fast as possible. Take the road around the White Emperor, and never stop midway." Bing Qing Tong was bewildered for three seconds. After that, she woke up immediately, turning around and advising Bing Qiang's group, asking them to dash. 

The possibility to win this fight was tiny. Even if she didn’t go there for Shi Yan, she needed to check if Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing were alright. They were her sisters. They could be unkind, but she couldn’t betray her upright justice. She still remembered the last words of her adoptive mother when she asked her to be the big sister and take care of her younger sisters. 

"You know the location of the Banner family? You should go there for shelter. Tell them I told you to. I’ll send the message. My brother will protect you girls..." Bei Si frowned. "…not only because of the relationship with the Ice Emperor City, but also the favor that kid did to us. You should keep in mind that I'm involved in this mess because of Shi Yan…" 

"Thank you."

Bing Qing Tong slightly bent her body and thanked the other with a sincere expression. Her face switched to the cold visage immediately when she turned to Bing Qing's group. "Why you're still there? GO!" 

Bing Qiang and the others weren't idiotic. They knew that they couldn't help by staying here. On the contrary, they could hold the others back. The group of these young maidens put on a determined face and took the road around the city, fleeing away at their fastest speed. 

Waiting until their adopted daughters disappeared, Bing Qing Tong took a deep breath and then jumped into the forest, with Shuang Yu Zhu following behind her. 

Bei Si stayed behind alone. He hesitated for a while and then sighed, made up his mind and then jumped into the forest. 

Inside the thick forest, the dark cloud covered the sky, letting no beam of sunlight pierce through. The place was strangely tranquil. All beasts had hidden away, and the ambiance was bizarre. 

A giant, extremely ugly toad was sitting on a dry dune, keeping its bulging eyes open while looking forward. Its body was swollen with bubbles, as disgusting liquid oozed out from the pimples on its entire body. At first glance, everyone knew that this was an extremely toxic animal. 

Yu Li Ming was smiling fiendishly while sitting on the toad. His face was sinister, his eyes rolling, giving people a dizzy feeling that they couldn't focus well. 

Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing stood next to the toad, each taking a side. They wore a begging face, bending their head lower and not showing anything from their countenance. 

Both of them understood that even if they won this battle, they couldn’t keep their purity and had to stay with that old man. Yu Li Ming was obscene, but his threat was so frightening when he said that even if they died, he wouldn't spare their dead bodies. Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing had no possible plan, so they had to make their plan at each step.

Quite on the contrary, Shi Yan was calm as usual. He was like he was taking a walk in the forest. He strolled to the toad, squinted, and then lifted his head to look at Yu Li Ming, "Are you that old dog?" 

"Your mouth makes people hate you. Soon, I will shove poison down your throat. Taste the poison, kid. Haha." Yu Li Ming grinned continually. The old man didn’t hurry to take action and kill the kid instantly. He needed to wait for Bing Qing Tong and Shuang Yu Zhu to come in. 

Indeed, not long after that, the two n.o.ble, elegant women came. 
Yu Li Ming's lewd eyes brightened, as he couldn't help but laugh out loud, clapping his hands. "Good, good... It's worth my time this time. I didn't expect that the four snowflakes of the Ice Emperor City will belong to me today. My trip is interesting, indeed."

"What do you want?" 

Bing Qing Tong’s face was cold. Her aura was elegant but her complexion was as cold as steel and ice, "The Ice Emperor City’s one of the members of the Fighting Union. If you have to guts to fight us, the Fighting Union won’t let you go!" 

"The Fighting Union’s excellent. Too bad, I’m all alone, and I don’t have a permanent residence. If the Fighting Union wants to kill me, it has to find me first. Haha, you say, would I give the Fighting Union that chance?" Yu Li Ming shook his head and faked a sigh. "Women are always women. You’re so naïve that make people love you. But don’t worry, I’m kind. I won’t kill you. Of course, the premise is that you have to please me. Haha, as long as I’m pleased, anything can be discussed." 

Bing Qing Tong didn’t want to talk more. She knew that threating was no use to this old man. She kept silent, looking at Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing. 

Under her look, Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing were panicked and disorderly. They didn’t dare to confront her gaze as they felt shame inside. 

At this moment, Bei Si arrived as well. At first glance, he said with a darkened face. "Well, turns out you’re the distinguished guest of the Ning family. I remember that Ning Du Quan had fought with you in the Miasma Cloud Wetland. Although both of you practice the poisonous technique, you aren’t his match. You guys had a tied result, and then you started to stay in the Miasma Could Wetland. Is that you?" 

"Who are you?" Yu Li Ming squinted, coldly a.s.sessing Bei Si.

"Bei Si of the Banners." 

"Bei Si..."

Yu Li Ming’s eyes flickered. His heart dreaded as his visage didn't look as natural as usual. Then, the old man closed his eyes, releasing his Soul Consciousness. 

The Miasma Cloud Wetland and the White Emperor City weren’t far from each other. He had heard about Bei Si and his brother before, and he understood well the power of their Combined a.s.sault Technique that could defeat the Third Sky of Spirit Realm warriors. Anyway, even if Bing Qing Tong and Han Cui had the Second Sky of Spirit Realm cultivation base, they didn’t know the Combine a.s.sault Technique. That comforted his mind a bit.

But, if they were the two Banner brothers, it would be different. Once this duo joined hands, they would become a force that could threaten him seriously. He had to be careful. 

As his Soul Consciousness was released, he could sense things around hundreds of li. Suddenly, Yu Li Ming smiled, "Well, turns out you’re Bei Si of the Banners. Not bad, fella. Anyway, too bad that it's only you here. If your brother were here too, this old man would be afraid. Well, since you got only yourself here, haha, don't do things that can make you lose your face." 

Bei Si just laughed, and didn’t answer him. 

The reason why he came here was just to see if he could have a chance to rescue Shi Yan in time. He didn’t want to risk his life against Yu Li Ming. If the situation turned to be the extreme, at least, he could leave the scene alone safely. He had this confidence. Thus, he was just standing there to watch the play with an indifferent complexion. 

"You have nothing to do with this. I’m not interested in risking my life against you Banners. If you leave now, I won’t be bothered." 

As Yu Li Ming saw Bei Si’s idle calm, he was secretly alert, since he didn’t know what the other had. Thus, the poisonous man didn’t want to mess with Bei Si. 

"I’ve pa.s.sed here by chance. Well, I just want to see your deeds. I don’t want to interfere. You can do what you want. I’m just standing here and watching. Ignore me if you will." Bei Si smiled and took a step backward, indicating that he wasn’t going to get involved.

Yu Li Ming smiled coldly, "Harrumph!" He used his Soul Consciousness to sense again. This time, he confirmed that he could find only Bei Si here. The old man nodded, "You should be honest. Otherwise, no matter who you are, I’m not showing any mercy." 

"Why you’re talking so much?" Shi Yan said with an impatient countenance, urging him. "Old dog, are you done yet?" 

Yu Li Ming put on a ferocious face, grinned to his ears and jumped off his toad all of a sudden. He opened his mouth and spurted a purple beam of light, shooting toward the horizon. 

The gray cloud covering the forest got hit, and it seemed that the purple light had dissolved some barrier in there. Dew started to drip down from the clouds. Each drop of this kind of dew seemed to contain poison, piercing through the leaves and peeling off the barks. The atmosphere quieted down immediately. 

"It’s toxic!"

Bing Qing Tong let out a low shout. Light rippled out from her jade-white hand as the Ice stone sparkled, expanding from her hand to defend against the poisonous dew. 

Shuang Yu Zhu acted the same. She activated her Ice Jade Technique, and snowflakes fluttered, covering her appealing body. 

Bei Si was calm, lifting his head to look at the gray-ash cloud. A ruthless aura emitted from his body, creating an invisible shield and separating the poisonous water. 

Shi Yan urged his Dark Light Shield.

Dot Dot Dot! 

When the toxic dew hit his Dark Light Shield, the shield he had condensed from his Profound Qi was soon eroded. The toxic dew then turned into poisonous gray steam, meandering in the air. The negative feelings deep inside his heart started to stir, expanding along with that poison, discreetly affecting his soul and spirit. This generated the evil thought of destroying all creatures in his head. 

"Not good!"

Shaking inside, Shi Yan suddenly reacted. Although this water could erode things, it wasn’t its best feature. The poisonous water diffused the smoke, with was the main killing weapon.

He hadn't touched anything and the toxic hadn't got to his body through his skin yet. But still, it could stir up the evil thought in his mind. The toxic smoke could enter his soul and spirit!

"My Vanish Mind Smoke aims for the spirit and soul. It can draw the evil things in your hearts. As long as you have seven emotions and six desires, you will lose your mind sooner or later. Sinister intentions will be born, and in the end, I will seize your mind. Except for the True G.o.d Realm warriors who have the divine soul, all creatures will be affected." 

Yu Li Ming laughed contentedly, "I can also use the secret technique to rouse any desire of your seven emotions and six desires to the acme. It will enable you to do things you don’t even dare to think about it in daily life. Interesting, huh? Haha… I want to see you get aroused to the peak. The more you resist, the stronger the backlash is. Taste it." 

As he finished, it seemed a strong Soul Consciousness Intent Domain was poured into the gray mist. Under this sort of Intent Domain, the Vanish Mind Smoke gained some mysterious energies as it could stir up the pa.s.sion concealed at the bottom of people’s hearts. 

"Seems like I have to subdue you sooner." 

Shi Yan took a deep breath and grinned fiendishly. His finger stroked the Blood Vein Ring, sending through his thought.

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