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Chapter 51 The Martial Spirit Palace
There were five floors in the Martial Spirit Palace of the Shi Family.
Every floor was named after the cultivation levels and each floor held the Martial Skill books corresponding to that cultivation level.
On the first and the second floor were Martial Skills of the Mortal Level. Generally, Elementary Level warriors would choose from the Martial Skills on the first floor, while Nascent Level warriors would choose the books on the second floor.
On the third and fourth floor were the Martial Skills of the Profound Level. Human Level warriors would go to the third floor and Disaster Level warriors to the fourth floor.
The fifth floor of the Martial Spirit Palace held the sole Spirit Level Martial Skill of the Shi Family.
But this floor was exclusively for the family head, Shi Jian, who occasionally went up there.
The Spirit Level Martial Skill was so special that even the Ministers of the Shi Family didn’t have a chance to look at it. Only the Shi descendants who reached the Earth Level would have the chance to train with it.
However, among the Shi descendants, Shi Yang had reached the highest level, but was only at the Third Sky of the Disaster Level. He was still one step away from the Earth Level.
Shi Jian led Shi Yan directly to the Martial Spirit Palace.
In front of the Martial Spirit Palace, an old woman with wrinkles all over her face bowed as she saw Shi Jian, “Family head.”
This old woman was named Yun Luo, an old Minister of the Shi Family. Like Han Feng, she was also a Nirvana Level warrior of the First Sky. It was said that she was even older than Shi Jian. She was already a Minister when Shi Jian was a little boy.
She had stayed in the Shi Family for decades and was trusted by Shi Jian, so she was a.s.signed to guard the Martial Spirit Palace.
“I will help Shi Yan choose his Martial skills.” Shi Jian strode to the door, turned and ordered Han Feng and Yang Hai, “You two wait here for a moment.”
Han Feng and Yang Hai nodded together.
Yun Luo stepped away for Shi Jian and Shi Yan to enter the palace. And as soon as they entered it, she stood at the door and nodded at Han Feng with a weird expression.

During the past few days, Shi Yan was closely protected by Shi Jian and stayed in the Gravity Room day and night.

Not to mention Yun Luo, even the relatives of Shi Family didn’t know much about Shi Yan’s latest achievements.

And now Shi Jian had taken him to the Martial Spirit Palace to choose Martial skills in person, which means Shi Yan was officially a warrior!

Yun Luo knew about Shi Yan. She knew that this young master didn’t possess a Martial Spirit and was not into Martial Arts as a kid. Now he was seventeen and turned out to be a warrior. This was too abnormal!

Thus, Yun Luo was confused.

As she couldn’t figure it out, Yun Luo looked to Han Feng in suspicion, but Han Feng shook his head, implying that he couldn’t explain.

Yun Luo was even more confused, but didn’t ask anymore. She stood at the door and began to think.

If it was a normal day, she would have closed the iron door and followed the visitor into the Martial Spirit Palace, in case they went into an unsuitable floor.

But this time Shi Jian took Shi Yan there in person, so she didn’t need to be too cautious.


“There are eighteen Mortal Level Martial Skills on the first and the second floor, eight Profound Level Martial Skills on the third floor, and four Profound Level Martial Skills on the fourth floor. Now that you are at the Third Sky of Nascent Level, you can go up to the second floor directly.”

Shi Jian briefly explained to Shi Yan and took him directly to the second floor.
On the walls of every floor of the Martial Spirit Palace, there were several stone grooves. In each of these grooves, there was a book on Martial Skills.
The grooves were covered with green crystals, at the center of which was a small key hole. A piece of paper beside the keyhole briefly introduced the Martial Skill located in each groove.
After walking around the second floor, Shi Yan found that at least ten Martial Skills of the eighteen Martial Skills were ordinary and were trained by many Mercenaries and warriors, such as Kinmo’s ‘Star Fist’.
The other eight Martial Skills were rarely seen outside, but their power and training process seemed quite simple to Shi Yan.

Deep down, Shi Yan was someone who loved a challenge, who loved the process in solving a problem.

Therefore, after walking around on the second floor, Shi Yan shook his head, “Big Grandpa, the Martial Skills on this floor are too boring. Let’s go upstairs.”

If it was one year ago, Shi Yan couldn’t have talked to Shi Jian like this.

But Shi Yan had demonstrated his Immortal Martial Spirit, which gave him the right to do what he wanted.
To him, only the mysterious Martial Spirit was important to him, so he wouldn’t say a word about it to anyone.
But the Immortal Martial Spirit was far from a secret, and only by showing it to others could he gain more privileges in Shi Family and receive more training from Shi Jian.
As he possessed twin Martial Spirits, Shi Jian would tolerate anything.
As expected, Shi Jian didn’t show any disagreement. He was a little hesitant as he grunted, “You are a mere Nascent Level warrior. It’s not a good thing to train in Profound Level Martial Skills.”

“Am I an average person? You see, though I’ve just reached Nascent Level, my Petrification has already reached the Second Stage. Beside, I possess the ability to quickly recover which others don’t have. The average person may be not suitable to train in Profound Level Martial Skills as my level, but maybe I am.”

Hearing upon this, Shi Jian was surprised and he nodded, “Well, you have a point. Let’s go upstairs.”

One after another, mysterious Martial Skill were laid in the grooves. If Shi Yan showed any interest in a Martial Skill, Shi Jian would patiently explain its features and training process to him.

“Great, the Martial Skills on the third floor are much more interesting!” Shi Jian kept nodding his head, and he quickly noted all the Profound Level Martial Skills on the third floor in his heart. After a while, he said, “Let’s go to the fourth floor now.”

“Ok, I will give you a detailed explanation of the four Martial Skills on the fourth floor. You are different from those common people, so I can explain them in advance.”

Shi Jian then took Shi Yan to the fourth floor.

As they got to the fourth floor, Shi Jian walked to a groove directly. “This is ‘Star Net’, which can turn one’s Profound Qi into light and weave it into a star net. This star net can directly restrain the enemy’s Profound Qi so he can’t use it at all.”

“That’s amazing!”

“Well. It’s currently beyond your ability. This Martial Skill requires very dense Profound Qi and complete control of your Profound Qi. You are too far away from it!”

Shi Jian was very strict. He sneered and walked to another groove, “This is ‘Desert Prints’, which can produce thousands of hand prints from all directions and block the enemy’s movement, pushing them to fight you directly. We of the Shi Family have a special Martial Spirit, and used in conjunction with ‘Desert Prints’, we can release our ability to the fullest. This ‘Desert Prints’ is the perfect match for our Petrification Martial Spirit!”

“This is great too.”

“Well, it’s also beyond your ability. You can’t train with it before you reach Disaster Level, for the same reasons as before. How can you block people from all directions if you can’t even release a hand print?”

“What’s the next one?”
“It’s ‘Dark Moon Shadow’. When trained to the highest state, your body would turn into an untouchable shadow. It’s not easy either. It requires a high level and the help of the energy of Disaster Level. So just forget about it.”

“This is the last groove.”
Shi Jian exclaimed as he seemed to find something. His eyes brightened and then he paused, “This Martial Skill trains one’s fingers. Once you complete it, your fingers will be as sharp as knives and can pierce the enemy’s body easily. It’s very easy to defeat an enemy and completely shatter him after training in this Martial Skill. Combined with our Petrification Martial Spirit, it has an extremely strong power.”

“I’m intrigued about this one!” Shi Yan was surprised, “Any special requirements?”
“There are. But it seems you are very suitable for it.” Shi Jian said after hesitation, “To train with the Finger Gun, one needs to reach the second stage of Petrification and have the dark light first. Thus he won’t break his fingers while training. Hmm, you can train with it.”

“Then I choose this one.” Shi Yan said decisively.
Shi Jian gazed at Shi Yan with a weird look and sank in deep thought.

“What’s wrong? Anything else?” Shi Yan felt a little anxious.
“Kid, you really want to train with this Finger Gun?” Shi Jian took a deep breath and looked abnormal.

“What’s the problem?”
“You can train with it at a very fast speed and your Immortal Martial Spirit would be used to its fullest.” Shi Yan paused then continued speaking, “But it’s a hideous process to train the Finger Gun! It’s much harder than slamming your body into the mace! It’s complete torture! You really want to try it? Not those Elementary Martial Skills?”

“Ok, then I will tell to the process to train the Finger Gun. Your fingers will become very sharp after you finish the training process. But it’s torture to get there...”


A day later, in the Gravity Room.
Out of seven gravity pillars, six were covered by the skins of a fifth-level demon beast, the Silver Snake. The skin could negate the gravity, so the gravity was currently two times normal.
Beside the only pillar not covered by the snake skin, Shi Yan was positioned upside down, supported by the index finger of his left hand.

This thin index finger was supporting his whole body weight, which was twice as heavy due to the increased gravity.
His index finger was trembling slightly and seemed about to break at anytime.

Shi Yan’s face was as red as a lobster. The muscles on his left arm were quivering and the veins were shaking like small snakes which were trying to force their way out of his skin.

Extreme pain came from his fingertip to his heart!

It felt like numerous needles were stabbing into his finger. The pain stroked his nerves like waves and he was about to break down.

Endure it!
Shi Yan gritted his teeth and blood was about to gush out of his face. As he was positioned upside down, his blood had flowed down into his head which was intolerable.

Five minutes.

Shi Yan was about to break down after only five minutes.
The pain from his finger almost made him give up. It would have broken if it wasn’t petrified.

Carry on!

Six minutes! Seven minutes!
When it came to the eighth minute, Shi Yan was at the edge of breaking down, and his consciousness began to dim...

Just then!
All sorts of negative emotions exploded in the meridians of his head all at once.

All the negative emotions gushed into his mind crazily!

‘Rampage’ had been triggered.

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