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Miasma Cloud Wetland in the South of the Ice emperor city. 

Toxic miasma was like a colorful cloud that covered the bog year round. Inside the bog, countless poisonous beasts and insects showed themselves here and there. Dense toxic flies buzzed everywhere. No need to mention the ordinary residents, even if warriors at low realms met those toxic flies, they would hardly survive. 

In the land in the middle of the Miasma Cloud Wetland were many buildings and greeneries, where all kinds of poisonous herbs with strange, malicious appearances were planted. Toxic smoke fumed out from those plants. Many giant worms stayed near the poisonous herbs to take in the toxic smoke and cultivate. 

The Miasma Cloud Wetland was the base of the Ning family of Heaven Temple.

The precursors of the Ning family were the disciples of the Five Poison Sect, in which he had learned to cultivate poisonous techniques. Later on, they had depended on the Heaven Temple and the secrets they had learned from the Sect to create a dual cultivating method of using potions in their martial arts. Each member of the Nings not only had a profound realm and mysterious techniques, they also knew how to tame and use poisonous insects. 

Warriors of the Nings were all hotshots who were good at using potions. More dangerously, they were friends with toxic beasts and insects. Some of them even could use the toxic miasma to break through, fusing their Profound Qi with the toxic air, which helped them become poisonous warriors.

The reason for the Ning family to become one of the peak clans of the Heaven Temple was that they had the formidable poisonous techniques. During the battle, if their enemies had a moment of being carelessness, the toxins would get into their bodies instantly. Soon, they would lose their fighting abilities, which would facilitate the Nings in killing them easily. 

The Ning family was strong because of their tremendous poisonous techniques. 

The toxic green vapor was as thick as dense clouds, meandering above the Ning family without dispersing. An aura that numbed people's spirits flooded the Nings' territory. Warriors who intruded the area had to take each step with fear. Perhaps they were killed because of the poison before they could even reach the family's territory.

Although Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing had a Spirit Realm cultivation base, they didn't dare to underestimate the place. They had to release the cold air to create an icy frost cage around their bodies, in order to prevent the poison that they could see with their naked eyes from entering their bodies. 

This wasn’t the first time Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing had visited this place. They had just arrived when a Ning family’s warrior wearing a somber face greeted them and led them to a wide, clean place which didn’t have the toxic air. 

"Elder Han and Elder Leng have visited our simple house, it’s our honor… Haha." Ning Luo Han smiled, signaling his servants to bring them tea. "Which important business do you want to discuss here this time? I had sent seven soldiers, but none of them have come back. Don’t tell me that they died under Bing Qing Tong’s hands."

Ning Luo Han had the First Sky of Spirit Realm cultivation base. He was one of the managers of the Ning family. His blood brother, Ning Du Quan was the current master of the Ning family, whose cultivation base was at the Third Sky of Spirit Realm. He had secluded in a secret place inside the Miasma Cloud Wetland to cultivate his poisonous technique year round. People rumored that he was about to master the Ning family's Seven-colored Poisonous Technique. 

Although Ning Du Quan was the head of the family, he had rarely put his hands into the family’s businesses. If it weren’t a crucial matter, members of the family wouldn’t disturb him either.

"A young man with the Ice Cold Flame has come to our Ice emperor city." Han Cui smiled and spoke up naturally. "You know how important the Ice Cold Flame is to people who cultivate ice cold technique like us. We’re here personally to ask for the power of the Nings to please that young man and his Ice Cold Flame."

"Ice Cold Flame!"

Ning Luo Han’s eyes brightened. He shouted, with his face stiff, "What realm does he have? You two aren’t sure that you could defeat him?"

He also knew that Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing were the kinds of people with greed and detachable thoughts. If they knew a man in the Ice emperor with the Ice Cold Flame, how could they control themselves?

"Yeah, we don't want to conceal anything. That boy has just the Second Sky of Sky Realm, but he does not only have the Ice Cold Flame, he also has another extremely hot heaven flame. We don't know what it is though." Han Cui forced a smile, shaking her head, "The Ice Cold Flame belongs to the cold cla.s.s, and that scorching flame’s totally opposite. But they both live together with that boy. I think he should have some big backup. Perhaps he’s the dear disciple of those old monsters. We don’t dare to take action rashly." 

Ning Luo Han had his face slightly change on hearing the woman. 

In the Divine Great Land, those old monsters hadn’t shown themselves regularly, but everyone knew of their magical, divine powers that could pierce through the sky and the earth. Their true line disciples, of course, were extraordinary. Each of them had a seal in their souls when them came to civilian society. When they encountered something unexpected, the monsters behind them would be notified shortly. 

If they messed up with those old monsters, not only the Ice emperor city wouldn't be safe, the Ning family wouldn't live in peace either. 

"If he’s the disciple of one of those monsters, this matter will be tough to deal with." Ning Luo Han contemplated, his face solemn. He weighed the matter for a while and then spoke up, "What are you going to do?"
"I heard that the Ning family has someone who has a deep understanding of soul restraint. He has a profound technique in using soul seals. If we can ask him to help, when we eliminate that kid, we can also destroy the seal of his teacher in his soul. I think it shouldn't be a big deal then." 

Leng Dan Qing held a smiling face. Her jade-like hand lifted the gla.s.s of wine and toasted towards Ning Luo Han, "We just need the Ice Cold Flame. We don't want anything else on that kid. At this moment, we only know that he has another kind of scorching heaven flame. We're not sure if he has other things. But I think he has more treasures for sure." 

Ning Luo Han showed that he was moved on hearing the other. But he didn’t agree with her immediately, frowning in his thoughts. Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing didn’t intervene in his thoughts either, just looking at him with hopes in their eyes while waiting for his decision. 

What they should have spoken, they had already done. The situation was clear now. If they needed to take action, it would be risky, although things looked positive. Ning Luo Han wasn’t an idiot. He had it clear as to which part he should play. 

Under Han Cui’s and Leng Dan Qing’s attentive looks, Ning Luo Han was hesitant. 

A long while after that, he took a deep breath, "That man doesn't belong to our Ning family. He needs to practice the poisonous technique, which is why he came to the Miasma Cloud Wetland. We treat him as our distinguished guest. We can't force him. In this business, we will just support you guys. If he doesn't want to give a hand, I don't dare to force."

"We’ve bothered you much," Han Cui said with her tender face. 

"I’ll go talk him into this."

Ning Luo Han stood up, "You guys sit here and enjoy tea. I’ll be right back." 

Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing nodded.

A long while later… 

At the moment, Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing had started to get impatient, when Ning Luo Han came back alone. His facial expression was complicated, as he furrowed his brows tightly and took a sip of his tea. It seemed he was choosing the words to speak out.

"How is it?" Leng Dan Qing leaned her softy body forward, showing that she was in a hurry. 

"He said that the risk is big. If that kid is the true line disciple of those old monsters and he wants to remove the seal in the soul, the price he has to pay will not be small." Ning Luo Han drank his tea, his face a little bit odd. "However, he also said that if you guys can show your goodwill, he can take the risk once."

"What goodwill does he want?" Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing spoke in unison. 

Ning Luo Han’s eyes wandered on the bodies of the two beautiful women while flickering. A few minutes later, he said, "One of you two, if you agree to spend the night with him, he will take the risk. Moreover, besides the Ice Cold Flame, all the treasures that kid has would belong to him."

Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing became cold in rage. They snorted at the same time.

"I know that you guys are cultivating the Ice Jade Technique. Unless you’ve mastered the technique, you have to stay pure. Once you’ve lost your purity, your cultivation will become strenuous, with many risks and a high possibility of bedevilment. That’s why you are all virgins. Although you look naughty, you always keep yourself pure."

Ning Luo Han could guess that the women would get enraged. He tried speaking nicely, "I know it’s difficult to you, so I negotiated with him. But he isn’t reasonable. Once he says his words, he won’t change a bit. However, if you can get the Ice Cold Flame, the extremely cold treasure, even if you have to lose your virginity, it shouldn’t be a big deal for you to push your Ice Jade Technique to the peak. You should think about it in a positive way."

Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing stiffened their cold faces and gritted their ivory teeth while weighing pros and cons. 

Ning Luo Han’s eyes were contemplating, but they were also raking over the tender, soft bodies of the two women. However, his face was calm, and he didn’t utter a word. 

He knew how important the Ice Cold Flame was to them. If they could have the Ice Cold Flame, their path of cultivation would be lit up. Within ten years, they could enter the nex realm. Spending fifty years to enter the True G.o.d Realm wasn’t just a dream anymore. He knew it would be tough for these two women to give up the Ice Cold Flame. 

A long, long time after that, Han Cui took a deep breath, as her firm milky-white bosom bounced. Her beautiful eyes looked at Ning Luo Han as she was trying to press down the disdain in her heart, asking coldly. "Can he be 100% sure? If he can promise that nothing unexpected will happen and he can solve everything properly, I, I can satisfy him for one night." 

"Haha, I have the Third Sky of Spirit Realm cultivation base. If I take the risk and damage my soul to solve the seal cast by a True G.o.d Realm warrior, I'm certain about that." 

A hoa.r.s.e voice came from outside. They, then saw an old man riding an ugly giant toad, slowly appearing from the swamp far from them. 

Even an elephant was smaller than the toad he was riding. The giant toad had eight shimmering silver line patterns on its back, while its whole body was covered with grey bubbles. Those bubbles even had small holes from where toxic smoke fumed out, leaving the squishy venom, which looked gross to the extreme.

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