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"According to the legends, our Ba family is the descendant of the Great Vigor G.o.d King. We have the Gold Blood and the Great Vigor Martial Spirit. Once the G.o.d Blood Chains are activated by the G.o.d Bloodline Key, the Great Vigor Martial Spirit will enter the new realm of a new world. The cultivating path will be smoother than what we could ever wish for." Ba Fei said proudly. 

"It’s true. In the Antiquity Era, the Great Vigor G.o.d King, the Thunder G.o.d King, and the Immortal G.o.d King were all famous. They were the prominent hotshots of the previous era. The three Great G.o.d Kings had a close relationship. They walked together and supported each other. We can say that they were the best, rigid allies." The Ice Cold Flame sent an interesting message to Shi Yan from the Blood Vein Ring. It seemed very surprised. 

In the Antiquity Era, many G.o.d Kings appeared, and they were also divided into many parties. The Immortal G.o.d King, the Great Vigor G.o.d King, and the Thunder G.o.d King belonged to one party, ruling an area. A long time ago, the rumors said that in the very last battle, the G.o.d Kings took all they had to kill each other. No one ever knew why though. 

In the end, the Immortal G.o.d King, the Great Vigor G.o.d King, and the Thunder G.o.d King lost the battle. Even at the breaking dawn of the next era, the parties and allies of the Three Great G.o.d Kings hadn’t recovered. Due to their defeat, they couldn’t take the main control of the Grace Mainland. Today’s seven ancient factions of the Grace Mainland were the descendants of the G.o.d Kings who had won the battle. 

Afterward, the descendants of the Immortal G.o.d King, the Great Vigor G.o.d King, and the Thunder G.o.d King weren’t famous in the Grace Mainland. It seemed that they were restrained. 

As they both belonged to the defeated party, and the descendants of the G.o.d Kings, after Shi Yan saw the Vigor King G.o.d’s Gold Blood, he was astounded. He gulped and said, "I’ll help you take that G.o.d Bloodline key!" 

Ba Si Teng and Ba Fei were surprised. 

"Rest a.s.sured, after I’ve unlocked the G.o.d Bloodline Chains, I will become stronger, and will repay your favor!" Ba Si Teng promised. 

"Can you let me check your body?"

Shi Yan opened his heart immediately. He wanted to confirm whether Ba Si Teng was a real descendant of the Great Vigor G.o.d King. 


Ba Si Teng wasn’t hesitant. He extended his arms to Shi Yan, signaling that Shi Yan should check him out. Shi Yan didn’t say anything. He stepped forward and held the man’s arm, using his Soul Consciousness to enter the man’s body. 

As soon as his Soul Consciousness got into Ba Si Teng’s body, Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness was stirred up grumblingly, his face fearful. 

Inside Ba Si Teng’s body, a malicious blood was seen running. He could vaguely see a long, thin chain radiating a golden halo. The chains appeared in the veins of his entire body, which locked his blood veins and meridians. The strange thing was that after Shi Yan had sent his Soul Consciousness into his body, the chains created by the G.o.d Power suddenly moved. 

A wild, furious energy shot out like a raging flood. 

All of a sudden, gold halo covered Ba Si Teng’s left fist, and blood gushed out instantly. 

The golden light pierced out from the inside of his body, which made Shi Yan’s face grimace as if ten thousand electric snakes were twisting and nibbling inside his whole body. This severe pain seemed to be able to explode his Sea of Consciousness. 


Shi Yan retrieved his b.l.o.o.d.y left hand. His face had a great change as he couldn't help but scream. 

"I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that would happen," Ba Si Teng was a bit anxious as he explained quickly. Ba Fei’s face discolored. She hurried to storm over, attempting to wrap up Shi Yan’s wound. 

However, when she approached Shi Yan, she saw that the wounds on his hand were recovering with the speed that naked eyes could observe. 

Ba Fei dropped her jaws.

In just a short while, the open wounds on his hands were restored, leaving no trace. 

Ba Si Teng was dumbfounded. "What…what’s going on?"

"It’s destined. You and I have met up here probably because of the divine intervention." Shi Yan mused then smiled. "Ba-ge, does your family’s teachings say anything about the Immortal and the Thunder G.o.d Kings?" 

Ba Si Teng shook his head. "Our Ba family has only my sister and me here. The rumors have been changing for a long time. I only know some legends about my family. The Ba family has never heard anything about the Immortal and the Thunder G.o.d Kings."

"Your Ba family and I share the same origin." Shi Yan sighed ruefully. "In the Antiquity Era, the Three Great G.o.d Kings had their names well known as heroes. But they all have declined now. The Yang family’s still good. They had left the Grace Mainland’s stage, but at least they still have remained in the Endless Sea. The Ba family couldn't endure that. I didn’t expect that Ba family has only you two now." 

Ba Si Teng and Ba Fei were bewildered.

"I have the Immortal Martial Spirit. Just consider me the descendant of the Immortal G.o.d King. Together with the Great Vigor Martial Spirit of the Ba family and the Thunder Martial Spirit of the Lei family, we have the Antiquity Era Three G.o.d Souls."

"They're the Spirit level martial spirits!" 

Hearing him, Ba Si Teng and Ba Fei were struck with shock, looking at him with astonishment. 

"In the Antiquity Era, the Immortal G.o.d King, the Great Vigor G.o.d King, and the Thunder G.o.d King were on the same side. They lost the last battle, and at that moment, the Three Great Kings fell, and their bloodlines gradually declined…" Shi Yan’s countenance darkened as he told them the truth from the ancient times.

Ba Si Teng and Ba Fei listened to him attentively and were quite surprised. 

This was the secret of the antiquity. The Ba family had lost its inheritance together with the deaths of their ancestors. The legends related to that era had lost in the long river of history. If they hadn’t b.u.mped into Shi Yan today, this pair of brother and sister would never know anything. 

"So, we actually had the great luck today to find the most suitable one!"

Ba Fei's face brightened with joy. The problem they had had for years was solved today in a more dramatic way. 

"Are you sure that the G.o.d Blood Key is in the City Master’s palace?" Shi Yan frowned, asking them. 

"I can confirm it because I can sense it," Ba Si Teng nodded. "I heard that it requires an extremely cold place to preserve the G.o.d Blood Key. When the very first City Master of the Ice Emperor went to collect the Cold Jade Gra.s.s in the cold snowy mountains, she found the G.o.d Blood Key by chance. Without the knowledge about the G.o.d Blood of my Ba family, she couldn't know what the G.o.d Blood Key is. She kept it as a small decoration in the Ice Emperor’s treasure. No one visits it, and no one knows it’s the miraculous G.o.d Blood Key."

"Oh, it is like that." Shi Yan contemplated, then smiled. "Seems your destiny has set this all up. Haha. The Ice Emperor’s City Master and the three Elders are begging for my favor. It shouldn't be a big deal to ask for the G.o.d Blood Key to help you guys. We should wait for a while. After they’ve discussed the matter, they will come to me."

"Shi-ge, why do the four ice flowers of the Ice Emperor have to beg for your favor?" Ba Si Teng was astounded. 

"Haha," Shi Yan smiled, "I have the thing they want, which they will give up anything else to have. With this backup, I think they will give in." 

The brother and sister were astonished. 

 "How are the four great warriors of the Ice Emperor City?" Shi Yan thought, and then inquired. 

"The City Master Bing Qing Tong’s a woman of discipline. Although she’s a little bit arrogant and cold, she treats the other warriors in the city fairly. She strives for a friendly relationship with the foreign cities. She won’t cause a war on her own. This woman is clever. Under her management, although the Ice Emperor is still the worst city among the seven cities of the Fighting Union, it has some signs of thriving."

It seemed Ba Fei understood the situation of the city well. She slowly informed them, "Han Cui has big wild schemes. She isn’t contented with the elder position. She always wanted to take the throne of the City Master Bing Qing Tong. Three years ago, Han Cui finally entered the Second Sky of Spirit Realm, which is the same as Bing Qing Tong. Years ago, she failed the challenge to become the City Master, and now, she wants to take it back." 

"How about Leng Dan Qing and Shuang Yu Zhu?" 

"Leng Dan Qing has deep schemes. She’s in charge of communicating with the other forces around Ice Emperor. I heard that she has good relationships with those forces. Since her realm’s one level lower than the others, she doesn’t have the wild thoughts to replace Bing Qing Tong. Anyway, she has a good relationship with Han Cui, so she would tilt on her side. Rumors say that Leng Dan Qing has persuaded Han Cui that once she can take the position of the City Master, she will make the Ice Emperor City exit the Fighting Union. It seems she has found a new backup for the Ice Emperor City." 

"Shuang Yu Zhu rarely appears. She’s tender, and wants to maintain the current status. She doesn’t like the way Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing work. That year, when their adoptive mother was still alive, she and the others didn’t get along well. Shuang Yu Zhu was the last one the City Master had adopted. When she was young, Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing often bullied her, and Bing Qing Tong had protected her. She will definitely be on the same side as Bing Qing Tong." Ba Fei briefed the city’s situation. 

Shi Yan listened to her with great interest. He didn’t expect that the four beautiful women had been engaging in a fierce compet.i.tion. Seemed like the saying that wars happened where people dwelled was indeed true.


At this moment, Shi Yan suddenly raised his brows. He opened the window, looking at a pair of sisters across, his face surprised. 

Bing Qiang and Bing Wei, these two girls were standing in front of the inn, their faces smiling. It seemed they were searching for something.

As they saw Shi Yan, the two beautiful sisters had their eyes lit while waving at him. 

Shi Yan was surprised.

Not long after that, they stopped in front of their room and gently knocked the door. 

Opening the door, Shi Yan frowned while looking at the two girls and said coldly, "Are you coming for me?" 

"Mother sent us to tell you that you should be careful these days. Someone would trouble you." Bing Qiang observed the surroundings to see if anyone was near. Then, she pressed her voice down. She gave Ba Si Teng and his sister a skeptical look, but when she found that they only had the Nirvana Realm cultivation base, she relaxed a little bit. 

"Who’s your mother?"

"The leader of the Ice Emperor." 

"Okay. I got it. You guys can go now." 

"Be careful. I heard that Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing have left the city. They must have gone seeking help. My mother said that if you aren't so sure, you should leave the city. We can talk later about that ice chamber. If you don't leave now, it'll be more troublesome."

Bing Wei couldn’t hide her thoughts as she hurriedly gave him advice. Shi Yan nodded as he squinted his eyes, "Thanks for your warning. I got it."

The two sisters didn’t talk more, slightly bent over and then left.

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