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According to common sense, each kind of heaven flame acknowledged only one master. It was rare that a warrior could have two different types of heaven flame. 

The warrior who wanted to fuse with a heaven flame had the restriction in his soul and body. Once he could fuse with the heaven flame, his power would skyrocket ma.s.sively. Moreover, he could gain the special features of the heaven flame. However, it was difficult for heaven flames to fuse with each other. 

The Ice Cold Flame was an icy cold, chilling to the bone flame, while the Earth Flame was a blazing flame. They were totally opposite in nature. It was almost impossible to combine them, as it was naturally repelling. 

That was why the four were frightened on knowing Shi Yan also had the Earth Flame on his body. 

The one who could keep two opposite heaven flames on his body should be an earth-shaking genius. Otherwise, it was impossible. 

The Earth Flame suddenly showed itself, which subdued Bing Qing Tong and Han Cui completely, oppressing their calculation. 

At this moment, Bing Qing Tong, Han Cui, Leng Dan Qing, and Shuang Yu Zhu didn’t dare to look down on Shi Yan anymore, even if he only had the Sky Realm cultivation base. 

The heaven flames weren’t dumb. In some aspects, they were much smarter than human beings. 

If Shi Yan didn't have anything special, why would these opposite flames make him their master? Of course, they didn't know the real relationship between the Earth Flame, the Ice Cold Flame, and Shi Yan. 

When treating the two heaven flames, Shi Yan wasn't tyrannically overbearing to occupy them. On the contrary, he had put his mind in the relationship, using his good friendship and close-concern to get their approval. He didn't consider them his slave to squeeze off their energy, but helped them grow with his ability. 

It was also the reason why the Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame didn’t leave him even though they had had the chance. They all chose to stay with him, thriving their powers together with his experience and growth. This was a deep acknowledgment. 

As soon as the Earth Flame appeared, it had released hundreds of wisps of flame to burn the cold air into smoke. The fiery energy slaughtered inside the 20x gravity room, heating up the whole place. 

The Ice Cold Flame hadn’t shown its power yet, still floating next to Shi Yan, waiting for something. 


Han Cui took in a breath of hot air, her face surprised and discontented. Her hands that were gathering and condensing the cold air suddenly retreated, as cold air retreated little by little. 

Leng Dan Qing retreated continually, keeping a safe distance from Shi Yan. Her face was solemn as she gritted her teeth, regretting inside. 

She shouldn't have been that rash. 

Leng Dan Qing wasn’t in a good mood, coldly looking at Bing Qing Tong. Now she knew that her big sister was really experienced and cunning. It wasn’t because she was a coward that she had held down her powers. She had sensed something abnormal here. 

Leng Dan Qing’s cold sweat rolled down as she was thinking. This Sky Realm boy wasn't afraid of the four Spirit Realm warriors, even though he was in the others' territory. It wasn't because he was dull-witted, but because of his absolute confidence. 

It wasn't good to be the one who stood out in a crowd indeed. 

Thoughts flickered quickly in her head as Leng Dan Qing immediately had her counter plan. She tried to beam a forced smile and laughed reluctantly. "Ah, I just wanted to see what special stuff you have. Haha, you didn’t fail me, indeed. Now I know you’re excellent."

Leng Dan Qing paused for a while then continued her begrudging laughter, "If you don't mind, will you come to my palace to take a rest? We can discuss anything. I was a bit rash previously. Later on, I will take three gla.s.ses to make up my fault. How is it?" 

Han Cui also smiled, "Third sister and I are both interested in you, little brother. Where are you from? Who’s your master? Could you tell us so we can have a better arrangement to welcome you?"

After they recognized the uncommonness in Shi Yan, Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing knew that using force wasn’t practical at all. They then started to be polite and get to know his origin.

Bing Qing Tong and Shuang Yu Zhu had their beautiful eyes twinkled, looking at him. Apparently, they were also interested in this matter.

This young Sky Realm warrior not only had the Ice Cold Flame, but also the Earth Flame. It was impossible if he said that he had no earth-shaking force to watch his back. 

Although the seven ancient factions on the Divine Great Land were legitimate as the seven strongest forces, countless other old monsters had been secluding, cultivating in their places in the toxic lands. They perhaps didn't show themselves for hundreds of years. Those warriors were formidable and had truly divine abilities. It could be said that they were the most unpredictable existences in the Divine Great Land.

If the Divine Great Land didn’t have a great change, these old monsters would not appear. Other ordinary warriors didn’t even know about their existence, and only considered the seven old factions as the only gathering places of warriors in the entire Divine Great Land. 

Bing Qing Tong was the master of the Ice Emperor City, and she wasn’t dull-witted. Of course, she knew about those old monsters who were as strong as the hotshots of the seven ancient factions. She also knew that those people had strange a temperament, and they would hide their fellows’ shortcomings at all cost. If they were careless and messed up with those monsters’ successors, they would bombard them with endless troubles. 

Thirty years ago, an elder of the Spirit Treasure Sect saw a young man holding a precious treasure in one of a treasures exhibition of the Spirit Treasure Sect. After the event was done, he followed that young man discreetly. He killed the man in a wild place where no one had witnessed it and took that precious treasure, whose value was high to the extreme. 

Half a month later, a strong warrior called Qi Tian the old man, a True G.o.d Realm warrior, came to the Spirit Treasure Sect. Right in front of the Sect Master of the Spirit Treasure Sect, he used a brutal strike to take out the soul and spirit of that elder. After that, he tortured the soul and spirit of that elder, who was at the Second Sky of Spirit Realm, for three days and nights before killing him. 

When the Sect Master of the Spirit Treasure Sect got to know the truth, he couldn’t do anything but keep silent. 

Although Qi Tian the old man and the Sect Master were both at the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm, the Old man had entered the realm one step ahead of the latter. He wasn't sure that he could defeat him. All he could do was to stand and stare at his underling’s terrible death. 

In the Divine Great Land, Qi Tian the Old Man didn't belong to any old factions. Warriors who whole-heartedly practiced for the Great Path weren’t in a small number. Many strong warriors who were rumored to be dead might appear at some point in between the course of a couple of hundred years. At that time, people would come to know that they were still alive! 

Those weird hotshots had earth-shaking cultivation bases. They often secluded themselves somewhere, and their successors operating in the world of martial arts wouldn't seem too dazzling. If someone didn’t investigate their origin before taking action against them to satisfy their greed, what awaited them were raging thunders.

At this moment, Bing Qing Tong, Han Cui, Leng Dan Qing, and Shuang Yu Zhu couldn’t help but consider Shi Yan as the descendant of that kind of an intimidating high-realm warrior. 

The four then looked at Shi Yan with fear. It seemed that they vaguely saw a phantom as heavy as a mountain dormant behind him.

Shi Yan burst out laughing, shook his head and said faintly, "I don’t have a teacher. I’ve just arrived at the Divine Great Land. I’m not familiar with anything here." 

This kid was good at concealing. 

Bing Qing Tong exchanged looks with the others. They were even more certain that Shi Yan’s background wasn’t ordinary. They became more cautious, throwing away the idea of s.n.a.t.c.hing the Ice Cold Flame from him. 

Some people from the mysterious, toxic lands traveling to the Divine Great Land would always hide their ident.i.ties. If they could form a good friendship with people like those, perhaps they could establish a relationship with their schools. This would bring an unimaginable benefit to the forces of the Divine Great Land. 

"I don’t want this precious Ice Cold Flame," Bing Qing Tong contemplated for a while before speaking up again. "The cultivating method I'm practicing requires the freezing environment. If you agree to help me, I will give a payment that will please you. I just need to borrow the Ice Cold Flame to create an acme of icy cold environment. What do you think?" 

"I also need it." 

Han Cui was stunned. She then exaggerated, "I can pay, too." Her eyes brightened while her delicate body swayed towards him. Her aroma permeated his nostrils even when she hadn’t approached him yet. "Little brother, come to my palace. I have the best wine and the most beautiful ladies. If you come, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed." 

Leng Dan Qing also smiled, walking together with Han Cui, one on the right and the other on the left as they walked towards Shi Yan. They stood next to him with hopes in their eyes. 

Bing Qing Tong and Han Cui were at the Second Sky of Spirit Realm, and the Jade Ice Technique they were cultivating currently had a bottleneck. If they could use the Ice Cold Flame to create an extremely cold chamber, their Jade Ice Technique would most likely breakthrough, and they would enter the next realm.

Although the Bitter Cold Land and the ice chamber they had built were chilled to the bone, it wasn't enough to train the Jade Ice Technique. If the ice chamber could reach the peak, they could see the true meaning of the ice and the coldness in their Jade Ice Technique. 

In the legends, when a warrior cultivated the Jade Ice Technique to the extreme, she could confine the s.p.a.ce around her to the absolute zero temperature, which even stopped time. 

Moreover, it was possible to create the vacuum environment, too, with the possibility of icy field exploding, that would affect any warrior entering this field. 

Their late teacher hadn’t cultivated her Jade Ice Technique to this level. However, she had left them a direction which said that if they wanted to cultivate to the peak where they could generate the absolute zero temperature, they had to understand this state and comprehend the intent domain of it. If they couldn't comprehend the state but only imagine it, they would never enter the said realm. 

According to the legends, the Ice Cold Flame, this heaven flame, was one of the rare, strange things that could create this absolute zero temperature ambiance. So, it wasn't hard to explain why they couldn't control themselves on seeing the Ice Cold Flame, getting to his location at all cost.

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