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"You have the Sky Realm cultivation base. According to our rules, you can whet your practice in the chambers where the gravity is seventy or eighty times greater. These degrees of gravity suit you the best."
The muscular man smiled amicably, flashing his white teeth, "My name's Ba Si Teng. I'm going to the 70x gravitational room. But I only am in the Nirvana Realm. It should be a little bit arduous. Later, when you come in, can you please keep an eye on me? I'll pay you. How about ten crystals of the high-quality Essence Qi?"

Challenging oneself in the gravitational field with high-multiple gravitational chamber would draw a certain degree of danger. Some even got unconscious under the high pressure. Since the chambers here were big and divided into many smaller rooms, if no one found them unconscious, they could die.

Also, in the same room, if someone hated one and hit them when they were unconscious, their death would come even faster.

The Ice Emperor City was responsible for providing the training courts only. Before the warriors got in, they would remind them the rules and the restraint simply. After the warriors got in the gravitational room, they wouldn't care anymore. If something bad happened there, they had no alternatives.

"Oh, I’m sorry. I’m not going to the 70x gravitational room." Shi Yan shook his head, pa.s.sing Ba Si Teng to the room which had twenty times greater gravity. He handed two medium quality crystals and then got in immediately.

Ba Si Teng and the hot-body woman were dumbstruck on looking at him enter the 20x gravitational room, their face stunned. 

"Such a freak. He obviously has the Sky Realm cultivation base, but he wants to enter that 20x room? Such a waste of time!" Ba Huo shook his head, not understanding the young man’s action. He thought that with that man’s cultivation realm, he could enter the room of at least seventy times greater gravity.

"Yeah, he’s strange. Hard to understand him though." Ba Si Teng also wore a surprised look. 

"Forget it, we'll watch over each other. Later when you cultivate, I will take care of you." Ba Huo mused and said. "When you don't feel well, just stop. We'll take turns to train. It should be no problem."

"Yeah, we can do that." Ba Si Teng didn’t want to waste time. The two of them identified the room then handed the fee, entering the room that had seventy times the gravity.

The twenty times gravity room was almost empty. The one-thousand-square-meter ice room had many giant icicles. All kinds of stone tables and steel-iron discs were there to train warriors’ power. There were many small holes in the walls of the room, which contained fresh water for the warriors to use.

This degree of gravitational chambers was suitable for Nascent Realm and Human Realm warriors to train their powers. Perhaps even the Second Sky and the Third Sky of Human Realm warriors disdained this place.

However today, it welcomed a Second Sky of Sky Realm warrior.

Right after he entered the room, Shi Yan with his Sky Realm cultivation base, under the circ.u.mstances that he didn’t urge his Profound Qi, was struck, and even found it hard to walk. 

The gravity in this room was just twenty times greater, but he felt like he had an extremely ma.s.sive mountain put on his shoulders. Each step was really hard to take naturally.

His body was a hundred times heavier than a normal person originally.

After his Petrification Martial Spirit had mutated, besides the intensity of his body that leaped up ma.s.sively, the most obvious feature was that he became incredibly heavy.

He believed that even a steel or iron block with the same volume as him couldn't be as heavy as he was now.

Because he understood his body’s situation well, he didn’t choose the 70x gravitational chamber. Otherwise, he would be pushed to the ground with the extreme pressure there.

Without the power of the Profound Qi, Shi Yan was sauntering in the room with only the strange energy inside his flesh and tendons. He drenched his whole body with sweat after walking for just one hundred meters. 
Under the twenty times greater pressure, at each step he took, the fibers of his muscles enlivened, while the strange power in his muscle fibers was like many small energy strings that naked eyes couldn't see operating. They generated small beams of electric current, getting absorbed in his entire body from the muscles.

To Shi Yan, dealing with this 20x gravitational room was much more strenuous than fighting a Sky Realm warrior.

Due to his tremendous weight, compared to the ordinary people, it was tough for him to adapt to this level of the gravitational chamber. Even the Human Realm warriors could feel comfortable training in this room, but to him, it was like a giant mountain put on his shoulder. If he didn't have the intimidating power in his flesh, he wouldn’t even be able to walk. 
Under these circ.u.mstances, every time he walked, the muscles in his legs bulged.

This was the situation where he didn’t use the Profound Qi but only his energy from the flesh body. The reason why he did that was to activate the divine power residing in his muscles.

Inside the gravitational room, Shi Yan was soaking in his sweat while walking around the room. His face reddened as if he were fighting strenuously with an invisible opponent.

"Phew phew!"

Gasping for his breath, Shi Yan sat down at a round table. His eyes were swollen and reddened, looking intimidating.

After one hour of training, he felt exhausted and couldn't bear it anymore. A part of the mysterious power hidden inside his muscles had been drained quickly. In just a short time, he could feel that this strange power had been used by one-third.

It was tougher than fighting with a Sky Realm warrior. But still, he didn’t plan to urge his Profound Qi.

He needed to use the advantage of this gravitational room to whet his flesh body, urging the strange power in his muscles and seeking a way to supplement or even make it thrive faster.

A long time ago, he found that his muscles could store a part of that mysterious power. Different from the Profound Qi or the negative energy, it was a fierce, turbulent brute force. Once he urged it during a fight, it could immediately enhance the power of his attacks, rocketing up his powers.

Part of the reason why he could defeat enemies at higher realms was this brutal force in his muscles, besides the rampage he could urge from negative energies.

As the negative energy was increasing along with the absorption of the Profound Qi, they would gradually grow together. He had found this feature a long time ago.

However, a part of the mysterious energy in his muscles hadn’t been supplemented or grown more after his Petrification Martial Spirit had completed its mutation.

If he could solve this problem, he could supplement the consumed amount of the mysterious energy in his muscles, or even help it thrive continually. He could have a way to steady his increasing powers this way. 
Originally, he had usually searched for a way to break through this bottleneck. However, he made no progress. This time, as he had arrived the Ice Emperor City and seen the amazing training court, he suddenly had a good premonition.

When his weight had rocketed one hundred times heavier, it was much more strenuous for him to deal with the gravity than normal people.

Before he had arrived at the Grace Mainland, he was an extreme madman who had interest in extreme activities. After he entered this world, although he had been through so much stuff, this nature of his had never changed.

He loved challenges, risks and arduous training.

After taking a short break, he got up again and frowned, with his face slightly fierce. He started to walk around the gravitational room.

After two hours, the mysterious, strange energy in his muscles had been consumed completely.

He didn’t stop because of that, and continued walking with great effort in the room. At this moment, without the support of the mysterious energy, his body started to shake.

This was way beyond his endurance.

However, Shi Yan wasn’t frightened but quite happy.

His face was covered with sweat, his eyes red, and his face fierce. But, he suddenly burst out laughing in the room.

Only if he could surmount the extreme limit, his power could thrive more.

This was like a weightlifting athlete. Only if he could lift the hefty weight could he push his muscles to the extreme, which would damage his muscles. When these muscles got normal and repaired again, they would get bigger.

They were different situations but the same principles. At the moment, his muscles were shaking, and he recognized the tough question that troubled him a lot perhaps could be solved now.

He drew a heavy stone. It was unknown what material the stone was. His body was shaking as he was risking his strength to squeeze off the endurance limit of his flesh body.

Shi Yan didn't use a beam of Profound Qi or borrow any external force. He purely stood on the intrinsic potential of his fleshy body, pliable and insistent.

‘Limit! Limit! You can’t continue. Otherwise, you’ll die!’

A voice screamed crazily in his head, asking him to stop immediately. It didn't allow him to risk his life like that.

He shut both his ears and eyes. Gritting his teeth under the formidable pressure, he continued.

A tendon in his left leg broke under this life-threatening pressure.

So painful!

The broken tendon made his leg shiver. The tearing pain struck his nerves, spreading into his Sea of Consciousness.

But Shi Yan still insisted.

"Come on!"

Puff! Puff! Puff! 

His tendons were getting stressed too much and ruptured. His legs went soft as they couldn’t endure anymore. He fell on the ground.

Unbearable fatigue and pain flooded, invading him.

The extreme limit!

Shi Yan fainted at the spot.

Inside the room of 20x gravity, Shi Yan’s body was cracked. Blood covered him as he was lying in a blood puddle. His body got wounded badly.

A white flame flew out in silence from the Blood Vein Ring. Waves of cold, white mist expanded, sealing the area around him in just a blink. 
This gravitational chamber suddenly became the coldest place in the Ice Emperor City.

The City Master Palace.

A woman was cultivating her cold cla.s.s technique, bringing her spirit, Qi, and soul into the cold air moving around the city. All of a sudden, she opened her eyes.

"The Ice Cold Flame!"

The woman shouted, then flew out of the City Master’s Palace without any hesitation. She turned into an ice light, shooting towards Shi Yan’s location.

At the same time.

In some corners of the Ice Emperor City, some Spirit Realm warriors at a certain level could feel the aura of the Ice Cold Flame, getting out from their training courts and flying towards the position at all cost.

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