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Two warriors of the Ning family utilized all of theirs powers, using the Scorpio secret technique which contained all kinds of scorpion attacks in its intent domain, pouring out on Shi Yan.

However, even under that fierce, full-force attack, Shi Yan was safe and sound, floating in the air. His firm, upright figure was like a high mountain, that gave people a helpless feeling that he wasn’t an easily shaken man. 

Shi Yan killed one then stood still, not hurrying to launch another attack, and just let the other two bombard him. 

Shi Yan wanted to test the limit of his mutated Petrification Martial Spirit and see what degree of attack it could bear. When the power of the other two attacked him, the strange energy in his flesh was strangely activated, generating a defense that easily dissolved the other two's attack. 

The two warriors were all at the Second Sky of Sky Realm. However, even when they had used all of their strength, they couldn't even leave a scratch on Shi Yan. 

It seemed the warriors at the same level couldn't threaten him at all, as just the power in his flesh body was enough to deal with their full-force attacks.

After five seconds, Shi Yan got hit at least seventy times, yet he simply stood still. 


The two warriors screamed, their face furious but their hearts shivering. 

Although they were all warriors at the Second Sky of Sky Realm, Shi Yan stood motionless and let them bombard him as much as they wanted without moving a finger to defend. This frightened the two, and anxiety grew in them rapidly. 

The other three warriors had a higher realm, but they were fighting with the two sisters. After just a glance, they all looked at Shi Yan with astounded faces. They were discreetly afraid inside, not having a clue what kind of a monster Shi Yan was. 


Shaking his head, Shi Yan declared their death sentence. 

The Death Seals were released.

Seven seals leaped up, as a desolate intent domain flooded out from them. In just a flash, it affected the spirit and soul of the two, making them shiver in fear, unable to use their powers anymore. 

He was like a sharp sword that could pierce through anything, violently storming towards the other two. After using the Death Seal, he could take their lives at ease. 

He had the natural superiority. 

As their bodies were weaker, they had to die. Nothing was unexpected. After the Death Seal was released, its intent domain had affected them, which prevented them from launching effective attacks. When they got approached by a furious close-combat warrior like Shi Yan, basically, they had no strength to withstand at all. 

Crack Crack! 

Their bones were fragmented, and their internal organs were smashed into pieces too. 

Two strands of sparkling gold fibers flew out from their bodies. The Devouring Gold Silkworm took them in. 

Shi Yan frowned, looking at the leader who was shaking the bell, and thundered. His shout was like a grumbling tsunami, which totally subdued the sound waves from the bell.

The Devouring Gold Silkworm rebelled. 

Like a bunch of golden lights, it shot directly towards that man’s chest. Ten gold silky fibers darted out like tentacles, covering the man.

The golden strands slashed his body, and he was put to death by dismemberment. His death was extremely terrible. 

The other three warriors of the Ning family were fighting Bing Qiang and Bing Wei. Seeing that shocking scene, they screamed in fear and ran for their lives. 

The Devouring Gold Silkworm turned into a beam of gold light, chasing after them. With the dazzling gold light chasing after them, the three warriors of the Heaven Temple couldn't escape their deaths. The gold strands cut them into small pieces, and the gold silky fibers that used to belong to the Devouring Gold Silkworm were all taken back. 

The essence Qi from the seven Sky Realm warriors flew out, silently entering Shi Yan’s acupuncture points. 

The battle ended. 

Pieces of flesh covered the ground.

The two sisters paled. They looked at the b.l.o.o.d.y ground, taking in the blood scent. Their faces held a disgust, trying to avoid stepping on the blood on the ground while waving Shi Yan from afar. 

After the Devouring Gold Silkworm retrieved its golden strands, it behaved nicely and returned to the Blood Vein Ring, eating the desperate souls of the dead in the strands to purify them. 

Shi Yan stood quietly and sensed. He found that the essence Qi he had taken from the seven warriors had been filtered by the Mysterious Martial Spirit, and the negative energies it brought were within his endurance, which would not lead him into insanity. Although he hadn’t recognized it yet, his Mysterious Martial Spirit seemed to have advanced, as it could store more Qi now. 

Realizing that it should be no trouble, he smiled and then walked to the two sisters, speaking up coldly. "What should I call you?"

"Bing Qiang." 

"Bing Wei."

"Nice to meet you," Shi Yan smiled, "Why did they chase after you guys?"

The two girls kept silent and didn’t answer him. 

Shi Yan nodded as if he understood something. "Got it, see you later." Then, he was about to leave. 

"Wait a minute," Bing Qiang held him. 

"What’s up?" Shi Yan frowned, his face cold. "You and I aren't familiar. I attacked the Heaven Temple's people not because of you, so need to thank me. Except for that, we have no relation or anything to talk about. So, what do you want to tell me?" He didn't want to be the hero rescuing the beauty. Killing people from the Ning family was because the Devouring Gold Silkworm wanted to take back its gold strands, retrieving a part of the powers that belonged to it. 

He didn’t think that these two girls would be so touched that they would cry in front of him. To him, it was just a small interlude. 

"Whether you did it on purpose or without a purpose, you saved us." Bing Qiang’s eyes were bright as she looked at him. "You are going to cross the Ice Emperor City, right? If you don’t mind, we can be your host there and treat you well in the Ice Emperor City. Will you give us face?" 

"No need," Shaking his head, Shi Yan wore an indifferent visage. "I’m going to cross the Ice Emperor City, but I won’t stay there. I don’t need to bother you guys." 

"You, why are you so stingy? My sister has never invited a man before. You didn’t give her face at all." Bing Wei yelled as if she wanted to take justice for her sister. "Although you’ve saved us, you can’t be too proud or arrogant. We owe you, so we’ll pay you back when we get into the city." 

Shi Yan was surprised. "Am I too proud and arrogant?" 

"Yes, you are."

"Well, say anything you want." Shi Yan burst out laughing, not wanting to talk more to these two girls. He turned around and walked away.

At this moment, Xia Xin Yan was still confined in the Pure Land. He didn't know when they would take her soul. Because of this threat, Shi Yan didn’t want to waste time during his journey, as he wanted to visit the Radiant G.o.d Cult and use their force to negotiate with the Pure Land in the hope that he could bring Xia Xin Yan back as soon as possible. 

"Wait a minute," Bing Qiang, the older girl, stopped him again.

Shi Yan wore an impatient complexion. "What’s else?"

"We’re having troubles. We can’t ensure our safety along the way back. But it’ll be alright if we arrive at the Ice Emperor City. Could you please go with us?" This time, Bing Qiang’s countenance was a little bit glum. The previous trail of coldness disappeared from her face. It looked like she wasn’t used to asking people, so saying these words was hard for her. 

"Jie-jie!" Bing Wei yelled, "Don’t beg him! The seven of them are all dead. We should be safe."

Bing Qiang shook her head. "It’s not that easy. The Ning family has ears and eyes everywhere. There should be more than these seven warriors near the Ice Emperor City. As long as we aren’t in the city, we are not safe." 

"Are you begging me?" Shi Yan tsk-tsked and smiled.

"Yeah, you can think so." Bing Qiang greeted her teeth, her face grimaced as if she wanted to say something but kept it in. The coldness and pride on her face faded away. 

"What’s in it for me?" 

"You… What do you want?" Bing Qiang revealed her anxious face. "I can see you want the Cold Heart Gra.s.s. If you accompany us to the city, I’ll give you five pieces of the Cold Heart Gra.s.s. What do you think?" 

"Not interested." Shi Yan shook his head determinedly. Since he wasn’t cultivating cold cla.s.s techniques, this Cold Heart Gra.s.s held no interest for him. 

"What do you want then?" Bing Qiang’s eyes were flurried. Although her face didn't change, her voice wasn’t calm anymore. 

Shi Yan frowned, then rubbed his chin, raking his eyes over the two girls. He suddenly burst out laughing. 

"Forget it. Never mind. You can go now." Bing Qiang discolored, her tone cold and serious. 

"B*stard!" Bing Wei cursed under her breath, rolling her eyes at him with a cautious face. The cold energy in her body was gathering silently. She was prepared to attack. 

"Do you have the Cold Chalcedony?"

As the girls heard his words, their beautiful face paled, their bodies shivering. They now glared at him indignantly. 

"Even if you want big, it shouldn't be that big, you know?" Bing Wei disdained. "Do you know the meaning of the Cold Chalcedony to our Ice Emperor City? Well, I didn't expect that you would dare to ask for the Cold Chalcedony. Let alone the fact that we don't have it, even if we had it, we wouldn't give it to you even if we have to die."

"Is that Cold Chalcedony more precious than your lives?" Shi Yan was surprised. 

"Nonsense!" Bing Wei wasn't polite to him. "The Cold Chalcedony is the most precious treasure of the ice cold cla.s.s techniques. Even our lives are not worth a drop of the Cold Chalcedony. You know nothing, but you dare to ask for it. Well, it's true that you come from the Endless Sea then." 

Bing Qiang eyed him like she was observing a monster. She seemed to think that his request was ridiculous. 

"Never mind," Shaking his head, Shi Yan walked away breezily.

"He doesn't want to go with us, but we can always follow him. Although his power is astounding, his flying speed isn't too fast. He can’t leave us behind." Bing Wei smiled cunningly. She didn’t wait for her sister’s response, flying behind Shi Yan like a snow fox.

As Bing Qiang was still stunned, she had flown one kilometer away. Begrudgingly, Bing Qiang had no choice but follow her as she thought that this method wasn’t so bad. 

She could see that although Shi Yan looked cold, he wasn’t a b*stard. His realm wasn’t high, but his pure physical strength was tremendous. His flesh body could be as hard as steel. With a freak like him accompanying them, even if they encountered ambushes, perhaps they could borrow his power to flee away. 

Bing Qiang thought and agreed with her little sister’s deed. Although it was cheeky, it was okay to save their lives.

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