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That snow mountain pierced the sky. At first glance, people could see the glistening glacier at the flank of the mountain. Cold brilliance dazzled the eyes, stirring people's minds with a cold feeling. 

The Ice Cold Flame seemed to have made some discovery, turning into a beam of light and got into the glacier directly, disappearing in a flash. 

Shi Yan knew this could be the coldest snow mountain the flame told him about, which could produce the Cold Chalcedony.

Shi Yan flew to that snow mountain while releasing his Soul Consciousness to sense what was anomalous inside. 


Two not too feeble souls showed up behind the mountain. When his Soul Consciousness got near that area, these two souls reacted, rippling their Soul Consciousness like a gust of wind blowing on his Soul Consciousness, making its shiver. 

It seemed that their Soul Consciousness was one grade higher than his, as they could make his Soul Consciousness generate a cold feeling that affected his Host Soul, giving him shivers.

But Shi Yan wasn’t anxious. He retrieved his Soul Consciousness as his body was swift as an electric current, shooting towards the source of the two Soul Consciousness. 

The back of the snow mountain was a shaded area that had never been exposed to sunlight. Snow there was thick like layers of ice. 

Lying amidst the long snow block was a stream from where cold air emitted. The water there was extremely cold. Surrounding the stream was some sort of plants, around 30 centimeters tall, and brilliant as a crystal. 

These plants looked roughly two hundred years old with the same height. They fanned out, radiating light with a faint aroma. 

Standing in the middle of these plants were two bright-skinned girls, wearing a snow-white fur coat. They looked like the two snowflakes in the snow mountain, looking at him with unfriendly complexions. 

These two girls were around twenty years old. Their looks and manners were pretty similar. They should be sisters. 

Cold air spread out from them. As their physique seemed to have cold attributes, they should be warriors of the Ice Emperor City. They had an extraordinary cultivation base at the Third Sky of Sky Realm. 

"Who are you? Why do you come to the snow mountain of our Ice Emperor city?" The older girl shouted coldly with her ice cold voice. "Are you here to steal the Cold Heart Gra.s.s?" 

"It’s obvious," The other pretty pouted her lips, her face indignant. "There’s only this mountain in our Ice Emperor city that has more cold cla.s.s spirit herbs. People always want to steal them. I’m so sick of it! You aren’t cultivating cold cla.s.s cultivation method, so why do you need the Cold Heart Gra.s.s? Well, it’s obvious that you want to sell them, don’t you?"

This pair of beautiful sisters had considered Shi Yan a thief right away. Their manners weren’t good, and they had a cold voice. They seemed ready to take action. 

"No. I just crossed this place by chance. I felt your aura, so I came to check. I have no other intention." Shi Yan smiled, relaxing his nerves. "I’ve just crossed through the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist to get here. I haven’t met any warrior along the way. I was curious when I found you two. I don’t want to steal your spirit herbs."

"Are you trying to fool us?" The little beauty cracked a cold smile from the corner of her mouth, but she still looked naïve. "People came from the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist had come back two years ago. The ones who didn’t come back should have died inside the dark mist. It’s been so long, and now you say that you walked out of that place. Liar!" 

"What do you want?" The older beauty said with her cold face. "This is the territory of the Ice Emperor City. Even people from the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist have to notify us before they arrive. People from the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, I’ve met them all. However, I have no impression of you."

"Argh. I didn’t come to the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist from the Ice Emperor City." Shi Yan shook his head, talking deliberately. "I’ve entered the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist from the Endless Sea. Of course, you haven’t met me before."

"The Endless Sea?" 

The two sisters were surprised and shouted in awe, but he could see the trail of doubt in their eyes. 

The Ice Emperor City was in the far West of the Divine Great Land, the Bitter Cold Land, the other sea area, and the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist separated it from the Endless Sea. The Ice Emperor City was a force of the Divine Great Land, which was nearest to the Endless Sea. If these two sisters were the citizens of the Ice Emperor city, they should have heard about the Endless Sea. 

However, they had never heard that people of the Endless Sea could cross the extremely dangerous Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist to enter the Divine Great Land. 

"It’s true. I’m from the Endless Sea." Shi Yan thought he didn’t need to conceal anything. "In your eyes, the Endless Sea is a barren place and the warriors of the Endless Sea are barbarians, right?"

"Everybody thinks so," The younger one nodded. "Such a rural area can’t have any strong warriors. Even the cultivating materials are poor, and the secret treasures are always in a shortage. Of course, you can’t have any peak warrior. Well, isn’t it true?"

She was talking naturally and interrogating Shi Yan. 

"No matter how rural the area is, it can always have strong warriors. You could only say that the Divine Great Land is much luckier with more strong warriors." Shi Yan frowned and explained to them patiently. 

He was waiting for the Ice Cold Flame before continuing his journey. Since he had nothing to do in the meanwhile, a little chitchat with these two beautiful sisters brought no harm but help him to kill time.

"Are you from the Endless Sea?" 

The little beauty eyed him. It seemed her curiosity was growing just like she had just found an ape. "Are there more warriors like you in the Endless Sea, who have the Sky Realm cultivation base? Is your hometown very poor? Do people eat human meat there? I heard that the Endless Sea is so uncivilized that many people starve to death." The little girl spoke continually like she was singing and couldn't stop it. 

In her thoughts, the Endless Sea was a place of barbarians, and people there were living like the ancient times, uncivilized with so strange traditions beyond her comprehension.

Shi Yan’s face darkened. 

He finally knew how the people of the Divine Great Land thought about other people from other places. These people were born with the feeling of superiority, as they always thought that they were the center of the Grace Mainland. 

For them, people from outside were all barbarians, stupid and weak with all sorts of eccentric traditions. 

"Is it true?" 

The little beauty stopped her questionnaire on seeing Shi Yan’s countenance. She studied him with curiosity and then continued. 

"No, it’s not." 

"So how is it?"

"Same as you guys."

"Argh, I don’t buy it."

"Up to you." 

 "You stink. An outsider like you who comes to our land should be honest. Don't let others teach you a lesson." 

"Ha ha."

"Alright," the older girl was obviously losing her patience. She interrupted them coldly, waving her hand like she was shooing insects away. "Move. Don’t linger here. You aren’t allowed to stay near this tallest mountain. If we see you again, you won’t be able to live comfortably." 

Shi Yan shrugged, his face faint. "Goodbye."

Then, he left the place, flying to somewhere not far from there to find a quiet place and wait for the Ice Cold Flame. 

 According to the Ice Cold Flame, the Cold Chalcedony stayed hidden inside the freezing snow mountain, and even he couldn't enter that place. 

The Cold Ice Flame had a special shape, along with its especially cold features. Shi Yan believed that if the Cold Chalcedony did exist inside the coldest mountain, the Ice Cold Flame could take it with ease. Thus, he didn’t need to join it or be anxious, just waiting for the flame like an outsider waiting for good news. 

"Jie-jie, do you believe him?" After Shi Yan left, the little sister Bing Wei (lit. the ice flowering fern – TL) asked while plucking the Cold Heart Gra.s.s with care. 

 "I don't care where he comes from as long as he doesn't affect our work here." Bing Qiang (lit. ice wild rose – TL) frowned. "Mei-mei, we should be careful on the way back. I felt something wrong when we came here. Currently. There’re some rumors in the city saying that some elder has a close relationship with the Heaven Temple. I’m afraid something bad would happen." 

"I know who!" Bing Wei snorted, "Should be that woman! Previously, she had left the Ice Emperor, so she could visit the Heaven Temple. She always wanted to replace our adoptive mother to be the host of our city. Well, she’s been consistent in her conspiracy for too long, I guess she couldn’t hold it now."

"You are not allowed to say these words!" Bing Qiang rolled her eyes. "Even our adoptive mother doesn’t dare to say that. Don’t babble. If she hears it, even our adoptive mother can’t protect you. Remember, even if you are indignant, don’t show it!" 

"No one’s here. Why do you need to be so tense?" Bing Wei didn’t care. "She wants to be the master of the city so much that she’s crazy now. I didn’t expect that she wanted to use the force of the Heaven Temple. That b*tch doesn’t have any sense of honor indeed." 

"Don't call her ‘b*tch.' No matter what, she's our senior." Bing Qiang was begrudging. "You little girl don't know how to keep your mouth shut. That's why you always cause grudges. If they didn't catch you because of your bad verbal behavior, we wouldn't need to be here to harvest this stupid Cold Heart Gra.s.s."

"Jie-jie, sorry. It’s my bad you have to be here with me," Bing Wei c.o.c.ked her head, feeling pitiful.

"We’re sisters, don’t say that. You should pay more attention." Bing Qiang mused for a while. "You are openly against her. With her habit of bearing grudges, she would trouble you more for sure. It’s inconvenient for her to take action against you in the Ice Emperor City, but she knows we will be there for these plants. I’m afraid she would send someone to attack us. Be careful, don’t let her men attack us."

"Our adoptive mother’s still in the city. Does she dare?" 

"She even wants to replace our mother. What else does she not dare? Sigh. Little girl, you’re too naïve. The city's complicated now. Our adoptive mother sent us here so that we can avoid the surging tide. Too bad we don't know who has disclosed that we'd be here. There should be her henchman staying near our mother." 

"Ah, what should we do?"

"We can’t do much. Protecting ourselves well will also be a help to her."

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