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One month later, Shi Yan entered the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist again, where no heaven and earth powers existed, and darkness covered the place year round.

He saw the familiar scenes and the unchanged magnetic field in the exotic land. Nothing in this place conformed to common sense. Islands and mountain ranges were floating in the air, moving slowly in certain trajectories. 

He’d been there once before, so he understood the situation. Thus, he didn't panic. 

After he had identified the correct direction, he flew towards the East of the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, with a speed that was neither fast nor slow. 

The War Devil, the Ghost Hunter, and the Holy Spirit G.o.d in its white bone clone were dormant inside the Blood Vein Ring, not having even a beam of vitality. 

The Blood Vein Ring was truly a G.o.d level secret treasure. The other Storage Rings could only contain dead things and stuff. Meanwhile, the Blood Vein Ring was much different, as it could generate suitable land and precise s.p.a.ce for living beings to survive inside. 

It was the same for the Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame, the War Devil and the Ghost Hunter. It seemed that the ring had some rule in defiance of natural order, or, it understood well some kind of principle in heaven and earth.

Up till now, Shi Yan hadn’t explored all the mysterious features of the Blood Vein ring. Anyways, he knew that this ring was the biggest support and the most mysterious secret of the whole Grace Mainland that he shouldn't let anyone else know about. 

While crossing through the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, he seriously studied the Immortal Rebirth Secret, not caring about his meals or sleep and cultivating arduously. Whenever he met the bottleneck in his cultivation, he switched to refining secret treasures, seizing the chance to moderate his mind and spirit. With this method, he achieved big progress in cultivating the Immortal Rebirth Secret. Also, he gained a good grasp over many fascinating formations for refining tools.

After he got through the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, his understanding of the Immortal Rebirth Secret had taken a big leap. Now, he could use his Immortal Blood to see the past and the present of the Shi family. When he burned the Immortal Blood, he could see Shi Dang’s face. 

However, he couldn't see Shi Dang’s future using the Immortal Blood yet. 

Only if he mastered the Immortal Rebirth Secret could he use the Immortal Blood to vaguely see some details about Shi Dang’s future. 

Among the past, the present, and the future, the future was the most unpredictable. When he reached a certain realm and a certain understanding of the Immortal Rebirth Secret, he could do that. 
Spending half a year inside the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, he finally crossed the natural barrier between the Endless Sea and the Divine Great Land, appearing above a deep blue sea area. 

Using the sun to identify the East, he continued flying. 

When he had departed from the Endless Sea, he made up his mind that unless he fell into a life-threatening situation, he would never borrow external forces. 

Although the external forces like the Ice Cold Flame, the Holy Spirit G.o.d, and the War Devil could help him have the power much beyond the warriors at the same level, these forces didn’t belong to him. If he got dependent on them, he would have a hard time achieving a big breakthrough in the future. 

What the Moon G.o.d Ouyang Luo Shang told him had irritated him, but he couldn't deny that those were precious words indeed. 

The cultivation of a warrior was a rough way without a shortcut. He needed to do everything himself. 

If he considered using the external forces as a natural tactic, and always thought about borrowing them even when he hadn't met any deadly situation instead of using his own strength, he would gradually move towards his own decline. 

Then, it would eventually change his mentality, leading to his imposing will and daring spirit waning away. 

That's why he put the War Devil, the Holy Spirit G.o.d, and the Ghost Hunter into the Blood Vein Ring. He had decided that from now on, except for the cases of encountering a seriously deadly situation, he would never use them. 

After he had made up his mind, it seemed his confidence and will had returned to him.

Later on, when he was cultivating, he found out the change of his characteristic, which was like a catalyst that could help him gain more during learning and comprehending powers. 

He landed after flying over the deep blue sea for half a month. 

It was a vast jungle without a visible boundary. Old trees jutted up, towering to the sky. It was like that year when he had descended in the gloomy, deep forest, which filled his vision completely with a green hue. The air here was fresh, and the essence Qi was a little extraordinary. 

Crossing through this thick forest, he continued walking Eastward. After another half month, he reached a snowy mountain range. Snowflakes fluttered everywhere, and snow piled up at the summit of the mountain range. The place had an extremely low temperature, that could make anyone shiver. 

This was a place of bitter cold.

Looking at the snowcapped mountains and the unceasing fluttering snowflakes, he knew where he was. 

The Far East of the Divine Great Land, the Bitter Cold Land, a snow mountain region covered by snow year round.

This was the west area of the Ice Emperor City, one of the seven cities of the Fighting Union in the Divine Great Land. The back garden of the Ice Emperor City had so many beasts and spirit herbs of ice cla.s.s. All warriors of the Ice Emperor City considered this place their training court to whet their martial arts. 

The Bitter Cold Land had nearly one hundred snow mountains, hiding many ice cla.s.s cultivating materials. Only warriors of the Ice Emperor City dared to explore this place. As for other warriors of the Divine Great Land, the cultivating materials of this place had little value to them.

In the eyes of the old factions in the Divine Great Land, the Bitter Cold Land was worth its name. It wasn’t a place suitable for warriors to cultivate, and didn’t have treasures precious enough to catch the eyes of the other warriors. 

After crossing the Bitter Cold Land, it was the Ice Emperor City, one of the seven cities of the Fighting Union. This city was nearest to the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist in the far west of the Divine Great Land. This meant that when the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist opened, this place could become more crowded. Usually, there weren’t many warriors visiting the place.

The Ice Emperor City among the seven cities of the Fighting Union was the most rural area with poorest cultivating materials and weakest forces. There weren’t many products here or citizens, leading to a small number of innate warriors. 

Thoughts continually ran through his mind, while Shi Yan was calm and deliberate. He didn't fly over the Bitter Cold Land directly and descended from the sky. 

The Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist didn't have the powers from heaven and earth for him to borrow. Along the way, he had been concentrating on his arduous cultivation and refining, which drained a lot of power from him. Then, he had flown with max speed after pa.s.sing the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist without a rest stop, until he reached the Bitter Cold Land. Currently, the Profound Qi in his body was consumed by 70%. 

He needed to recover his strength to maintain his best condition. 

Snow mountains followed one after another. He came to a snow mountain around three thousand meters tall, dug a cave and got in. He took out the crystals from his Storage Ring and closed his eyes, starting to cultivate. 

Time flew by.

He opened his eyes, letting his Soul Consciousness sense his body. As he felt the Profound Qi fill his body, he smiled and got up to continue his journey through the snow mountain. 

With his Second Sky of Sky Realm cultivation base, at normal speed, it would take around seven or eight days to cross the Bitter Cold Land. If he had used the support from the star brilliance or the Electric Shift to fly with the max speed, he could shorten the time to three or four days. However, if he did that, crossing the Bitter Cold Land would cost him 70-80% of the Profound Qi.

Getting out of the cave and looking at the fluttering snowflakes and the white mountain flanks, he took a deep breath of cold air before starting to move.

All of a sudden, the Ice Cold Flame sent him a message from the Blood Vein Ring. 

"This place’s really cold. Let me out and check. Perhaps I can find something." 

A white flame flew out from the ring, shooting out of the cave. It was like a snow white spirit, dragging snowflakes everywhere just like the flickering candlelight, which gave people a strange, demonic aesthetic.

"Boundless snow mountain ranges, extremely low temperature... Not bad, this place is a good place." The Ice Cold Flame seemed to use its own method to observe the area. It continually sent Shi Yan its thoughts, "It’s snowing year round here… Such a cold aura! Perhaps this place could have the Cold Chalcedony. Yeah, this sort of soil should be able to produce the Cold Chalcedony. Let’s search for it."

The Ice Cold Flame flew away, swaying in the shower of snowflakes like an ice flower. 

Shi Yan didn’t disturb it, just standing and watching from his cave.

Half a day later, the Ice Cold Flame came back from afar. The white flame seemed to be joyful. "There should be the Cold Chalcedony. If I maintain my sensing, I can sense the Cold Chalcedony when I get close to it. It's beneficial to the Holy Spirit G.o.d. Every living being of the cold cla.s.s desires the Cold Chalcedony a lot." 

"What’s it good for?"

"There are no big and vast snow mountains like these in the Quiet Cloud or the Endless Sea. Snow here won't melt year round. It should have many spirit herbs and treasures of cold cla.s.s, which hardly grow in the Quiet Cloud or the Endless Sea. The Cold Chalcedony's the essence of the cold air in liquid form. Only the ten-thousand-year-old cold snow mountain could generate this precious substance. I can see the cold air's really heavy in this area. Perhaps it has a ten-thousand-years snow mountain somewhere. It should be the highest mount. That's why the cold air could spread through many other smaller snow mounts." 

"The Cold Chalcedony's the essence of the snow mountain, a rare treasure of cold cla.s.s. To cold cla.s.s living beings like me, it's the fairy pellet. Eating the Cold Chalcedony and absorbing the cold air could help me evolve perhaps. My power will grow tremendously."

The Ice Cold Flame was excited, sending Shi Yan its a.s.sumption.

"Okay. Then we should keep an eye on it along the way. Maybe we can harvest something." Shi Yan smiled, "As I promised you guys, as long as you find something that could help you evolve, I’ll try my best to obtain it."

The Ice Cold Flame jumped in joy. 

"Let’s go."

Shi Yan took a breath of cold air, walking carefully in the void. The Ice Cold Flame turned into an ice flame flower, sitting on his shoulder. Along the way, it kept releasing its Spiritual Awareness to sense around. 

Two days later, the Ice Cold Flame got excited all of a sudden. It didn’t wait for Shi Yan’s order, flying towards a ten-thousand-meter tall mountain.

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