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Everything stayed the same in the Shi family, and nothing was changed. Even though it was the strongest force in the Sky Meteor City, the Shi family maintained their original simplicity. They didn’t build any luxurious buildings or gardens on a grand scale to please their eyes.

Slowly descending on the courtyard of the Shi family, Shi Yan frowned while watching here and there. He found that the number of the Shi family members here was bigger than what he had imagined. 

"Young, young master Yan!"

The familiar voice came out from a corner. They then saw an overjoyed man rushing out. 

Han Zhong. 

This man used to be Shi Yan’s buddy. However, after ten years of arduous cultivation, he still stayed at the Disaster Realm, and didn’t make any step further. 

"Long time no see," Shi Yan smiled, seeing someone familiar indeed made him joyful. "Hey dude, you have no progress at all. Why are you still at the Disaster Realm? Haven’t you wasted these ten years?" 

"I’m not a freak like you, buddy." Han Zhong was cheerful. Looking at the Shura Blood Guards and the Star G.o.d Guards following Shi Yan, his smile widened. "I didn’t expect that you would come back at this moment. It’s good then." 

Ye Meng, Di Shan, and Yu Rou landed with their beasts, observing the small manor. They were surprised in thinking that this house was the fortunate land that their master was born in. 

Many warriors of the Shi family saw so many strange people coming, and were surprised, walking out from their cultivating places to see. 

Members of the Shi family who used to meet Shi Yan before couldn’t hide their amazed faces, dashing towards the group. Shi Dang, Shi Tian Ling, and Shi Tian Luo couldn’t press down their surprise, shrieking in extreme joy. 

"Where’s my grandpa?" Shi Yan frowned. As he didn’t see Shi Jian and Shi Tie, he couldn't hide his worry. 

"They went to the Zuo’s. I think they should be back soon." Shi Dang took a step forward while his eyes brightened. All of a sudden, he cried, "What realm are you at now?" 

"Sky Realm."


The Shi family members screamed in awe, their faces shaken. 

Ten years ago, when Shi Yan left the Sky Meteor City, he was only at the Disaster Realm. This time when he came back, he had the Sky Realm cultivation base. Such a progress was something no one dared to picture. 

"How is the situation here?" Shi Yan asked while frowning, "When I flew across the adjacent cities, I saw a lot of warriors of the Raging Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire. Have they entered the Merchant Union?" 

"They have," Shi Dang beamed a forced smile and then sighed. "After the Beiming family, the Mo family and the Ling family were uprooted, the general competence of the Merchant Union hasn’t been as strong as before. We can’t resist the Raging Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire. These two empires are like tigers watching their prey. They want to take our Merchant Union," explained Shi Dang.

It wasn’t much different from what Shi Yan had guessed. The two empires had tightened their clamp. In the beginning, they had watched over each other as they were afraid that if they took action, they would force the Merchant Union to find another place for shelter. That’s why they were treating them tenderly. 

However, after the two empires had received denial many times from the Shi family and the Zuo family, the Raging Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire gradually lost their patience. Under the trigger from the mediator of the Medicine Valley, the Raging Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire worked together, preparing to split the Merchant Union, making it the battlefield where they would find out who was the ultimate winner.

When the Raging Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire joined hands, it meant the Merchant Union’s fate was decided. 

The Merchant Union’s overall competence wasn’t able to deal with any force. At the moment, it was under the clamp of two forces from two sides. In addition, many small forces of the Merchant Union started to rebel. They surrendered to these two empires, which put the Shi family and the Zuo family into isolation. 

The two great empires didn’t take action yet, as they were using the tactic of invading the Merchant Union step by step. They would put their hands on the surrounding cities first. Then, they would push over to force the Merchant Union. That’s how they could take the Merchant Union without destroying it. 

"The Medicine Valley works as a mediator," Shi Yan snorted coldly while his eyes darkened. "Oh right, now that I am here, we can have a chance to uproot the rebellious small forces." 

"Shi Yan, this time you come here…"

"I want to bring you to the Endless Sea. The whole situation there is settled now. You don’t need to worry about anything when you come there. I’ve arranged everything well." Shi Yan smiled and explained to them. "The Endless Sea’s a better place for you to cultivate. The warriors there have richer cultivating materials, much more than the Quiet Cloud. They have more hotshots with amazing martial techniques. They’re one grade higher than the Quiet Cloud." 

The Shi family had their eyes brightened, and their faces excited. 

"The Endless Sea," muttered Shi Dang. His mouth opened in a joyful smile. 

"First, I’ll help you guys deal with these troubles." 

Waving his hand, Shi Yan signaled Di Shan and the others to come forward. "Di Shan, Ye Meng, you guys take the Shura Blood Guards and the Star G.o.d Guards to the Raging Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire. Kill all the warriors whose cultivation bases are higher than the Nirvana Realm. Oh, yeah, remember to visit the Medicine Valley, too." 


Di Shan and Ye Meng bent their bodies, answering him. 

The Shura Blood Guards and the Star G.o.d Guards also regarded Shi Yan upon his order. Then, Di Shan and Yu Rou took the Shura Blood Guards, while Ye Meng, and Ka Ba went with the Star G.o.d Guards. They both rode the beasts, and after they had adjusted the formation, they waited for Shi Yan’s order. 

"If there’re Nirvana Realm warriors in the adjacent cities, kill them all." Shi Yan mused and then said, "Don’t mind the warriors lower than Nirvana Realm. The bosses are the ones who have the highest realms. Just kill them. Now go!" 

Di Shan and the others put on serious expressions, then nodded to show that they understood. 

In just a blink, Shura Blood Guard and the Star G.o.d Guards disappeared. 

Shi Dang, Shi Tian Ling and Han Zhong dropped their jaws, their eyes wide-opened.

"Shi Yan, the Raging Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire have the Third Sky of Sky Realm warriors," Shi Dang’s face was complicated, "Are we taking risks?" 

"Third Sky of Sky Realm warriors?" Shi Yan just smiled, shaking his head. "Don’t worry. Warriors at this realm can’t even defend themselves in front of our force." 

"What realm those people have?" Shi Dang was surprised, his whole body shaken.

"Spirit Realm," Shi Yan curled his lips. "Five Spirit Realm warriors taking action at the same time, no need to mention the Raging Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire, even if they are in the Endless Sea, how many forces could resist them?" 

People of the Shi family was dumbfounded, looking at him like they were looking at a monster. 

It was just ten years. Not only had Shi Yan reached the Sky Realm, he also could invite the five Spirit Realm warriors to come with him. From their att.i.tude towards him, it seemed like he was the boss here, having the absolute power over those five people. 

It was so strange that the Shi family’s members couldn't even think it through. 

Shi Yan smiled, but didn’t attempt to explain to them. 

At this moment, no warrior of the Quiet Cloud could compare to him. The strong warriors who, in their eyes, they could never reach, were so fragile to him that he could smash them at any minute. Since the gap between their realms was too wide, communicating was actually a problem.

If he told them that he could change the wind and stir the rain in the Endless Sea, making the warriors on the sea and on the seabed bow to respect him, he didn't know how they would think about him. 

Big difference indeed.

"You guys should prepare. After we’re done, we’ll be getting back to the Endless Sea together." Musing for a while, he then spoke up to Shi Dang. " There’s nothing to linger or regret in the G.o.d-blessed Empire. Wait until you come to Endless Sea, you’ll soon find what the Merchant Union has, the Endless Sea has the same. Things that the Merchant Union doesn’t have, Endless Sea has them all. Yeah, I’ve prepared the cultivating materials for you guys. Don’t worry about that. After we get there, you’ll have everything you need." 

Shi Dang didn’t know what to say.

"Haha!" Loud laughter came from afar along with a group of warriors. "Stinky boy, it’s just been ten years, and we can’t even recognize you."

Shi Jian, Shi Tie, Zuo Xu, Zuo Shi, Yang Hai and the others emerged. Shi Jian was laughing cheerily while, shouting. "Brother Zuo, you’re right. This kid’s changed too much."

"As I saw the beasts pack the sky, I knew that this kid Shi Yan was back. Besides him, who could make such noisy moves?" Zuo Xu smiled. "I knew he won’t forget us, and that he will come for us. Haha." 

"Grandfather," Shi Yan revealed real joy, went forward while slightly bending his body to greet them. Then, he shifted his eyes to Yang Hai. "Father."

"This time, I come back with the hope to bring you guys to the Endless Sea. We shouldn't stay in the Quiet Cloud any longer." 

He explained his plan again. 


Shi Jian replied him briefly. "Since brother Zuo told us about the rich world out there, we’ve prepared for our departure to the Endless Sea one day. We’ve been fully prepared since half a year ago. Even if you didn’t come, after a while, we would have moved." 

"If you had gone there half a year ago, entering the Endless Sea would have been risky and troublesome." Shi Yan smiled. "However, it’s no problem now. The situation of the Endless Sea is steadied. Come with me, I'll have everything arranged sufficiently. As we’re well prepared, we don’t need to worry anymore." 

"Is it true?"


"Even the cultivating materials are collected?" 

"Argh. At present, the things I don’t lack the most are the medicines, pellets, ores or crystals to cultivate. It’s true that I have everything you guys may need."

The others all wore a disbelieving face. 

"Don’t worry. After you get there, you’ll see that I’m not lying. Things you can think about, I can always provide. Actually, you can trash away the things you have here. They aren’t valuable." 


They didn’t know what to say.

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