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 Blue sky hung above the vast, sh.o.r.eless ocean. Wind breezed in the clear, boundless sky.

Above the sea, the Cyan Blood Bats and the Great Horned Lion Vulture were flying fast. Shi Yan sat neatly on the Ghost Hunter, holding the Immortal Canon, reading with furrowed brows.

The Immortal Canon described the most effective features of the Immortal Martial Spirit and all mysterious, subtle effects of the Immortal Blood.

After reading the Immortal Canon, he knew some ways to use the Immortal Blood. Turns out the Immortal Blood could restore the damaged secret treasures as new. It could even help the demonic beasts thrive greatly.

Besides, the Immortal Blood could predict the future of low realm warriors.

Using the Immortal Blood and the Immortal Rebirth Secrets, he could see the current and past of the warrior he knew. He even could vaguely know that one’s life trajectory in future. 

Of course, it was limited. He could only perform the technique on warriors whose realms much lower than his.

With Shi Yan's current Sky Realm cultivation base, if he used the Immortal Blood he could see the status of the warriors at lower than the Earth Realm. However, it was more complicated to get the situation of the Nirvana warriors. If it was a warrior at his level, he couldn't use the Immortal Blood to investigate that one's past and present.

Beside predicting things, the Immortal Blood still had another magical effect. With the Immortal Blood in his body, he could cultivate the Immortal Rebirth Secrets. After he had mastered the secrets, later on, when engaging in battle, if his limbs got cut off, he could use the Immortal Rebirth Secrets to grow his cut limbs back.

To cultivate the Immortal Martial Spirit to the peak, he had to know how to use the Immortal Blood. According to the writing in the Immortal Canon, at the peak realm of the Immortal Martial Spirit, he had to change his blood.

Flooding the veins with the Immortal Blood, using the Immortal Blood to replace his own blood could bring his Immortal Martial Spirit to the peak. At this stage, he would be complete immortal. Even if his flesh body was exploded, he could still come back to life.

When Yang Tian Emperor had been confined by the two Demon Kings, he had been trained and refined by their magic formation. Later on, thanks to the Immortal Blood, he could recover fully.

If Bo Xun and Chi Yan had the Immortal Martial Spirit, on the Sun Island, even if their bodies were smashed, they could have come back to life with the Immortal Martial Spirit, using the Immortal Blood to grow a new flesh body, which wasn’t much different from their original bodies.

This was the most miracle effect of the Immortal Blood.

Riding on the Ghost Hunter, studying the Immortal Canon for days, he had a deep understanding of the ingenious features of Immortal Martial Spirit and his Immortal Blood. Eventually, he knew why the Yang family could tower the Endless Sea for so many years.

As long as the Yangs had the Immortal Martial Spirit, with its aid, they would be super strong in fighting. Even their bodies got hurt severely, they could always restore their health and tremendous competencies shortly.

In fighting with people who had the Immortal Martial Spirit, unless you could kill them curtly, once they could lengthen the time, you would fall into the extremely disadvantageous situation.

All sorts of magical, exquisite features of the Immortal Blood and the Immortal Martial Spirit were written in the Immortal Cannon. After one month studying, Shi Yan had memorized all secrets of the canon. Now he was quietly cultivating the most mysterious secret of the Immortal Canon – the Immortal Rebirth Secret.
 Several days later, when he had a deep understanding of the Immortal Rebirth Secret, he stashed the Immortal Canon away, closed his eyes and meditating on the Ghost Hunter.

Time flew fast.

It was as short as a blink of an eye, they had left the Endless Sea and appeared in the sky of the Quiet Cloud land.

Shi Yan opened his eyes, looking at the vibrant forest of the general direction of the Merchant Union, couldn’t help but smile.

The Shi family is there.

As he was thinking about Shi Jian and Shi Tie, a joyful smile appeared on his face.


Di Shan and Yu Rou came forward, calling from five meters away from him.

Shi Yan was surprised, looking suspiciously at the two, frowning. "What’s up?"
 "We want to go with you to the Divine Great Land. The Wings Clan's and the Demonic Sound Clan's homeland's there." Di Shan slightly c.o.c.ked his head. "Our homeland has many secret techniques and strange treasures which have been lost for generations. We would like to see if we can take back what belongs to us." 

"Don’t rush," Shi Yan mused then said coldly. "The Divine Great Land’s much complicated than you’ve pictured. Warriors there are much stronger than the Endless Sea’s warrior. I come there but I won’t dare to do any rash actions. I know you are uneasy. Anyway, I think you should stay in the Endless Sea for a while. It’s temporary. After I got used to the situation of the Divine Great Land, I’ll send someone to reach out to you."

Di Shan and Yu Rou just nodded listening to him, and they didn’t say anything else.

"Yeah, we’re about to reach the Merchant Union. You guys go prepare, We’re landing on Sky Meteor City shortly." Thinking for a while, Shi Yan added, "Remember, don’t do anything wild in the city. Follow me. Do not act rashly."

"Got it."

"You guys, too. The Merchant Union now belongs to the Shi family. Don’t stir things here up." Shi Yan turned around, looking at the Shura Blood Guards and the Star G.o.d Guards, giving them a curt shout.

His Shura Blood Guards and Star G.o.d Guards regarded him loudly with serious complexion.

Many Shura Blood Guards and Star G.o.d Guards had him like a superstar in their eyes, making him their idol.

Shi Yan’s name was famous, spreading out all over the Endless Sea. He was now even more well-known that Yang Tian Emperor, Cao Qiu Dao, and Yang Yi Tian. He had become the newest Nova that no one could oppress his halo.

Being led by a character like that, the guards were both excited and proud.

Cyan Blood Bats and the Giant Horned Lion Vultures were fast. Not long after they had entered the airs.p.a.ce of the Quiet Cloud, they arrived at the Merchant Union, flying over the cities of the territory. 


Shi Yan screamed in surprise observing the ground, his face strange. Among many cities beneath them, which belonged to the Merchant Union, as he focused on watching, he didn't see the flags of the Zuo family and the Shi family. Quite the contrary, he saw many signs of the forces of the Raging Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire.

Those cities were packed with warriors of the Raging Fire Empire and the G.o.d-bless Empire. No one knew what wild schemes they had.

Shi Yan released his Soul Consciousness. After pa.s.sing through a city, his eyebrows slammed together.
 The Earth Realm, Disaster Realm warriors of the Raging Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire gathered in each city just like they were the masters of the city. However, it seemed no member of the Shi family and the Zuo family appeared there.

"It seems something’s happened to the Merchant Union…"

Shi Yan’s face gradually darkened.
 Initially, in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, Zuo Xu and Chi Xiao had told him about the signs of the Raging Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire having a conspiracy on the Merchant Union, attempting to divide the place. Perhaps, their words had come true.

Since the time he had drawn Xiao Han Yi's power to clean the Beiming Family, the Mo Family, and the Ling Family in the Merchant Union, even though the Merchant Union then belonged to the Shi Family and the Zuo Family, its overall force wasn't as strong as it used to be.
 And, that's how the Raging Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire saw their chance. They constantly sent their messengers to force the Shi Family and the Zuo Family to submit to them and became their dependencies.

Of course, Shi Jian and Zuo Xu weren’t happy. They tried to lengthen the time without saying yes.

Thus, the Raging Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire weren’t satisfied. From politeness, they gradually turned to forcing step by step. Currently, it seemed they started to take action.

The Raging Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire had some Sky Realm warriors to guard the places. The Shi Family and the Zuo Family could never resist their forces. If Chi Xiao weren’t in the Merchant Union, the two empires would have soon taken action on them.

Thoughts popped up continually in his head. Shi Yan’s eyes got colder. A mocking smile hung on the corner of his mouth.

If it were him that year, facing the great force of the Raging Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire, he could have been helpless watching the Merchant Union being invaded meter by meter.

However, ten years after he had entered the Endless Sea, he had reached the Sky Realm, and he had the powers that sent shivers down the Endless Sea’s warriors’ spines. Both of the empires had no Spirit Realm warrior. In his eyes, they were just a pack of lamb, waiting for his slaughter.

If he wanted, he just needed three days to destroy the two empires.

This was the absolute confidence that the intimidating power brought him.

"Speed up!"

Shi Yan mused for a while then shouted.

He didn’t know the situation of the Merchant Union. From what he observed from the cities around, the Raging Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire were tyrannical. Perhaps they had entered the Sky Meteor City, which was dangerous to the Shi family.

Since he had entered this world, people from the Shi family did care about his well-being. Shi Jian had a cold face, but his heart warm. He had personally urged Shi Yan every day, keeping track of his cultivation, giving him the martial technique of the Shis. He had been whole-heartedly dedicated to Shi Yan. And, Yang Hai, Shi Yan’s father by the name, was also in the Shi family.

After he shouted, he patted the Ghost Hunter by its neck.

The Ghost Hunter shot out like an arrow, using its lightning speed, drawing a black light curve in the air and flying toward the Sky Meteor city.


The Ghost Hunter covered in thorns appeared in the sky of the Sky Meteor City. A formidable, intimidating pressure covered the whole Sky Meteor City.

Shi Yan’s Soul Consciousness expanded to every corner of the city. He closed his eyes and sensed. Shi Yan exhaled in relief.

People of the Raging Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire hadn’t entered the city yet, which meant the Shi family and the Zuo family were still safe and sound.

As long as all were alright at this time, with his presence, there was no force could threat the Shi family and the Zuo family in the Quiet Cloud land.


The Ghost Hunter howled, echoing the whole city. All warriors of the Sky Meteor City were shaken. Some low-realm warriors got their Qi disorderly, couldn’t calm their minds down to restore their Qi.

"What a dangerous beast!"

"So scary!"

"Who’s coming anyway?"

The warriors of the Sky Meteor City screamed in fear, looking up at the sky with panic-stricken faces.

"Is that the hotshot the G.o.d-blessed Empire and the Raging Fire Empire has invited to here?"

"We’re doomed."

"We’re dead soon."

Many warriors who knew the general situation of the Sky Meteor City were desperately sorrowful.

The Ghost Hunter slowly flew in the general direction of the Shi Family.

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