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Half of a month later.

The Endless Sea, after two years of having constant great changes, finally quieted down and steadied.

The forces that used to attack Shi Yan couldn’t help but bow their heads under the young man’s powers. They had to transfer precious cultivating materials that their clans had been gathering for hundreds of years to the Immortal Island as requested.

The materials those forced had brought was double the amount the Yang family had acc.u.mulated for hundreds of years.

After this change, the Yangs were the ones who received the ultimate benefits as not only they got the cultivating materials from the others but also intruded the Demon Area and enslaved the Demon Tribes. They then started to collect the bizarre and precious cultivating materials of the Demon Area that had never existed in the Endless Sea.
 After Bo Xun and Chi Yan died, the Demon Area was in chaos. Demon Tribes in the area engaged continuously in wars. They would never become a significant threat to the Endless Sea.

One part of the Yang family was operating their deeds in the Demon Area while the other part took over the Kyara Sea once again.
 The Yang had cleaned up the Evil Wonderland, one of their traitors. The cult master got killed on the spot.

The Yang family and the Xia family shared the islands that belonged to the Evil Wonderland. The Xia Family had just become one of the most prominent forces of the Endless Sea as they were walking together with the Yangs family.

Nu Lang and Yin Hui of the Sea Tribes had one drop of the Life Original Fluid for each. They felt delighted.

Nu Lang and Yin Hui maintained their personal relationship with Shi Yan. The Barren City undersea was as rich and prosperous as they had never been before.

On the seabed, no members of the Sea Tribes dared to provoke the Yangs. Nu Lang and Yin Hui had warned all of their members, making them know that the Yang family is the best ally of theirs in the future.

Nu Lang was still the best warrior of the Endless Sea, and the Black Flood Dragon Clan was still the strongest clan.

However, Nu Lang used to admit frankly that in the Endless Sea, the most dangerous person was Cao Qiu Dao, Yang Tian Emperor or Yang Yi Tian, but the new wind Shi Yan.

Nu Lang had stated clearly that one day Shi Yan was there, no tribes of the Sea Tribes were allowed to raise the tide in Endless Sea.

The battle on the Sun Island had changed the whole fate of the Endless Sea and even the Demon Area, becoming the most exciting page in the history. On that page, the name Shi Yan was prominent, more dazzling than the three Yang Tian Emperor, Cao Qiu Dao, and Yang Yi Tian. He became the new legend of the Endless Sea.

Chiefs of the four great clans including Nu Lang, Yin Hui, Bao Ke, and Li Sha announced that in the sea areas, they would maintain the trading and the friendship with the Yang family. As long as Shi Yan was alive, the Sea Tribes would still consider the Yang family the master of Barren City. And, they would never have any conspiracy in the city as they would help the Yangs to maintain the order there.

It wasn’t because they were giving Yang Tian Emperor face. It was because of Shi Yan.

Cao Qiu Dao and Yang Yi Tian didn’t provoke them because Shi Yan had killed Zou Yue Feng and Zhong Li Dun. Quite the contrary, they praised the young man as if they didn't hold grudge against him. They even ordered their members not to take revenge on Shi Yan.

Three G.o.ds Sect also became harmonious with the Yangs like they had never been before.

Tang Yuan Nan often came to the Immortal Island to discuss with Shi Yan about the Endless Sea’s situations. His manners were tender and humble, never considered himself his precursor but a good friend.

The whole picture of the Endless Sea had changed earth-shockingly because of the presence of a young man.

The Immortal Island.

"This is the Immortal Canon. The miracle effects of the Immortal Martial Spirit and the Immortal Blood are written down in this Canon." Yang Tian Emperor, the leader of the Yangs, smiled in the main hall of the Yang family. He drew an old book from his sleeve and threw it to Shi Yan.

Shi Yan caught the Immortal canon, eyeing it with a strange face. "Great Grandpa, I just want to know the content of the Immortal Canon, you don't need to give me the whole thing."
"Boy, you don't know the pain in our head master's heart?" Shura King Mo Duan Hun shook his head with a forced smile. "The Immortal Canon is the most precious treasure of the Yangs. The headmaster handed it to you now, and don't you know what did he mean?"

In the hall, the two great Shura Kings Mo Duan Hun, Li Mu stood. Besides, the key persons of the Yang family like Yang Zhuo and Yang Lao also appeared. They were all smiling with Shi Yan.

Shi Yan was dumbstruck. Afterward, his eyes brightened. "Great Grandpa, I…"

"The Yang family will belong to you in the future." Yang Tian Emperor raised the corners of his mouth. "I've been putting efforts for the whole life, but I could only make the Yang family one of the three outstanding forces of the Endless Sea. And you, you've been to Endless Sea not more than ten years, but you've made the Yang the overlord of the whole sea! I have to say, compared to me, the head of the Yangs now, you're much more eligible to lead the Yangs than me. I'm giving you the Immortal Canon today, which means, I'm announcing to everybody that you are the future headmaster of the Yangs. When I'm in need of secluding cultivation, you will take care of the Yangs on behalf of me." 

"Great Grandpa..." Shi Yan forced a smile. He hesitated for a while, caressing the canon then said, "Great Grandpa, I'm afraid I have to fail your expectation."

Strong warriors of the Yangs were confused hearing him saying so.

"Why?" Even Yang Tian Emperor was astounded. "The head of the Yangs in the Endless Sea means the absolute power. You can take it yourself, and it's also what you deserve. Why you deny it?"

"I want to go to the Divine Great Land. The Endless Sea is just a stop in my journey. It’s not the final destination." Shi Yan's eyes lit. "I've heard lots about the mysterious, magical things about the Divine Great Land. It’s the real center of the warriors in the Grace Mainland. It has the strongest warriors, the most intimidating beasts and clans. They also have the oldest martial spirit inheritance. And, all above that, Xin Yan ‘s there."

Yang Tian Emperor was surprised. He was stunned for half a day before releasing a sigh. "So your heart isn’t here. Yeah, it’s alright. With your potential, even when you’re at the Divine Great Land, your name will shock the whole world there, sooner or later. Perhaps, it’s your real arena."

"So, I just need to read the Immortal Canon for a while." Shi Yan smiled. "I want to visit the Quiet Cloud Land first to bring my grandfather to the Endless Sea. After that, I'll return the Immortal Canon to you. Yeah, no matter what, I'm from the Yangs. Even I'll be in the Divine Great Land in the future, I always belong to the Yangs. If possible, when I'm settled down there, I hope you - Great Grandfather, and the others will move to the center of the Grace Mainland with me."

Members of the Yang family were shaken, their faces excited.

"In fact, in the eyes of the people from the Divine Great Land, we, the warriors of the Endless Sea, are just barbarians." Shi Yan mused then decided to tell them the truth. "They have the True G.o.d warriors or the ten-thousand-years ancient factions. They even have more mysterious lands as their territory’s much bigger. It’s the peak gathering of the martial path. We shouldn't be the frog sitting under its coconut sh.e.l.l forever."

Yang Tian Emperor said with a happy face. "Boy, you're stronger than I am." 

 Mo Duan Hun and Li Mu were also amazed, looking at Shi Yan with excited eyes, just like he was hiding a lot of treasures on his body.

"There’s no force in the Endless Sea able to threat the Yang family. At this moment, we should envision further," smiled Shi Yan.

Everybody thought a bit then nodded in agreement.

"You want to go to the Quiet Cloud?" Yang Tian Emperor pondered for a while. "It’s good though. We should thank the Shi family. Without them, we don’t have you now or the glory the Yangs have today. Bloodline’s something we can never deny. You go and get’em here."

Paused, Yang Tian Emperor then arranged. "I will a.s.sign the Shura Blood Guard to go with you. We’ll ride the demonic beasts then we can bring all the members of the Shi family to Endless Sea at once. What do you think?"

Shi Yan nodded cheerily. "It’s awesome then."

"Go. I’ll arrange this." Yang Tian Emperor raised his eyebrows, laughing. "With your powers now, needless to mention the Quiet Cloud land, even if it’s the Divine Great Land, you can always get there at ease. Yeah, we don’t need to bring many hotshots. We just need some beasts to carry more people."


Yang Tian Emperor said his order. Soon, one hundred Shura Blood Guard were ready to deploy from the Immortal Island.

After bidding farewell to the Yang family, Shi Yan didn’t linger, riding the Ghost Hunter, which was in its beast form now, heading to the Quiet Cloud.

On the way, he pa.s.sed across the Yuan Luo Sea. As Tang Yuan Nan knew he wanted to go to the Quiet Cloud land to pick up his family, he didn’t say extra words but a.s.signed the Star G.o.d Guard he had appointed to ride the Giant Horned Lion Vultures of the Three G.o.ds Sect to go to the Quiet Clouds with him.

Shi Yan wanted to deny but Tang Yuan Nan was persistent. He couldn’t deny the other’s good deed, just nodded.

Thus, he took one hundred Shura Blood Guards and eighty Star G.o.d Guards riding on the Giant Horned Lion Vultures to the Quiet Cloud land.

On their way, warriors of the forces in Endless Sea came to him as they heard the news. Seeing him riding the Ghost Hunter leading the formation, many leaders approached him to talk and ask if he needed help.

Even Yang Tian Emperor that year couldn’t have this offer when he went out.

In Endless Sea, no one had ever made all of the forces bow to him.

Shi Yan made it with his young age.

The Cyan Blood Bat and the Giant Horned Lion Vulture were the level 5 or 6 beasts. His Shura Blood Guards and the Star G.o.d Guards also had the exquisite cultivation or at least Earth Realm and Nirvana Realm.
 Besides the guards, Di Shan, Yu Rou, Yi Tian Mo, Ka Ba, and Ye Meng - the five great warriors of the Demonic Sound Clan and the Wings Clan, also went with him, plus the War Devil, the Kings of Demonic Insects, the Devouring Gold Silkworm and the Holy Spirit G.o.d inside the white bone clone.

This was such a powerful force that could be compared to any force of the Endless Sea.

Even the Cao Family hardly resisted them.

Thus, when they pa.s.sed by the Cao family, the Caos was so tense and nervous as they thought that he wanted to eradicate the Caos. They had put forth all of their defenses as if a great enemy was about to hit them.
 They could only breathe out in relief when Shi Yan and his men crossed over their sea territory.

On a summit of a mountain covered with strange stones, a beautiful woman lifted her face, looking at the young man and his delegation, fixing her pretty eyes on him. Deep regret appeared on her exquisite face. Half a day later, she muttered, "In my whole life, the thing I regret the most is to give up to you."

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