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 Kyara Sea, Immortal Island… 

The three Yama Kings Abi, Hades, and Hei Tian, sat neatly in the center of the island, their faces dark and gloomy. 

They had rushed all the way from Immortal Island to Sun Island. However, when they were about to reach the Sun Island, they found that Chi Yan and Bo Xun were killed. The three Yama Kings halted, then left Yuan Luo Sea. 
The deaths of the Demon Kings meant that the invasion plan of Endless Sea this time had failed totally. 

The powers of the three Yama Kings were one level lower than the Demon Kings, and their bodies were much frailer, having difficulties in using the dark weapons. As they had spent much time waiting in Endless Sea, they had consumed a big part of their powers. 

Seeing the Demon Kings die, the three Yama Kings immediately recognized that if they still lingered in the Endless Sea, they would hardly be able to retreat intact. 

At this moment, the Firmament Dark Transfer array had been formed primitively, but still, they had to use it. The three Yama Kings cooperated, pouring their powers into the array to make a strong connection with the River of the Netherworld. 

Countless dark beasts came out from the Firmament Dark Transfer Array while ten thousand tons of water appeared in the center of the array. 

"All fellows, get in immediately!" Yama King Abi shouted. 

Many Dark Dwellers lined up and jumped and disappeared into the River of the Netherworld in the Firmament Dark Transfer Array. Soon, Dark Dwellers summoned from many islands disappeared into the River of the Netherworld. 

The three Yama Kings had to build the Firmament Dark Transfer Array in a hurry because they wanted to bring the dark Qi to the Endless Sea to prepare for their long war. Another reason was that they could use the array to retreat from the Endless Sea at the critical moment. This way, they could get back to the Underworld directly without transitioning through the Demon Area. 

As long as they were in the Underworld, the three Yama Kings would have their powers enhanced vastly. 

In the Underworld, even if Yang Tian Emperor, Cao Qiu Dao, and Yang Yi Tian joined hands, they would hardly gain the upper hand over the three Yama Kings. In the Underworld, there were so many intimidating dark beasts and magic formations. If Yang Tian Emperor and the other two dared to enter the Underworld, what awaited them was an endless annoyance. 

As long as they could get back to the Underworld, they would be safe and sound. Dark Dwellers disappeared into the Firmament Dark Transfer Array continuously. Not long after that, all Dark Dweller in the Immortal World had gotten in the Array. 

Then, the three Yama Kings stood up, exchanged looks and released a fierce magnetic wave. When the Firmament Dark Transfer Array was about to explode, the three Yama Kings turned into three beams of light, disappearing into the Array. 

One hour later, Yang Tian Emperor, Cao Qiu Dao, Yang Yi Tian, and XQ arrived at the Immortal Island. 

"We were one step late." Yang Tian Emperor shook his head then said begrudgingly, "The three Great Yama Kings seized the chance quickly. I didn't expect that they would build the Firmament Dark Transfer Array first. Once they sensed the situation turning bad, they fled back to the Underworld directly. I think it’s impossible to catch the Yama Kings now." 

Cao Qiu Dao, Yang Yi Tian, and the others also sighed. 

The three of them had planned for so many years to uproot the whole Underworld and the three Yama Kings. Unfortunately, their plan was perfect, but its implementation was not. 

Looking at the bursting Firmament Dark Array, they knew that unless they reached a higher level, they could hardly take action against the Yama Kings. 

While they were still regretting, some figures were flying towards them from the further islands. However, those figures screamed in fear before they could reach the island, then flew away using a faster speed. 

"They’re the Dark Dwellers left behind." Cao Qiu Dao’s pupils shrank. He disappeared all of a sudden. 

At the moment after that, the others saw the Dark Dwellers coming from the other island falling into the sea from the sky. They were dead even before they sank into the sea. 

Yang Yi Tian and Yang Tian Emperor looked in the direction and then launched their attacks.

Those Dark Dwellers didn't have high realms. Under the slaughter caused by the three great executioners, all those Dark Dwellers died. Yang Tian Emperor released his Soul Consciousness, covering the adjacent islands. The end of his brow arched as he teleported away.

Not long after that, he reappeared on the Reincarnation Island of the Xia Family. 

Yi Tian Mo, Ka Ba, and Ya Meng were on the Reincarnation Island with frightened faces. 

"Something big happened."

Yi Tian Mo’s face was gloomy, he frowned. "The Firmament Dark Transfer Array was activated. I found that the aura of the three Yama Kings had completely disappeared from the Endless Sea."

"Are they going back to the Underworld?" Ka Ba was shaken. "What has happened?" 

"I think a great change has happened on the Endless Sea. And, this change made the three Yama Kings know that staying in Endless Sea is useless now. That’s why they hurried to get back to the Underworld."

Ya Meng forced a smile. "No one tells us anything." 

Yi Tian Mo wore a complicated face. Ka Ba and Ye Meng had a cold appearance, but they were anxious inside. 

"We’re abandoned." Yi Tian pondered for a long while, his face bitter. "I’ve known that the Yama Kings won’t remember us at the critical moment. Seems like we have no way out this time. The Yama Kings ran away, which means the Kyara Sea is about to undergo a ma.s.sive purge. Is it true that our Demonic Sound Clan would be eradicated soon?" 

Ka Ba and Ye Meng were desperate, looking blankly at the sky as sorrow filled their hearts. 

"Are you guys from the Demonic Sound Clan?" At this moment, a surprised voice came from above their heads. 

They were here.

Yi Tian Mo changed his look, eyeing the figure in the sky with a cautious face. Not long after that, three other people appeared above the Reincarnation Island. 

Yi Tian Mo and the other two had strong soul power. Just with a little sensing, they felt completely desperate. 

They were strong warriors that the clansmen couldn't see through!

"Yes, it’s true. We are the fellows of the Demonic Sound Clan." Yi Tian Mo tried to calm down, lifted his head and answered the man. "I know we’re about to be doomed, but I want to know what’s happened to the Endless Sea."

"Bo Xun and Chi Yan are dead," smiled the man coldly. 

The three of Yi Tian Mo’s group were shaken as they felt powerless, knowing the event they feared the most had happened.

The Demon Kings died, and the Yama Kings fled away. Where should they go? 

"Let us die straightforwardly," Ye Meng’s face was fierce. "I know our Demonic Sound Clan would die this time. No one can help us. If you guys come here for it, what are you waiting for?"

"I am Yang Tian Emperor," The man who spoke up first curled his lips. "Little Shi Yan said that your Demonic Sound Clan belonged to him. Don’t worry, no one dares to touch you. You’ve chosen a good master. He’ll protect you. You won’t be affected by this event." 

Yi Tian Mo and the other two were dumbstruck.

Snow Dragon Island...

The strong warriors of Endless Sea including Wu Qin, Gu Xiao, Dongfang Kuai, the Queen of Heaven, the Emperor of Earth arrived at this island and started to kill the members of the Demon Tribes there. 

Mo Qi Ta, Xie Yan, Sinda, Alex, the four Demon Master were struggling hard under the besiege of the warriors of Endless Sea. Many warriors from the Dark Water Territory and Tuta Sea arrived, as they had received the message from their leaders. All forces came to clean up the Demon Tribes.

"Bo Xun and Chi Yan are dead. Your Demon Kings are over, and today is your death day." Dongfang Kuai grinned fiendishly while standing on the Snow Dragon Island, shouting loudly, "Kill!" 

All the members of the Demon Tribes became anxious and restless. 

"The Demon Kings are dead?" At the foot of the Dragon Snow Mountain, Di Shan shouted in fear. "How could it happen?"

Yu Rou was frightened, "The Demon Kings are dead. What should we do? Bo Xun wanted to kill us too. If we knew that, we wouldn’t have left the Chasm Battlefield. At least, we could preserve our clan there." 

"Run, take our fellows and run far away, as far as possible. I hope that we are not going to be uprooted." Di Shan's face was gloomy. "It's our great kalpa this time, and no one can help us. If we dare to take life-risking actions, perhaps we can turn it over." 

"We can only run away," Yu Rou said sadly, "I’m going to arrange it."

Di Shan nodded, "Should be quick! Every minute you can seize, a fellow of our clan more can survive." 


As Yu Rou was about to move, she suddenly startled, looking blankly out there, talking disbelievingly. "They… Don’t they see us, the Wings Race?"

Di Shan was stunned, watching here and there suspiciously.

There was a thick jungle at the foot of the Snow Dragon Mountain. Many wooden houses of the Wings Clan were built on big ancient trees there. When they recognized the change of the Snow Dragon Island, people of the Wings Clan scattered in the jungle and looked at the sky with fear. 

Around them, so many members of the Demon Tribes were killed by the warriors of Endless Sea. However, no warrior of Endless Sea entered the Wings Clan’s territory.

Even the Wings Clan’s members who lived near the Demon Tribes stayed safe and sound, while the Demon Tribe members next to them were killed. 

It seemed the Endless Sea’s warriors had some problem with their eyes; they seemed not to see the members of the Wings Clan. They were slaughtering the Demon Tribes, but sparing the Wings Clan. As long as they saw the man have wings, that man became invisible in their eyes, and he could save his life from the slaughter. 

"Why is this happening?" Di Shan was astounded. "Why aren’t the human hotshots killing the Wings Clan? I don’t think humans can be that kind. What’s going on?" 

Yu Rou kept shaking her head, "Weird. Really weird. Can somebody tell me what’s going on?"

"All members of the Wings Clan must not be involved!" Di Shan mused for a while and then shouted. "Stay where you are, don’t move! No one takes action. We just watch."

Fellows of the Wings Clan wanted to help the Demon Tribe, but on hearing Di Shan, they all stopped. 

At the same time, some members of the Wings Clan who had been fighting with the others didn’t receive attacks. 

They had no clue why the human warriors didn’t touch the Wings Clan. This kindness dazzled Di Shan and Yu Rou, as they had a feeling that this was unreal. 

"Yeah, without Shi Yan, your Wings Clan would be exterminated!" Dongfang Kuai snorted from the sky. "You lucky b*stards!" 


Di Shan and Yu Rou exchanged confused looks, their faces stunned.

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