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Both Chi Yan’s soul and spirit perished. Bo Xun had only a beam of weak soul sneaked into the s.p.a.ce crack. As the two Demon Kings had perished, the Demon Tribes in the Endless Sea were about to receive tragedies pouring over their heads. 

The Wings Clan had joined the Demon Tribes, and they didn’t have a backup, which meant they would become an obvious target. If Shi Yan didn’t cover them, the Wings Clan would go extinct. 

The Demon Tribes were done, and so were the Dark Tribes. As the Dark Tribes couldn't avoid this disaster, the Demonic Sound Clan would be involved in this catastrophe soon.

Whether it was the Wings Clan or the Demonic Sound Clan, he had rescued them from the Chasm Battlefield. He didn't hold any grudge against Di Shan and Yi Tian Mo. Under the circ.u.mstances that their whole tribes would be erased, Di Shan and Yi Tian Mo had no choice but to yield to the Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers. This was because of the existence of their races, and nothing they should be ashamed of. 

As the warriors of the Endless Sea were about to take the once in a blue moon chance to clean up the threat from the Dark Tribes and the Demon Tribes, if Shi Yan didn’t prevent them, Di Shan’s and Yi Tian Mo’s tribes would disappear from this world. 

Because of the old relationship, he had spoken for their sakes. 

"The Wings Clan and the Demonic Sound Clan belong to you?" Yang Tian Emperor was stunned, his eyes strange. 


Yang Tian Emperor grinned and nodded, "Go. I have my calculations."

"Ge, are we going now?" Yang Yi TIan urged.

Yang Tian Emperor smiled, looking towards the Kyara Sea. "It’s time to take back our family’s territory." Then, Yang Tian Emperor, Cao Qiu Dao, and Yang Yi TIan exchanged looks, flying together towards the Kyara Sea. 

That was where the Dark Dwellers stayed currently. 

The other warriors of the Endless Sea left on the Sun Island looked at each other with dismay. They eyed Shi Yan, then the general direction where Yang Tian Emperor and the other two disappeared. Bitter feeling gnawed their hearts. 

Those three had kidded all the warriors of the Endless Sea, toying them in their hands. Their plan of uprooting the Demon Tribes had been started dozens of years ago. Finally, they had killed two Demon Kings.

When this war ended, the Demon Tribes would be suffering a great loss, and their men, who had entered the Endless Sea, wouldn’t leave alive. 

The Demon Kings and the Demon Masters should be all killed, leaving the Fourth Demon Area unoccupied. People of the Yangs that intruded the Fourth Demon Area would have the chance to take the upper hand, or even the whole Fourth Demon Area territory. 

In the history of the Grace Mainland, there were times the human race took over the Demon Area. However, they were the particular, infrequent circ.u.mstances. 

The Yang family had endured humiliation and all sorts of tribulations to set the record for a vast wealth like this. 

"You guys still want to deal with me, don’t you?" Shi Yan’s visage darkened. He grinned fiendishly at the group of Qing Ming, Gu Xiao, and Dongfang Kuai. "Well, we should settle our debt, but I think it’s not the good time now. What do you think?"

The group of Qing Ming, Gu Xiao, Dongfang Kuai changed their complexions.

There were the War Devil, Nu Lang, Yin Hui, Ouyang Luo Shang, Tang Yuan Nan and the two King Corpses standing next to Shi Yan. 

If this force wanted to fight with a force of the Endless Sea, even Cao Qiu Dao of the Cao Family and the Yang Yi Tian Martial Spirit Palace couldn’t deal with them at ease, let alone the group of Qing Ming, Gu Xiao, Dongfang Kuai.

Hearing Shi Yan, Gu Xiao and the others were frightened, exchanging looks, while the other warriors surrounding the Sun Island fled pathetically. 

"Get out and enter that white skeleton clone!" 

Waiting until the others had left, Shi Yan let out a slight shout, with his eye gazing at a white skeleton body in a gully in Sun Island. 

This was Bo Xun’s white bone clone. It took its time to come here from the Snow Dragon Island. However, when it got to the place, Bo Xun’s body exploded, and his soul sneaked into the s.p.a.ce crack. 

As its master died, the spirit Bo Xun placed in the white bone clone vanished. 

The white skeleton clone became ownerless.

The Holy Spirit G.o.d in the Profound Qi halo moved, turning into a separate beam of light shooting towards the white bone clone. 

When he was in the Snow Dragon Island that year, he had promised the Holy Spirit G.o.d that he would find it a suitable body. It’d been a long time, and now he finally found a good one. 

"There’s still a piece of Bo Xun’s soul." 

The Holy Spirit G.o.d circled above the white skeleton clone, but didn’t hurry to get in. Instead, it sent him a message. 

Shi Yan smiled coldly. "Easy." 

His eyes gazed at the white bone clone, as a cl.u.s.ter of silvery flames came out from deep inside his eyes, getting into the white bone clone.

The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame! 

The flames got into the skeleton, moving around the head and then burned the beam of Bo Xun’s soul into ashes.

Then, the Holy Spirit G.o.d got in. 

The empty sockets of the white skeleton clone suddenly sparkled with an icy light. 

Crack Crack! 

The white bone clone moved slowly. Cracking sounds echoed from its joints, as the Holy Spirit G.o.d tried to control its new body. 

"How does it feel?" smiled Shi Yan. 

"Not bad," the Holy Spirit G.o.d said, "I have never had a real body before, so I'm not used to the feeling of having a body. Yeah, I need time to fit in and see how it would be to have a body. It feels wonderful. Good, very good. Thank you. It's worth the time I've spent with you."

Shi Yan nodded contentedly. 


Nu Lang frowned, then mused. It seemed he wanted to say something but didn’t finish it. Yin Hui smiled embarra.s.sedly. "I came late, and couldn’t help much. Hmm, our agreement…" 

They wanted the Life Original Fluid. 

"Don’t worry. Wait until the Endless Sea’s situation’s steadied. I’ll give it to you. I keep my words." Shi Yan’s countenance turned solemn. "Precursors, the situation of the Endless Sea will change in just a blink of an eye. I think we should amend the agreement between us." 


"I need time to think about it." Shi Yan mused and then talked. Suddenly, he arched his brows as divine light shot out from his eyes towards the South-East of the Sun Island. 

A familiar aura came from the South-West of the Sun Island.

It was the Ghost Hunter. 

This strange demonic beast had a spiritual connection with him. However, the time they had been on the Sun Island, it was unknown why this beast went together with Chi Yan and Bo Xun. At present, Chi Yan and Bo Xun were all dead, and the Ghost Hunter then revealed its aura. This surprised him.

He hesitated for a while and then turned into a bunch of lights, flying towards the general direction where the Ghost Hunter’s aura came from. 

The War Devil followed him. 

Nu Lang, Yin Hui, Tang Yuan Nan and the others were suspicious, since they didn't know why Shi Yan left hurriedly. 

They thought for a while and then followed him. 

In the South-West of the Sun Island, dark Qi torrentially burst out from under the reef. The seawater was surging while ghostly smog fumed. A th.o.r.n.y humanoid creature was embracing something undersea, trying its best to cope with that thing's resistance. 

The Devil Bell! 

This strange secret treasure of Bo Xun had fallen into this sea. At this moment, the Ghost Hunter was hugging it tightly, as the bell rippled with devil light, struggling in the Ghost Hunter’s embrace. Its power was so strong that it was constantly shaking the Ghost Hunter. 

The Ghost Hunter’s evil, bizarre pair of eyes suddenly opened with a tremendous murderous aura. It was gazing at Shi Yan. 

"Long time no see," Shi Yan frowned and snorted. "Why did you go away with Chi Yan and Bo Xun? When we were at the Sky Demon Mountain Rage, I asked you to wait for me there. Why didn’t you follow my words?"

Inside the Ghost Hunter’s vicious pupils, he saw two strange seals. A devilish halo sparkled from the seals, which seemed to affect its soul. 

All of a sudden, the Ghost Hunter appeared to struggle intensively to resist the seals in its pupils. Its face grimaced painfully. 

"Bo Xun and Chi Yan had sealed his soul. I saw this sort of seal when I was fighting with them. This seal has the evil power to tie the souls." Nu Lang was standing far from there. He frowned, looking at the Ghost Hunter. "This is a strange creature. He has both the dark Qi and the demon Qi. I've never heard of this creature anywhere. What's that?" 

Yin Hui and the others were curious, too. 

Shi Yan didn't explain, just looking at the Ghost Hunter while releasing his soul consciousness to peek at the beast’s status.

However, when his soul consciousness approached the beast, a bloodthirsty yin aura shot out, attempting to damage his soul consciousness. 


Shi Yan grinned fiendishly while his pupils shot out a silver light, darting towards the Ghost Hunter. 

When the light zoomed over, the tempered restless Ghost Hunter seemed like he was stuck by a freezing spell. It stopped moving, and even its eyes turned empty. 


Shi Yan let out a low shout, using the flame of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame to carefully search for the soul seal in the beast’s brain while avoiding touching its soul. 

There was a strange soul connection between Shi Yan and the Ghost Hunter. As the beast was putting forth everything to deal with the seal in its head, its soul didn’t put up any guard, which enabled Shi Yan to enter. 

Not long after that, the flame searching inside the Ghost Hunter’s soul finally found the exact location of the seal. 

After Bo Xun and Chi Yan died, the power of their barriers was greatly reduced. That's why the Ghost Hunter had the strength to resist it. Otherwise, under the restraint of the soul tying seal, the Ghost Hunter didn't even have the strength to wiggle. 

Sizzle Sizzle! 

As the soul tying seal was burned, the painful, uneasy Ghost Hunter restored its calmness. 

Shi Yan shifted his look to the Devil Bell. A silvery flame flew out from his eyes, instantly got into the Devil Bell and burned down Bo Xun’s seal left inside the bell.

The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame was magically useful in cleaning up those soul tying seals. It was like flipping one’s hand, as easy as a piece of cake. 

When Bo Xun's seal vanished, the bell became unowned. It didn't struggle inside the Ghost Hunter's embrace anymore. At this moment, the Ghost Hunter quietly looked at him and sent him a message, "Master!"

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