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Shi Yan didn’t dare to distract his mind, attentively watching everywhere in case Cao Qiu Dao suddenly took action.

It was hard to obstruct the Shadowless Path. If one couldn't react at the moment Cao Qiu Dao took action, the one who was ambushed would instantly become a dead body.

Although it seemed Cao Qiu Dao was aiming at Bo Xun, n.o.body could guess his moves. No one could be sure whether or not he was faking a strike, then shifting to kill Shi Yan instantly.

The Moon G.o.d and Tang Yuan Nan stood guard on both sides of Shi Yan. They were all waiting in silence.

Bo Xun was a bit anxious. Under the clamp of Nu Lang and the two King Corpses, he fell into the disadvantaged situation already. If Cao Qiu Dao took action all of a sudden, in that short moment, he could easily get hurt.

The War Devil was intertwining with Chi Yan, not leaving him leeway to watch here and there. Chi Yan could hardly watch Bo Xun’s back.

Suddenly, a beam of light zoomed over from the East. A white bone clone was flying fast toward them.

It was Bo Xun’s white bone clone.

Receiving Bo Xun’s summon, this white bone clone had departed from the Snow Dragon Island and arrived on time to help him cope with this strenuous situation.

Bo Xun had three white bone clones in total, each of them fabricated by extremely marvelous methods. They all had part of Bo Xun’s divine abilities and some bizarre tricks.

Years ago, when Xiao Han Yi had just arrived the Endless Sea, one of Bo Xun’s white bone clone had s.n.a.t.c.hed him and dragged him to the Demon Area.

That terrifying scene still stayed in Shi Yan’s memory until today. 
At that time, in his eyes, the white bone clones were the most dangerous existence in this world, which had unimaginable earth-shaking powers. It could even rip the barrier of the Demon Area off, as intimidating as a G.o.d!

At that moment, he didn't dare to estimate Bo Xun’s power. Xia Xin Yan used to tell him that Bo Xun was the strongest Demon Dweller, with the most peerless divine abilities. At that moment, a strong fighting will had erupted from him as he was dreaming of fighting with Bo Xun one day, and sitting upright in front of him.

Today, he did it.


The Amethyst Sword hiding in the purple cloud shot out at this moment.

At the same time, a brilliant, sharp beam of light appeared next to the white bone clone.

At that moment, Bo Xun's white bone clone was like it got jabbed hard by a sharp weapon. The skeleton of the white bone clone was shaken disorderly, like it was about to lose its frame.

Cao Qiu Dao showed himself.

The Amethyst Sword came back to his hand. Light shadows of the sword were circling like thousands of purple lightning, as thick as a shower, covering the white bone clone.

Beautiful light sparked out from the white skeleton clone. Grumbling impact rose, boiling the seawater around the Sun Island.

Waiting until the countless beams of light disappeared, people concentrated their minds and watched. They realized that Cao Qiu Dao had hidden away again, and the white bone clone Bo Xun had summoned had turned multi-colored, like it was smudged with ink. It now looked extremely eccentric.


Bo Xun’s flesh body shook as he was attacked at his back. Dark Qi gushed out continually in the void. Cao Qiu Dao showed himself again behind Bo Xun, piercing Bo Xun right in the middle of his back.

Nu Lang seized the change and grinned fiendishly, releasing the trident and violently striking the Devil Bell. The bell then turned into a beam of dark light, falling down out of everyone’s sight.

Cao Qiu Dao disappeared again.

Bo Xun’s face was gloomy. The evil light in his eyes became bright; clearly, it seemed he was enraged. However, he suddenly spurted blood before he could take any action. Terrified expression flashed on his face for the first time.

He didn’t look at Nu Lang or the King Corpses. His complicated eyes were gazing at the endless vast sky, where the dark Qi was surging torrentially. Inside the cl.u.s.ters of dark Qi, a strange, intimidating power burst out. Transparent bones shot out from the dark Qi.

"Yang Tian Emperor!"

Bo Xun cried, his face frantic.

Shi Yan, Tang Yuan Nan, and Ouyang Luo Shang were dumbstruck, looking suspiciously to the sky. In between the cl.u.s.ters of dark Qi, s.p.a.ce suddenly cracked. A vague, majestic silhouette was breaking a white skeleton clone with his bare hands in the lightning weaved s.p.a.ce.

This was the white skeleton clone Bo Xun had summoned from the Fourth Demon Area.

It was pitifully broken in the s.p.a.ce slit before it could enter the Endless Sea from the Demon Area. That man had borrowed the chaotic, turbulent energy in the s.p.a.ce to smash that white skeleton clone.

The bones that shot out were from the skeleton of that white bone clone.

From the lightning weaved s.p.a.ce, that majestic silhouette laughed wildly. "Bo Xun, I’ve confined your other white bone clone in the outer territory s.p.a.ce. You will never be able to summon it again." Then, that man tore the s.p.a.ce slit with both hands and drilled out.

He was the head of the Yang family, Yang Tian Emperor!

The peerless warrior of the Endless Sea appeared again after years, having been tortured in the Demon Area after he had subdued two white skeleton clones of Bo Xun.

It was like there was a tacit understanding between them, that at the moment Yang Tian Emperor got out from the s.p.a.ce crack, Cao Qiu Dao retook action.

The Amethyst Sword appeared with radiant purple halo, covering Bo Xun entirely. Nu Lang and the King Corpses exchanged looks and took action together, attacking Bo Xun with their full forces.

After Yang Tian Emperor got out of the s.p.a.ce crack, he didn’t hesitate, joining the battle right away.

Yang Tian Emperor came with an irresistible momentum, not caring about the layers of defense Bo Xun had arranged. He shot straightforward, breaking numerous demonic defending walls until he reached Bo Xun’s true body and punched him.

A heavy, overbearing punch that could block the s.p.a.ce slit pounded on Bo Xun’s head.

Bo Xun had enemies both in front and behind him. As he was about to parry, the purple light had pierced from behind like sharp spears.

Under the severe pain, Bo Xun hardly gathered the internal force in his body. He could only strive to get rid of the situation. The dragon horn on his head glowed, gushing out waves of crazy, fierce air to encounter Yang Tian Emperor’s fist.


It was like landslides and earthquakes were happening. Grumbling sounds reverberated the whole Yuan Luo Sea, making people feel a vague pain in their eardrums.

Slits of flesh and blood cracked on Bo Xun’s rigid body under this punch. His body was like broken gla.s.s, looking extremely bizarre.

Cao Qiu Dao, Nu Lang, and the King Corpses seized the chance to storm forward together. They urged their powers, bombarding crazily on Bo Xun.

After this wave of attacks, Bo Xun’s flesh body had many open wounds that were bleeding badly, his bones broken.

Shi Yan frowned, then sighed, "Bo Xun’s done."

Tang Yuan Nan nodded with a solemn face. "Cao Qiu Dao, Nu Lang, the King Corpses, each of them is enough to cope with him. The three forces joined hands to deal with Bo Xun, which was enough to fight with him. With Yang Tian Emperor’s interference in midway, it’s hard for him to find a way to survive." 

While they were talking, Bo Xun’s flesh body showered out blood. He faced the sky, laughing wildly while his body cracked into fissures. Even though the Demon Dwellers had st.u.r.dy bodies, under so many attacks of violent forces, no one could help him.

Bo Xun's body was wrecked.

A dark beam of light shrank into a dot in the air the moment Bo Xun’s body was killed, shooting towards the s.p.a.ce crack, disappearing in just a blink.

"Soul compelling!"

Tang Yuan Nan couldn’t help but shout.

Shi Yan wore a terrified face. At the moment his body was exploded, Bo Xun determinedly condensed his soul into a small dot, leaving the flesh body and sneaking into the s.p.a.ce crack in a flash to save his immortal soul.

Although there were countless dangers inside the lightning weaved s.p.a.ce, which could make his soul disappear forever, it could prevent the others from chasing after him.

Everybody knew that the s.p.a.ce crack wasn’t stable. Anybody who dared to get in could get both his soul and body perished. However, if his soul flew fast enough, it wouldn't be affected by the chaotic forces in the s.p.a.ce crack.

However, if the body got in together, the risk factor would increase by ten times.

Thus, even though they saw Bo Xun send his soul into the s.p.a.ce crack at the last moment, Yang Tian Emperor and the others didn’t continue their pursuit. They calmly looked at the crack, urging their soul consciousness to sense.

"Can’t find him."

Cao Qiu Dao closed his eyes to sense for a while, then shook his head in regret. "The chaotic energies in the crack usually appear, hindering the soul sensing. If we let the soul consciousness go too far, it’s hard to call it back. We’d better not to take risks."

"Never mind," Yang Tian Emperor laughed. "Only Bo Xun’s fled away. Even if he has divine abilities and can find a shelter in the s.p.a.ce crack, it will take several hundreds of years to recover. At that time, perhaps you and I would have the True G.o.d Realm cultivation base already. Even if he could come back, he wouldn't be a threat." Cao Qiu Dao nodded.

"There’s one more of them," Yang Tian Emperor looked at Chi Yan. He suddenly cried in surprise. "Where does this black iron puppet come from? It has such tremendous powers to hold Chi Yan down."

"Harrumph," Cao Qiu Dao frowned and said indignantly, "Your Yang family has good fortune!" Hearing him, Yang Tian Emperor was stunned for a while before shifting his eyes to Shi Yan. He smiled brightly. "Good boy! I can’t believe that after I left the Endless Sea, you can still hold the torch of the Yangs to shine on the sea of Endless Sea!"

Shi Yan lifted his head, smiled and bent down to greet him. He didn’t babble, just briefed, "We should kill Chi Yan first, then we’ll talk."


Yang Tian Emperor nodded cheerily, turning himself into a red light that shot towards Chi Yan.

Cao Qiu Dao also took action.

Nu Lang and the King Corpses didn’t move. 

"Kid, do you really need me to work here?" Nu Lang snorted, somehow disgruntled. "The Yangs do have a deep conspiracy, hiding inside the Demon Area and waiting for the best chance. When he took action, he immediately made Bo Xun leave with only a beam of soul. I think the stuff here doesn't matter to me anymore, does it?"

"If you want something, you have to extend your hand to reach it. Kill Chi Yan when we still have a chance." Shi Yan curled his lips. "If Chi Yan doesn’t die today, he’ll come to take revenge on the Sea Tribes soon. Yeah, I think that if you want the best for your Sea Tribes, you shouldn't let him leave here alive, right?"

Nu Lang shut his mouth, and couldn't help but nod begrudgingly.

"You guys should help them, too." Shi Yan looked at Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea. Receiving Shi Yan’s order, the two ten-thousand-year old King Corpses from the Corpse G.o.d Sect flew up again, storming towards Chi Yan.

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