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Yuan Luo Sea, the Sun Island… 

A great fight that was worth being written down in the history was happening like a raging fire, and its partic.i.p.ants were all the true peak realm warriors of the Endless Sea. 

Bo Xun, Chi Yan, Nu Lang, the King Corpses, the Sun G.o.d and Moon G.o.d of the Three G.o.ds Sect, and the new face of the Endless Sea, Shi Yan. 

Hotshots of the Endless Sea gathered. Not only that, an innumerable number of strong warriors on the land and undersea came there using their secret treasures or the Teleporting Formation, or any other means that could bring them there as fast as possible, after they sensed the strange change in heaven and earth.

Many people knew that this battle would turn the impa.s.se of the Endless Sea upside down. Perhaps, after this battle, the Endless Sea’s destiny would be determined ultimately. 

On the island, Shi Yan was recovering his powers silently while holding the mysterious giant sword, watching the fights between the two Demon Kings and the others. He held his vigilance discreetly.

Cao Qiu Dao should be here soon. 

From Yuan Luo Sea, the Cao family’s island was further than the Corpse G.o.d Sect. That’s why Cao Qiu Dao couldn't arrive as fast as the King Corpses. Anyway, Cao Qiu Dao was a true hotshot of the Endless Sea. If he flew at his full speed, he could arrive the Sun Island not long after that. 

Shi Yan was lingering, and hadn’t taken action because Cao Qiu Dao hadn’t come yet. He was still guarding against this real master from the Caos, who had his name famous in the Endless Sea for so many years. 

He had killed Zuo Yue Feng not long before this event. If he were Cao Qiu Dao, of course, he wouldn't have spared his life. If such a hotshot was hiding away, waiting for a chance to ambush him, he was afraid that he would be dead before he could make any reaction.

Thus, he didn't dare to join the battle, just cautiously being on the alert. 

"Here he comes." 

The Moon G.o.d suddenly sighed, looking at the general direction of the Tuta Sea. Moonlight in her body suddenly condensed.

Tang Yuan Nan seemed like he was about to encounter the archenemy. 

The name of Cao Qiu Dao had been famous for so many years on the Endless Sea; the power of the Cao family in Endless Sea was so tremendous. No one on the Endless Sea dared to look down on Cao Qiu Dao, or knew what this martial art addict would do. 

A faint light appeared from far away. At first, it was like the light of a firefly, not bright, but really flickering. 

However, after three seconds, that faint light bloomed like a flame. Seconds later, that halo could even cover the sky and hinder the earth. Unexpectedly, it made the dark Qi above the Sun Island disperse.

Inside the brilliant halo, an old man with senile, gloomy face slowly appeared. 

He was wearing a simple green warrior clothing. His gray hair were tied into a chignon, and his eyes bright. He didn't appear to be a good-looking man, with flashy and fierce markings, or any precious accessories. There was nothing majestic about Cao Qiu Dao's appearance.

Quite the contrary, he looked more like an average old man. Without his bright pupils, many people couldn't imagine that such an appearance belonged to the famous Cao Qiu Dao in the Endless Sea.

Tang Yuan Nan’s face was solemn. He clasped his fist to greet Cao Qiu Dao before the old man descended to the island. "Master Cao." 

Ouyang Luo Shang was standing in the air, not moving an inch. She seemed to be seriously a.s.sessing Cao Qiu Dao. As she had sealed herself for a thousand years inside a meteorite, she was much older than the latter. Although her current competence wasn’t as strong as his, she wouldn't humble her status to fawn over this hotshot from the Cao family.

"h.e.l.lo, Cult Master Yang," Cao Qiu Dao nodded. His face was calm while the light in his eyes dimmed. 

After exchanging greetings with Tang Yuan Nan, he immediately shifted to the earth-shaking fight on the Sun Island while frowning. 

As his eyes caught the sight of the War Devil, he couldn’t even hide his surprise. He was dumbstruck for a while before he started to search for the target. His eyes eventually stopped at Shi Yan. "You’ve brought this black iron puppet out of the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard? He killed Zuo Yue Feng?"

Shi Yan wore a cold face as he snorted and then nodded. "Yes." 

"Not bad, kid," Cao Qiu Dao nodded, "When I was at your age, I had just the cultivation base of Earth Realm. You’re now at the Sky Realm, and can even borrow the external forces to reach the Spirit Realm. Not bad, really. Yang Tian Emperor does have a good fortune. I admire him for this aspect." 

Shi Yan’s countenance still darkened, not choosing to answer him. He didn’t get the real purpose of Cao Qiu Dao. However, with Nu Lang, the King Corpses, Tang Yuan Nan, and Ouyang Luo Shang were all here, together with the level eight demonic beast King of Demonic Insects and the Devouring Gold Silkworm on his shoulders, if he needed to fight the old man, and the latter didn't ambush him, Shi Yan didn’t worry much. 

As they saw Cao Qiu Dao arrive, Chi Yan, Bo Xun and Nu Lang became more cautious, even though they were in the middle of the battle. 

Everybody knew of Cao Qiu Dao's competence. If he took action and joined one side, the other side wouldn't be comfortable. His presence would change the whole picture. Thus, everybody was saving their strengths to deal with him in case he decided to join any side. 

Chi Yan was also careful. Under the wanton bombarding of the War Devil, he revealed his dangerous features. 

Different from Bo Xun and Nu Lang, the puppet didn't care who Cao Qiu Dao was. Shi Yan had ordered him to urge his full force to deal with Chi Yan, so he only remembered this, maliciously attacking the other without leaving him a leeway. His brutal, wild attacks aimed to kill Chi Yan, forcing him to pay full attention to their battle. 

"Master Cao, the main enemies of the Endless are certainly the Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers. If we don't erase these two great foreign tribes, all the Endless Sea’s warriors would be killed or enslaved. Master Cao does consider the whole picture. I guess you get it well. Don’t bury the future of the Endless Sea because of some personal grudge."

Tang Yuan Nan was a bit hurried, trying to persuade the other painstakingly. Ouyang Luo Shang remained silent, but she was secretly alert in case the other suddenly ambushed them. 

"Of course I know who are the main enemies." Under the attentive looks of Shi Yan and the other two, Cao Qiu Dao arched the corner of his brows. He mused, looking at Demon King Bo Xun. 

Bo Xun started to reveal his reluctant defense under the besiege of Nu Lang and the two King Corpses. When his eyes met Cao Qiu Dao's eyes, he revealed a serious face for the first time, snorted and said, "Cao Qiu Dao, your men were killed, but you don't plan to take revenge. Are you going to help your enemy to deal with me? You should know that I come here this time to kill Shi Yan. You and I have the same target. It's better to unite and kill this brat first. We will solve the business between us then."

Cao Qiu Dao kept silent, and didn’t say anything. 

"If Shi Yan won’t die today, in the future, even if the Demon Dwellers have to leave the Endless Sea, the whole situation of the Sea won’t turn as you expected. That brat can even get Nu Lang involved. Men like him don’t care about rules. Later, when he enters the Spirit Realm, with his potential, he will replace the overlord positions of yours and Yang Yi Tian’s."

Bo Xun continued his advice. "As long as he lives, he’s the biggest threat to you and Yang Yi Tian."

"I didn’t think that this Demon King could be so wordy." Cao Qiu Dao frowned, remained unmoved. " As the Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers dare to invade the Endless Sea, you should have thought about your defeat one day. Yeah, I think today is that day, the day your two tribes are doomed. Bo Xun, you shouldn't have let your real body come here. If you were still in the Demon Area, even if you were besieged, you could have used the advantage of the Demon Area to flee deliberately. But it's not that easy in this Endless Sea." 

Then, an amethyst sword flew out from Cao Qiu Dao’s sleeve, purple light radiating from it. Beams of purple light were everywhere, drifting away all of the ghostly clouds. 

A vicious current was generated in the middle of the purple clouds, with mirages of beautiful, glorious fairylands appearing in them. In the mirages that could quiet down people’s minds, the hostile aura was strengthened strangely. 

Wilted, yellow leaves fell piece after piece from the purple clouds. They were made from condensed energy, which was thick like a shower and sharp like swords. 

The torrential dark Qi on the Sun Island was diluted vastly when the leaves fell. They disappeared from the sky over the Sun Island at the speed that naked eye could observe. 

The Amethyst Sword moved slowly. In the purple halo, a vicious current locked on Bo Xun, slowly approaching him. 

The heavy, vicious aura flooded the Endless Sea, gradually gathering on Cao Qiu Dao’s body. His aura became chilling to the bone. Moreover, it was getting more intimidating over time. 

Boom Boom! 

Thunderclap arose in the void, and lightning danced. The halo created by the Amethyst Sword had unexpectedly driven the strange change in heaven and earth. Inside the lightning, Cao Qiu Dao’s figure was fading away gradually, until he completely disappeared. 

The aura on his body suddenly became invisible. It seemed like he had never come here. No one could use his Soul Consciousness to detect his location. 

Shi Yan, Tang Yuan Nan, and Ouyang Luo Shang were more anxious than anyone else after the old man disappeared. They released the protective halo and discreetly stayed alert. 

Compared to them, Bo Xun was even more agitated. 

Cao Qiu Dao’s Shadowless Path was famous all over the Endless Sea. When he was totally out of people’s sight, it was the moment he really wanted to take action. Everyone knew this. 

The Shadowless Path was the profound divine ability that Cao Qiu Dao had comprehended. Once he used it, his essence Qi, spirit and soul would be hidden away, making him completely disappear in the world. No one could detect him in hiding. Sometimes, his opponents got killed before they realized when he took action. 

The most formidable feature of the Shadowless Path was the murderous intention, which was really magical. 

Many enemies of the Cao family had died unknowingly. In some cases, they were killed while cultivating. Until they died, they didn’t know that Cao Qiu Dao was there to kill them!

The Shadowless Path helped Cao Qiu Dao swagger in the Endless Sea. He was the character that planted fear everywhere. Enemies of the Cao Family had to live in fear every day, not knowing when and why they were killed. Perhaps, it would happen when they were having lunch, when they were asleep, or even when they were talking with the others. Their deaths were sudden and without any known causes. 

"Be careful."

Tang Yuan Nan reminded Shi Yan with a low voice, his face solemn. He was afraid that Cao Qiu Dao's main target was Shi Yan.

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