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 After Corpse Sea got the Life Seal, he was like an enraged beast turning into a nice lamb. The Life Seal was changing his body, adjusting his chaotic conscious and waking him from the realm of insanity.

If a beast could calm down and reason with human intellect, its intimidating features would be enhanced incredibly.

Everybody knew that. 

Corpse Sea’s change made Tang Yuan Nan, and Ouyang Luo Shang astounded. The Life Seal Shi Yan had performed was mysterious beyond anything they had ever seen before. This sort of a martial technique didn't belong to the Three G.o.ds Sect, neither the Yangs. This shocked and frightened the two a lot. 

As for the doubts of these two, Shi Yan didn’t want to explain. He just smiled and watched Corpse Sea.

Corpse Sea restored his calmness not long after that, becoming like Corpse Mount. His wild eyes had the trace of excitement he had just been familiar with. Next, he glanced at Corpse Mount, nodded to him and then shifted his look to Shi Yan, his eyes grateful. "Thank you."

Corpse Sea spoke up in human language. 

Shi Yan was shaken, and burst out laughing. "Good then. Seems you've successfully changed your fate. From now on, you can separate yourself from your fellows. You're smarter and more conscious than them now, and know how to communicate with humans. I think your future will be brighter, not as simple as what you have now." 

The ten-thousand-years old King Corpses, Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea, had their eyes brightened with blooming light. 

"What can we help you with?" asked Corpse Mount all of a sudden.

Shi Yan looked at the battle between Bo Xun and Nu Lang. His face darkened. "I heard that Bo Xun used to visit your Corpse G.o.d Sect. He had talked to you guys."

"Yeah. He’s a dangerous fella. Last time, Corpse Sea and I had to join forces to somehow resist him." Corpse Mount rose up as the fierce fighting will emitted from his whole body. He seemed to want to join Nu Lang in fighting Bo Xun to take revenge.

As Shi Yan sensed the change of the aura on his body, he curled his lips. "I hope you can deal with him."

He pointed at Bo Xun. The two King Corpses nodded simultaneously.

They didn’t wait for Shi Yan’s order and turned into two brilliant beams of light, striking directly towards Bo Xun.

The King Corpses hovered in the air, as five-element powers vehemently spread out from their bodies. The light of the metal, wood, water, fire, and earth elements radiated from them, turning into brilliant five-element halos, which could seal and lock any creatures, shooting directly towards Bo Xun. 

When Bo Xun fought with Nu Lang alone, their powers were equal, and no one could gain the upper hand from the other. But since the two King Corpses had joined their battle, Bo Xun received double the pressure. He couldn't help but urge all of his tricks to defend. The giant white bone claw, the skull, and the Devil Bell were retrieved to surround him, continually releasing devil halos to prevent Nu Lang and the King Corpses from getting close to him. 

Bo Xun was really strong, but Nu Lang and the King Corpse weren’t weak either. The combined force of the three of them had completely stopped Bo Xun, clamping him and pushing him into a difficult situation. 

On the other side, the War Devil was entangling with Demon King Chi Yan. 

The black iron body of War Devil had no flaws. Any martial techniques or magical powers struck on the War Devil couldn't really hurt him. 

The War Devil knew how to utilize all kinds of deep understanding abilities of his body. While he was taking action, darkness covered everything. Usually, black holes appeared on his body that swallowed everything, including a big part of Chi Yan’s power. This made Chi Yan no threat for him at all. 

War Devil alone was pushing Chi Yan into difficulty, while the latter was trying to use many kinds of different powers to find something that could deprive the fighting ability of the War Devil. 

However, he made no progress after a long while. 

The War Devil not only had the inexplicably strong body, but a strange, magical soul, which had the features of a black hole. It could swallow all kinds of soul energies that Chi Yan released. Chi Yan’s soul attacks fell into the War Devil’s body like a stone falling into the vast sea, making a small ripple before disappearing forever. 

The two great Demon Kings arrived at the Sun Island to destroy the Sun, Moon, Star G.o.ds. But War Devil, Nu Lang, and the King Corpses were hindering them, forcing them to defend in the Sun Island without a chance to break out. 

The energy of heaven and earth changed greatly while earth-shaking forces impacted on the Sun Island. This alarmed many strong warriors of the crowded Endless Sea.

Snow Dragon Island… 

A white bone clone hiding deep inside the Snow Dragon Mountain seemed to receive the summon from its master. It flew out from the mountain, heading to the Sun Island. 

Demon tribes’ hotshots, including Mo Qi Ta, saw the white bone clone leaving. They were all pale, reluctant for a while before taking out their secret treasures and following the white bone clone to the Sun Island.

"What’s happening?" 

Fear flooded Yu Rou’s charming face. She was staring stunningly at the white bone clone of Bo Xun. She mused before finally speaking up. "Bo Xun must have encountered strong enemies out there. Otherwise, he wouldn't summon his white bone clone. In the Endless Sea, only Cao Qiu Dao and Yang Yi Tian have the powers to trouble Bo Xun. Is he fighting with Cao Qiu Dao?" 

"This has nothing to do with us." 

Di Shan held an indifferent face, not caring about Bo Xun’s life. "We came out form the Chasm Battlefield not to be limited in the Endless Sea. Our ancestors came from the Divine Great Land. Bo Xun can’t bring the Wings Clan a bright and prosperous future."

"You still think about him." A trace of confusion appeared on Yu Rou's face. She sighed, then gently shook her head. "He had left the Endless Sea one year ago. We have no news from him since. Sigh, if the situation didn't force us, we wouldn't be like this. I wonder if he would bear a grudge against us." 

"I've made the oath that as long as he doesn't die, he'll be my master," Di Shan said solemnly. "The one who could bring us out of the abandoned place, the one who has the bloodline of the Immortal G.o.d King… According to our ancestors’ teachings, he’s our master. Although the situation has forced us, and we had to depend on Bo Xun to save our races from extinction, we have never treated Bo Xun as our master. If Bo Xun dies, we're freed from the Demon Tribes, never to be controlled again."

"Our master’s extraordinary," Yu Rou smiled and nodded in agreement. "We don't know where he’s been during one year. Although we’re dependant on the Demon Tribes, we didn’t do anything to betray him. I hope he would forgive us." 

"Whether he forgives us or not, he’s still our master. What we can do in the future is to beg for his forgiveness." Di Shan was stubborn. "We should wait patiently. Sooner or later, we will return back to our master. It’s our ancestors’ will. It should have some meanings there. Only when the Wings Clan follow our master can we have a better future. The Demon Tribes had abandoned us that year, making us get confined for so many years in the abandoned place. Even though we’re back in the Grace Mainland, we still remember that lesson." 

As Yu Rou heard him talking about the old stories, she nodded. "I hope that one day, our fortunate master can enter the realm strong enough to lead the Wings Clan back to our ancestors’ land, taking back what belongs to us." 

"I believe our master can do that. It shouldn't take long. In ten years max, I think master can have the power to fight against Bo Xun." Di Shan was certain, talking again arrogantly, "Give me thirty years more and I'm sure I can break through the Third Sky of Spirit Realm. At that time, even if our master doesn't come to us, we still have the powers to leave the Demon Tribes." 

Yu Rou’s eyes brightened. "How about the Demonic Sound Clan?" 

"Yi Tian Mo and the others aren’t stupid. They should know about the deep meaning in our predecessors’ wills. Perhaps they’re like us. We’re all waiting for the right time."

"I hope so." 

Kyara Sea, Immortal Island…

The island that once belonged to a family was now flooded with dark, cold yin. Countless Dark Dwellers from the Underworld were walking back and forth on the Immortal Island, using some mysterious method to convert the earth and heaven essence Qi into dark yin Qi, suitable for their cultivation.

This was a big project that needed countless materials to form the most well-known Firmament Dark Transfer array of the Underworld. They had to use the water of the Netherworld River and pour it onto the Immortal Island. Besides, they needed an innumerable number of spirits from resentful souls. If they wanted to move the Firmament Dark Transfer array completely, it would take around one hundred years.

The Dark Dwellers had started the preparation work. 

Today was the time of the array’s crucial change. The three great Yama Kings of the Underworld had gathered, urging their supernatural powers to carry out the first cycle of the change. 

The light at twilight was hindered by the dark Qi, unable to pierce through to the Immortal Island. The three Yama Kings stood in a triangle in the middle of the island. They were condensing the dark Qi. 

However, when the first cycle had just begun, the three Yama King all sensed an inexplicable change in the heaven and earth’s energy.

The Dark Dwellers were good at using soul senses. The three Yama Kings exchanged looks, then stopped their moves, starting to trace the subtle change in heaven and earth to find where the anomalous event that had happened. 

Not long afterward, all the three Yama Kings paled, jolting up from their spot. 

"A strange change comes from Yuan Luo Sea, the Sun Island of the Three G.o.ds Sect. Demon Qi’s surging there! It’s obvious that Bo Xun and Chi Yan are fighting with strong warriors there. This fight ‘s so fierce! Perhaps, it would turn the whole situation of the Endless Sea upside down!" 

"We shouldn't linger. We must use the fastest pace to get there. If we’re late, I’m afraid it would be pretty hard for us to live in peace in Endless Sea." 


The three Yama Kings exchanged thoughts then simultaneously turned into a bunch of lights, shooting towards the Sun Island of the Three G.o.ds Sect. 

At the same time, Yang Yi Tian and Xia Qing Hou in the Vault of Heaven Sea Area also noticed the strange change of the heaven and earth. They all left their cultivating places. 

Undersea, Yin Hui received the message from an elder of the Black Flood Dragon Clan. He then departed from the Silver Shark Clan, heading to the Sun Island. 

Strange things happening on the Sun Island had shaken all the hotshots of the Endless Sea on land and underwater. As the earth-shaking battle progressed on the Sun Island, many warriors were on their ways to the island. The entire Endless Sea was burning!

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