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As Nu Lang arrived, Shi Yan’s danger was relieved. 

Both of them were at the Third Sky of Spirit Realm, so Nu Lang shouldn’t bear much loss fighting against Bo Xun. At his debut, he had smashed the devil light emitted by the Evil Bell, which obliterated the threat Shi Yan was facing. 

Shi Yan seized the chance and gathered the power in his body to ensure the energy his body needed. 

Demon King Bo Xun got mad, his roar reverberating the whole Sun Island. 

As they were all foreign tribes, Bo Xun a.s.sumed that Nu Lang was supposed to have the same resentment as him, and that he would treat the humans as their enemies. It was out of his expectations that Nu Lang came to help Shi Yan. Bo Xun found it hard to accept this. 

"Human race is always hostile to alien races. The Sea Tribes are also alien races to them. They've oppressed you for thousands of years. At present, the human race's in danger. I don't need your help here. As long as you play cool and don't poke your nose in it, I can subdue the spirit of the human race. From now on, you Sea Tribes won't need to worry about humans taking action against you. Why don't you want it?"

Bo Xun’s face was filled with a murderous aura while cold light sparkled in his eyes. He appeared to be annoyed. 

Nu Lang wore a faint appearance, frowned and said coldly, "I’ve told you. I come here to aid Shi Yan. It doesn't mean that I want to cooperate with the human race." 

"For this kid?" Bo Xun sneered. "What can he offer you? What makes you cover him like this?" 

"He can give me something you can’t." Nu Lang’s eyes became burning. 

Just with a thought of the Life Original Fluid, which would guide his steps to the True G.o.d Realm, he couldn't hold his excitement. He’d been yearning for the True G.o.d Realm for a really long time! From the day he had entered the Spirit Realm, he’d held the hope that he could enter this realm one day.

Hundreds of years had pa.s.sed while he always focused and tried his best for this goal. After he entered the Third Sky of Spirit Realm, he thought about it day and night, in the hope that he could break through soon. 

Shi Yan’s Life Original Fluid was magical. To him, it was the encounter he was dreaming about desperately. Compared to the Life Original Fluid, the future of the Endless Sea was nothing. 

As long as he could reach the True G.o.d Realm, even if Nu Lang didn't swaggeringly invade the Great Sea Areas of the Endless Sea, his existence would be enough to shake anybody there. In the future, he could even take the Sea Tribes out of the Endless Sea, heading to a vaster world. 

Only the True G.o.d Realm could help him achieve the wonderful future that he hadn’t dared to dream of before. 

"What did he offer you?" Bo Xun’s face was cold. "What he can give you, I can, too." 

"You can’t," Nu Lang shook his head and smiled. "Stop talking nonsense. If you want to touch Shi Yan, forgive me, fella, but I won't just stand and stare. I came here from the seabed to protect him, to ensure that he would have not even a single wound." 

"So, you’re determined to protect him?" 


Bo Xun grinned fiendishly and roared, "Then don’t blame me for showing no mercy. I want to see the peerless techniques of the Sea Tribes!" 

Then, Bo Xun opened his mouth, spurting out a devil light which was immediately absorbed by the Devil Bell. A soul oppressing sound echoed from the bell from time to time. It looked like many Demon G.o.ds had been revived from the antiquity time. These disorderly waves of wild, ghostly sounds seemed to drag people into the Demon Area, enchant them and keep them from staying conscious. 

At the same time, Bo Xun soared up from his white bone throne as sharp beams of light shot out from his five fingers. 

These beams shot over and intruded the giant bone claw and the skull in the sky, which made the surging energy on these two colossuses more intimidating. 

Bo Xun had urged all of his powers, yet Nu Lang wasn’t afraid. 

He flung the trident in his hand. Suddenly, dozens of transparent water monsters jutted out from the sea around the area. They had a serpentine shape, and were condensed from the sea water. They were towering the area like sky pillars, emitting the intent domain of the ocean, accommodating everything. The ten water monsters were like the flickering candles in the wind, rocketing from the sea and striking towards the giant white bone claw and the skull. 

Abruptly, all of the terrifying surging energy and the ghostly cloud above the Sun Island were smashed broken. The barrier that confined the earth and heaven essence Qi had vanished into thin air. 

These ten towering water monsters swayed, fighting with the bone claw and the skull. Nu Lang turned himself into a strong wave, holding the trident to battle with Bo Xun.

Wind and cloud discolored while the Earth and firmament darkened. Furious surging energy tore the s.p.a.ce, making the heaven and earth forces in the Sun Island change, radiating a brilliant light. 

Tsunamis constantly raged in the surrounding area. The air was extruded while making a strange hissing noise. Wherever these beams of light crossed, they left deep holes in the land, which looked really exaggerated. 

As Nu Lang had arrived, not only did he release Shi Yan, but also freed Ouyang Luo Shang and Tang Yuan Nan. 

The giant white bone claw and the skull were aimed at Nu Lang only, not having more tricks to deal with the other two. This gave them time to breathe and recovered the energy that they had consumed. 

"What did this boy do to have Nu Lang’s protection?" Tang Yuan Nan was suspicious, walking to him. He forced a smile. "I have found that I can’t understand you lately."

"Nu Lang’s really extraordinary. His fame as the number one warrior of the Sea Tribes is real." Ouyang Luo Shang exclaimed slightly, then said again, "Bo Xun has a subtle, mysterious powers. The rumor’s true though. I used to think that I had absorbed the moonlight for a thousand years, which should enable me to deal with Bo Xun without falling into a disadvantage. But today, I know that if Bo Xun urges all of his powers, I'm no match for him."

"Bo Xun's been famous for years. Of course, he isn't a typical person." Tang Yuan Nan looked solemn. "In the Endless Sea, only Cao Qiu Dao, Yang Tian Emperor, and Yang Yi Tian have the power to battle with him. Besides them, the others could only hold it for a certain period. It's impossible to gain the upper hand from the two Great Demon Kings."

"How about the King Corpse?" Shi Yan was bewildered for a while and then asked. 

"One Corpse King isn’t the Demon Kings’ opponent." 

Tang Yuan Nan mused as if he was considering, then said, "Anyway, if the two King Corpses join hands, they would be able to deal with one Demon King."

His face went shocked, looking at Shi Yan. "Hey, I heard that one of the King Corpses gained his intellect and his well-being thanks to the relationship with you. Is it true?" 

Smiling and nodding, Shi Yan didn't want to conceal. "Yeah, a freak combination of factors. I don't know what happened, but I do have a subtle soul connection with the King Corpse. Haha, it's weird for me too. I didn't expect that I could vaguely sense the aura of the King Corpse from this far distance." 

"Since the two King Corpses have gained their intellect and consciousness of their beings, they became so dangerous. They’ve taken the Corpse G.o.d Sect and s.n.a.t.c.hed the tyrant role of Qing Ming." Tang Yuan Nan was more serious. "You should pay attention. The powers of the King Corpses have been enhanced thoroughly. When dealing with them, don't be careless." 

"Harrumph. Do you really think that we’re the same as humans?" 

Right at this moment, a sharp voice arose from the sea. 

A coffin flew up from the water. Standing on the coffin was a hairy King Corpse with sharps hands. He was looking at Tang Yuan Nan with brutish eyes. Under his attentive gaze, Tang Yuan Nan was embarra.s.sed, clasped his fist and greeted. "I spoke thoughtlessly." 

Another coffin appeared from the cloud. Another King Corpse stood there as the coffin was slowly descending. 

King Corpses could use the powers of the five elements even if they were in the sky or underground; nothing was beyond their ability. The seawater in the Endless Sea was also one of their sharp weapons. 

As the two King Corpses arrived, they all heard what Tang Yuan Nan said, and were staring at him wickedly. 

The King Corpse in the sky had calm eyes, looking more human. 

He was the King Corpse that had the direct connection with Shi Yan. After he landed, he smiled amicably at Shi Yan. Although the smile on his hairy face was horrible, everybody could see his good will.

"Thanks for coming," Shi Yan smiled to them and said in a friendly manner. "This matter has nothing to do with you guys." 

"Without you, we would still be the slaves of the Three G.o.ds Sect, never having a chance to make a turn." The King Corpse from the sky beamed a smile. "We appreciate you a lot. The aura on your body’s something we like, too. You gave us a big favor, so we should pay you back. It’s what we should do." 

The other King Corpse didn't have a human face. He still looked pretty brute, his eyes callous. He seemed unable to control his emotions well. However, he was calm, looking at Shi Yan with curiosity. A strange light flashed in his eyes. 

"I'm called Corpse Mount, and he's called Corpse Sea. Corpse Sea hasn't gained full consciousness yet, so he can’t control himself well. We need you to help him a bit." The King Corpse Shi Yan knew pointed at himself to introduce his name, and then introduced the other.

This was the first time the King Corpses introduced their names to the others.

Shi Yan was surprised for a while. He didn't expect that these two King Corpses would have names. Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea, odd names. Anyway, they weren’t human, so it was already good if they could name themselves. One shouldn't ask for more. 

"The same way?" Shi Yan pondered, frowned and asked. 

Corpse Mount nodded, "Yes, that way." He then shifted his look to Corpse Sea. "Don’t worry. His method’s good for us. You just need to feel it."

Apparently, Corpse Mount was the boss. Under his comforting words, Corpse Sea nodded simple-heartedly. His brutal, bloodthirsty eyes foolishly looked at Shi Yan. 

Shi Yan’s mind was struck. Under the other’s look, he unexpectedly had the thought of slaughtering. 

Forcefully pressing down the dark desire in this mind, he came to Corpse Sea. Next, he urged the energy in his body, condensed a Life Seal and put it on Corpse Sea’s chest. Seven layers of the Seal piled up, disappearing into Corpse Sea in just a blink of an eye. Strange light expanded all over his body. 

The chaotic thoughts in Corpse Sea's brain were stabilized by the help of the Life Seal, becoming magically tranquil. 

Corpse Sea’s bloodthirsty eyes gradually calmed down. The aura of death on his body was also diluted to a great extent. This gave people a human-like feeling, really magical. 

Tang Yuan Nan and Ouyang Luo Shang were stunned on watching the scene. 

"What kind of a martial technique is that?" Tang Yuan Nan let out a sigh. "This doesn’t belong to the Three G.o.ds Sect, neither the Yang family. Kid, where did you learn it?" 

Shi Yan smiled but didn't answer, just kept quiet, looking at the change in Corpse Sea.

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