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"Such a good thought!" 

The Moon G.o.d Ouyang Luo Shang slightly shouted. The moonlight on her body condensed into a light column in front of her. 

In a flash, that column turned into a moonlight armor. The armor was like the still water in the pond under the moonlight, directly impacting against the giant white claw from Bo Xun. 


Like a collapsing mountain, countless black and white light dots shot out, while the whole Sun Island trembled. 

"The Great Sunlight Cover!" 

Sun G.o.d Tang Yuan Nan roared. The scorching solar heat turned into fiery flames, forming a blazing halo reaching to Bo Xun. 

"Little tricks!" Bo Xun harrumphed. A dark green spirit snake shot out from his sleeve. The snake was icy cold as cold air emitted from its entire body. It opened the mouth and nipped at the Great Sunlight Cover. Numerous gloomy energy waves rippled, attacking the Great Sunlight Cover and dissolving its fiery power.

Shi Yan kept his cold face, watching the Moon G.o.d and the Sun G.o.d taking action. But he wasn’t in a hurry, just coldly staring at Bo Xun. 

Thick bony thorns suddenly jutted out from behind Bo Xun. Thousands of thorns combined, forming a white bone throne, on which Bo Xun sat down. Giant skulls emerged from his sleeves as countless ghosts appeared inside the skulls. They were baring their fangs and claws, releasing their evil soul attacks. 

Skulls lined up in the sky, turning into a ma.s.sive skull that was as big as a mountain. This skull was snow-white, around hundreds of meters tall. It suddenly pounded down on Shi Yan with a malicious, ghostly aura. 

The soul-terminating surging spirit from the pupils of the giant skull directly aimed at Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness. 

Shi Yan was calmer realizing that the opponent was using soul attacks to face him. He stood still, waiting for this surging spirit to enter his body. 
Waves of soul-destroying Soul Consciousness entered his Sea of Consciousness like lightning. However, they got covered in flames and were burned down to ashes before they could perform their deeds.

Bo Xun was trembling as a halo flickered in his eyes. Apparently, his Soul Consciousness was damaged. 

The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame was the sharp weapon that could destroy all kinds of souls or Soul Consciousness. As long as it stayed hidden inside Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness, he didn’t need to worry about the eradicating Soul Consciousness. 

Bo Xun wasn’t an exception. 

When Bo Xun’s Soul Consciousness was burned down, Shi Yan suddenly remembered Yi Tian Mo and his friends, and his face turned strange.

Only the group of Yi Tian Mo and Di Shan knew about the existence of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame on his body. If Bo Xun had known about the flame, he wouldn’t have been reckless in using a soul attack, leading to his Soul Consciousness getting damaged. 

Thus, he knew that Yi Tian Mo and Di Shan hadn't disclosed his situation to Bo Xun. 

Since their tribes were clamped between Chi Yan and Bo Xun, Yi Tian Mo and Di Shan had to give in. Shi Yan had been enraged at that time, but later when he thought about it, he understood they had their difficulties. One year ago, when he had come close to the Snow Dragon Island, the three of Yi Tian Mo’s group had noticed his aura. He then asked Di Shan and Yu Rou to warn him not to enter the Snow Dragon Island due to the presence of Bo Xun.

Also, thanks to his face, Yi Tian Mo, and Di Shan had discreetly released He Qing Man. 

These small details showed him that Di Shan, Yi Tian Mo, and the others had to comply with the demon tribes because of the temporary difficulties, but they still remembered him as their old master. They didn't turn their back on him or disclose his secrets. 

He frowned while pondering. Shi Yan felt a little bit better when he knew that Di Shan and Yi Tian Mo weren't some sorts of traitors. The knot in his heart was untied.

"You can erase my Soul Consciousness!" 

Suddenly, Bo Xun grinned fiendishly, faced up the sky and shouted. "Even Yang Tian Emperor didn’t have this ability that year. You’re just a junior from the Yang family, but you do have peculiar abilities. Seems like I have to kill you today. If I don’t eradiate you today, you will become another Yang Tian Emperor. Kid, you can be proud!" 

Then, a devil bell flew out from Bo Xun’s sleeve, which had many carvings of ancient demonic beasts and scriptures. Thick aura from the Demon Area was released, seeming to lead to a strange change in the devil aura. 

The Devil Bell soared to the sky, and the Devil aura over the Sun Island started to surge violently, torrentially gathering towards it. Absorbing the devil aura, the bell gradually swelled, while the small ancient carvings on the bell became clearer. Those beasts looked ferocious, just like they were about to fly out from the Devil Bell. 

The Devil Bell pressed down from above Shi Yan's and the others' heads, releasing seven layers of devil light. Each layer had the phantom of an ancient demonic beast, emanating the ominous aura of the threatening demonic beasts in the primitive era. 

Seven layers of devil light slowly pushed down like seven ma.s.sive boards. The phantoms of demonic beasts inside the light were showing claws and fangs, shrieking with a terrifying aura. 

An extremely heavy pressure covered his whole body; Shi Yan actually had a feeling of being pounded by a mountain as his body felt sluggish, unable to urge his powers. 

The three alien things, including a giant white claw, a behemoth skull, and a Devil Bell released by Demon King Bo Xun, appeared on the sky of the Sun Island. They were all malicious, and Ouyang Luo Shang, Tang Yuan Nan, and Shi Yan couldn't help but put forth all of their powers to resist.

Ouyang Luo Shang was urging her moonlight armor constantly to parry the giant white claw, while Tang Yuan Nan was utilizing all of his forces to confront the ma.s.sive skull. However, he seemed to be struggling powerlessly. With this situation, the skull would soon dominate him. 

As Ouyang Luo Shang saw Tang Yuan Nan unable to endure any longer, in the void, she used the moonlight to condense a Moonlight Sacred Sword, distracting her mind to control it to aid Tang Yuan Nan. She could only prevent the skull from killing Tang Yuan Nan for a short time.

The giant white claw and the ma.s.sive skull forced the Moon G.o.d and the Sun G.o.d to urge all of their powers to counter.

No matter what, Demon King Bo Xun was a strong warrior at the Third Sky of Spirit Realm, who was the tyrant of the Demon Area for years. His powers were truly sky-piercing and earth-splitting, worth the name of the most ferocious slaughter in this world. Although Moon G.o.d Ouyang Luo Shang had the moonlight acc.u.mulated for thousands of years, she was at the First Sky of Spirit Realm only. When joining hands with Tang Yuan Nan, they could only resist half of the power of Bo Xun. 

They weren’t free to care about that Devil Bell. 

As the seven layers of devil light were pressing down, the pressure it brought had suffocated Shi Yan. Without the powers of the three living beings, he was afraid that his knees would go soft. Perhaps, he would be pushed face down on the ground and be unable to get on his feet again.

"I got this Devil Bell and the Unbounded Devil Blade from the chaotic basin of the s.p.a.ce. Recently, I haven’t encountered many strong characters that were worth using them against. It’s your fortune to die under this bell." Bo Xun exaggerated, his face arrogant. Apparently, he didn't consider Shi Yan his match. 

The devil light from the Devil Bell slowly pushed down, as the heavy pressure kept increasing. 

Under such circ.u.mstances, Shi Yan still kept calm, not hurrying to make any counterattack while he kept pouring more energy into the mysterious giant sword. 

This sword could slash a slit on the Unbounded Devil Blade, and could break a Sacred level treasure within one strike. It was absolutely one of the G.o.d level secret treasures that existed in this world. Although he hardly utilized all of the sharp powers of this sword, he believed that it did have the power to fight once with Bo Xun’s Devil Bell. 

But he should not hurry. He needed to acc.u.mulate powers sufficiently to bring out the best of the sword in this battle.

The devil light was still pushing down, but Shi Yan stood still, crazily pouring energy into the giant sword. The closed eyes opened one by one, and by now, half of the eyes on the giant sword were opened. All of a sudden, Shi Yan felt fatigue. 

This was the sign of consuming too much power. 

"It’s now!" He shouted, as all of his spirit, Qi, and energy gathered at one point, jumping into the giant sword. A destructive aura burst out from the mysterious giant sword. 

The giant sword pierced to the void, directly towards the devil light released by the Devil Bell. 

Red eyes blinked on the giant sword, while the wild, evil, destructive aura was activated brutally on the giant sword. It drew a long, b.l.o.o.d.y rainbow in the air, slashing directly on the devil light. 

Rumbling Rumbling Rumbling!

The rumbling noises echoed from the devil light. The phantoms of ancient demonic beasts were dissolved into countless light dots that shot everywhere on the Sun Island. Five out of seven layers of devil light emitted from the Devil Bell were torn apart. 

The remaining two layers still pressed down, just like they had to kill Shi Yan at any cost.

Still not enough power. 

Shi Yan sighed inside. 

He knew that if he could gather enough energy, he could open all the eyes on the giant sword and that would boost the power of the mysterious sword to double. If he had done that, he believed that he could have broken the Devil Bell with only one slash. 

Unfortunately, even if he had borrowed the external forces, he could hardly control the giant sword wholly, and couldn't bring out its best. 

Seeing the two remaining layers of devil light pressing down, he couldn’t help but watch them since he had already urged too much energy, and couldn't mobilize more at this moment. 

Right at this moment, a roar came up from the seawater. 

At that point, people could only see a colossal trident carrying a humongous amount of seawater shooting towards the Devil Bell.

As the trident emerged from the sea, a sharp aura covered the entire Sun Island all of a sudden. 

The explosive sound was created when the trident jabbed at the Devil Bell. Countless phantoms of ancient demonic beasts on the bell faded somehow.

Also, the two devil light layers pushing down on Shi Yan were scattered when the bell got hit. Seeing the trident, Shi Yan was shaken. He knew that the peerless warrior of the Sea Tribes had come. 

"Who the h.e.l.l are you?" 

Bo Xun discolored, looking at the hefty man slowly emerging from the sea."

"Nu Lang."

"The patriarch of the Black Flood Dragon Clan." Bo Xun was scared as he shouted, "What does it matter to you? Your Sea Tribes are also bullied by the human race. Why you want to help humans?" 

"I’m not going to help the humans. I only aid Shi Yan himself." Nu Lang wore a calm face as he nodded at Shi Yan. "Facing those demon tribes, will our agreement still work?" 

Shi Yan smiled and nodded, "Of course!"

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