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While they were talking about Shi Yan, Tang Yuan Nan and Ouyang Luo Shang were yet to figure out whether or not the rumors were true. But at this moment, the main character of the rumors appeared at the holy place or the Three G.o.ds Sect. This surprised both of them completely.

Tang Yuan Nan used to bring Shi Yan here before. Thus, he wasn't surprised that Shi Yan could come here himself. Anyway, Shi Yan was recently calling wind and rising tides in Endless Sea; they didn't know if he had settled all the things there to come to this place. This puzzled the two of them. 

"Just ask to verify the news provided by Jing Yan Qing." Ouyang Luo Shang held an indifferent countenance, frowned and sent her order to Tang Yuan Nan. "Let him come here. He and I haven’t met officially. Now, we can have a chance, finally." 

Tang Yuan Nan nodded cheerfully, laughing, "We’re here. Come over here!" 

The Three G.o.ds Sect’s sacred area wasn’t vast. Since everybody had relatively high realms, they just needed to raise their voices to spread the sound all over the sacred place. 

The disciples of the Three G.o.ds Sect gathering here heard Shi Yan come, and couldn’t help but change their expressions as they silently came closer. 

Recently, during this year, news related to Shi Yan were always noticed. He had fought against Mo Qi Ta, Qing Ming, the Queen of Heaven and the Emperor of Earth. Each of this series of events was enough the shake the entire Endless Sea. Many disciples of the Three G.o.ds Sect knew his relationship with the G.o.ds Sect and considered him the Star G.o.d.

As the G.o.d arrived, these disciples, of course, wanted to observe him. 

One man and one black iron puppet followed Tang Yuan Nan’s guidance and calmly walked to the moonlight pond under the attentive looks of the other disciples of the Three G.o.ds Sect. 

Elders of the Three G.o.ds Sect couldn't hide their bright eyes, looking at him and the puppet behind him with surprise, whispering to each other. 

"He had disappeared from the Endless Sea for one year. During this time, where did he go?" 

"Who knows. At present, the situation of the Endless Sea is so complicated. Not only the Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers want to kill him, Gu Xiao and his men also consider him an eye-sore and pain in the a.s.s. Before he got strong enough, getting back to the Endless Sea isn't a wise move." 

"Yeah, this kid has an endless potential. He could become the pillar of our G.o.ds Sect in the future. He just needs to go out and cultivate until he reaches the G.o.d Realm. At that time, when he comes back to the Endless Sea, he can establish a footing without being afraid of the oppressors."

"Yeah, he came back a little bit earlier than expected." 


The disciples of the Three G.o.ds Sect held surprised faces, discussing quietly. 

Shi Yan smiled, slowly walking towards Tang Yuan Nan under the attention of the Three G.o.ds Sect’s disciples. He was going to meet the Moon G.o.d Ouyang Luo Shang officially. 

The Sun, Moon, and Star G.o.ds of the Three G.o.ds Sect of this generation had finally met in the sacred land. 

The Moon G.o.d had the moonlight meandering around her while the moonlight above enveloped her. Although the distance was close, Shi Yan couldn’t see her appearance clearly. He could only feel the immortal, ethereal aura on her body, which gave people a vague but immense sense of aesthetic. 

"Precursor Tang," He clasped his fists to greet Tang Yuan Nan, then shifted his look to Ouyang Luo Shang, hesitated for a while before speaking up embarra.s.sedly, " Precursor Ouyang Luo Shang." 

Ouyang Luo Shang had been sealed for thousands of years in the meteorite in the Sky Meteor City. Talking about age, she was at the monster-level. However, during thousands of years in her confinement, she had constantly been taking in the essence of the moonlight, which separated her from the mortal world. She had been asleep all the time, so perhaps her mentality hadn't reached the vicissitude degree of her real age. 

"Haha, we were just talking about you," Tang Yuan Nan was smiling. "I think you didn’t expect that we’ve received the news which said that you’d slaughtered Situ Jie and Zuo Yue Feng on the seabed. Such interesting news!" 

He observed Shi Yan’s expression while talking. 

Beside him, some elders and disciples of the Three G.o.ds Sect were stunned on hearing Tang Yuan Nan’s news and then forced a smile, shaking their heads. 

Apparently, these elders and disciples of the Three G.o.ds Sect didn’t believe that the news was true.

The Moon G.o.d Ouyang Luo Shang was also shocked, looking at him and waiting for him to explain himself. 

"It’s true." 

In front of the attentive eyes of many people, Shi Yan deliberately smiled and nodded his head to confirm. "Situ Jie and Zuo Yue Feng are dead. It’s true. But I didn't kill them." 

He pointed at the War Devil behind him, "He killed them." 

Ouyang Luo Shang, Tang Yuan Nan and the other elders of the Three G.o.ds Sect all showed that they were astounded, but didn’t buy it. 

Shi Yan didn’t say more details, just sending a thought to the War Devil. 

Only the truth could be persuasive. Sometimes, words just wouldn’t work.

After he had sent his thought, the deep, dark pupils of Lao Luo’s Dark Body shot out two blood lights. Immediately, an evil, intimidating, earth-destroying aura spread out from him as the center, covering the whole sacred land of the Three G.o.ds Sect. 

Under this earth-destroying aura, all Three G.o.ds Sect’s disciples felt their mind and soul both shaken just like a ma.s.sive mountain was pressing on them! Except for Tang Yuan Nan and Ouyang Luo Shang, everybody now felt a pressure that they couldn’t even move or breath normally. 

Some warriors with low cultivation base trembled and fell. They were sweating while feeling all of the powers in their bodies get drained. They looked really distressed.

The Elders of the Three G.o.ds Sect paled as fear sparked in their eyes. 

Tang Yuan Nan opened his eyes wide, stunningly looking at the War Devil. He contemplated for a long while before speaking up, "This surging energy’s so strong. I think even the Demon Kings and Chi Yan could only have this degree of powers." 

Half a minute later, Ouyang Luo Shang, who was covered wholly in the moonlight, nodded with surprise. "Seems like the rumors are true. We don't know how this puppet was made, but its power's so terrifying. No wonder why Situ Jie and Zuo Yue Feng got killed. Their deaths aren't unjust." 

Shi Yan curled the corners of his mouth into a smile, sending another thought to make the War Devil retreat its subduing aura. 

The sinister aura and pressure were like a water tide rushing back to the sea, withdrawing into the War Devil's body. Within the time of one breath, the terrifying pressure enveloping the whole sacred place of the Three G.o.ds Sect disappeared into thin air as if it'd never been there. 

If there weren’t someone with trembling legs and sweating, sitting on the ground, perhaps they would think that the previous pressure was just a hallucination. 

"I want to have some words with precursor Tang," Shi Yan’s look raked around, signaling that there were so many people in the surroundings. 

Tang Yuan Nan held a serious face, swaying his hand, "Do whatever you need to do. Do not linger here." 

Elders and disciples of the Three G.o.ds Sect paled on hearing Tang Yuan Nan’s words. They eyed Shi Yan with fear and went away. 

"It’s…" Waiting until everyone went out of sight, Shi Yan started to present his ideas with a solemn face. 

At the same time… 

The Divine Sword Land of Yuan Lo Sea, which used to be the ancestral hall of the Gu family, was now the temporary palace of Demon King Chi Yan. 
The Divine Sword wasn’t in the Ten Thousand Sword Peak anymore, but the divine Qi there was still pretty dense, which pleased people physically and mentally. 

On the high summit, Demon King Chi Yan was sitting cross-legged. He was a member of the Black Scale Clan, his body majestic with a black scale armor. He was sitting like a high mountain ridge, giving people a feeling that they could only lift their heads up to look at him. 

Since the Corpse Soul Bridge had been thoroughly connected, he hadn’t used the body of Xiao Han Yi. He was now in the Endless Sea with his own body. 

At this moment, Chi Yan suddenly opened his eyes, and his pupils sparked with strange beams of light. 

"Such a powerful force." 

He muttered as his hands cast an odd seal formation. Numerous dots of light radiated from the seal, just like he was letting his Soul Consciousness run to Yuan Luo Sea. 

Not long after that, ten beams of brilliance shot out from his fingers, entering wholly into the seal formation.

Inside the seal, a strange, sacred place on the seabed, which was covered with some barrier, appeared and then disappeared. 

Chi Yan’s eyes brightened. He withdrew the seal formation and then frowned. "It’s the sacred place of the Three G.o.ds Sect. Seems like something strange happened there. Did Ouyang Luo Shang demonstrate that formidable strength? No, it’s not true. That evil force doesn’t go the same way as the cold and clear moonlight on that woman’s body." 

Chi Yan furrowed his brows in contemplation. 


A foreign lightning shot from afar towards his position. 

Chi Yan’s eyes shot out divine lights while whispering, "The Soul Consciousness Spear of Bo Xun." He extended his arm and s.n.a.t.c.hed. A giant hand appeared in the void, seizing that Soul Consciousness Spear. 

Chi Yan felt it for a while and then suddenly got up, stepping forward. It was like he had crossed the s.p.a.ce. Within only one step, he had left the Divine Sword Island to the location of the Three G.o.ds Sect’s Sun, Moon, Star Islands. 

The Snow Dragon Island. 

Demon King Bo Xun released a flow of Soul Consciousness, then turned into a dark, gloomy ghostly light, shooting towards the Sun, Moon, Star Islands. 

The two Great Demon Kings understood each other well as they didn't beat the drum to summon warriors of the demon tribes and just acted alone. They seemed to spot something, gliding through the s.p.a.ce. 

"What’s happened?" 

At the foot of the Snow Dragon Mountain, Yu Rou of the White Wing Clan watched the ghostly light shoot away. Doubts flooded her charming face. "It's been a long time since Master Bo Xun got out from his place. He left without leaving any words. Is something big happening?" 

Di Shan of the Black Wing Clan kept his cold face while looking at the general direction where Bo Xun disappeared, shaking his head. "Don’t know." 

"Something’s strange," Yu Rou knitted her eyebrows. "If there were a fight with the enemies out there, he would call us. But he’s just left without saying anything. It should be something he found. Is it related to the Three G.o.ds Sect? I know they’re looking for the sacred land of the Three G.o.ds Sect in the sea. Recently, they got some clues. Perhaps, they have finally located the correct location?" 

Di Shan still shook his head, "I don’t know." 

Undersea, the Three G.o.ds Sect’s sacred place. 

Suddenly, the Three G.o.ds Sect's barrier that kept the seawater out sparkled with countless dots of light. Moonlight, starlight, and sunlight all shone on it.

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