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The Dark Water Territory, Holy Water Island... 

This island was the sacred place of the Heaven Lake Holy Land. Legends said that the Holy Water Island had a heaven lake, which kept the Holy Water.

Soaking a newborn in the heaven lake for a whole forty-nine days could help wash all the impurities in the body, enhance tendons and meridians, and completely change the baby. This would give an ordinary baby the innate talent which was pretty good for its cultivation later.

The Holy Water Island was located on the sacred mountain of the Heaven Lake Holy Land.

More than ten warriors were sitting on the bench with a gloomy face. 

Qing Ming, the Queen of Heaven, Gu Xiao, the Emperor of Earth, Wu Qin, Qiu Xun, and the Cult Master of the Holy G.o.d Sect – Ling Mei, were the ones leading the forces of Endless Sea. They gathered there, but their hearts seemed to be pressed by a huge stone, which was exceptionally heavy. 

"Is he really dangerous?" 

Keeping silent for a long while, Qiu Xun from the Spirit Treasure Wonderland sighed and asked Gu Xiao. 

Gu Xiao beamed a forced smile, shook his head and said begrudgingly. "He alone is dangerous already. But now it’s not only that. From the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard, he brought out a tremendously intimidating black iron puppet. Honestly, I still can’t believe it. It’s just a simple-looking black iron puppet, but it has a scary evil power. Zuo Yue Feng and Situ Jie died in its hands, as soft as a block of tofu. They couldn't bear even a strike."

Everybody sank into silence again after his words were uttered. 

Zuo Yue Feng and Situ Jie were both famous warriors in Endless Sea with their Spirit Realm cultivation base, just like everybody else here. 

The black iron puppet had killed them easily, which meant that everybody else here would face a deadly consequence if they met Shi Yan.

"It’s not long after…"

Wu Qin wore a bitter complexion then sighed. "We shouldn't mess with him. The trouble’s blown up now. According to you, even Hall Master Yang couldn't control him. In this immense Endless Sea, who could subdue him then?" 

"I think if we use individual power, no one in Endless Sea can do anything to him." The Queen of Heaven Fan Xiang Yun was hesitant, and couldn't help but admit it begrudgingly. At present, Shi Yan was the biggest freak of the Endless Sea, and the word genius wasn't enough to describe him. 

Everybody sank into silence. 

"Did Hall Master Yang say anything about this?" The Cult Master of the Holy G.o.d Sect Ling Mei had short hair, each of it raising sparklingly. He looked young and handsome, with an evil, eccentric aura. However, he had the calmest look among them. 

"Xia Qing Hou protects him wholly. Nu Lang and Yin Hui were also there. That kid has the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame. As Hall Master Yang couldn't use his soul technique to kill him in an instant, nothing else was there that he could do."

Gu Xiao explained. 

The others then sobered up. 

"It seems that the most unpredictable factor of the future of the Endless Sea is this man." Ling Mei took a cold breath, mused for a long while before speaking up again, "He's younger than anyone else. At such young age, he has the realm and the power that frightens people. I think we should be more careful." 

Jing Yan Qing sat neatly and listened to them without intervening. 

Through what Gu Xiao and the others had shared, although she hadn’t witnessed the fight with her own eyes, she could imagine the deep impression Shi Yan had brought to them. 

That year, Shi Yan had stunned people by fighting against Mo Qi Ta. It was just one year, and now he dared to provoke Yang Yi Tian. How amazing a progress had he made?

She didn’t know why she felt refreshed and content seeing many overlords of the Endless Sea sighed in distress. She even had Schadenfreude to a certain extent. 

The stronger Shi Yan progressed, the more excited she was. 

"Any reactions from Cao Qiu Dao?" asked Wu Qin. 

"Nothing up till now," The Queen of Heaven said after thinking. "Xiao Lan hasn't got back to the Tuta Sea, perhaps. However, the Master of the Cao should have known the news by now. He can communicate with Hall Master Yang. I think that if anything arises, he will talk with Hall Master Yang first."

"Just wait for now. Zuo Yue Feng and Situ Jie were their men. With their nature, they wouldn’t stay idle for long," Gu Xiao nodded. 

"But the current situation of the Endless Sea isn’t good." Wu Qin shook his head. "The Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers are pressing closer. If we spend more workforce on Shi Yan, it would be strenuous to resist the invasion of the Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers." 

"If the Sea Tribes are willing to join us, every difficulty will be solved easily." Fan Xiang Yun furrowed her brows. "Too bad that Nu Lang and Yin Hui always keep their mouths shut. They haven’t revealed any intention that they would cooperate with us. I think these two aren’t friendly. If the Sea Tribes poke their noses in, the Endless Sea would have something interesting to watch."

"How about the Three G.o.ds Sect?" Wu Qin glared at Gu Xiao. 

"Stays secluded in their forbidden place in their Sea," Gu Xiao snorted. "Seems Tang Yuan Nan doesn’t want to mobilize their force. They only want to secure the Three G.o.ds Sect’s force. If it isn’t the most crucial time, Ouyang Luo Shang will never be willing to take action. She's ascetically cultivating in the forbidden place of the Three G.o.ds Sect. I think they hide the malicious intent behind their fair countenances. We shouldn't lay any hopes on them."

"The Three G.o.ds Sect appreciates Shi Yan. It's natural that they won't help us deal with Shi Yan this time." Wu Qin shook his head. "If the Three G.o.ds Sect knows of Shi Yan's powers and joins hands with him, there will be a force that no one can deny in the Endless Sea."

The Yang family, the Three G.o.ds Sect, and the Xia Family had the three most prominent characters: Ouyang Luo Shang, Shi Yan, and Xia Qin Hou. Those three had the power to battle against any peak warrior. Once they join hands, the Endless Sea would have a great transformation. 

Anyway, they hadn’t counted the Sea Tribes. If they knew that Nu Lang and Yin Hui also had gotten into an agreement with Shi Yan, it was unknown how frightened they would be.

"Sigh. It would be best if Shi Yan went the same way as us." Wu Qin was quite distressed. "Without that pursuit, perhaps Shi Yan wouldn't be that hostile toward us. With him, we don't need to bear such a headache."

Qing Ming, the Queen of Heaven, and the others suddenly discolored. 

It was because of them, who had persistently wanted to deal with Shi Yan, that everybody turned their back on him. After a series of actions, everybody got involved in it deeply. 

After one year, Shi Yan returned to the Endless Sea and showed his intimidating power that subdued everyone. This made them regret, but they couldn't do anything else.

"There’s no pill for regret," Gu Xiao contemplated for a while, "Wait and see, I think the Cao’s Master and Hall Master Yang would have their arrangement soon." 

Everybody had no choice but to nod.

Yuan Luo Sea, in a marvelous place covered by a mysterious halo under the sea of the Sun, Moon, the Star Islands...

A mesmerizing figure stood in the moonlight, taking a bath in a pond. Countless dots of moonlight essence gathered and glinted on her jade porcelain like pure white body.

She was standing in the pond like a fairy maiden with an ethereal aura of a holy being. 

She was the Moon G.o.d, Ouyang Luo Shang. 

In the moonlight pond, she seemed to not bother with the annoying outer world, nor the raging waves of the Endless Sea. She was freely enjoying the moonlight entering her body, as she was taking each of her steps with caution on the way to the true goal of a warrior. 

The Flame Qilin appeared from afar with its scorching flame. Tang Yuan Nan sat on his mount, controlling the speed to be not too rapid nor slow as he approached the moonlight pond. 

The beauty in the moonlit pond frowned. All of a sudden, the moonlight covered her body wholly.

Just like the G.o.ddess of the Luo River, the beauty slowly flew up from the Moonlight Pond, her entire body covered in the hazy moonlight. She looked at the other with cold eyes. "What’s happened?"

Tang Yuan Nan wore a tender face, slightly bent over and smiled. "I’ve got some interesting news. Haha, but I'm not sure if it is true or not."

Ouyang Luo Shang arched her eyebrow, her eyes as beautiful and shining as the stars. She spoke up with clear and chill voice. "What news?" 

"Shi Yan has returned to the Endless Sea." 

"So what?" 

"I heard that he killed Zuo Yue Feng, Situ Jie and even Zhong Li Dun on the seabed…" Tang Yuan Nan curled his lips into a smile. 

Ouyang Luo Shang’s pretty eyes sparkled with strange light. She was astonished for a while before speaking up again, "Not quite realistic." 

"I think so. There’s no smoke without fire, anyway. My news came from the Sacred Water Island of the Dark Water Sea Area." Tang Yuan Nam didn’t hurry, and just casually explained. "I heard that Gu Xiao, Qing Ming, and Wu Qin aren't good now. They are gathering because of Shi Yan. But they couldn't come up with a solution good enough. I even heard that after Shi Yan had killed Situ Jie and Zhong Li Dun, Yang Yi Tian had arrived, but then he came back with nothing. Even he couldn't do anything." 


Eventually, the beauty couldn’t help but let out a slight sigh to show her surprise. "He killed Situ Jie and Zhong Li Dun, but Yang Yi Tian had unexpectedly let him go?"

"It seemed like Yang Yi Tian couldn't do anything to him," explained Tang Yuan Nan. 

"Yang Yi Tian’s the peak warrior of the Endless Sea. How could he do nothing to him?" Apparently, Ouyang Luo Shang didn’t buy it, shook her head and then burst out laughing. "Your disappearance seemed to be a mistake. Even if that fella’s strong, it’s impossible for him to defeat Yang Yi Tian. Yeah, don’t waste your mind on it. The news you got shouldn’t be true, for the most part." 

"I think it could be true." Tang Yuan Nan’s face was serious. "Can you guess who sent me the news?" 


"The Holy Maiden of the Heaven Lake Holy Land?"

"Her? How could it be?" 

"I don’t know either. I haven’t had any connection with her before. She must have it done behind Wu Qin’s back. I’m not sure." 

"Is it a plan of the Dark Water Sea Area, perhaps?" Ouyang Luo Shang mused for a while then shook her head. "It’s not possible. They won’t help that kid enhance his reputation like that." 

"That’s why I’m suspicious and puzzled." 

All of a sudden, at this moment, the Teleportation Formation at the center of the Three G.o.ds Sect's holy land glowed. Not long after that, a man appeared in the halo together with a black iron puppet. He then shouted, "Precursor Tang, I'm Shi Yan. Can we talk?" 

Tang Yuan Nam was shaken.

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