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"Great Grandpa Xia, you should be more open-minded." Shi Yan hesitated, then smiled. "If the Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers bury themselves in Endless Sea, the Demon Area and the Underworld would become the places where no one lives. Haha… Losing the Dark Water Territory but earning the Demon Area and the Underworld, you tell me, aren’t there a little bit profits here?" 

Xia Qing Hou was shaken, as a strange light shot out from his eyes. 

"Kid, you're young, but you do have strong wild schemes. Cruel and merciless, such a character..." Nu Lang took a deep breath. "Your appet.i.te’s bigger than Cao Qiu Dao’s and Yang Yi Tian’s. I didn’t expect that you have dreamed about the Demon Area and the Underworld too. Sigh, it's unbelievable that the Yang family has another freak like you besides Yang Tian Emperor." 

"Although you Sea Tribes can leave the sea surface, it should be a bit difficult if you leave Endless Sea for a long time." Shi Yan smiled, his face deliberate. "You shouldn't consider the Demon Area and the Underworld. These places aren’t suitable for your Sea Tribes to live. The seawater there is also different from the Grace Mainland."

"Well, you’re sure that our Sea Tribes can’t earn a living in the Demon Area and the Underworld, that’s why you offer so." Yin Hui snorted with irritation. 

"It’s true," Shi Yan didn't deny.

Nu Lang and Yin Hui fell into silence.

Shi Yan wasn’t hurried, smiled and waited for them calmly. 

"I would agree with your conditions and help you take back the Kyara Sea. However, I want to see the Life Original Fluid first." Nu Lang mused, wanting to confirm the fact that Shi Yan had the Life Original Fluid. 

Yin Hui also showed his longing face. 

"No problem," Shi Yan was frank and straightforward. He contacted the King of Demonic Insects in the Blood Vein Ring, sending his thought. 

After the King of Demonic Insects got a drop of Immortal Blood from him, their relationship had become more harmonious. Having heard his call, it came out from the Blood Vein Ring, opened its mouth and spurt out a crystal lotus throne. 

A bottle stood amid the crystal lotus throne, holding some sort of white liquid. Heartbeats reverberated clear and loud from this white substance. 

This bottle wasn’t big, and Shi Yan took the chance to glare at it. He found that the bottle kept around ten drops of Life Original Fluid. Each drop had the heart shape with robust heartbeats sounding out. They were all radiating a milky white halo, which made them look like a strong, micro heart. Extremely marvelous! 

Divine light sparkled in Nu Lang’s, Yin Hui’s and Xia Qing Hou’s eyes as they were eyeing the bottle on the crystal lotus throne. 

As the three of them had Spirit Realm cultivation base, they had unique recognition of strange things. At first glance, they knew how miraculous the liquid inside the bottle was. 

"Not bad. The rumor’s true." Xia Qing Hou affirmed first, his face surprised and happy. "Each drop of the Life Original Fluid seems to have its own vitality. I can hear the vigorous heartbeats. From its look, I can tell it's the Life Original Fluid." 

Yin Hui nodded continually. "As you’ve said, it’s the Life Original Fluid." 

Shi Yan sent his thought again. 

The King of Demonic Insects opened its mouth, swallowed the crystal lotus throne and disappeared into the Blood Vein Ring. Shi Yan then looked at Nu Lang, smiled and asked, "Precursor Nu Lang, do you have further doubts?"

"Alright," Nu Lang spoke up with a serious face. "I'm going back to the Black Flood Dragon Clan and arrange things. As for the details, we need to talk and act together, okay?" 

"You can contact my Big Uncle Yang Zhuo. I’ll go to the sea surface and contact people from the Three G.o.ds Sect." Shi Yan smiled, "Don’t worry. I’ll have a sufficient force to annihilate the Dark Dwellers in a flash." 

"Right, I’ll arrange the business of my clan and then find Yang Zhuo," nodded Nu Lang. 

Yin Hui said the same. However, he was a little bit hesitant. "If the Water Scorpion Tribe and the Naga Tribe also want to join us, how about this Life Original Fluid?" 

Shi Yan shook his head. "I didn't count them in this." 

Yin Hui frowned. 

"I don’t want to waste it," Shi Yan considered, "On the seabed, the Black Flood Dragon Clan and the Silver Shark Clan are the strongest tribes, much stronger than the Water Scorpion Tribe and the Naga Tribe. With your help, the Xia Family and the Three G.o.ds Sect, together with me and this black iron puppet, taking the Kyara Sea isn’t a big deal. We don’t need more people."

"How about the Dark Water Territory?" probed Yin Hui. 

"Wait until we finish the Kyara Sea’s matter, then I will see if your Sea Tribes have good wills." Shi Yan was serious. "If you guys want the Dark Water Territory, we will need forces in the future. Yeah, the Demon Dwellers are in the Endless Sea, too. It would be a conflict at that time. If you want to claim good things, you should think about the next steps."

Nu Lang’s and Yin Hui’s eyes sparkled, their faces complicated. 

A while after that, Nu Lang nodded but didn't discuss anything else. He regarded Yin Hui then they left together.

"Shi Yan, your ambitious heart isn’t small," Xia Qing Hou exclaimed after Nu Lang and Yin Hui had left. 

"In fact, I have no ambition," Shi Yan burst out laughing. "I just don’t want to leave the ones who want to deal with me live with ease. No matter it’s the Endless Sea, the Demon Area or the Underworld, I don’t have the desire to take them. However, the Yang family has treated me well. I have plenty free time at this moment, so I should do something to repay their favors."

"I heard that you came from the Quiet Cloud." 

"Yes," Shi Yan’s eyes glittered, then slowly nodded. The reason why he wanted to stir the rain and the wind in Endless Sea was for the Yangs on one hand, and on the other hand, because of the guilt towards Shi Jian and the others in the Quiet Cloud. Since he had descended in the Grace Mainland, the Shi Family had considered him their successor. 

No matter it was Shi Jian, Shi Tie, or Shi Dang, they all took care of him, trusted him and treated him like a member of their family. 

The Shi Family dwelled in the Merchant Union. The warriors there were normal, and the aura of the earth and firmament wasn’t as good as the Endless Sea. They didn't even have a Spirit Realm warrior. 
 After he had seen the wealth of the Endless Sea and the peak prosperous time of the Divine Great Land, he had determined that he should come up with the plan to bring the Shi Family out of the Merchant Union of the Quiet Cloud and get them to the Endless Sea, or even the Divine Great Land. He should find the best place for their cultivation. 

Only if the Endless Sea regained its peace and the Yang Family held the absolute overlord position in Endless Sea, the Shi Family could have no worries and move there from the Merchant Union. 

At that time, he could ease his mind and enter the Divine Great Land to learn the peak knowledge from the true warriors of the Grace Mainland. 

"Great Grandpa Xia, do you want to visit Barren City?"

"Oh, no," Xia Qing Hou contemplated for a while then showed his worries. "I’ve just turned my back on Yang Yi Tian. I’m afraid he would do something behind my back. I have to go back to control the situation. When you have everything planned, send someone to notify me. I’ll know how to cooperate with you. The Reincarnation Island of the Xia Family’s also in the Kyara Sea. I want to take it back soon." 

"Alright, I’m going back to Barren City and talk to my Big Uncle. Keep in touch." 


Shi Yan bid farewell to the old man on the seabed. He then walked with his black iron puppet, leaving the graveyard and heading to Barren City. 

Seven days later, he got to Barren City, returning to the Yang Family in the city. Since Yang Zhuo and the others knew that he would be going to the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard, they couldn't help but worry about him. Now, as they saw him coming back, everybody was happy and surprised, chirping around him to ask about his experience of this trip. 

Shi Yan just smiled and didn’t say anything. He waited until they finished and started, "I’m okay, I got a War Devil there," He pointed to the black iron puppet. 

"War Devil?" Yang Zhuo and Zhang Mu frowned, looking at the black iron puppet. 

"Really dangerous, eh?" Yang Zhuo couldn't hold but ask. 

Shi Yan confirmed with a nod, "Really dangerous." 

"How dangerous is it?" Li Feng raised her brows, giggling. 

"He killed Situ Jie, Zou Yue Feng, and Zhong Li Dun."

Everybody was shaken, extremely frightened. 

"No kidding?" Yang Mu was panic-stricken. 

Shaking his head, Shi Yan smiled. "No kidding." He paused for a while, then explained. "If this War Devil urges all of his strength, he would be able to confront Nu Lang directly. Won't be defeated, I guess." 

Everybody was dumbfounded on hearing him. 

On the seabed, Nu Lang was an invincible existence. Every single member of the Sea Tribes or human race knew how tremendous Nu Lang’s power was. He was the best warrior who was acknowledged by everyone. 

And now, Shi Yan said that this black iron puppet had the ability to confront Nu Lang directly. Everybody thought he was crazy. 

"Nu Lang and Yin Hui agreed to join hands with us and help us take back the Kyara Sea." Shi Yan threw them another bomb. Yang Zhuo and the other members of the Yang family all wore an extremely awkward face, gazing at him like they were looking at a monster. 

"I’m not joking with you guys," Shi Yan said seriously, but Yang Zhuo and the others kept their dumbstruck complexion. 

"Well, it happened like this…" 

From their appearance, Shi Yan knew they couldn't accept the event. He had no choice but wear a forced smile and tell them in detail. 

After he had finished, Yang Zhuo and the others gradually restored themselves, believing in his words. "We didn't expect that you could have the miraculous Life Original Fluid from the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. Fella, you do have good fortune." Yang Mu exclaimed with an admiring face. 

"No wonder why Nu Lang and the others were frank and straightforward. Seems, it's mainly because of the Life Original Fluid." Yang Zhuo shot right at the critical detail. 
 "Big Uncle, you guys just stay on the seabed. The current situation will change soon. Don’t worry." Shi Yan smiled. "I’m going back to the sea surface to find Tang Yuan Nam of the Three G.o.ds Sect. We have a good relationship. If he helps me now, we will repay his favor later. I think he won’t deny me. With the forces from the Three G.o.ds Sect, the Black Flood Dragon Clan, the Silver Shark Clan, and the Xia Family, we can easily get back to the Kyara Sea." 

The Yangs was roused. "Seems like you don't need your Great Grandpa returning to Endless Sea to help us take back what belongs to us." Yang Zhuo smiled, patting Shi Yan's shoulder. "Bringing you here from the Quiet Cloud was our best decision. You're truly the lucky charm of our Yang Family."

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