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Rumors said that Cao Qiu Dao, Yang Yi Tian and Yang Tian Emperor had fallen into a s.p.a.ce crack when they were young. 

There, they found the corpse of a G.o.d King. Cao Qiu Dao and Yang Tian Emperor had the essence blood of the G.o.d King, while Yang Yi Tian had a beam of the G.o.d King’s divine soul. 

The dead body of a G.o.d King had helped create the three peerless warriors of the Endless Sea. 

Cao Qiu Dao and Yang Yi Tian had had their competences thrived ma.s.sively, as they had the ability to provoke opponents who had higher realms than them. Yang Yi Tian entered the Second Sky of Spirit Realm, and he also had fantastic advances in knowing several intimidating soul techniques. 

The Seven-colored Nirvana Light was one of the scary soul techniques that he had learned. 

This soul technique could perish someone’s soul. Once it jumped into the other’s Sea of Consciousness, it could easily find the host soul and use the Nirvana Light to destroy it. 

Yang Yi Tian had depended on the Seven-colored Nirvana Light to swagger in Endless Sea. So many warriors had their souls scattered because of this Seven-colored Nirvana Light. 

It was the signature skill of Yang Yi Tian

As Xia Qing Hou saw the light shoot out from the other’s eye, he immediately got what the other wanted to do, projecting divine light from his eyes. 

Marvelous light beams, one blue, and one purple, turned into two electric dragons tangling and wiggling with each other. They then spurted out two purple and blue light b.a.l.l.s that vehemently shot towards the Seven-colored Nirvana Light. 

In the seawater, the Seven-colored light and the blue-purple dragons attacked each other, but no impact was generated. 

However, the faces of Yang Yi Tian and Xia Qing Hou changed frequently. Strange light flashed unceasingly in their pupils, just like meteors showering inside their eyes. 

Xia Qing Hou used to enter the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. In the bog that Shi Yan found the King of Demonic Insects, he got the last crystal clear G.o.d Soul bead. After years of living in isolation to perceive the subtle mysteries in the bead, he had broken through the Second Sky of Spirit Realm, and also obtained some bizarre and unpredictable soul techniques. 

It could be said that both Yang Yi Tian and Xia Qing Hou had a good grasp of soul techniques. They were both at the Second Sky of Spirit Realm, and both borrowed external force and fortuitous encounters. 

Because of Shi Yan, the two of them, who were like water in the well and river which never met, started to join the compet.i.tion on soul techniques. 

Nu Lang and Yin Hui, the two patriarchs of the Sea Tribes, were watching the two peak warriors of the Endless Sea using soul technique to fight against each other. They showed their interest with an attentive look on their faces. 

The two soul techniques were cast out but they didn't shake anything as expected. The seawater was still calm. 

Even Yang Yi Tian and Xia Qing Hou kept a calm complexion. However, deep inside their pupils, a bursting light was blooming, which shook people's hearts, dragging their souls in it. It seemed even to attract people's host souls, making it want to get out of the Sea of Consciousness. 
Only if they released their soul consciousness and attached it onto the fight could they know how miraculous this soul fight was. Otherwise, they would never know the subtle details of it.

All of a sudden, light ceased in Yang Yi Tian’s and Xia Qing Hou's eyes. The divine light was retrieved. 

Xia Qing Hou let out a slight cough, and his face slightly changed. It seemed like he bore the disadvantage this time. He snorted, "Hall Master Yang, you're an overlord of an area. Even so, you used soul technique to attack Shi Yan without any prior warning. This deed doesn't seem good." 

"An eye for an eye... It’s right and unalterable." Yang Yi Tian’s brows slammed together. "Situ Jie was the number one consecrator of our Martial Spirit Palace. He had contributed much to the Martial Spirit Palace. He got killed, so of course, I have to obtain justice for him. Zhong Li Dun was the one we were nurturing for our future, and Shi Yan killed him too. If you were me, would you let it go?" 

"Well, although you guys want to kill him, do you think he would just hand over his neck like that?" Xia Qing Hou sneered, looking at the group of Qing Ming and Gu Xiao, speaking up with disdain. "What a pity! Six Spirit Realm warriors took action, but two of them got killed while the others had to run for their lives. Haven't you lost your face?" 

Nu Lang and Yin Hui were watching the situation with joy. 

"Precursor Yang, do you really think that you could kill me instantly using soul technique?" At this moment, Shi Yan suddenly curled his lips, shook his head and said coldly. "When I was in Barren City, Bao Wen did the same. Then, his soul consciousness was burned to ash. In front of the Silver Stone Fort, Situ Jie and Zou Yen Feng did the same. I think precursor Yin Hui knows their results. "

Yang Yi Tian’s face darkened, and couldn't help but look at Yin Hui. 

Nu Lang and Xia Qing Hou were surprised, also looking at him. 

"I was staying in the dark to observe the battle in Barren City. And, I didn't miss any small details of the battle in front of the Silver Stone Fort." Under the attentive looks of the three great warriors, Yin Hui wore a solemn face and nodded affirmatively. "Forgive my frankness, but any soul technique or soul consciousness that jumps into Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness would disappear into thin air. Hall Master Yang, if you want to do that, haha, I think you will have to face the same consequence."

Yang Yi Tian’s eyes flared up with cold light. "Were Bao Wen and Situ Jie’s levels able to be compared with mine?" 

It wasn’t that he didn't believe, but he had his arrogance. 

In such a vast sea like the Endless Sea, if one talked about the biggest achievement in understanding the souls, no doubt that it belonged to Yang Yi Tian. He was the best in Endless Sea, and everybody acknowledged him. 

Bao Wen, Situ Jie, and Zou Yen Feng were far behind compared to him. 

He believed in his cultivation base and his deep understanding of soul. Once he used his soul technique, whatever tricks Shi Yan had, he could hardly avoid death.

"If you don’t believe me, just try." Shi Yan laughed, shaking his head. "Anyway, if precursor Yang’s soul consciousness gets hurt, don’t blame me that I didn't give you a warning beforehand."

"Arrogant!" Yang Yi Tian shouted.

"Don’t!" Xia Qing Hou hurriedly stopped them. 

"It’s okay." Shi Yan smiled to comfort them. "Great Grandpa Xia, don't worry. I have my plan. Haha, I do want to see if his soul technique could destroy the power of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame or not."

"The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame!" 

Yang Yi Tian, Nu Lang, Xia Qing Hou and Yin Hui discolored on hearing that. Their eyes shot out a panic-stricken light. 

"Yeah, it’s the heaven flame that can burn all kinds of soul, the Nine Serenities Devouring Soul Flame." Shi Yan curled his lips. "Precursor Yang, do you want to try?" 

Yang Yi Tian discolored, standing dumbfounded without the intention to act recklessly. 

It was the name of the heaven flame which had been famous for thousands of years in the entire Endless Sea, even though each heaven flame had their own unpredictable miracle effects. 

The Ice Cold Flame was extremely cold. The Purgatory True Flame came from the purgatory, which was the best fiery flame to forge weapons. The Vanishing Corpse Flame could control corpses and could even turn living humans into corpse slaves. The Nine Serenities Devouring Soul Flame was the fiery flame that could destroy souls! It could burn down souls of all kinds of creatures, and even divine sense or thoughts. 

Many legends about the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame had soon been spread out all over the Endless Sea. This flame appeared in numerous rumors, but no one ever heard that it had a master. 

Due to its particularity, no warrior dared to let it stay inside his host soul in the Sea of Consciousness.

The heaven flame that could burn down the soul consciousness of the host soul, how could someone get it integrated into his soul? But Shi Yan had claimed that he kept the Nine Serenities Devouring Soul Flame in his Sea of Consciousness. Was it true?

In legends, no one had ever broken the barrier. Did he really have such an eccentric change?

Yang Yi Tian didn't believe it, neither do Xia Qing Hou. 

But Nu Lang and Yin Hui believed him. Thousands of years had pa.s.sed, and everyone who entered the Lofty Dragon Graveyard had to die. But he came back alive. Moreover, he brought out with him a terrifying black iron puppet.

If he could break one legend, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he could break another one.

Nu Lang and Yin Hui exchanged looks. Their faces were bizarre. 

"Well, if you don’t believe it, you can try." Shi Yan didn’t exaggerate, just smiled. "Currently, the Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers are raging in the Endless Sea. I just don’t want precursor Yang get his soul hurt because of me. Honestly, I don’t like precursor Yang, but I know that keeping you safe is better for the whole picture of the Endless Sea. So, I want to remind you, don’t take risks."

Yang Yi Tian's face darkened, but people couldn't see anything from his complexion. 
 "You can't kill me directly using soul technique. And, with this black puppet here, you can't kill me physically. What is the use for to linger here?" Shi Yan pitched his voice, smiled and said calmly, "The Endless Sea’s really busy, you know? Yeah, forgive me if I can’t see you off. I think we will meet again soon. At that time, I hope that precursor Yang would be well prepared."

Lifting his head, Shi Yan screamed again. "Oh yeah, I killed Zou Yen Feng, too. He's the Caos' man. Perhaps you would want to visit Cao Qiu Dao too." 

Then, he squinted his eyes, looking at Cao Zhi Lan on the sea surface, talking to her with a cold voice. "Miss Cao, take care." 

Cao Zhi Lan felt cold as if his cold voice had absorbed into her body and stiffened it. Shi Yan’s performance had torn off all of her defenses. At this moment, she only felt helpless. 

She thought that they could kill Shi Yan instantly, but he had brought with him a terrifying black puppet from the Lofty Dragon Graveyard. And now, he didn't show fear even on facing the peak warriors of the Endless Sea. 

Shi Yan’s performance gave her an untrue feeling. She suddenly had a feeling that she had missed the chance which she would regret for the rest of her life. 
"I hope that you could stay that complacent for a long time." Yang Yi Tian restored his original calm countenance. He nodded at Shi Yan, "It’s true. You can see the Endless Sea’s situation now. For the time being, I won’t interfere in your business. I think your existence could be one of our advantages too." 

Shi Yan frowned.

"The Kyara Sea is in the hands of the Dark Dwellers. I think it’s time for the Yang family to think about how to take back your territory." Yang Yi Tian squinted his eyes. "I’m waiting for your good news." 

Then, he glared at Shi Yan one last time before flying up to the sea surface, gathering with Gu Xiao’s group. 

Soon, those people disappeared from the seabed. 

On the seabed, only Shi Yan, Yin Hui, Nu Lang and Xia Qing Hou were left outside the Lofty Dragon Graveyard.

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