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It seemed only in a short moment, but the trio of Situ Jie, Zhong Li Dun, and Zou Yue Feng had been smashed, receiving a pathetic death on the spot. 

Shi Yan didn't do anything. He just stood there and indifferently watched the War Devil demonstrate its terrifying power, killing two Spirit Realm warriors and Zhong Li Dun. It had happened too fast, and many of them couldn't react before they saw the pulp that used to be Situ Jie and Zou Yue Feng. 

Qing Ming, the Queen of Heaven, Gu Xiao and the Emperor of Earth felt shivers running down their spines on hearing the terrible shrill in the darkness. They couldn't bear it anymore, and all flew up towards the sea surface at top speed. 

Shi Yan didn't hurry. He waited until Zou Yue Feng got killed, smiled and looked at the sea surface. He then shook his head, speaking up coldly, "The monks can run away, but the temple stays. The result's all set. Even if they don't die now, it's only death waiting for them in the future." 

After Situ Jie, Zou Yue Feng and Zhong Li Dun died, their essence Qi left their bodies. As expected, it all flew towards Shi Yan. 

Anyway, Situ Jie’s essence Qi was beyond his imagination. The essence Qi of the Spirit Realm warrior made his seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points swollen. Shi Yan didn't wait until he could get all the essence Qi and instinctively got away from this b.l.o.o.d.y, messy place.

It wasn’t that he didn't want it. It was just him knowing his limit. 

Although the upper limit to absorb the energy of his Mysterious Martial Spirit had increased a lot after he had entered the Sky Realm, the essence Qi of a Spirit Realm warrior was actually too much. Situ Jie’s alone was enough to fill his acupuncture points. If he got more from Zou Yue Feng and Zhong Li Dun, he was afraid that his acupuncture points would be blown away. 

That’s why he had to stay away and wait until their essence Qi scattered in heaven and earth before approaching the area again. 

Yin Hui stood petrified at his spot, his eyes gazing at Shi Yan without blinking, and his face filled with fear. 

Finally, he could confirm the intimidation of the War Devil. 

With the very first moves, he could brutally kill Situ Jie, Zou Yue Feng, and Zhong Li Dun. Such formidable power could be compared to Nu Lang, a Third Sky of Spirit Realm warrior. Yin Hui himself didn’t dare to provoke this sharp spear, and he also didn’t have the intention to poke his nose in this b.l.o.o.d.y business. He then started to consider the relationship between the Silver Shark Clan and the Yang family. 

Although the power Shi Yan had used this time didn’t belong to his body, it was enough to terrify Yin Hui. 

The War Devil's performance made him recognize that in the Endless Sea, only Cao Qiu Dao and Yang Yi Tian could survive safe and sound at the hands of the War Devil. 

Besides them, none of the warriors in the Endless Sea could tower this dazzling halo. 

"Shi Yan."

Yin Hui was a little bit hesitant, his voice dry. He beamed a forced smile and said, "Does this black iron puppet come from the Lofty Dragon Graveyard? How could you bring this terrifying thing out of the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard? Yeah, I know it's personal, but the Antiquity Lofty Graveyard belongs to the Sea Tribes anyway. It's our forbidden area, and you're human. How could you do that?" 

"Destiny," Shi Yan curled his lips. He lifted his head to watch the sea surface, then frowned.

Yin Hui was standing in front of him, also surprised. "Someone’s coming." 

The seawater surrounding was flowing rapidly. Waves undersea were surging like someone was surfing the wave to get here. His speed was so fast the seawater could barely bear his force. It started to rise, causing a great change. 

A majestic figure suddenly appeared next to Yin Hui. 

Nu Lang, the patriarch of the Black Flood Dragon Clan. 

He had utilized his Third Sky of Spirit Realm cultivation base to get here with maximum speed. It took him only several minutes to arrive at the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard.

Nu Lang's visage was dark. He frowned while observing the situation, then shifted his eyes to the War Devil with a strange look. 

Half a minute later, Nu Lang took a deep breath, then turned to Yin Hui. "Some Spirit Realm warriors got killed here, right?" He glared at the black iron puppet.

"You got it," Yin Hui answered with a serious countenance. He nodded, "It's because of that black iron puppet. He's brought it out from the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard." 

Nu Lang’s majestic body was shaken. Divine light shot out from his eyes as he was scrutinizing Shi Yan. 

Shi Yan smiled, bent down to greet him, then said with manners. "Greeting, precursor Nu Lang. Haha, I didn't expect we would meet up again that fast." 

 "The Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard has always been the forbidden place on the ocean floor. Thousands of years have been pa.s.sed, and countless strong warriors had buried themselves in there. No one was lucky enough to come back alive." Nu Lang's eyes shone with radiant light. "Why could you survive that place and even brought out with you such an intimidating black iron puppet?" 

"Good fortune." Shi Yan’s visage was serious. "The Antiquity Lofty Dragon and I had some relationship in the ancient times. It’s destined that I could enter that dark place. This black iron puppet belongs to the antiquity. Why I can have it now is all about my fate." 

Nu Lang was surprised. Yin Hui just shook his head while beaming a forced smile. He both admired and envied Shi Yan.

Nu Lang mused for a while, then sighed. "Is it real destiny? The Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard has buried many of my ancestors, but now its mystery’s cracked by a human. Perhaps, you little fella have some connection with our Sea Tribes, eh?"

Shi Yan was amazed. He had never thought about this. He was hesitant, then shook his head. "I’m not sure. Anyway, this Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard does have a connection with the ancient existence. I can’t tell the details. I can only say that my fortune isn’t bad."

Nu Lang and Yin Hui frowned, seriously considering the hidden meaning in his words.

Later, Nu Lang faced up to check the sky as his eyes squinted to a line. "Seems like I am not the only one who recognized the strange event here. It's unexpected that the great two warriors of the Vault of Heaven Sea Area are coming, too."

The seawater was split apart as two figures descended one after another from above. 

The Queen of Heaven, the Emperor of Earth, Qing Ming, Gu Xiao, Pan Zhe, and Cao Zhi Lan, who had fled away in fear, appeared behind them. However, they didn't dare to move forward, just staying behind the other two to observe the situation. 

"Yang Yi Tian! Xia Qing Hou!" 

Yin Hui took a look and got shocked, exclaiming. 

Shi Yan’s eyes brightened as he hurriedly looked up.

A naturally handsome, elegant, middle-aged man was plunging down quietly, wearing a purple gown accompanied with a feathered crest. His face held a tender smile. 

Hall Master of the Martial Spirit Palace, Yang Yi Tian, an overlord of a part of the Endless Sea. 

An old man wearing hemp garments and straw sandals followed him. That man was old and wrinkled, but he had a distant, deep-green, old aura. He was the former master of the Xia family, Xia Qing Hou. 

The two most outstanding warriors of the Vault of Heaven Sea Area appeared from the sea surface. After they arrived, they all looked at Nu Lang with surprised eyes. Seemed like they’d a.s.sumed that Nu Lang was the one who had initiated all these things. 

"It wasn’t me." Nu Lang was calm as he snorted, then shifted his line of sight to Shi Yan.

Yang Yi Tian’s and Xia Qing Hou’s pupils shrank. They then eyed Shi Yan with surprised and disbelieving countenances. 

Yang Yi Tian had gawked for a while, then ceased the smile on his face. He closed his eyes to sense something, then shouted all of a sudden. "Who killed Situ Jie and Zhong Li Dun!" 

"Me," Shi Yan bent his body slightly, smiled and clasped his hands. "Shi Yan, a junior, greeting precursor Yang." 

He paused for a while, then continued his smile, looking at Xia Qing Hou. His manner was more sincere, "We meet here, Great Grandfather Xia." 

The senile face of Xia Qing Hou cracked a smile. His att.i.tude was tender. He walked towards Shi Yan, his eyes shining. "You are Shi Yan?" 


"Good boy! Good boy! Good!" 

Xia Qing Hou said ‘good’ three times consecutively. Then, he appeared next to Shi Yan, standing opposite Yang Yi Tian. 

The Xia family and the Yang family always had a good relation. Xia Qing Hou and Yang Tian Emperor were close friends for a hundred years. He also knew about Shi Yan and Xia Xin Yan’s relationship from the juniors of the Xia family. 

After he had recovered, he always paid attention to Shi Yan, as he knew well what Shi Yan’d done during these years in the Endless Sea.

In his eyes, Shi Yan was a family member, Xia Xin Yan’s fiancé. Even the reason why he could recover that fast was related to Shi Yan. Of course, he and Shi Yan stood in the same boat. 

"Hall Master Yang," Xia Qing Hou smiled, his face contemplating. "Seems like you guys had sent someone to kill Shi Yan, but you didn’t have good fortune. Yeah, first, I’d like to express my opinion. No matter what, I’m on the same side as Shi Yan. If you want to deal with him, I will definitely not just stand and stare." 

"Precursor Yang," Shi Yan curled his lips. "Forgive my childish, arrogant words, but if you want to kill me, it should be a little bit difficult here." 

Then, his thought flickered, sending his message to the War Devil. 

The War Devil was still hiding its aura. After receiving Shi Yan’s thought, it started to stroll towards Yang Yi Tian. 

A murderous, earth-destroying aura like the immense water of the Endless Sea gushed out from the War Devil, instantly covering the whole territory of the Silver Shark Clan. 

Yang Yi Tian’s face changed dramatically. 

Nu Lang frowned. 

Xia Qing Hou’s eyes brightened.

The three real heroes of the land and the undersea had different facial expressions. 

 "I still don't understand why you guys are still fighting against each other, even though we're all warriors of the Endless Sea." Shi Yan’s face darkened. "When I was in Yuan Luo Sea Area, the Demon Dwellers had struggled to kill me, which I can understand. But why do you guys want to destroy me? It has repeated many times. Their att.i.tude is like they can’t live well if they can’t eradicate me. Precursor Yang, could you elaborate the reasons?"

"The ones who want to kill you include Gu Xiao, Dongfang Jue, and Qing Ming." Yang Yi Tian snorted coldly. "I’m just watching. Although you seem to have unpredictable potential, I didn’t put you in my eyes. But now, it’s different. You’d killed Situ Jie and Zhong Li Dun. Even if I’m an easy person, I can’t spare your life!" 

Then, a divine light flashed in Yang Yi Tian’s eyes. Electric currents were weaving inside that divine light as they rapidly shot toward Shi Yan. 

"Seven-colored Nirvana Light!" Xia Qing Hou shouted, then said coldly. "Yang Yi Tian, you dare?"

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