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After Lao Luo’s Dark Body had absorbed the chaotic energies inside the lofty dragon’s tomb, it could hide its aura, completely concealing its crazy, ominous and imposing aura. 

Thus, even Situ Jie’s group only saw a black iron puppet behind Shi Yan. They didn't pay attention to it because the black puppet didn't emit any unusual aura. They thought that this black puppet was just a regular one, so they didn't lay their eyes on it. 

Only Yin Hui, who was at the Second Sky of Spirit Realm, plus had seen Shi Yan go there alone, could confirm that this black iron puppet was from the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard. He then kept an eye on this War Devil black iron puppet. 

The Soul Consciousness of the Second Sky of Spirit Realm warrior was released invisibly to peep on the mysterious features of the War Devil.

However, as soon as his Soul Consciousness got there, it was as if it had fallen into the vast sea, echoing nothing at all. It was like his Soul Consciousness had been drawn into a black hole.

The connection between him and the Soul Consciousness was also cut off, and he couldn't track it back. 

Yin Hui’s countenance changed quietly, as his mind was struck and tense. 

Even Nu Lang, who was at the Third Sky of Spirit Realm, couldn't devour his Soul Consciousness while leaving no trace like that. 

What was that fearful black iron puppet?

Yin Hui was scared. He vaguely got something when eyeing Shi Yan. 

The anomalous event that happened in the lofty dragon’s graveyard was obviously related to this black iron puppet. Perhaps, what caused it was this puppet. 

The more Yin Hui thought about the matter, the more frightened he became when he looked at Shi Yan and the black iron puppet. Light flickered in his eyes as his heart was dreading. 

One should definitely not provoke this kid!

Yin Hui had made up his mind that no matter what happened, he would not do anything that irritated Shi Yan. At this moment, he knew his finding would change the future situation of the Endless Sea. 

Shi Yan himself was scary enough. Now, from the lofty dragon’s tomb, he got a black iron puppet, which was in defiance of the natural order. In the Endless Sea, who could go against him?

Yin Hui was frightened inside. He instinctively took several steps back, held up his hand and said, "No matter what you guys want to do, I'm not going to interfere your business. Anyway, I want to make it clear that I'm just an observer. If you guys engage in a fight, don't count me in." 

Shi Yan wore a contemplating face before bursting out in laughter. He knew this cunning old folk had sensed something. 

"Why do you need to waste more time?" Situ Jie’s countenance was calm. He looked at Gu Xiao, Qing Ming and grinned. "You’ve been waiting for so long. Now, he’s here in front of you guys. We will get it done once and for all, so would we still have to bear the threat from this brat?" 

"When he dies, we can focus on dealing with the Dark Dwellers and Demon Dwellers," said Zhong Li Dun with a cold smile. 

"You will die first. Don't know why I always feel irritated seeing you." Shi Yan shook his head and sneered. "Don't appreciate yourself too high. In the Endless Sea, you are not the new star. In the Grace Mainland, you're nothing. There are so many young people of the Divine Great Land who have reached the Sky Realm. Also, there are some who are in defiance of the natural order as they have reached the peak of the Sky Realm. Compared to them, you, Zhong Li Dun, you are nothing." 

His words had shaken everybody. 

"You've been to the Divine Great Land?" Pan Zhe was astounded. 

Shaking his head, Shi Yan explained patiently. "Not yet. Wait until the things in the Endless Sea's over, I'll go there to search for the ultimate mystery of martial arts. Anyway, I've been to the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. I got to know many young fellows of the Divine Great Land. Every single one of them is much stronger than Zhong Li Dun. Haha, and, they aren't the shining stars of the Divine Great Land. I'm telling you, don't be the frog hiding under the coconut sh.e.l.l and think that the Endless Sea is the best place. In their eyes, the Endless Sea's just a place of barbarians. We don't even have a single True G.o.d Realm warrior. Always staying in such a place, how pathetic we are!"

All the warriors, including Yin Hui, discolored. 

"Forget it. I’m not going to waste my time with you guys." He smiled, waved his hand while pointing at Zhong Li Dun. "Start with him. Kill anyone you can. Never mind if they run away. They’ll die sooner or later. Who dares to linger, kill ‘em all."

Zhong Li Dun was shaken, his face dumbfounded. 

Situ Jie’s group were bewildered, not knowing to whom Shi Yan was talking. 

But right after that, they knew to whom Shi Yan had a.s.signed these tasks. 

The three-meter-tall black iron puppet War Devil deliberately walked out from behind him, strolling towards Zhong Li Dun. It was slow at first, but its pace was getting faster and faster after each step. Ultimately, the War Devil turned into a black thunderbolt and shot toward Zhong Li Dun. 

Its two eyes were like two dark suns that gazed at Zhong Li Dun. An evil, vicious energy that could drown people’s minds into endless darkness was suddenly released.

When Zhong Li Dun met the War Devil's eyes, he was stunned, blankly standing at his spot. 


The War Devil flew over and stomped on the top of Zhong Li Dun’s head. People then heard the sound of cracking bones.

Zhong Li Dun was turned into a pulp of flesh after just one strike. 

Situ Jie could only watch the scene of Zhong Li Dun getting killed, and didn’t have enough time to help. On the contrary, he had to urge all the strength of his Soul Consciousness to resist the intimidating soul energy intruding. 

He suddenly found himself dragged into a world of endless darkness.

No beam of light could be seen. His Soul Consciousness sank as it met the death and destructive Intent Domain there, just like he was a dead man entering a strange, eccentric s.p.a.ce. 

An earth-shattering, dark aura expanded from the War Devil, which had just killed Zhong Li Dun. This malicious aura seemed to want to destroy the whole world, enveloping the entire seabed of the Vault of Heaven Sea Area. 

At this moment, all Spirit Realm warriors were dumbfounded as fear filled their faces. 

Even the two great warriors above the Vault of Heaven Sea Area noticed this torrential ominous source of evil. They hurriedly got out of the Vault of Heaven Sea Area, plunging into the sea with their fastest pace.

At the same time, inside the extinct volcanoes of the Black Flood Dragon Clan, Nu Lang was talking with the three Spirit Realm warriors. He suddenly got pale-faced as he shouted, "Such a strong, evil force." 

"Patriarch, what’s going on?"

"Since your realms are still low and your knowledge of souls is shallow, you can't sense it." Nu Lang got up suddenly. "That evil energy comes from the Silver Shark Clan. Seems like it’s from the Lofty Dragon Graveyard. I have to go there to see." 

Then, Nu Lang turned into a bunch of light, shooting straight to that area. 

Yin Hui was utterly stunned. 

Although he knew that War Devil should be extraordinary, he didn’t expect that its terrifying aura could cover the whole territory of the Silver Shark Clan. Such a destroying-earth force could subdue all hotshots present here.

"Kill him."

Shi Yan pointed at Situ Jie. 

The War Devil got it. 

The pupils looked like two dark suns as they gazed at Situ Jie, destroying his mentality. His face was blank just like what Zhong Li Dun’s. 

"It’s entered Situ Jie’s soul!" 

Gu Xiao woke up from fear and immediately shouted. "Join hands and deal with this black iron puppet. We can’t let it kill each of us like that!" 

His words woke up everyone.

The Queen of Heaven, the Emperor of Earth, Qing Ming and Zou Yue Feng took action together. They urged their secret treasures and their outstanding martial arts. Sacred swords, small cauldrons, jade, knife, and fork, etc., all utilized their special energies and joined each other. Many kinds of beautiful holy lights radiated, shooting towards the War Devil. 

Rumble Rumble!

Although it was receiving the attack from various kinds of secret treasures and energies, the War Devil stood still like a stone table. No scratch could be seen on its body.

The black iron armor on its body was the strongest wall in the world, unafraid of any kinds of power.

Under numerous attacks of secret treasures and energies, the War Devil sauntered toward Situ Jie. Its ma.s.sive arm stretched out, grabbed Situ Jie by his legs and ripped him in half. 

The body with the Spirit Realm cultivation of Situ Jie was like a piece of paper in the puppet hands. He was torn apart, and b.l.o.o.d.y intestines fell on the ground. 

Even Situ Jie’s soul, which hadn’t got out of his body yet, perished under the gaze of the puppet’s dark pupils.

Both the flesh body and the soul were destroyed! 

In just a short moment, Situ Jie had been killed and even his soul was destroyed. Zhong Li Dun was smashed into a pulp of meat, with nothing left behind. 

Shi Yan’s complexion was a little shaken, but he burst out laughing. "Well done. Worth my expectations." The power of the War Devil was what he had imagined as it was capable of terminating warriors like Situ Jie. After the War Devil had taken action, Shi Yan felt at ease as he knew he would definitely win this time. 

"What the heck is it?"

The Queen of Heaven Fan Xiang Yun’s voice was shaking. Deep fear flooded her charming face. 

"No matter what it is, it should have some weakness!" Zou Yue Feng shouted. "Kill Shi Yan first! If he dies, this fighting puppet will lose its effects!"

Everybody responded to his shout, looking at Shi Yan. 

"The next one," Shi Yan curled his lips, pointing at Zou Yue Feng. 

A blood light shot out from the War Devil’s dark pupils, striking towards Zou Yue Feng. 

A beam of dark, endless light flew out from its mouth, which seemed to be able to devour all kinds of lights. When it appeared, all the light undersea was absorbed. The whole place became pitch-dark, and one couldn't even see his own fingers.

In this complete darkness, Zou Yue Feng’s pitiful scream rose. 

Everyone heard it, but they couldn't see what had happened. 

In the immense darkness, Zou Yue Feng’s voice was so mournful, which didn't seem to belong to a human at all. The irritating sound of dismembering flesh and breaking bones echoed from time to time. This was absolutely terrifying. 

Under the situation that they couldn't see anything but only hear the dreadful screams, it was much worse than seeing someone being buried or dismembered alive. 

Although Qing Ming and the Queen of Heaven had the Spirit Realm cultivation base, they couldn't bear such pressure. They couldn’t help but cry, then tried all means to get to the sea surface. 

Gradually, Zou Yue Feng’s heart-rending shrill ceased. The darkness on the seabed also lifted up. 

Zou Yue Feng wasn’t there, and was replaced a pile of smashed meat, just like it was grounded by a meat grinder. It was really terrible to look at him now.

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