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Outside the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard, six Spirit Realm warriors, including Situ Jie, Qing Ming, and the four Cao Zhi Lan, Pan Zhe, Cang Lan and Zhong Li Dun, were waiting for something in silence. 

Yin Hui was standing ten meters away from those ten people. He was calm, and didn’t show any trace of fear. 

This place was undersea, the territory of the Silver Shark Clan; and Yin Hui had a cultivation base of the Second Sky of Spirit Realm, which was higher than the others. If he wanted to run away, even the six people of Situ Jie’s group couldn't hold him back. 

Since his realm was higher than theirs, Yin Hui was relaxed, watching over this group of warriors. 

"That kid has entered the lofty dragon graveyard. Perhaps, we don't need…" Situ Jie coldly looked in the direction of the graveyard. "Thousands of years have pa.s.sed by, and numerous hotshots of the Sea Tribes had intruded the place, but no one could come out alive. Although that kid has good fortune, I don't think he could break this record." 

Zhong Li Dun nodded in agreement. 

As the members of the Vault of Heaven Sea Area, these two had heard about the intimidation of the lofty dragon’s tomb. They knew many rumors about the area, so as they thought that Shi Yan couldn’t come back alive. 

"If it were someone else, we wouldn't need to wait," Cao Zhi Lan frowned, talking with a solemn tone. "But Shi Yan isn't a somebody. I've known him for several years, and he has brought me many strange feelings. He has many factors different from the others. If not, he couldn't progress that fast. I think he even has the ability to deal with you guys." 

"I also think that he can come back alive." Pan Zhe wore a bitter smile. "Don't know why, but I always feel Shi Yan is different from the others. Things they couldn’t do, he may fulfill." 

"You two are the strong young warriors of the Endless Sea. Have you been scared by Shi Yan that much? I think you two have a blind admiration for that brat!" Zhong Li Dun snorted and then said with morose face. "Even if he’s strong, will he be more mighty than the precursor of the Sea Tribes? I don't actually know what kind of special power he could have to survive and come back from the Lofty Dragon’s tomb." 

"If he didn’t have the confidence, he would not enter the place." Cao Zhi Lan threw him a glance and said with her stiff face and impolite tone. "Forgive me if I’m too frank, but Shi Yan has many dangerous skills that you can’t even imagine. Yeah, you were the top warrior of the combat list, the most prominent young warrior of Endless Sea. But Shi Yan’s existence has broken your t.i.tle. No matter you accept the fact or not, he’s stronger than you." Zhong Li Dun's grimaced. Light flashed in his eyes as he couldn't accept her saying. 

"I admit that I have looked down on him," Cao Zhi Lan continued indifferently. "But I don't disdain you. I can say clearly that you, Zhong Li Dun, are too weak compared to Shi Yan! Zhong Li Dun, if you are able, why do you need many seniors accompanying you to catch Shi Yan? I think, if Shi Yan wants to kill you, he needs only one second."

Zhong Li Dun’s eyes were cold, his face getting more and more malicious. 

"Alright," Situ Jie furrowed his brows. "Shi Yan is really dangerous. Otherwise, we wouldn’t need to gather many people here to catch him. Anyway, don’t be dispirited. No matter how powerful he is, he has to die this time. It’s been many years since the Endless Sea has had some dazzling stars. But, many of the ones that appeared had been shut off before they could grow up. Shi Yan’s about to fall into the same track." 

"I hope so." Cao Zhi Lan shook her head then let out a slight sigh. Her heart was filled with resentment. 

What made her regret the most was her narrow vision. If she had believed Shi Yan and tied the Cao Family and Shi Yan together, the current situation would have been different from now. 
 She was the proudest and most arrogant among the young generations of the Cao Family. She had pride, but that pride had been torn apart after she got to know Shi Yan. 

Shi Yan’s appearance reminded her that there was someone in the Endless Sea who could subdue her in many aspects. She had been dissatisfied, and perhaps she didn't want to admit it. So, after she had known about the pagans and the decline of the Yang Family, she put down her emotional approval and decided to give up on Shi Yan, turning her back on the Yangs.

It turned out that her decision was wrong.

Those people were still waiting in ambush outside the dragon’s graveyard.

Five days pa.s.sed by like a flash.

All kinds of chaotic energies inside the graveyard had disappeared completely. As they were Spirit Realm warriors, they all recognized that scary change and were discretely frightened.

Especially Yin Hui. 

He had seen with his own eyes that two days after Shi Yan had entered the place, those kinds of evil and peculiar energies wandering for hundreds of years inside the lofty dragon’s tomb had been changed. In just a short period, they were all gone. 

This phenomenon had never happened before. 

He had been living for so many years undersea, but he had never heard about this strange phenomenon in the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard. Apparently, it was related to Shi Yan.

Antic.i.p.ation gradually grew in him. 

At first, he hadn’t expected anything. But now, something strange had happened inside the graveyard, which was unprecedented for thousands of years. Perhaps, Shi Yan could really return alive.

Another day had gone by. 

A dark air current pervaded in the water, drifting quickly while emitting blisters everywhere. There was some kind of a peculiar power inside those blisters. 

In just a blink of an eye, several thousands of blisters appeared, then slowly gathered into a giant chunk of blister. However, that blister then disappeared into thin air as if some creature had devoured it.

A long while later, a silhouette emerged from the graveyard, calmly walking towards this direction. Behind him walked a three-meter-tall black iron puppet. 

The hefty-built puppet was moving agilely, giving people a strange illusion of willow catkin.

One man and one black iron puppet were walking like that towards the other people standing in front of the tomb. 

Yin Hui’s eyes brightened up. 

The six Spirit Realm warriors suddenly put on cold faces, as divine light shot out from their eyes, shining on Shi Yan. 

"He has returned…" Yin Hui muttered with a complicated expression. He was dumbfounded for a while before shifting his look on Situ Jie’s group of six, frowning as he was considering how to deal with the upcoming big fight. 

"He's unexpectedly coming out from the Lofty Dragon Graveyard." Zhong Li Dun’s face was grimaced. His eyes were as sharp as a saber, sneering all of a sudden. "But his end is still going to be death." 

The young man strolled over, not intending to dodge the others. He came in front of them and then curled his lips. "Such a mighty formation."

"Well, it's not been even ten days, and you can already come back from the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard." Yin Hui beamed a forced smile. "I admit that I always looked down on you. But I can't imagine you could fulfill what the hotshots of the Sea Tribes couldn’t do. Shi Yan, I have found that you have infinite potential."

Shi Yan smiled but didn’t say anything.

"Yeah, I think you can be as stable as Mount Tai under the siege of those six Spirit Realm warriors." Yin Hui’s face became solemn. All of a sudden, a white beam shot out from his eyes, entering Shi Yan’s soul. At the same time, a message was transmitted to Shi Yan. "If you need help, you only need to nod, and I will bring you out of the siege of those six people."

Yin Hui’s realm was much higher than Situ Jie and his men. This message sent by his Soul Consciousness directly contacted with Shi Yan’s soul and the others couldn't hear it. 

Under Yin Hui’s bright eyes, Shi Yan smiled then shook his head, indicating he didn’t need help. Yin Hui was both amazed and suspicious. He didn't know why Shi Yan had such pride to deny his offer.

This kid had some new method to flee away, perhaps?

The more he thought about it, the more curious Yin Hui was. He stayed aside to observe what miracle method Shi Yan had. He didn't dare to think that Shi Yan could kill those six Spirit Realm warriors. 

Although they were just at the First Sky of Spirit Realm, if the six of them joined hands, even Yin Hui would find it hard to encounter. 

"Situ Jie, Zou Yue Feng, Gu Xiao, Qing Ming, the Queen of Heaven, and the Emperor of Earth…," Shi Yan looked at them and called out their names. He nodded and smiled, "Good. Those who should have come, have come. Seems like you all are in a hurry to kill me. Yeah, not bad… Not bad at all. It saves me from more troubles."

"Shi Yan." The beautiful eyes of Cao Zhi Lan were sad, as she spoke up with a soft voice. "If you give up willingly and self-destroy your cultivation base, I… I can save your life." 

"Miss Cao!" 

Qing Ming, Situ Jie, Gu Xiao and Zhong Li Dun shouted before she could finish her talk. Their faces changed. "No doubt he has to die! Absolutely no chance for him to escape death! I think we’ve talked about this very clearly!" 

Cao Zhi Lan frowned. "Do we really have to kill him? If he isn’t a threat to us, we can spare his life." 

"Do not raise your words again!" Situ Jie’s voice was strong. "He has to die! No one can change this!" 

The group of Qing Ming also nodded seriously. 

Cao Zhi Lan sighed, frowned and shut her mouth. 

"Haha… Seems like you really think that I have to die this time, eh?" Shi Yan’s mouth cracked into a smile. He seemed to not be in a hurry at all. "With only four Spirit Realm warriors and you're so confident that you expect me to die even before we start our fight. Do you really have such confidence?" 

"Do you think there would be some surprises? Zhong Li Dun smiled and ridiculed.

"I think… yes," Shi Yan smiled. "A huge surprise... Perhaps, in the end, the ones who would have to run for their lives will be you guys, and not me." 

His dark and cold eyes gazed at Zhong Li Dun, just like an ice sword taken out of its scabbard, diffusing thick murderous intent.

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