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That was an imprint that controlled spirits!

This imprint had reached an agreement with Lao Luo’s body. When Shi Yan let his mind sink into the imprint, he found that he could control that black iron puppet.

It was a marvelous sense he couldn't describe. As soon as his thought sent a message to the Imperial Soul Imprint, this unidentified black iron puppet would do as he asked.

His mind flickered, and the black iron puppet walked toward him. A malicious aura exuded from the puppet that sent shivers down Shi Yan’s spine.

Under this tremendous pressure, he had the tense feeling he had never had before. But his Blood Vein Ring had the power to control this Lao Luo’s Dark Body.

Shi Yan relaxed his tense nerves and started to study the soul imprint in his host soul, letting his mind sink into it and send out messages.

As expected, the black iron puppet was changing its positions unceasingly according to his wishes. What he thought, the puppet would implement.

His eyes suddenly brightened.

As his messages were being sent along, the black iron puppet was swiftly gliding inside the skeleton of the lofty dragon.

"War Devil!"

The Ice Cold Flame sent him its thought from inside the Blood Vein Ring. It seemed to be frightened.


Shi Yan was surprised, but he reacted immediately. "You know the origin of this fellow?"

"The fighting puppet was forged by warriors of the Antiquity Era. It has the pure fighting will and can break even the hardest defense!" The information the Ice Cold Flame gave him was exciting. "Where did you get him? This is absolutely the fighting puppet made by warriors in ancient times. He’s called War Devil. Only warriors in that era knew how to refine War Devils. The aura on this War Devil is extraordinarily vicious. I think it has at least the power of Peak Spirit Realm."

"So, what are the War Devils?"

"War Devils are fighting puppets that were born for fighting. High-level War Devils can have the fighting imprint of their masters. That’s how it could have its master’s divine abilities. To refine a War Devil, it needs hundreds or even thousand years together with the consumption of endless resources of earth and firmament. It has to absorb the special energies from heaven and earth to be formed gradually."

Seemed like the Ice Cold Flame did know about this puppet, as it hurried to explain Shi Yan. "As far as I’ve known, in that era, each War Devil was very formidable. It could be used as a clone of its master with the master’s Divine Soul Imprint, and its effects were huge."

"War Devils from the antiquity time." Shi Yan’s eyes brightened.

Perhaps the previous owner of the Blood Vein Ring was a strong warrior in the ancient time? Or it was even older than the antiquity, the time the first warriors ever appeared?

Suddenly, he was dazed.

He had never thought that the origin of the Blood Vein Ring was beyond his imagination.

The Antiquity was the dawn of the warriors, which had the strongest warrior in the legends. They said that there were some peerless warriors, whose powers even surpa.s.sed the G.o.d King limit. They had intimidating powers, and their bodies could leave the Grace Mainland to travel the vast celestial area.

If the Blood Vein Ring came from that era, its previous owner must be an earth-shaking warrior.

Why did he die? Why did the Blood Vein Ring appear in that worn out cave? Why had he appeared in that cave from another world by chance?

Did that antiquity warrior know how to switch time and s.p.a.ce to bring people from another era to this world? As he could use the heaven and earth that much, what kind of fantastic level had he reached?

He was totally dumbstruck.

At this moment, he suddenly realized it wasn’t coincidental that he had appeared in that cave. Perhaps, all the key factors stayed in the Blood Vein Ring.

"Warriors at that time could understand all kinds of power in the heaven and earth, and various other mysterious meanings. All the current martial techniques, soul techniques, or martial spirits are inherited from warriors of that era. It's the era of the origin of warriors, the root of warriors."

The Ice Cold Flame told Shi Yan all it knew.

Shi Yan became more frightened as he listened to the flame’s description.

According to the Ice Cold Flame, the antiquity was the peak era of the warriors. Compared to them, the present warriors in this world were as small as ants that they could kill within a second. 

"This War Devil fighting puppet was born in that time. It can penetrate all sorts of hardest defenses. If you can control it, there will be no one in the Endless Sea that can subdue you." 

Shi Yan couldn’t help but get stirred up.

The trip to the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard was smoother than he had expected.

Since he had heard many terrible rumors about the lofty dragon’s tomb, he was anxious when he entered the place, and he even thought that he had to risk his life to see the lofty dragon’s skeleton. He wasn’t so sure he could find that coffin.

It was unexpected that with the Blood Vein Ring’s guidance, he hadn’t experienced any terrifying adventure. It was like he was taking a stroll to the center of the Lofty Dragon Graveyard. Now, he had found the dragon’s skeleton and this black iron puppet. Everything was so smooth that he couldn't believe his own eyes. 

It hadn’t even been a full day, and he had what he wanted. This harvest made him laugh with satisfaction.

All thanks to the Blood Vein Ring.

The mystical treasure he got when he had just come to the Grace Mainland did have such a strange power, and its profile was so amazing. Moreover, it could wake up the War Devil fabricated by Lao Luo.

War Devil.

Shi Yan curled his lips, looking at the puppet called War Devil, and couldn't help but feel lucky.

He was lucky that he got the Blood Vein Ring. After running around the Lofty Dragon Graveyard one round, he found that the chaotic energies here were silently transmitted into the War Devil puppet.

All sorts of energies existing in the dragon’s tomb had been attracted by the War Devil, and they were storming over, disappearing into the puppet’s body. War Devil took them in all. However, its aura wasn’t increasing, but slowly retreating into its body.

From the imprint in his host soul, Shi Yan knew that the dark energy in the War Devil’s heart had been increasing fast. But the War Devil was as if it were a profound warrior who knew how to hide his intimidating aura. The imposing pressure was slowly gone.

Shi Yan wasn’t hurried, waiting for the War Devil to absorb the energy right inside the lofty dragon’s skeleton.

Outside the graveyard.

Yin Hui frowned waiting for him. All of a sudden, he recognized that the dense, chaotic energies had been diluted.

This phenomenon surprised Yin Hui a lot. Light flashed across his eyes as he was staring at that area.

"Why’s that happening?" Yin Hui was dumbfounded for half of a day. He shook his head then muttered disbelievingly. "It’s just been two days… Has that kid met something strange in there? Why did the chaotic energy start to change not long after he entered the place? Does he know the subtle mysteries of the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard?" Yin Hui was frightened.

"Hey? Something’s strange over there!" Gu Xiao’s eyes flared up while searching for his target in the seawater.

He pointed to the Lofty Dragon Graveyard’s general direction. He furrowed his eyebrows then asked the others. "Do you know what's the place over there? Is that the Silver Shark Clan’s territory? Why does it have such a tremendous surging energy like that?"

Situ Jie shook his head, hesitated for a while and then his face discolored all of a sudden. "That’s the Lofty Dragon Graveyard!"

"Lofty Dragon Graveyard?" Gu Xiao was surprised as he shook his head, asking puzzlingly. "What’s that?"

"The most mysterious forbidden area undersea!" Situ Jie was the consecrator of the Martial Spirit Palace in the Vault of Heaven Sea Area, and had visited the seabed before. He knew there was a mysterious place like that undersea, which all the Sea Tribes members considered the forbidden area, and never dared to intrude.

Situ Jie simply described all kinds of rumors about the Lofty Dragon’s forbidden place. The warriors of the Endless Sea had their faces discolored after they listened to him.

"The Sea Tribes’ forbidden place."

Cao Zhi Lan mused for a while before speaking up. "Perhaps it isn’t related to Shi Yan. He isn’t stupid to enter that area. According to you, even the G.o.d Realm warriors of the Sea Tribes couldn’t escape death if they came to that area. Would he dare to risk his life?"

"Who knows?" Situ Jie was hesitant for a moment before giving his suggestion. "Searching in vain isn’t a good solution. If that lofty dragon’s graveyard has something anomalous, perhaps it will be related to the moves of the Sea Tribes. We aren’t afraid to go there and check it out."


Everybody nodded in agreement.

"Let’s go."

Soon, the warriors from the Endless Sea had arrived at the edge of the Lofty Dragon’s forbidden place, and met Yin Hui there.

"Silver Shark Clan’s patriarch!"

Zou Yue Feng discolored, as he instinctively frowned when he thought they had come to the right place. It was certain that warriors of the Sea Tribes were doing something they didn't want the others to know here.

Yin Hui was also surprised. He shook his head then looked at the other with an odd face. "I didn't expect that you guys could come here. Yeah, good fortune. But it’s useless even if you can come here. Shi Yan’s in the lofty dragon’s tomb. If you aren’t afraid of death, you can go there to find him."


Cao Zhi Lan shouted. She was astonished that they had found Shi Yan’s whereabouts.

"Is he really there?" Situ Jie was excited, grinning. "Seems like G.o.d does want that brat to die. Let’s see if he can leave this place alive!"

"If he does come out, what’s good for you if you’re waiting for him here?" Yin Hui wanted to stir up the mess. "He’s been there for almost three days. Although I don't know what’s going on there, I’m sure the change in the area related to him. If you want to kill him, just get in there directly."

"Ha ha, we can wait outside."

Zhong Li Dun smiled. Of course, he wouldn't fall into the other’s trap. Being the future leader of the Martial Spirit Palace, he knew how intimidating the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard was. Apparently, he wouldn't take risks.

"Well then, just take your time."

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