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Shi Yan and Yin Hui went straight to the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard. Along the way, they met some high-level beasts, but they somehow had some intelligence as they proactively avoided Yin Hui. Even though Yin Hui had a cultivation base of the Second Sky of Spirit Realm, he didn't intend to release his strong aura that much. However, it was enough to scare the demonic beasts away. 

The path they were taking was smooth and without any fear or danger. 

Eventually, on the third day, the two of them reached a forbidden area which had a lot of skeletons of antiquity demonic beasts. 

At first glance, they were all large-sized white skeletons. Each beast skeleton was as translucent as jade, sparkling with strange rays on the seabed. It gave people a feeling of full energy. 

Since they had reached this area, Yin Hui became more careful. He watched here and there at each step they took. Along the way, he had tried to probe the stories related to the Life Original Fluid, but Shi Yan had dodged them all. 

No matter it was Yin Hui or the other Spirit Realm warriors who knew about the Life Original Fluid, they would undoubtedly develop the greedy desire in their hearts.

Shi Yan wasn’t an idiot. 

If he told them that he did have the Life Original Fluid, Nu Lang would go crazy. Even if Nu Lang was well known for his moral conduct, he was still a member of the Sea Tribes.

Before he could have the ability to protect the Life Original Fluid, if he disclosed it, Nu Lang would use force to s.n.a.t.c.h it from him. Shi Yan wasn’t confident in taking the upper hand against the peerless warrior of the Sea Tribes. 

Thus, keeping it on the low was necessary at this time. 

"The area ahead of us has chaotic energies; keep walking forward, it’s the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard." Yin Hui ceased walking and frowned at him. "I can accompany you only to this area. I don't want to die in vain. At last, I want to advise you this thing. If you don't want to die, you’d better stop here." 


Shi Yan smiled, but he didn't look worried at all. "If I can return alive, I will visit you at the Silver Shark Clan. At that time, perhaps we can do some real business." 

"What business?" Yin Hui was surprised. 

"The one you are interested in." Shi Yan contemplated, then swayed his hand. "I have to go. Thanks for guiding me here." 

"Last question. You didn't get the Life Original Fluid in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, did you?" Yin Hui wore a solemn face. "Perhaps you will disappear from this world after this moment. Could you tell me the truth?" 

He still stuck to this topic. 

"When I come back safely, we will discuss it." Shi Yan smiled, then entered the area. Under the chaotic energies, he still walked calmly forward.

Yin Hui’s eyes brightened. 

He stood at his spot, looking at Shi Yan disappearing. His countenance was uncertain. Long afterward, he sighed and muttered, "If you can come back alive, perhaps we should really talk. I hope you fella have plenty of luck, and that you could turn danger into good luck. The Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard has buried so many talents of the Sea Tribes. If you can survive, it means you can do something the precursors of the Sea Tribes couldn't. It’s enough for all strong warriors of the Sea Tribes to look at you with respect."

Of course, Shi Yan couldn't hear what Yin Hui said. 

After he had intruded the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard, the Blood Vein Ring started to sparkle, unceasingly releasing an immense, misty, blood halo. 

The white skeletons of the beasts were so many that it was beyond people’s imagination. At first glance, the whole area was covered with white bones. With a closer look, Shi Yan found out many smaller skeletons among the giant beast skeletons. Those skeletons had different shapes with the signature of the Sea Tribes.

Apparently, what Yin Hui and the other had told him was true. Thousands of years had gone by, and this ancient dragon graveyard had buried so many strong warriors of the Sea Tribes.

Phosph.o.r.escent dots flew out from inside the skeletons from time to time. They were floating in the water, gazing at people like the eyes of demons. This caused people anxiety, and it could even affect the Sea of Consciousness somehow.

The surging, cold and evil energies permeated the area. These kinds of energies were really ma.s.sive. They created numerous vortexes that naked eyes couldn’t see. If someone carelessly got in one of the vortexes, they would be devoured, leaving nothing behind. 

The scary rumors about this place grew in his mind. He was a little bit anxious, as his moves become more careful. 

Unexpectedly, these energies with intimidating attributes were moving chaotically around him, but they didn't storm over. When these scary energies came near him and contacted the halo from the Blood Vein Ring, they would scatter proactively. 

The Blood Vein Ring was like a life-protecting amulet. As it was glittering, it could prevent all kinds of energy attacks which could even kill G.o.d Realm warriors. Along the way, he unexpectedly didn't encounter any danger. 

The forbidden place that discolored people was so peaceful to him that he couldn't believe his eyes.

Was the Blood Vein Ring genuinely related to this forbidden place?

Shi Yan’s eyes brightened, and his confidence boosted up.

Without the Blood Vein Ring, he couldn't know neither of the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard nor the Bloodthirsty's Entourage of eight– Lao Luo’s Dark Body. If the Blood Vein Ring had guided him here, evidently, he needed not be worried that he would fall into dangerous situations.

At this moment, he truly could appreciate the mystery of the Blood Vein Ring. 

The Blood Vein Ring was releasing a blood-like halo that could prevent all intrusions of evil forces in the lofty dragon’s tomb. Along the way, all kinds of energies in the forbidden place had to disperse around him and couldn't attach to his body.

He was gliding among all sorts of white skeletons. As he didn't encounter any risks, he directly entered the marvel he had never seen before. 

The three-hundred-meter skeleton of the lofty dragon. 

The skeleton was snow-white, with a twinkling brilliance. The white frame of the lofty dragon stayed inside the house made of demonic beasts’ skeletons. Right under the Yellow Dragon skeleton lay a giant black crystal coffin. The coffin lid was covered with all kinds of peculiar patterns, which looked pretty similar to the patterns on the Blood Vein Ring. It seemed like they were moving slowly. 

An old, desolate, rude, and unreasonable aura vehemently burst out from the black coffin that shook people. The blood halo emitting from the Blood Vein Ring suddenly became fiercer, releasing a scarlet light beaming over the black coffin.

The mysterious patterns on the coffin seemed like they were revived, moving faster on the coffin. A dark, evil energy shot out from there. 


The lid of the coffin exploded into pieces.

A black iron puppet that was around three meters tall sat up in the coffin. This puppet was covered in iron armor, which seemed to grow directly on its body, connected perfectly without any gaps or slits. 

This puppet wore an ink-black ferocious mask that exposed only its swarthy, empty pupils. The color of its pupils was vague, and Shi Yan didn't know what could have had happened to them. 

Bang bang! Bang bang!

A strong heartbeat reverberated from the puppet. It seemed like it had an extremely exuberant heart that could transport the world-shaking dark energy for the puppet’s body. 

The puppet got up from the coffin, looking at the Blood Vein Ring. 
A scarlet beam shot out from the Blood Vein Ring, shining directly onto the pupils of the puppet. The black pupils of the puppet gradually turned dark red, and it seemed like there was a drop of blood inside each of its pupils, which was really terrifying. 

A strange soul fluctuation was generated from the scarlet light, pouring into the puppet. Deep inside the puppet’s pupils, an illusion of the immense blood sea with countless skeletons of many clans could be seen. 

Corpse laid everywhere, piling up like mountains. Blood gushing out from those corpses had generated all sorts of sinister patterns. It was like some soul ritual had been performed. Seemed like the red beams from the Blood Vein Ring had activated this antiquity Demogorgon. 

The puppet in the coffin received the mysterious scarlet light from the Blood Vein Ring in silence. Seemed like it was about to be wakened up from some ancient, intimidating place, and brought back to this world. 

A black light started to shoot out from the puppet. This dark light was filled with a terrorizing, destructive aura. The meaning of this puppet’s existence somehow was to destroy everything in this world, bringing this world into the endless darkness.

Shi Yan felt suffocated standing in front of that puppet and sensing the dark, devastating aura from it. It felt like a ten-thousand meters tall castle suddenly pressed down on his heart, which made him feel out of breath. 

He had never received this kind of a pressure from any strong warrior. Even when he was facing Devil Emperor Chi Yan, he hadn’t experienced such strenuous pressure. 

How terrifying this existence was! 

Shi Yan’s face changed. Looking at that puppet, he wondered if his decision of entering the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard this time was good or bad.

He came and used his Blood Vein Ring to wake up a black puppet which had the dark and destructive aura. The surging energy from this puppet was truly earth-shaking. This s.n.a.t.c.hed his confidence away. 

If this man weren't controlled, and he could swagger around the seabed and on land as he pleased, it would be unknown how many warriors undersea and on land would have to suffer, along with the innocent civilians. 

This formidable existence had the power to destroy the entire Endless Sea!

Shi Yan wore a cold face, gazing attentively on that puppet. He didn't dare to distract his mind, as he was afraid that this puppet would make any strange moves. 

Bloodthirsty’s Entourage of Eight - Lao Luo’s Dark Body!

Was the puppet that guy? 

Or was it just a clone? 

Lao Luo was just one of the Bloodthirsty’s Entourage of Eight. If so, how tremendous was the former owner of the Blood Vein Ring?

The G.o.d King?

Regret started to swell up in Shi Yan, as he thought that he had made a wrong decision this time.

Numerous beams of scarlet light radiated from the Blood Vein Ring, and all of them fell into the pupils of Lao Luo’s Dark Body. The eyes of the puppet gradually become darker, just like the two dark suns that could absorb all light. 

Eventually, the light from the Blood Vein Ring ceased. 

A Soul Conscious Seal shot out from the Blood Vein Ring, darting to the host soul in his Sea of Consciousness.

The Imperial Soul Imprint.

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