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Inside a coral reef, thousands of li away from the Silver Stone Fort…

The six people of Situ Jie’s group were hiding in between the five-colored corallite. Their faces were illuminated with colorful lights, looking quite odd.

Situ Jie and Zou Yue Feng had joined the battle together, and that damaged their Soul Consciousness significantly. They didn't take any advantage from Shi Yan but got hurt themselves, and finally, had to run away distressingly.

This was a deeply depressing attack.

Situ Jie and Zou Yue Feng had a grimaced countenance as a light was flickering in their eyes. Their moods were down, and they kept sighing.

Cao Zhi Lan had no color on her face. Her complexion darkened, and her sparkling eyes had lost their shiny shade. She looked quite dreary and helpless, just like the state of her mind now.

She recognized that she couldn’t understand Shi Yan completely.

How many years had pa.s.sed?

Shi Yan, who was chased after and threatened in the Chasm Battlefield, had become such an intimidating character. This took just a short time that she didn't dare to accept. 

In the Endless Sea, she was also a genius. Under the nourishment of the Cao Family, her cultivation speed was fast, as she had entered the Third Sky of Earth Realm even when she wasn't thirty years old yet. She would soon reach the Nirvana Realm.

Without Shi Yan as a reference, she would be happy and proud of her natural endowments.

But today, when compared with Shi Yan, she found out that her progress wasn’t even worth mentioning. When they had first met, she didn't put Shi Yan in her eyes. But now, it'd just been a few years, and she had to look up to him.

This sudden attack made her, the one who had boasted about herself as a talent, feel really small.


Pan Zhe beamed a forced smile and reluctantly shook his head. "Previously, I knew this man wasn't someone we should look down on. But I still disdained him. How long it has been? I find that I don't know him at all. Within this one year, I don't really know how he has cultivated. No one could have expected that he has tamed a level eight demonic beast, and he also has such tremendous surging power."

Pan Zhe let out a deep sigh.

"I’ve regretted it. But what is it for? As things have come to this, as we’ve done it wrong, we should follow the wrong way to the end." Cao Zhi Lan couldn't deny her failure. Her pretty eyes had lost their spirit as she was speaking the bitter words. "He won't spare us. Even though he won't take revenge now, he will come for us sooner or later. Soon, we will meet him in the Endless Sea. Sigh, the Endless Sea's chaotic enough. If he comes back, no one knows what it will look like in the future."

"We’re not afraid of him if he doesn't have the demonic beasts. But that beast can subdue us, and it has some method to break our Soul Consciousness. Sigh, it’s hard to deal with him."

Zou Yue Feng also sighed. "Why can this boy from the Yang Family reach such imposing strength? Who can tell me what’s happened?"

"Only he knows." Situ Jie’s face darkened. "It seems we have to strengthen our forces if we want to deal with him. I think he’s still somewhere undersea. We should call someone from the land to join us and kill him. We can try Wu Xin, Gu Xiao, and Dongfang Jue…"

"I think we can only choose that way," said Zou Yue Feng begrudgingly.

"Yeah, I will send the message and call for them." Situ Jie mused, then spoke up in a low tone. "Certainly, Shi Yan would wander around this area. Wait until our a.s.sistance comes. We can then find him right away. With more people, we can absolutely kill him. If this kid is not eradicated, the Endless Sea will have no future. Even if it has a future, that future will belong to him!"

After he had said that, the group of Cao Zhi Lan and Zhong Li Dun discolored.

"Don't think that I’m merely talking about a dangerous sensation." Situ Jie snorted coldly. "I've seen him grow up with my own eyes. That year when he was on the Sun Island, he needed the guard from the Demonic Sound Clan and the Wings Clan to run away under my Soul Consciousness suppression. How long it has been? Now, my Soul Consciousness couldn't attack him, and it even bit me back! If we give him more time, he can become the peerless character of the Endless Sea. At that time, it will be impossible to kill him."

"Yeah. We should absolutely not give him more time!" Zhong Li Dun shouted with a cold face. "Summon the hotshots, and put this man to death!"

In front of the Silver Stone Fort…

The patriarch of the Silver Shark Clan Yin Hui laughed and flew towards Shi Yan from the Silver Stone Fort. Under the attentive looks of the warriors from the Sea Tribes, Shi Yan deliberately withdrew his mysterious giant sword.

His sense flickered, as he suddenly found a strange fluctuation sent to him from the mysterious giant sword.

The mysterious giant sword had just guided him to make him release the deadly intent domain. As they were sinking into it, the intent domain of death covered them, which helped the mysterious giant sword affect Situ Jie and Zou Yue Feng. Unexpectedly, these two Spirit Realm warriors had a disheartened psyche.

Under the effects of the deadly intent domain, the two Spirit Realm warriors had to run away distressingly, and didn’t dare to parry the mystical giant sword.

Currently, when Shi Yan wanted to retrieve the giant sword, he realized that the destructive, deadly intent domain released by the sword was still there. It didn’t fade away together with the two Spirit Realm warriors.

But what surprised him was the vehement life intent domain after the deadly intent domain had risen. Only he could sense this bustling life intent domain behind the destructive, deadly intent domain he had released.

The existence of this life intent domain seemed to enhance some sort of ability of the deadly intent domain. But he hadn’t released the life intent domain. Did the giant sword do that? What was going on?

Being dazed for a while, he couldn't help but open his mind and sink into the mystical giant sword, as he wanted to see the mysteries more clearly. After his Soul Consciousness jumped in, he found a shape that surprised him even more.

Behind the life intent domain, there was the deadly aura; and behind this level, there existed another layer of life intent domain! The intent domains of death and life were blended inside the mysterious giant sword, just like a stair that had one step followed by another alternately. This uninterrupted sequence had created the strange reincarnation.

Death, life, and reincarnation. Death or destruction appeared to prepare for the new life being born, the appearance of the new living being. Death and life couldn’t be separated. A living being would have the fate of dying, and dying had the meaning of being reborn.

As if it was to enlighten him with the wisdom, the truth that was related to death, life and reincarnation appeared in his mind like lightning all of a sudden.

His body was shaken, as he was stunned, and lightning was flashing in his eyes. Thoughts were interweaving at the speed of light in this mind, as he was acquiring the knowledge of the death and life intent domains.

All of a sudden, the aura of life and death took turns and emitted from his body. This phenomenon looked oddly incomparable.

Yin Hui arrived, but as he was about to say something, he was stunned.

The King of Demon Insects, the Devouring Gold Silkworm, and even the mystical giant sword were aiming for him. They seemed to warn him against something.

Looking at Shi Yan, Yin Hui frowned as he was sensing. Then, Yin Hui’s face was brightened. He understood something.

This is the flash of realization! Good kid!

Yin Hui complimented the young man in his heart. But when he looked at the King of Demonic Insects and the Devouring Gold Silkworm staring at him like tigers watching their prey, he couldn't help but take some steps back.

Cru also came out at this moment, standing behind him. He was also surprised, looking at Shi Yan. "Patriarch, is he…"

"Yes, he's comprehending some kind of intent domain. Just a fight and he could perceive the truth of some power… This is really inconceivable." Yin Hui confirmed his a.s.sumption and reminded him, "Don’t come close to him. That King of Demonic Insects is not easy to play with. That sword seems to have its own consciousness as well. Don’t come close."

Cru’s face changed, and nodded to indicate that he understood the matter.

"You should go, but don’t leave the Silver Stone Fort." Yin Hui mused for a while, but he still couldn't ease his mind, shouting at the people of the Sea Tribes who were about to come there and check the situation.

Having heard Yin Hui’s shout, they halted and observed from a far distance.

"How?" enquired Hai Luo with sweet and delicate voice.

"He’s about to break through." The corner of Cru’s mouth slightly moved, talking to her. "A mighty man among the men! I have never seen a young man with this natural endowment. Hai Luo, you shouldn't maintain close relationships with him. This boy has a great charisma. I’m afraid you would fall in love with him."

"Well, I think I like him already." Hai Luo smiled shyly. "He’s much stronger than me and the other Sea Tribes members. Father, haven’t you said that only a strong warrior could be my partner. I think he’s able, isn’t he?"

"No joking," Cru shook his head. "You should never involve with a man like that. Once you do, you will live in regret for the rest of your life. I think this kid will not be content with his lot. Our Silver Shark Clan can’t mess up with such a fellow. His future enemies wouldn't be ordinary, either."

Yin Hui nodded. "If he survives the Endless Sea’s event, I’m sure the future of the Endless Sea will belong to him."

Cru nodded in agreement.

After an unknown period of time, Shi Yan awoke from his comprehension of death and life realm.

Where water flowed, a ca.n.a.l would be formed. He didn't linger. After he had comprehended the truth, he had directly entered the Second Sky of Sky Realm!

The death and life intent domains were like a strange nutrient that were absorbed into his Sea of Consciousness and left a seal on his host soul. This made the host soul and the Sea of Consciousness sublimate together, which inspired his whole body.

The density and purity of his Profound Qi had soon reached the peak. With only one time of perceiving the truth, he could break through directly.

This fight helped him recognize that the life intent domain and the death intent domain couldn't be separated. It also made him realize that death and life had a coexistence relationship and that one could not live without the other.

With this new comprehension, he entered the new Realm, the Second Sky of Sky Realm.

After waking up, he sensed his body situation, and he found that the Profound Qi ancient tree had grown up even more. It now could continue to promote the Profound Qi and gather stronger power.

His mind flickered, and his body relaxed to detach the Ice Cold Flame, the Holy Spirit G.o.d, and the Earth Flame. He then retrieved the mysterious giant sword, the King of Demonic Insects and the Devouring Gold Silkworm. Then, he looked at Yin Hui. "You've said that you wanted to take me to the Antiquity Lofty Dragon Graveyard?"

"Yes," Yin Hui smiled, then praised him. "Congratulations! You've leaped up to another realm that fast. Kid, you're really out of the ordinary. I have to admit this."

"Haha," Shi Yan smiled. "Let’s go. I really want to visit the Antiquity Lofty Dragon’s Tomb. If you want to take me there, let’s go."

"No big deal."

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